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					                             Cheerleading Constitution
                                   & Strike Policy 2008 - 2009
Cheerleading is a full contact sport and must be taken seriously for the safety of all members. Iowa Cheerleading
Coaches Association (ICCA) & the (National Federation of State High School Association NFHS have published a
handbook of rules and regulations each school must follow. Any violation of the rules at practice or contest can result
in disqualification and/or ejected from games/contests – EVEN STATE COMPETITION. The BHS cheerleading
program has added to these regulations to form a higher standard and to fit the needs of the school.

   A. If a cheerleader accumulates 9 points or 3 STRIKES they will be suspended for the remainder of
      the calendar year and will not letter. If a cheerleader quits the squad they will not letter and will
      not be allowed to try out/cheer for the following season. It is not the responsibility of a coach to
      announce or address individual strikes, if interested on status, please contact your coach.
   B. Points will be carried into other seasons for: Suspension, drug, alcohol, smoking abuse, disrespect.
   C. Once you tryout for a squad and make a squad, you are considered a BHS cheerleader and all
      obligations in this constitution apply immediately, even before the actual season begins.
   A. Three points (1 strike) will result in sitting with a coach during next performance/game.
   B. Six points (2 strikes) will result in suspension from performances for two weeks, must attend
   C. Nine points (3 strikes) will result in the dismissal from the team.
   D. One point will be given for: (but not limited to)
           1. Tardiness at any team activity.
           2. Chewing gum at any activity or in uniform.
           3. Disrespect towards coach, captains, or team members (but not limited to)
           4. Inappropriate practice uniform (hair, jewelry, missing cheer shoes, etc.)
           5. Forgotten poms or accessories (wearing wrong items to school or contests)
           6. Not giving your all, or having bad attitudes at any activity
           7. Excused absences after 3
                1. Excused absences must be a legitimate reason for missing any activity, work is not an
                excused absence.
   B. 1 Strike - Three points will be given for:
           1. Unexcused absence
           2. Any school detention
           3. Contact with opposite sex in uniform (but not limited to)
           4. Use of inappropriate language at practices or games
           5. Gossiping about another cheerleader (but not limited to)
           6. Driving to an away game/meet without an adult
           7. Cheering with jewelry or any sort
   C. 2 Strikes - Six points will be given for:
           1. Smoking, drinking, drug usage *(additional consequences apply, a statement from BHS will be
                    signed by each student athlete before participation. Turning yourself in will lessen consequences)
               2. Suspension from school (at least 6 points)
               3. Disrespect or lying towards coaches (not limited to)
    D. 3 Strikes - Nine points will be given for:
               1. Drinking in uniform, (drinking in general has a lot of consequences to follow from BHS)
               2. Drug use in uniform, same applies as to the above
               3. Felony charges
    E. If any specific instance is not adhered to, it is the coaches’ discretion as to exact penalty.
          Coaches will listen to objections/suggestions and reflect on potential decisions. However, after
          the decision is made, it is final.
    A. Each member must pass 3 of their 4 classes or 2 of their 3 classes.

Bettendorf High School Cheerleading Constitution 2008 - 2009 revised Spring 2008
    B. All students who participate in school events (game, contest, pep aud, performance) must be
       in regular full-day attendance the day the activity is scheduled.
             1. If a member is ill and misses ANY activity, he/she must be HOME or seeking medical
    C. If a member misses any practice, it must be called in ahead of time to a coach.
             a. A missed practice before a game/meet will result in sitting out for 2 quarters.
    D. All members must be on time to scheduled events. Admitting to losing a schedule is not an excuse.
       It is posted on the web site and a calendar given well in advance.
    E. After two suspensions in one full year a member will be removed from the team.
    F. Work is not considered an excuse for missing or being late to any activity.
    G. Each member must attend each activity in its entirety.
    F. All members should be leaders within the school and set a good example at all times.
    G. Members must hold themselves responsible to the Athletic Code of Conduct.
             1. The Athletic Code of Conduct can be found on the Bettendorf High School web site.
             2. The Cheerleading Constitution must be signed by every member before participation.
             3. Each member must abide by the standards found in the Bettendorf Student Handbook.
    H. A member must be courteous and friendly to all.
    I. A member must be respectful to the Coach, school employees and a credit to the school.
    A. Each member will receive a uniform issued by the school. Uniforms are school property.
             1. Members cannot wear uniforms outside school activities (no Halloween or parties).
             2. Uniforms are not to be lent to anyone.
             3. Each member must maintain good condition and cleanliness of his/her uniform on a
                 weekly basis. They can be machine washed separately and dried.
             4. Each member will be required to return every item checked out with corresponding
                 numbers at the end of their season by deadlines.
             5. If uniforms are not returned by deadline:
                       i. A $25 late fee will be issued.
                      ii. A financial hold will be placed on your BHS account.
                     iii. 15 points will be taken off your next tryout.
                     iv. If you make a future squad, you will start your season with a strike and sit out
                           the first game/meet.
    B. All members must wear their full uniform to all classes the day of a contest or pep aud. In the
       event of multiple contests in one week a coach can make a decision to change the dress code.
    C. Contest Uniform must always be followed.
             1. Only school issued uniforms may be worn, new cheer shoes & socks purchased that year,
                 squad ribbons with school colors, warm-ups issued by BHS or jackets may be worn to
                 cheer in. No sweatshirts or sweat pants while cheering. No bra straps should show.
                 Coaches may amend to fit squads. No colored nail polish.
    D. Practice Dress Code must be in full compliance for each practice.
             1. Only BHS shirts/tanks/long sleeved shirts may be worn at practice. Tight fitting pants,
                 crops or shorts must be BLACK. Hot pants must be worn under attire at all times
                 regardless if a flyer or not, cheer shoes only. Bring WATER BOTTLE. No PJ pants.
             2. No gum or food in mouth at any practice/game/performance.
             3. No jewelry at any time, this includes belly button, tongue, rings, ear, nose, plugs, studs,
                 athletic jewelry – nothing of the sort – it can not be taped.
             4. All hair must be out of the face, bangs pinned back and off the shoulders (pony tails
                 tucked under if long) at all practices/games/performances.
             5. All fingernails must be cut so one cannot see nails over the tips of fingers. No colored
                 polish at any game/contest/performance.
    A. If a captain receives 2 strikes for any reason they will no longer be captain.
    B. Captains hold a higher standard than the rest of the team and will be held more accountable for
       absences and problem issues.

