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    ER 6 (#186)
    ER 6 Isolator Earphones are in-the-ear, high-fidelity transducers
    developed to combine flat frequency response. We combine them with
    custom db Blocker experience to provide isolation from external noise.
    When properly sealed in the ears, these earphones provide 15-20 dB of
    external noise exclusion. This allows the listener to hear the full dynamic
    range of recordings at lower reproduction levels.
        • Perfect for travel and commuting – plug into any audio source
            (airplanes, laptop, computers, CD, DVD, MP3, Motorcycle)
        • Smooth, extended high-frequency response
        • Excellent bass
        • Requires custom earpiece for maximum effect (#2700)

                                            ER 6i (#187)
                                            6i Isolator Earphones are designed specifically for use with an Apple
                                            iPod® and other small portable players, offering 8 dB higher overall
                                            sensitivity and 8 dB more bass than the ER-6 Isolator earphones.
                                                 • In-the-ear secure fit for optimal performance
                                                 • Highly accurate music reproduction with greater sound
                                                     output and enhanced bass
                                                 • Exceptional noise isolation
                                                 • Requires custom earpiece for maximum effect (#2700)

           ER 4
           ER-4S (stereo #171)) earphones have a flat frequency
           response that is the closest to a perfect fidelity response of any
           in-the-ear earphones, and equal to that of electrostatic
           earphones that cost thousands of dollars. Designed for home
           stereo systems or as monitors, these earphones can be used with
           a headphone amplifier when using low-power portable devices.
               • Requires custom earpiece for maximum effect (#2800)
           ER-4P (portable #185) earphones have 12 dB higher overall
           sensitivity and enhanced bass compared to the ER-4S. ER-4P
           earphones can be used with portable players without requiring
           an additional amplifier. The finest portable music headset
               • Requires custom earpiece for maximum effect (#2800)

                                              Custom Protect Ear Inc.
        T: 604.599.1311         Toll: 1.800.520.0220       F: 604.599.7377          E:

        ER 20          (#170)
                                          ER-20 Ready-Fit High Fidelity (#170)
        .                                 Earplugs are ready-fit earplugs that preserve sound quality while
                                          reducing sound levels approximately 20 dB equally in all frequencies.
                                          ER-20s reduce harmful sound without distorting speech and music.
                                          For more information visit

                                                                   ER-20 Custom-Fit (#3500)
                                                                   A custom molded earpiece adds comfort
                                                                   and further reduces harmful frequencies.

    Sweet Tones                       (#3200, #3000, #4000)
    Sweet Tones Musicians hearing protection replicates the natural
    response of the ear canal so the sound heard with these earplugs
    has the same quality as the original, just quieter.
    Musicians practice and perform in a variety of different settings
    and they are exposed to high levels of sound, sometimes for
    long periods. They require different amounts of protection
    depending on the sound levels they encounter during rehearsals
    and performances, therefore musician plugs are available in
    different levels of sound reduction:

    ER-9: Flat 9 dB sound reduction through the mid-range. Same high frequency
    protection as the ER-15.

    ER-15: Provides uniform 15 dB sound reduction across all frequencies.

    ER-25: Provides 25 dB of relatively flat sound reduction across all frequencies.
    Important: Sweet Tone hearing protectors require custom earmolds. Impressions
    must be taken to create these earplugs.

                                                               CPA (#7800, #7900)
                                                               The CPA is an alternative to using the standard earbud
                                                               for you walkman. Your walkman headset earbud fits
                                                               into the cup of the custom molded ear piece giving
                                                               you the same sound quality, additional comfort, and
                                                               no background noise. Great for use at the gym, on an
            This is an example of an earbud that could be      airplane, when mowing the lawn, etc.
            inserted into a CPA. You must supply your own
            headset in order for us to provide a proper fit.

                                                   Custom Protect Ear Inc.
        T: 604.599.1311              Toll: 1.800.520.0220       F: 604.599.7377           E:

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