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Date: 9th November 2009

Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services, business solutions and outsourcing
organization that delivers real results to global businesses, ensuring a level of certainty no
other firm can match. TCS offers a consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT and IT-
enabled services delivered through its unique TM Global Network Delivery Model
recognized as the benchmark of excellence in software development. A part of the Tata
Group, India‘s largest industrial conglomerate, TCS has over 100,000 of the world's best
trained IT consultants in 50 countries. The company generated consolidated revenues of
US $5.7 billion for fiscal year ended 31 March 2008 and is listed on the National Stock
Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange in India.

Tata Consultancy was established in the year 1968 and is a pioneer in the Indian IT
industry. Despite unfavorable government regulations like the Licence Raj the company
succeeded in establishing the Indian IT Industry. It began as the "Tata Computer Centre",
a division of the Tata Group whose main business was to provide computer services to
other group companies. F C Kohli was the first general manager. JRD Tata was the first
chairman, followed by Nani Palkhivala.

Together with other organic growth initiatives like the expansion into Brazil, Mexico,
China and Hungary as well as by setting up strategic units to pursue new opportunities in
the financial services products space or new services like Remote Infrastructure
Management and Platform-based BPO, TCS set the stage for positioning its brand and its
offerings in a unique manner to global customers. The culmination of all these led to the
Company‘s offerings of TM Global Network Delivery Model (GNDM ) across India,
China, Europe, US and Latin America as well as its integrated full services offerings, all
backed by the promise of certainty of experience for customers. In 2007, this value
articulation of ―Experience certainty‖ was formally introduced, accepted and validated by
global customers.
As the Indian economy continued to grow in the new millennium, the need for
technology to drive inclusive growth became part of the national agenda. TCS, which had
been investing in the domestic IT market since its inception was well positioned to help
the Government at the central and state level in its new initiatives. Some of the complex,
e-governance projects which directly impacted Indians include the digitization of the
Ministry of Corporate Affairs as well as citizen service portals built for State
Governments. On its own initiative, TCS created a digitized delivery system for the
NREGA program and is building a mobile based advisory service for farmers.
In a reflection of the Company‘s pioneering spirit and with a desire to spread the benefits
of the IT revolution across the country and given Ramadorai‘s passion for education and
development, TCS has initiated several bold steps to take the IT industry beyond the
metros. A new training center was opened in Guwahati in the North-East of the country.
TCS launched Ignite, a unique program to train science graduates software professionals.
Over 2,500 young graduates including 60 per cent first generation graduates have
completed the program and been inducted into the Company.

The philosophies of leadership, delivery excellence and the promise of ―Experience
certainty‖ are pillars on which the success of TCS is cemented. This is perhaps, best
reflected in the fact that as a $ 6 billion company, TCS has achieved its vision of being
counted amongst the top 10 IT service companies in the world today.

TCS' ability to deliver high-quality services and solutions is unmatched. It is the world‘s
first organization to achieve an enterprise-wide Maturity Level 5 on both CMMI® and P-
CMM®, using the most rigorous assessment methodology - SCAMPISM. Additionally,
TCS‘ Integrated Quality Management System (iQMS™) integrates process, people and
technology maturity through various established frameworks and practices including
IEEE, ISO 9001:2000, CMMI, SW-CMM, P-CMM and 6-Sigma.
For maximum flexibility, speed, and efficiency, a robust IT strategy is critical. TCS IT
Services offering helps companies make the most of their IT investments – from
providing system integration solutions, application development and management
services, and testing solutions

Client Challenges
       Align IT with strategic business initiatives
       Built-in flexibility to adapt to a constantly changing global market
       The ability to strategize, develop and execute new initiatives with optimal speed
       to remain competitive

What TCS Provides
TCS delivers excellence and certainty across all of your enterprise‘s IT needs in the
following areas:
       Custom Application Development
       Application Management
       Migration & Re-engineering
       System Integration
       Performance Engineering

Business Value
       IT enabled achievement of strategic objectives
       Speedier time to market
       Improvements in cost and energy efficiency
       Increased productivity

IT infrastructure affects every aspect of your organization. Effective management is
crucial. High availability, responsiveness and adequacy are non-negotiable requirements
of global corporations – and require specific expertise and know-how.
TCS delivers end-to-end infrastructure management solutions.

Client Challenges
             A robust infrastructure that provides the level of availability and response
             necessary in a global business environment
             No singular accountability for performance with different infrastructure and
             application vendors

What TCS Provides
TCS can address your enterprise‘s IT infrastructure needs through the following
             'Business Effective Infrastructure' Readiness Assessment
             IT Service Desk
             Data Center Management
             End User Computing Services
             Database Services
             Application Management Services
             Command Center Services
             Managed Security Services

Business Value
             High availability, responsiveness and adequacy of IT infrastructure
             Singular accountability for business performance with TCS‘ integrated IT
             Services & IT Infrastructure capabilities

From managing supply chains, devising CRM strategies, and deploying content
management solutions to integrating enterprise-wide functions, TCS helps clients with
comprehensive, efficient and robust solutions that meet your unique requirements.

Client Challenges
         Sustaining profitability in highly competitive and rapidly changing environments
         Building and managing complex customer information

What TCS Provides

TCS delivers comprehensive, efficient, and robust solutions tailored to the enterprise‘s
         Supply Chain Management
         Master Data Management
         Customer Relationship Management
         Call Management

Master Data Management

Quality data, consistent across the enterprise, can drive significant business benefits.
From enabling intelligent business decisions to ensuring customer delight and regulatory
compliance, it can positively impact the organization. Efficient processes and effective
governance are critical to achieve this goal.
TCS offers Master Data Management strategies and solutions to give clients the insight
and tools to reap benefits through a single and consistent 360-degree view of data across
your enterprise.

Client Challenges
           Lack of consolidated enterprise-wide view of information such as customers
           Disparate data across multiple applications and databases
           Global spread of business and business partners
           Increased M&A activity leading to highly complex enterprise data
           Global Slowdown
           Implementing packaged applications without conforming to an enterprise's
           existing data structure
           High costs per internal and external transaction for organization due to siloed
           data stores
           Compulsory stringent regulatory compliances (like Sarbanes Oxley Act and
           BASEL II) demanding accurate, complete, and up-to-date information
           Challenges in managing customer churn and new customer acquisition

What TCS provides
TCS provides focused Master Data Management consulting and solutions across an
enterprise, supported by dedicated Centers of Excellence with a multidisciplinary
resource pool. TCS‘s MDM Solution capabilities span consulting, data strategy,
architecture, implementation and support in coalition with best-in-class technology
vendors and strategic alliance partners including IBM, SAP, Oracle and others.

Business Value
We help sustain MDM success in your organization, with processes that deliver
consolidated, accurate and reliable data to eliminate duplications. We help you
synchronize facts across geographies, business units and systems, to facilitate control
throughout data life cycle, enabling:
            Reduced operational costs by collaborating better internally and with partners,
            with a single information repository;
            Increased revenues through improved channel management and enhanced
            customer interactions;
            Reduced time-to-market for new products;
            Supply chain efficiency;
            Convenient and economical regulatory compliances and operational
            Improved control across the value chain by maintaining a single version of
            facts and figures;
            Customer delight across services and offerings with a 360-degree view of

TCS has close alliances with leading players in the MDM positioning us to effectively
gain a deep understanding and better execution capabilities.
Some of our leading alliances are (in alphabetical order):
            i2 Technologies - System Integration Partner and Reseller
            IBM - Premier System Integration Partner
            Initiate Systems - Consulting Partner
            Kalido - Implementation Partner
            Oracle - Global Certified Advantage Partner
            SAP - Global Services Partner
            Siperian - Consultants and System Integrators

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

TCS helps organizations devise and implement CRM strategies and solutions that
become the backbone of their customer acquisition and retention strategies, and helping
them foster loyal, profitable customer relationships.
Client Challenges
       Creating and sustaining loyalty of a demanding customer base
       Sustaining profitability in highly competitive and rapidly changing environments
       Building and managing complex customer information

What TCS Provides

Integrated Customer Data Management
This solution helps an organization synchronize partial and fragmented data from various
sources, providing a complete customer profile with no loss in data quality.