Bettendorf High School Cheerleading Constitution 2008 - 2009 revised Spring 2008
    C. It is the responsibility of the captain to make sure the team knows information, including those
        who missed a practice/game/performance.
    D. Captains will be voted for and/or hand picked by the coaches.
General Rules & Misc.
    A. As there are too many behavioral instances to list, all coaches have the right to amend rules to fit
        the specific situation and may adjust rules due to lack of respect and attitudes from members.
    B. No one is allowed in the cheer closet without PRIOR consent from coaches.
    C. Constant talking to each other, friends, and family during a game is unacceptable. You may not
        leave your position when cheering to talk to a friend at any time without prior consent from
    D. Members are responsible for checking the web site every week
        and/or their email for cheer updates, game dates, time changes, or spirit information.
             a. It is a personal responsibility to inform coaches of new email addresses & numbers.
    E. Only adults may give transportation to/from contests (unless at BHS).
    F. Members must maintain the same transportation to/from contests, unless a note is given by the
        parents to Activities 24 hours in advance (parents may take their cheerleader at any time).
    A. Each member will be required to participate in fundraising.
    B. There will be a few required fundraisers in 2008 – 09, examples are below:
             1. All Cheerleaders will sell Car wash tickets. Each cheerleader will be expected to sell 10
                  tickets at $3 each. Any tickets sold beyond the 10 required, would go into their
                  individual account to help off-set balances.
             2. All Cheerleaders will participate in the Powder Puff Cheer Clinic. Seniors and Juniors
                  have the option to play in the game or work the event – they can’t skip out.
    C. Individual Fundraising is an OPTION for obtaining extra funds to off set the cost of CAMP.
             1. If a parent volunteers to help in an individual fundraiser, that parent will obtain 50% of
                  individual profits. Example: If each cheerleader earns $10 for that individual fundraiser,
                  that parent would receive $5 for helping. A cheerleader’s individual account would
                  receive 1.5x for a cheerleader and that parent. A cheerleader would receive 2x for a
                  cheerleader and 2 parents, etc.
             2. If you exceed your required CAMP and/or COMPETITION balance, remaining funds
                  will be donated to the fund.
Financial Assistance
     A.    If any family is in need financial assistance with Summer camp they must speak to a coach before the first
           parent meeting on April 8th. Summer camp is required.
                1. Scholarship requirements:
                             i. Must need financial assistance by submitting a letter briefly stating the need of assistance
                                to the coaches within 2 weeks after first parents meeting. Scholarships are on a first
                                come first serve basis.
                            ii. Each candidate for assistance must attempt all individual fundraisers and show interest in
                                helping and will need to help offset their scholarship by donating a designated amount of
                                time in exchange for the scholarship.
                           iii. A scholarship candidate cannot order “extra” clothing items, they may only order the
                2. All scholarship information will be kept completely confidential by the coaches & administration.
                3. It is our goal to get everyone involved regardless of money. Everyone will be able to participate in
                     the program fully regardless of financial situations.
We appreciate everyone’s assistance in maintaining the higher standard for this school, organization and as individuals.
In order to participate in the Bettendorf High School Cheerleading Program these standards must be followed.

                   If you have read and agree to the above, please sign below:
Parent/Guardian Name                               Signature                                 Date

Cheerleader Name                                   Signature                                 Date

Bettendorf High School Cheerleading Constitution 2008 - 2009 revised Spring 2008