Subscription Management
Specifically addressing areas within the media and entertainment industries, this TCS
solution allows enterprises to maintain and grow Average Revenue per User (ARPU)
through customer retention programs, process improvements, and product innovations.

Trade Promotion Optimization
This closed-loop solution features integrated, collaborative trade promotion processes
that help manufacturers streamline existing business processes and optimize trade
promotion spending. It uses a combination of transactional processes and analytical
dashboards for pre-promotion planning, promotion execution, monitoring, and post-
promotion evaluation. It provides consumer goods companies with insights into
promotion tactics for higher sales, improved brand loyalty, as well as ways to manage
and measure trade promotion effectiveness.

Pre-paid Telecom Customer Care
This comprehensive customer-care solution features a lightweight, highly scalable three-
tier architecture designed specifically to address the distinctive needs of this sector. Cost-
effective, less complex than existing packaged solutions, simple to learn, capable of
handling high subscriber volume, the solution can be easily integrated with legacy
systems and provides a complete view of the customer.
Intelligent Inbound Customer Marketing
This solution helps marketers transform service-oriented contact centers into revenue-
generating channels, using a combination of historical, personal, and contextual data to
create a real-time customer profile. Combined with real-time analytics and business rules
evaluation, it delivers the highest-impact offers to customers at the moment of
interaction, increasing long-term profitability.

Contact Center Analytics
This solution analyzes performance through integrated and holistic data views from
multiple contact center systems, increasing customer satisfaction to providing insights,
learning, and forecasting.

Collaborative CRM for the Automotive Industry
This web-based solution is hosted by the manufacturer and emphasizes collaboration
between the manufacturer, dealer, and customer. Using a web-based application, contact
center, and customer web portal ensures seamless two-way communication, knowledge
sharing, and visibility across the enterprise. The solution covers all dealership functional
areas and manufacturer processes, marketing, sales, and service management.

Business Value
       Increased agility, productivity and profits
       Reduced costs and risks in today‘s diverse IT environments
       Unified customer data across multiple business units and diverse functional
       systems, in order to provide reliable sources of customer information across
       More efficient service, higher customer satisfaction, and reduced churn
       Enhanced customer experience and increased revenue through improved cross-
       and up-selling
       Superior customer experience assured at every touch point leading to enhanced
       customer loyalty and increased brand image

For the past two decades, TCS has been developing and implementing solutions on
Oracle technology; we are an Oracle strategic Global Systems Integrator and Certified
Advantage Partner. TCS focuses on providing solutions across Oracle E-Business Suite,
PeopleSoft Enterprise, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, JD Edwards World, Siebel, and
Oracle Fusion.

As a trusted SAP partner, TCS offers various solutions from pre-implementation
consulting to complete end-to-end implementation and post-implementation maintenance
and support that help enterprises maximize ROI from SAP investments. TCS also
implements various industry solutions such as IS Pharma, IS Retail, IS Oil and gas, and
functional solutions such as Strategic Enterprise Management, Supply Chain
Management, Business Warehouse, Enterprise Portals, and Customer Relationship
Management for enterprises across the world.

TCS‘ System Integrator Partnership with Amdocs allows TCS to implement & Clarify
CRM solutions for their customers.

TCS is an ATG software solution provider, offering services around ATG‘s complete set
of e-commerce solutions to help customers create a satisfied, loyal, and profitable online
customer base. The TCS ATG Center of Excellence develops best practices and
methodologies around ATG solutions to ensure faster, high-quality implementations for
As a strategic partner of, worldwide leader in on-demand CRM services,
TCS is entitled to benefits such as use of the applications; support and
maintenance services; education and training; access to the Partner
Portal; targeted joint selling; and so on. TCS currently provides a range of solutions
based on Software as a Service (SaaS) on-demand applications to its clients, thus
enabling them to enhance their customer experience from strategy to implementation to
application management outsourcing in customer-facing areas of Marketing, Sales,
Service and Support, Customer Analytics and Customer Data Integration.


As an evolutionary automatic identification technology, RFID was considered a niche
technology a few years ago. As costs associated with RFID hardware have decreased, and
standards defined for managing data, RFID has gone mainstream, and can potentially
power business systems to become the competitive backbone of organizations. TCS helps
organizations plan and implement RFID enabled systems across multiple business areas,
including regulatory compliance, inventory management, transport systems, document
tracking and brand protection among others.

What TCS Provides
Expertise and alliances across the RFID system value-chain: RFID hardware, edge
servers, middleware and application software

Call Management

CIOs are considering effective call management solutions to not only make enterprises
cost-effective but also have tighter SLAs for enhanced process efficiencies. TCS
evaluates organizations‘ needs and implements the right call management solution to
meet their demands.
Client Challenges
         Increased call volumes
         Poor request prioritization and tracking
         Lack of SLA monitoring machines
         Transient IT workforce
         Business Value
         Enterprises are able to receive, prioritize and resolve service requests, facilitate
         change, optimize service levels and re-use knowledge to create a more efficient


In today‘s evolving business landscape, enterprises need to do more than just adapt; they
need to predict change and respond proactively. This requires effective alignment of
people, processes, data, and technology in a way that enables enterprises to keep pace
with existing demands, while preparing for the future. Over the last two decades, TCS
has been helping enterprises leverage Oracle‘s E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards
and Fusion platforms to achieve these imperatives and succeed in the changing
environment. TCS offers its customers end-to-end consulting services in Oracle, from
strategy formulation, to development and deployment of the chosen enterprise solutions
product, to maintenance and support.

Client Challenges
         Failure to identify and implement the right ERP solution, leading to rise in total
         cost of ownership; inability to adhere to budget and timeline schedule; low system
         performance; and low synergy between ERP and other enterprise systems
         Issues related to change management and resistance to use ERP in enterprises lead
         to low acceptability among employees, higher training costs, and longer periods
         to reap benefits out of the ERP applications
         High maintenance cost leads to profitability crunches
What TCS Provides
Based on standard tools and methodologies, TCS categorizes its enterprise solution
offerings as follows:
       Advisory offerings help enterprises identify business challenges and develop an
       ERP strategy and roadmap:
       Business Process Standardization (BPS)
       ERP Strategy and Roadmap
       Due Diligence for Application Support
       ERP Audit
       Upgrade Assessment

Implementation service offerings enable customers to deploy an ERP solution aligned
with their business objectives:
       End-to-end implementation
       Global Rollout

Outsourcing offerings allow TCS to ensure 24/7 post-implementation support to the
implemented ERP solution:
       Support and Maintenance
       Shared Support Services
       Center of Excellence Set-up
       Assurance Services

Industry Solutions:

Dairy: From production to dispatch, TCS‘ complete enterprise solution enables dairy
companies to manage variability, control inventory, streamline financial processing, and
bring in increased transparency in operations.
EU-VAT: TCS‘ EU-VAT solution allows cross-border, intra-European acquisition
accounting for customers selling goods and services to multiple European destinations. It
provides accurate VAT documentation, accurate invoicing, and Intrastat-compliant
reports for numerous scenarios including cross-border multi drops, part-shipments and
multi-sourced transactions.
Paint and Ink: TCS‘ solution covers the Paint and Ink industry‘s process manufacturing,
financials, and supply chain functions. The solution implements Oracle Process
Manufacturing (OPM) along with Oracle Financials and Oracle Distributions to cater to
customer needs.
Paper and Pulp: From optimizing process conditions and capturing appropriate
parameters at every stage of pulp and paper manufacturing to minimizing paper wastage
and improving visibility of order item movement, TCS helps these companies optimize
their entire process cycle.
Public Works: TCS' solution for public works departments offers integrated views of
critical information, thus aiding effective decision-making.
Subscription: TCS‘ subscription solution, based on Oracle E-Business Suite, meets the
requirement of periodic revenue recognition, auto-generates billing schedules on the basis
of the product setup or the contract template, and traces the status of delivery and
payment while ensuring proper integration between billing and fulfillment.
Workforce Management: TCS‘ solution offers the ability to create, manage, schedule,
optimize and track work done by the field personnel that helps in closing the information
gap between the service organization and the field service workforce.


The business world is transforming at a fast pace. To sustain competitive advantage in
this changing environment, it is imperative for companies to connect the entire enterprise
together. As strategic partners of SAP, TCS has been helping global enterprises achieve
this imperative. TCS has extensive experience across SAP solutions — consulting, end-
to-end implementations, upgrades, and support — helping customers implement,
optimize, and enhance value from their SAP investments.
Client Challenges
       Increasingly complex network of processes
       Critical information spread across disparate systems
       Absence of data flow transparency and lack of integration of the enterprise with
       its extended eco-system
       Need for statutory compliance and tackling performance management

What TCS Provides
Based on the Think, Build, and Operate model, TCS‘ comprehensive portfolio of
offerings span the complete life cycle of SAP enterprise solutions — enabling enterprises
to transform, enhance, and optimize. Their offerings include:

Pre-implementation: TCS‘ offerings in the pre-implementation stage lay the foundation
for business transformation. They provide innovative solutions like Software as a Service
(SaaS), and help enterprises leverage SOA to develop solutions to meet their industry
Implementation: TCS supports enterprises through the implementation stage by
deploying the right solutions to make them agile.
Post-implementation: In the post–implementation stage, TCS helps with upgrade, SAP
health check, and SAP audit to enable enterprises maximize the value of their SAP

Business Value
By offering SAP enterprise solutions, TCS enables companies across industries benefit
from the following:
       Simplified technology landscapes
       Integrated processes
       Streamlined operations
       Agility and improved connectivity

Changing demands of increasingly complex market scenarios force businesses to act
swiftly and continuously reinvent themselves to meet and exceed their customers‘
expectations. Innovative business models have become the key to sustainable competitive
advantage and profitability.

The TCS Approach

TCS partners with clients to define and address their organization's unique transformation
imperative. TCS works in transparent consultation with clients to define their business
goals, devise a strategy, decide on a course of action, develop a solution, deploy it across
their organization, and deliver improved business results.

       Business Consulting, including Business Process Management, Change
       Management, and Program Management
       IT Consulting, including Architecture and Technology, Information Risk
       Management, Infrastructure Services, IT Process and Service Management, IT
       Strategy and Governance, Master Data Management, Performance Engineering
       Solutions, and Quality Assurance and Testing
       Business Solutions, including E-Channel, OptimizeIT, Post Merger &
       Acquisition IT Integration, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and Utility

By partnering with TCS the clients are assured of:
Integrated end-to-end IT enabled business transformation: TCS helps enterprises
across the value chain with their benefits-driven, integrated approach that delivers
sustainable results.
Proven methodology and fact-based approach: The methodologies incorporate TCS'
best practices and are set for uniformed processes and delivery.
Global expertise, applied locally: The high-caliber consultants have a wealth of
expertise and international experience, enabling us to focus on your local demands within
the context of your global business requirements.


As most organizations today value the merit of staying ―lean and fit‖, they are
increasingly looking at outsourcing non-core operations. Adopting this approach, allows
them to focus on their core competencies and respond with agility to the ever-changing
market and business needs.

At TCS BPO, they leverage their strong understanding of industry-specific BPO services
and cross-industry solutions to provide clients with new business processes and
innovative models that seamlessly align with their business requirements.

What TCS Provides

TCS studies client‘s business processes and identify how to provide innovative solutions
that will best fit their business needs and address the challenges clients may face.
       Boosting bottom line through automation, productivity arbitrage and wage cost
       Leveraging existing talent pool and industry experience to become part of client‘s
       think tank
       Building agility across client‘s organization through strategic initiatives that adapt
       to accelerating market trends

Service Offerings
TCS‘ robust and mature processes coupled with technical and functional expertise in
several industry verticals have placed TCS at the forefront of providing best-in-class
services for:
       Banking & Financial Services
       Life Sciences & Healthcare
       Travel & Transportation
       Retail & CPG

Their cross-industry or horizontal functions spectrum includes:
                   Finance & Accounting
                   Human Capital Management
                   Supply Chain Management

To help customers achieve new levels of efficiency, TCS BPO offers innovative and
flexible business models, platform based services and transformational outsourcing.

Platform Based Services

TCS Platform BPO solutions bring a range of horizontal offerings based on a pre-
configured platform built on best-in-class processes, industry frameworks, best practices
and technology that helps to deliver transformational business value to customers.

Transformational Outsourcing

TCS offers a full lifecycle of services including Consulting, Application Development
and Maintenance, Implementation Services, and IT Infrastructure Services.

TCS expertise lies in their capability to:
       Use the right tools and techniques to achieve significant savings through business
       process improvement
       Identify custom innovative transition and rollout models including a ―BPO led
       Transformation‖ to minimize fiscal impact
       Use Platform approach to standardize business processes and pre-configured
       applications and tools
       Deliver outsourced processes in a global delivery framework

Up to 30% reduction in total cost of operations as TCS facilitates business transformation

Geographical Presence
TCS believes that its global footprint enables it to service and support existing customers
in a number of important markets from locations closer to the customers, including:
       OffShore - INDIA (Mumbai, Chennai, Baroda), CHINA (Hanghzou, Shanghai)
       NearShore - CHILE (Santiago), URUGUAY (Montevideo), HUNGARY
       OnShore - USA, UK (Peterborough)

Advantages of GNDM™:
Up to 50% reduction in the cost of skilled resources through the cost arbitrage benefits of
GNDM™ as well as through lift-off productivity gains in the transition phase TCS
continues to optimize the transaction cost through year-on-year productivity and process
improvement benefits by deploying lean, six sigma and automation

Business Value
TCS‘ ability to provide a full services play uniquely positions TCS to undertake system
and process rationalization, helping clients avail:
           Global standards
           Best-of-breed processes by leveraging intellectual property built over the
           years—practices, platforms and tools
           Hosted software platform that will reduce expenditure on fixed investments,
           upfront investments and maintenance costs ‗Experience Certainty‘ round the
           clock through the Global Network Delivery Model™
Client Relationships - A Flavor
       Over 132 clients in 32 countries
       Repeat business from more than 70% of clients annually
       3 of Top 10 clients have been clients for over 3 years


To deal with competitive pressures, organizations today increasingly seek services to be
provisioned on pay-as-you-go models which enable scalability, elasticity and cost
predictability for meeting fast changing business needs. Outsourcing presents a credible
choice with the added advantage of greater operational ownership with access to new
technology and process acumen.

Client Challenges
Organizations face the following challenges today amidst global turmoil and shifting
competitive landscape:-

       High costs in a volatile, bearish economic environment
       Need for improving inefficient processes without incurring large upfront
       transformational costs
       Lack of business agility due to absence of scalable, elastic IT applications and
       Compliance to standardized processes, regional statutory norms, and internal
       Complexity of highly disparate, customized IT environments

What TCS Provides
In Platform based BPO model, TCS undertakes the management and execution of the
client's non-core business processes on its own technology platform.
Some of the key features of this business model are:
       TCS‘ technology platform, shared or dedicated, delivers standardized business
       process services to multiple clients like you
       TCS would own the process, the underlying platform and applications, people and
       infrastructure to deliver the services to you
       The service delivery moves from being people-centric, as in the traditional lift-
       and-shift model, to being platform-centric
       TCS‘ "process-as-a-service" approach offers you usage-based flexible pricing
       models involving minimal upfront investment on your part

To shorten implementation times and leverage best-in-class practices, TCS' Platform
based approach incorporates configurable plug-in templates and shared synergies through
a multi client system architecture.

Their offerings cover the following processes:
           HRO Platform BPO Solutions
           F&A Platform BPO Solutions
           Procurement Platform BPO Solutions
           Analytics Platform BPO Solutions
TCS‘ highly refined and mature integrated process and delivery ecosystem ensures
seamless delivery of business operations. The Platforms are hosted on a Scalable, Highly
Available, Reliable and Secure Infrastructure, with data centers globally located to ensure
conformance to data privacy regulations. A dedicated Information Security Organization
and ISO 27001 guidelines also ensure compliance to stringent security regulations across
all platforms.

Their end-to-end (e2e) process framework ensures seamless deployment of platform BPO
solutions for you. The framework comprises of three distinct stages - Build,
Transformation and Service Delivery. As part of Build, they invest in developing the core
customer-agnostic platform solution by building enabling tools, processes & workflows
on top of enterprise application suite to fulfill your business needs. In Transformation,
TCS facilitates smooth transition to their platforms by adopting a participative approach
for process harmonization and organization change management. As part of Service
Delivery, they execute and manage clients transactional business processes on our utility-
based model.

TCS works closely with a number of partners including major software vendors,
datacenter providers, sourcing management firms, hardware and network equipment

Business Value

With TCS Platform BPO Solutions model clients gain with
       Significant reduction in total cost of ownership, with minimal upfront investment
       on your part and usage based pricing eg number of employees (HRO), managed
       spend (procurement)
       Improved business performance with business metrics driven SLAs and delivery
       Improved business agility with on-demand, scalable and elastic solutions enabling
       clients to respond to changing business requirements
       End-to-end ownership of business processes by TCS – process, software licenses,
       infrastructure, people – ensures that risks and investments pass on to TCS
       Greater focus on clients core business by freeing up valuable resources, and
       utilizing TCS services to manage the non-core areas
       Access to best-practices based global, standardized processes and technology built
       on enterprise solutions (eg. SAP, Oracle etc.) and extensive domain and
       technology expertise
       Global, optimized delivery reach and scalability for end-to-end seamless


The business environment today is more dynamic than ever, with mergers and
acquisitions, consolidation, and regulatory changes. TCS' Business Intelligence and
Performance Management solution helps an enterprise in fulfilling the aspirations of
being Agile, Adaptable and Efficient.

Client Challenges
       Growing volumes of organizational data, and the ability to leverage it effectively
       in less time and with more certainty.
       Absence of consistent master data, enterprise information and systems to manage
       the same.

What TCS Provides

TCS SOLAR© Framework is a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework of
Integration and Information Management Services. The framework helps coalesce
Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, Enterprise Data Management,
Integration and Knowledge Management / Enterprise Content Management initiatives,
thus driving down the cost of IT and providing the agility to address changing business
and regulatory requirements.
A wide spectrum of offerings embedded with TCS SOLAR Framework include:

   Strategic Offerings: BluePrint, Scorecard, HealthCheck, Planning and Budgeting,
       Due Diligence, Financial Consolidation, Maturity Assessment Business Process
       Analysis, Business Case Modeling and Capacity Planning
   Tactical Offerings: Data Governance, Master Data Management, Data Architecting,
       Data Mart Consolidation, Data Quality Management, Dashboard Management,
       Metadata Management, Performance Engineering, Data / Text Mining Document
       Management, Services Management and Knowledge Management
   Operational Offerings: Competency Center, Multi-site Rollout, Factory Services,
       Lifecycle Services, Testing Management, Sustenance Services, Testing Factory,
       Training Services, Migration / Upgrade, and Change Management

The TCS Value Measurement framework is based on quantifying benefits under Agility
(responsiveness of enterprise), Adaptability (change impact management) and Efficiency
(optimization of Quality-Cost-Time) dimensions and measurements across Business,
Technology and Infrastructure perspectives.

Business Value

TCS SOLAR Framework helps organizations optimize and monitor business processes
on a granular level. This could lead to at least 10% increase in operational efficiencies
and up to 90% reduction in cost for adapting to new regulatory compliance requirements.

With TCS SOLAR Framework, clients can
       Converge business intelligence and knowledge management through real-time
       Quickly re-orient your business processes at a granular level in response to
       business environment changes
       Predict and improve the quality of service
       Have the ability to easily adapt to current and new regulatory needs

For more than two decades, TCS has been delivering engineering solutions across diverse
industries enabling customers to foster product innovation, improve operational
efficiencies, and decrease time-to-market for their products.

Client Challenges
       Demand for new product features catering to local markets
       Competitive cost pressure requiring improved operational efficiencies in
       Innovate with optimal research and product development spends
       Worldwide supply chain with significant statutory compliance requirements

What TCS Provides

       New Product Development (NPD) Solutions: Product Design, Product
       Engineering and Product Manufacturing with focus on Mechanical Design,
       Embedded Systems and Engineering Automation.
       Plant Solutions and Services: Process Plant Engineering, Digital Manufacturing
       Solutions, Manufacturing Execution & Intelligence (MEI), Control Automation
       Engineering, Sourcing Solutions and Integrated Asset Management solutions.
       Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions: PLM business consulting,
       PLM product implementation and PLM support.
       Geospatial Technology Solutions: In-depth geo-spatial information system
       capabilities for implementing and integrating geo-spatial technology with other
       business systems.

TCS leverages on its intellectual property that is built over years, various products and
tools and different types of alliances (industry, academic and technology) to address
customer's needs.
Business Value
TCS' process-driven approach, unique Global Network Delivery Model (GNDM™) and
alignment to specific quality paradigms inclusive of Six Sigma, ISO, PCMM, CMMi, AS
9100, and BS 7799 enable customers to reap benefits, such as:
       Realize product strategy from conception to retirement
       Enhance market share and customer's Return on Investment (ROI)
       Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
       Enhance visibility of manufacturing operations and availability of assets


In a highly competitive business environment, small and medium businesses are
relentlessly challenged by technology complexity and rapid technology obsolescence.
The need is driven by the lack of IT edge among SMBs to build competitive advantage
against large and global players; inability to maintain and sustain a robust IT function and
lack of single view of enterprise information.

Client Challenges

Business Challenges
SMBs are increasingly realizing that ICT enablement is vital for survival in today‘s
globally competitive environment. This involves high upfront capital investment which
SMBs are finding difficult to finance without vendor support. Globalization, heightened
customer expectations, lack of a single view of the enterprise and inability to deliver in
the absence of IT enablement is a clear challenge that SMBs are facing

IT Challenges
In the market we find no commitment from service providers to SMBs. This adversely
impacts a SMB‘s ability to provide any meaningful service level expectations for their
customers. There has been Adhoc evolution of IT and this has made it difficult for SMBs
to scale up the IT with business growth. Assembled non standard hardware and software
solutions tend to become obsolete which impedes the growth and the ability to maintain a
lean IT function.

Through TCS‘s unique offerings for the small and medium business segment, such
barriers are yesterday‘s news.

What TCS Provides

TCS Small and Medium Business (SMB) unit aims at enabling sustained profitable
growth for SMBs with an innovative service model TCS IT-as-a-Service. This model will
leverage TCS‘ leadership in technology and service innovation to offer integrated end-to-
end managed solutions to small and medium businesses.

With TCS IT-as-a-Service, TCS aims to address the end-to-end IT needs of SMBs and
help streamline business processes for market advantage; provide customers with
blueprints for business process improvement; deliver integrated end-to-end managed
solutions in IT and telecom and offer flexible pricing options to reduce capital
expenditure and minimize operating expenditure and maximize return on investment
while achieving economies of scale. A subscription-driven ―build-as-you-grow‖, ―pay-as-
you-use‖ model through centralized hosting from a common platform would facilitate
alignment of technology adoption to the needs of the business and bring scalability to the
business model.

TCS‘ global delivery capabilities and industrialized approach to technology solutions
delivery and management greatly enhance productivity and ensure discipline, reliability
and risk reduction. The SMB practice draws upon the extensive experience of TCS across
diverse verticals, and its alliances to deliver their solutions.

TCS offers end-to-end business solutions for SMBs covering:
        Access devices: Covering all essential computing devices like Laptop, Desktop,
        Printer, Peripherals
       Networking solutions: Covering LAN, WAN, etc
       Common Office Applications: Covering email, Office software, etc
       Common Business Applications: Covering Payroll, Accounting, etc
       Vertical Core Applications: Covering POS, Inventory Mgmt, etc
       Niche Vertical Applications: Covering Space Management, Just in Time
       sequencing, etc.

They cater to a diverse set of industry verticals including:
       Manufacturing – Auto Components
       Professional Services – Construction, Legal



TCS BaNCS enables transformation in financial services through a superior and holistic
suite of solutions for banks, capital market firms, insurance companies, and diversified
financial institutions. Each solution in the TCS BaNCS family has been designed to run
as a scalable and robust service, fully integrated with existing business models, enterprise
infrastructures and technology architectures. With their collaborative and innovative
approach, financial services organizations can gain from:
           A competitive advantage and provide differentiated solutions to their
           Increased operational efficiency and agility
           Certainty in delivery
TCS BaNCS is a globally recognized industry leader, with its solutions consistently
ranked in top positions by industry experts.
           TCS BaNCS Payments accredited with SWIFT Ready label 2009
           TCS Financial Solutions named a Leader in Global Banking Platforms by
           Independent Research Firm (Source: Forrester, January 2009)
           TCS BaNCS awarded ‗System of the Year Award‘ 2008 by BISS Research
           TCS BaNCS placed in the Leaders Quadrant in Leading Industry Analyst
           Firm‘s International Retail Core Banking 2008 Report
           TCS BaNCS ranked among the top 10 solutions in Global FINTECH in 2007-
           TCS BaNCS Core Banking ranked China‘s No. 1 Core Banking Solution in
           2007 by Independent Research Firm
           TCS BaNCS Corporate Actions accredited with SWIFT Ready label for the
           fourth consecutive year (2009)
           TCS BaNCS Securities Settlement was accredited with SWIFT Ready label
           for the seventh consecutive year (2009)
           TCS BaNCS received BISS Corporate Actions accreditation for the sixth
           consecutive year (2008)
           TCS BaNCS accredited for Corporate Finance by BISS Research in 2008
           TCS BaNCS Payments won The Banker Technology Award for Cash
           Management and Treasury in 2007


Many business challenges exist across industries - particularly when it comes to CRM,
database integration, knowledge management, and other processes which involve huge
amounts of data. TCS' technology products can help an enterprise achieve superb
operational efficiency and realize time, cost and energy benefits for maximum ROI.
TCS Products
       Exegenix® Intelligent Document Conversion Solutions®
       SupportCentral - Business Social Productivity Platform
       TCS Digital Certification Services / Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Suite
       TCS Tax Mantra™ Integrated Tax Solution
       TCS Data Cleansing Framework
       TCS Business Rules Engine
       TCS Experience Based KM (Knowledge Management)
       TCS Call Management Solution
       TCS Certificate Validation Server
       TCS File Authentication Solution
       TCS eLearning Effectiveness Measurement Solution
       TCS Code Generator Framework
       TCS Saakshi (Time Stamping Solution)
       TCS Form Authentication Solution
       TCS eVOLv Multimedia Authoring Solution
       TCS Direct Metal Deposition CAM
       TCS Stand Alone Post Processor
       TCS WebFACTORe (Web-enabled Plant Maintenance Management Tool)
       TCS Enterprise Integration and Control Environment
       TCS SmartBox (Next Generation Industrial Controller Development Framework)
       TCS Sevak - Self Service Terminals
       TCS Rapid Sigma (Six Sigma Solution for Continuous Improvement)
       TCS Teamcenter for Medical Devices

Exegenix® Intelligent Document Conversion Solutions®

This hosted solution converts any printable electronic content in Post script or PDF
format into XML. Organizations can meet their content conversion needs with minimal
human involvement. Exegenix technology provides seamless conversion management
through combination of automated processes and intuitive Interface.

Exegenix technology is already being successfully used on source materials from global
organizations in a variety of industries, including analytical legal research, distance
learning content syndication, cross-media publishing, and information services.

SupportCentral - Business Social Productivity Platform

SupportCentral is a next generation Collaboration and Business Productivity Platform
that will enable your enterprise to thrive in this intensely competitive knowledge
economy. SupportCentral can help meet 7 of the top technology and business priorities of
CIOs worldwide.

Having developed this solution for one of the world‘s largest organizations, where it is
the most used platform after Email, TCS is uniquely positioned to partner with the
enterprise to maximize Return on Investment through significant dollar savings as well as
increased productivity.

SupportCentral‘s unique ―Communities of Practice‖ taxonomy, patented Expertise
Management solution and powerful Workflow engine, all in a completely self-service
format needing no IT expertise, allows business users to create the solutions they need in
the shortest possible time. Share Knowledge, Use Web 2.0 tools for boundariless
Collaboration, Manage Portals and Documents, and Digitize Processes rapidly to create
the Enterprise of the future.

TCS Digital Certification Services / Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Suite

In an increasingly information-centric world, it is critical for businesses and organizations
to access, share and exchange information. Quickly. Conveniently. Securely. As a
licensed Certifying Authority and leader in the IT space, Tata Consultancy Services
Limited is uniquely positioned to provide end-to-end security solutions ranging from
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) deployment and Digital Certificate services to Desktop,
Web and Application security solutions

TCS is a licensed Certifying Authority (CA) and is authorized by the Controller of
Certifying Authorities (CCA), Government of India, to issue legally valid digital
certificates. Through its Trust Network, TCS Certifying Authority provides PKI Services
to individuals, companies and government organizations

TCS Tax Mantra™ Integrated Tax Solution

This web-based solution caters to the needs of modern tax and revenue enterprises, as
well as tax payers. It enhances business functionality, supports tax payer-friendly services
and makes tax administration simpler and easier. It has fully integrated processes to
support an endless number of tax types and business processes.

With provisions for taxpayer internet based registrations, filing, paying and status
inquiries, TCS Tax Mantra™ helps clients provide enhanced services to taxpayers and
increase their satisfaction levels while reducing internal processing times.

TCS Data Cleansing Framework

This product helps consolidate clients‘ customer database through a special algorithm
that matches names with addresses, weeding out duplicate entries. Standardized data
reduces data-storage, mailing and processing costs and improves customer service.

TCS Business Rules Engine

Simplify definition and modification of software rules with this product, which alters
your rule base rather than changing the entire application code. By establishing a
common system where new rules can be fed or modified and subsequently applied to
relevant modules without disturbing an entire set of applications, IT intervention can be
minimized as applications become more flexible and adaptable to meet dynamic business

TCS Experience Based KM (Knowledge Management)

This artificial intelligence case-based reasoning solution captures, refines, organizes and
maintains organizational knowledge to automate resolution capabilities. Its ability to
identify cases based on past experience results in faster, cost-effective resolution of

TCS Call Management Solution

This robust, feature-rich and scalable helpdesk and customer support solution framework
helps organizations deliver faster, more consistent support to their critical business
applications and infrastructure.

TCS Certificate Validation Server

This strong, flexible and highly scalable solution uses Online Certificate Status Protocol
(OCSP) to facilitate accurate, scalable and real-time validation of Digital Certificates.
TCS Certificate Validation Server supports industry standard third party OCSP systems
and is compliant RFC 2560 standards.

TCS File Authentication Solution

This secure and tamper-proof communication mechanism can eliminate risks in all online
transactions. It provides authentication, non-repudiation and integrity to all kinds of
electronic documents using digital certificates, as well as assurance over and/or regarding
the source, privacy, and validity of electronic documents and the data contained within.
TCS eLearning Effectiveness Measurement Solution

Similar to any LMS in terms of basic functionalities such as learner data tracking and
generating reports, this tracking tool helps organizations track effectiveness of their
training and development initiatives in order to get superior and quick ROI. It is flexible
enough to be easily customized.

TCS Code Generator Framework

This tool provides an integrated environment along a product or application development
life-cycle. By significant re-use of codes, it speeds up new application development,
legacy system integration, and deploying enhancements. As a result, development teams
who are spread across geographies benefit            from increased consistency and
communication with common code repositories and well-defined processes.

TCS Saakshi (Time Stamping Solution)

This product provides time stamping or digital notarization for electronic transactions and
documents across the entire trail of transactions. Using tamper-proof cryptographic
technologies to certify electronic transactions, TCS Saakshi provides time stamp tokens
indicating the date and time of execution.

TCS Form Authentication Solution

TCS Form Authentication Solution enables web-based transactions to be digitally signed
and authenticated, ensuring data accuracy, security, and privacy.

TCS eVOLv Multimedia Authoring Solution

This versatile, simple-to-use tool creates content modules easily and quickly. With its
ability to support graphics, audio, and video media formats, users can make learning a
rich and engaging experience for the audience. The product‘s simple interfaces do not
require any specialized programming skill or knowledge to operate. Compliant with
SCORM standards, TCS eVOLv can be easily deployed on most learning management

TCS Direct Metal Deposition CAM

Direct     Metal Deposition (DMD™)            is a   state-of-the-art   laser-based additive
manufacturing technology for metal synthesis and component fabrication, invented by
Precision Optical Manufacturing (POM) Group Inc. It enables creation of parts and
molds directly from powder metal melted by a laser beam. It is driven by CNC or robot
arm as per the defined deposition strategy.

TCS Direct Metal Deposition CAM provides end-to-end solution for implementation of
this technology and allows the user to select from a range of machine or robot
configurations and deposition strategies.

TCS Stand Alone Post Processor

This highly flexible and customizable solution offers post- processing solutions for
various CNC machines and its configurations. It can reduce post processor development
time up to 30-40% depending on the application and can be used for NC applications,
which are not fully supported by third party NC post builders.

TCS WebFACTORe (Web-enabled Plant Maintenance Management Tool)

This advanced tool developed by TCS, incorporates best practices and result-oriented
methods followed in maintenance departments across various industry sectors, thereby
enabling quantum improvements in productivity levels and all the key metrics of the
maintenance department. The several benefits that inevitably accrue from implementation
of WebFACTORe will lead to a perceptible improvement in organizational work-culture.
The solution is suitable for a wide range of industry sectors and specific requirements.

TCS Enterprise Integration and Control Environment: Certified as "Powered by
SAP NetWeaver®."

This Rapid application development framework is used to develop advanced process
control and process optimization applications and integrate them with the enterprise
applications. This framework gives more than 70% productivity and shortens the
development time by at least 60%. Solutions based upon this framework have been
deployed at more than 35 plants.

TCS SmartBox (Next Generation Industrial Controller Development Framework)

Jointly developed by TCS and A*STAR Singapore Institute of Manufacturing
Technology (SIMTech), it is a futuristic industrial controller that brings high-level
control closer to the actual production process. It‘s low-cost, open-architecture which has
an in-built Rapid Application Development (RAD) framework, helps Original Equipment
Manufacturers (OEMs) to create point solutions quickly and easily.

Its applications include:   Plant-wide control and optimization, Replacing PC-based
control applications, Connecting plant systems to enterprise applications, Control and
monitoring of complex plant equipment, Distributed control applications, and Robotics &
precision engineering.

TCS Sevak - Self Service Terminals

This 'self service terminal/kiosk' platform allows customers to pay their bills using cash
or credit cards. The terminals can operate in a stand-alone mode or can be connected to
back end servers for live update of transactions. They are typically used by enterprises to
automate their manual customer service desks. TCS can build customized solutions
around Sevak platform.

TCS Rapid Sigma (Six Sigma Solution for Continuous Improvement)

This is the worlds first certified composite on SAP xMII. It helps organizations practicing
Six Sigma in reducing the ‗Time to Measure‘ of data to nearly nil and also reducing the
chances of statistically ‗un-fit‘ data for analysis. Rapid Sigma is a ready to use, highly
configurable tool which gets deployed on SAP xMII environment. The solution allows
seamless integration to shop floor databases and SAP ERP. This integration saves
valuable time of data collection and ensures that right data is collected in the right
DMAIC phase from the right place. It cannot be treated as a separate, independent
product which runs on its own (It‘s a composite built using xMII). Also the functionality
of this needs to be validated from a six sigma black belt champion before deploying it at
the customer site.

TCS Teamcenter for Medical Devices

This PLM solution delivers product innovation and development capabilities in a secure
environment while constantly monitoring FDA compliance. Users can create, author and
modify documents and route them through intuitive workflows that capture relevant
information and dynamically converts approved documents to a secure format.

It includes strict rule driven product based document control, training management,
design Control (including Packaging and Labeling and Marketing Materials), production
and process control (via Interface with MES), and application (Software) control. Device
Master Records (DMR) are created and managed to ensure that the design meets the
requirements, and risks are adequately captured, analyzed and controlled during the entire
development cycle. Supported product features such as DHF, DHR and CAPA will
provide medical device companies a single, integrated PLM platform, eliminating the
need to sustain multiple systems and associated infrastructure.

TCS Products
       TCS Clin-e2e
       TCS Hospital Management Solution
       TCS Silicone Ambulatory ECG Device and Solution
       TCS Enterprise Integration and Control Environment Solution/ Energy and
       TCS Bio-informatics Solution
       VERICUT - Machine Simulation Software

TCS Clin-e2e

This Clinical Trial Management Solution addresses all four phases of clinical trials. A
secure online environment captures electronic data and integrates sites and labs with
sponsors. Pharmaceutical companies are able to create customized Case Report Forms
(CRF) and investigate clinical data more effectively as they successfully monitor
progress of global trial sites, reduce time and cost of clinical trials, and ensure regulatory
compliance with global frameworks.

TCS Hospital Management Solution

With this product, large and medium-sized hospitals can streamline patient care, hospital
administration, ancillary services, and clinical support activities. A health care institution
can realize better administration and control, enhanced fund management, better
reporting to aid strategic decision making, and improved patient care and satisfaction.

TCS Silicone Ambulatory ECG Device and Solution

For assessing patients quickly and correctly to avert cardiac arrests, TCS Silicone
provides real-time monitoring of heart condition via ECG (graphical data in Lead II
configuration). The information is then transmitted through any available radio frequency
communication channel, enabling doctors to decide the immediate course of action. It
also has a built-in feature to send diagnostic alerts to a hospital through a mobile phone

TCS Enterprise Integration and Control Environment Solution/ Energy and

This product allows integration of a wide variety of functions including materials
management, energy billing, energy accounting, operations and maintenance, finance,
and HR. An enterprise will be able to increase responsiveness through enterprise-wide
visibility, automate billing and settlement processes, improve asset utilization, and build
profitable customer relationships.

TCS Bio-informatics Solution

Address the need for accessible databases and analytical applications that sort and
organize the massive amounts of data required in this industry, enabling quick
distribution of critical information to researchers. This product assists drug discovery
processes from target identification to lead optimization, and addresses four major
functional areas: Genomics, Protein Modeling and Structural Analysis, Simulation, and
Drug Design. Researchers are assisted by sequence analysis, genome analysis,
comparative genomics, 3D modeling, 3D structure manipulations, structural analysis and

VERICUT - Machine Simulation Software

TCS' Engineering and Industrial Services group has been promoting VERICUT product
line in India since 1992.
VERICUT is a CNC Machine simulation software developed by California-based
CGTech that enables clients to machine parts on the computer before actual cutting
occurs. Using VERICUT, manufacturers can verify the accuracy of the program before it
is loaded on the machine, reducing or eliminating the need for the time-consuming
manual prove-out process and minimizing material costs.

For manpower resource allocation, there is a Manpower allocation and task committee
(MATC). The main role of MATC is
           Behaves as a distribution channel for manpower allocation
           Includes manpower associates, business associates like CMC, Tata elxsi and
           Tata InfoTech


For providing Internal communication amongst employees there is a centralized portal
called ultimatix. All functional points of organization related to employee, and all
common communication is done through this channel. Client related portals are available
for client related communication

       Expertise in multiple technologies across multiple verticals
       Average age-28 yrs
       Transparent process for employee related information
       Entire organization divided into multiple Independent Strategic Units(ISU), with
       each of the heads acting as its CEO‘s and do not require CEO intervention for
       decision making
       Its one of India's few PCMM level 5 certified companies
     Well defined and structured quality processes following CMM level 5 and six
      sigma initiatives
     Quarterly reviews and audits performed for each and every project executed in
     Most clients have monthly company business reviews to monitor health of the
     Client specific matrices for the projects are reported for internal and client
     Specific technology excellence group(teg) reviews are conducted for all the
     PEG-process excellence group defines and monitors projects within regional
     Trainings to deploy standards and matrices done on frequent basis

     New venture
     Repetitive customers
     TCS has multiple products and clients purchase those products from TCS, (can be
     sold separately or as part of a package)

  Fixed price: This is for short term projects in which the company decides upon a
     fixed price for the project and sends it across to the clients for approval. Once this
     is approved then only this price is charged. It is for repetitive customers. Here the
     company tries to maintain this cost.
  Time & material project: This is for long term projects in which the company
     would send a report detailing the resources especially the man power resources
       that it would require and then estimate the cost for the particular month. This is
       usually done for maintenance projects.
   Pseudo fixed price: This is done for a new technology. In this the company estimates
       the cost for a particular month and sends it to the client and also the particular
       amount by which this cost would vary. Here the company doesn't know the exact
       cost and sends in an approximate cost.


Effectively managing price change across large product portfolios, in sync with market
trends and brand ethos, is easy, when one has a single repository of all price-related
information. TCS Price Management creates such a storehouse of complex pricing related
data, bringing in a workflow-based, collaborative, transparent and analytical pricing
process. Enabling strong predictive analysis and correct, rule-based pricing decisions, it
facilitates increased business performance. Price Management helps to counter
competition from external as well as internal product factors in a competitive
marketplace. It allows to optimally utilize competitive information, effectively manage
segmented prices and institutionalize the entire pricing process; thereby, minimizing
relative pricing, margin erosion and revenue leakage.


TCS consulting services help customers to - analyze their current pricing policy, define
an ideal state and formulate an implementation business case based on the organizational
strategies and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). It designs, develops and implements
custom-built or product-based solutions, reducing the TCO. Price
Management helps customers benefit from:

       Improved deal win-loss ratio;
       Enhanced profitability and revenue;
       Increased transparency and accountability;
       Faster pricing decisions;
       Consistent pricing policies;
       Empowered field staff.

THE TCS DIFFERENCE (Sources of sustainable
Competitive advantage)

TCS understands that clients need to do more with less, respond quickly to the needs of
their markets and get more strategic advantage from IT. They are uniquely able to help
clients solve these business challenges. Whether it's IT services, business solutions, or
outsourcing, they can assure a level of certainty that others can't match.

TCS serves large and fast growing organizations who share a common set of objectives:
       Increase profitability and efficiency by doing more with less
       Rapidly and effectively respond to changing market demands, thereby improving
       organizational agility
       Leverage IT as a strategic driver for competitive advantage, not just as a business

TCS' success and reputation is built on ensuring certainty of outcome for these client
objectives. TCS is uniquely able to deliver on this promise, primarily due to four strategic
            1. Their Broad Portfolio of Offerings provides clients with the right set of
                 capabilities for the right problems at the right time. They apply deep
                 industry experience to provide a wide range of IT Solutions, Consulting,
                 Business Process Outsourcing, Engineering Services and IT Infrastructure
           2. They deliver those offerings through the Global Network Delivery
               Model™ , their unique business model for how they consistently deliver
               high-quality cost effective services all over the world. This model has
               enabled them to achieve client satisfaction ratings of 89% for meeting
               quality expectations and an average budget variation on projects of just
               3% --both figures far better than industry norms.

           3. They then leverage their investment in Solution Accelerators, which
               include products, tools, and methodologies for bringing solutions to
               market more quickly and with higher quality. These tools, along with their
               Global Network Deliver Model, have helped them drive client satisfaction
               ratings of 87% for on-time project delivery (again - much higher than the
               industry norm).

           4. Finally, they help clients achieve and maintain competitive advantage
               through the use of their TCS Innovation Labs and Co-Innovation Network,
               their collaborative R&D and innovation engine which works to
               successfully exploit and commercialize new ideas, technologies and best

Global Network Delivery Model™
TCS' Global Network Delivery Model™ is the engine that allows them to provide
reliable, scalable and cost effective delivery of services and solutions. This time-tested
model has enabled them to achieve client satisfaction ratings of 89% for meeting quality
expectations and an average budget variation on projects of just 3% -- both figures far
better than industry norms. TCS' Global Network Delivery Model™ enables their clients
       Choose a sourcing strategy best suited to their most important business
       considerations, e.g., cost optimization, cultural alignment, location proximity,
       language capabilities or risk-mitigation.
       Be assured of the highest quality of service delivery regardless of the mix of
       services, technologies, and locations.
       Lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Information Technology by
       managing different service streams -- such as Consulting, IT Services, IT
       Infrastructure Services, etc. -- through a unified delivery framework.

All of TCS' processes and infrastructure have been developed from the ground up -- as
opposed to being cobbled together over time. The Global Network Delivery Model™
consists of 3 integrated components:

       Global Workforce
           o Highly effective and scalable talent management - recruiting, staffing,
              training and retention

       Integrated Processes
           o CMMI Level 5 quality processes
           o World-class security procedures
           o Project Management processes and tools (iQMS, etc.)

       Multi-Tiered Infrastructure
   o Multi-continent and interconnected global development center network (local,
       regional, global model) to allow for better risk management and follow-the-sun
   o State of the art and redundant telecommunications network
   o Global collaboration tools

Solution Accelerators

TCS uses its industry experience and technology expertise to effectively develop
products, tools, and methodologies that help bring solutions to market quicker and with
higher quality. These tools, along with their Global Network Delivery Model™, have
helped them drive customer satisfaction ratings of 87% –- much higher than the industry
norm -- for on-time project delivery.

Over the years, TCS has evolved processes and systems that capture critical client needs,
survey the set of existing third party tools and technologies, and then develop solution
accelerators that help clients achieve quicker outcomes.
TCS has over 50 Centers of Excellence that track domain and technology trends, and
address the most critical client needs through specific frameworks or methodologies that
accelerate the implementation process for 3rd party products.
TCS is a preferred alliance partner of most leading IT product and platform companies,
including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, IBM and HP, among others. With intimate knowledge
of their technologies and products, they build complementary solution accelerators that
help clients in specific industries such as Textile Manufacturing, or with specific needs
(e.g., an ERP platform upgrade) leverage the true potential of these technologies.
All TCS projects are delivered through a unified delivery framework, which includes a
knowledge management system with learning from past projects, and that also provides
incentive to create knowledge assets from new projects that can benefit clients in the

Here are some examples of how TCS' Solution Accelerators help clients realize tangible
    o TCS BaNCS is comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the Financial Services
          industry that provide enterprises with greater operational control, reliable
          technology support, continuous process improvements, and enhanced speed-to-
    o TCS SOLAR Framework is a service oriented framework to strategize and deliver
          Business Intelligence & Performance Management solutions for clients. (Gartner
          Inc positioned TCS in the Leaders Quadrant for the "Magic Quadrant for Business
          Intelligence Services, North America, 2007" report.)
    o TCS Code Generator Framework (TCS MasterCraft) provides an integrated
          environment along a product or application development life-cycle. By significant
       re-use of code, it speeds up new application development, legacy system
       integration, and/or making enhancements.


The TCS Innovations Advantage
A pioneer in software R&D, TCS today has an innovation ecosystem that offers
research-based solutions in leading-edge technologies to meet customer expectations
from IT and to support the Business objectives .

Innovation Strategy: Research Segmentation, Customers Expectations & Alignment
(Research Themes).

Innovation Ecosystem: TCS Innovation Labs, TCS Co-Innovation Network (COIN) ™,
Incubation Group.

Innovation Events: ―Innovation Days‖ help key customers and TCS researchers to
collaborate on research towards specific solutions. ―Innovations Forums‖ held annually
in UK and the USA serve as confluences of thought leaders, researchers from academia,
start-ups and customers, bringing value through shared experiences and offering a
preview of technologies and solutions of the coming decade.

Innovation Culture: Awards for young innovators, coding competitions, research
workshops and conferences where scientists of international participate create a fertile
environment for TCSers, enabling them to think creatively around customer solutions.

Intellectual Property: TCS has created a strong IPR base and has stepped up investments
in building assets such as patents, copyrights and trademarks.
Research Segmentation:
Aligned to the varied requirements TCS has a portfolio approach to innovation. It
segments research into three categories:

   1. Sustaining or Derivative Innovation: Innovations that offer improvements on
       current offerings in current markets

   2. Platform Innovations: Innovations that help customers move to adjacent
       technologies and create additional capabilities

   3. Disruptive Innovations: Innovations that are game changers and bring radical
       changes to current markets and capabilities.

TCS invests in research in adjacent and futuristic technologies and has a metrics driven
approach to innovation. Using an Open and Collaborative framework it connects
customers to the best of breed entities in the technology landscape and enables you to
gain competitive advantage.

Outcome based Research Themes:

TCS Innovations focus on typical jobs/outcomes customers expect. Samples of TCS
R&D offerings that address your expectations from IT:

   o To Increase Operational Efficiency and Productivity: software tools, performance
       tools etc.
   o To Promote Business Agility: SaaS platforms, Agile enterprise architecture,
       Decision Support Systems etc
   o To Simplify and Transform: Virtualization, Cloud computing, Managed Evolution
       of Infrastructure etc
   o To Manage Enterprise Risk and Compliance: Smart Cards, Copyright protection
       offerings etc
   o To Enable Understanding of Markets and Customers: Knowledge Discovery and
       Advertising platform Solutions

To support the customer's business objectives social concerns TCS,

   o Enrich User Experience with Surface Computing, Unified Communications and
       Multimedia Gateway solutions
   o Optimize Enterprise Knowledge with Content Management Systems Offerings
   o Foster Information Ubiquity with Knowledge Portals and Mobile Based Advisory
   o Enhance Healthcare with Life Sciences, Embedded Systems and NLP offerings
   o Conserve the Environment with Green IT solutions and consulting.

TCS‘ innovation has been widely recognized on the global stage. TCS Mobile Agro
Advisory Solution ―mkrishi‖ won the Wall Street Journal Innovation Technology Award
for 2008 in the wireless category and the Golden Peacock Innovation Award. US-based
publication Infoworld ranked TCS‘ Global Certainty IdeaStorm in its list of Top 100
Innovative IT Projects. Many of the Company‘s researchers and Scientists have won
individual laurels and awards.

TCS Innovation Labs

TCS' flagship research centre, TCS Innovation Labs - TRDDC was established in 1981,
when IT had hardly emerged as an industry. Today TCS has a global network of labs that
provide an environment for sophisticated IT research in leading edge technologies as well
as in various domains. Their labs connect to academic research centers of international
repute on collaborative research projects. Internships, learning programmes and
workshops with academia also contribute to the vibrant interaction Their labs are
customer aligned and metrics driven. A number of innovative solutions emerging from
the labs have won national and international awards
The TCS Co-Innovation Network

TCS‘ Co-Innovation Network (COIN™) is a rich and diverse network that brings value
to customers from the entire technology landscape. As opposed to the rigid engagement
models of the past, COIN™ uses IP management and partnering strategies to drive
innovation in an environment of open communities and solution brokers. Solutions also
involve technologies wrapped in process bundles, and new software investments based on
subscription rather than ownership

COIN™ brings
       Innovative solutions sourced globally, customized to customer requirements
       Solutions in emergent and disruptive technologies
       Risk mitigation in deploying futuristic solutions
       Simplification in an increasingly complex technical environment

In delivering these, a COIN™ engagement enables customers achieve enhanced business


COIN™ is led by TCS Innovation Labs and includes academic institutions, start-ups,
venture funds, strategic alliance partners, multi-lateral organizations, and key clients.
This helps COIN™ to bring forth true synergies and give an ecosystem perspective to


TCS connects to academic institutions in different ways
       Fund research: Much of this research is in basic and applied sciences that will
       benefit TCS and its customers in the long term
       Provide opportunities for sabbaticals, encouraging TCSers to work in university
       departments that are engaged in advanced research in various fields
       Invite researchers from academia to work as interns or on specific projects in TCS
       Innovation Labs
       Sponsor/host various events (conferences / workshops / visits) and promote

Academic institutions in COIN™ include
            1. Stanford University, United States
            2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States
            3. Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, United States
            4. University of Massachusetts, Amherst, United States
            5. Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur, India
            6. Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay, India


A market leader strategises differently from a start-up. However, in today‘s competitive
environment, it is important for an established company to know the ideas at work in
start-ups – the niche products they make, the new markets they create and their potential
for breakthrough or ‗disruptive‘ innovation – and support the promising ones. A large
number of start have been put through COIN™‘s stringent de-risking process to work on
innovative solutions with TCS and its customers

Their startup engagements have been geographically well distributed, with partners in the
United States, Europe and Asia. and focus on new and exciting technology areas such as
Data Center Optimization Solutions, On Demand Distributed Software Development
Solutions, and Compliance Cost Reduction Solutions
Some of their start-up alliances are
       Cassatt: Cassatt is a San Jose-based enterprise software and services company that
       delivers solutions that help turn an organization's current IT infrastructure into a
       dynamic, virtual pool of resources available on demand. The TCS-Cassatt alliance
       brings to the table Utility Computing through automating application Service
       Levels, a revolutionary new capability that delivers the quantity and quality of
       application service flow required by the consumer as efficiently and cost-
       effectively as possible
       Collabnet: CollabNet is the world's leading provider of solutions for on-demand
       collaborative development that enable globally distributed teams of software
       developers to complete software projects on-time, on-target, and on-budget.. TCS
       and CollabNet have partnered to explore synergies and co-innovate and worked
       on CollabNet's flagship product, CollabNet Enterprise Edition (CEE) 4.0,
       designed for distributed application lifecycle management and software
       MetricStream: MetricStream is the leading provider of automation and content
       solutions for Fortune 1000 companies in diverse industries, and enables them to
       shift from isolated compliance initiatives and departmental silos of risk-related
       information to integrated enterprise-wide governance, risk management, and
       compliance strategy. The TCS-MetricStream co-innovation partnership has
       implemented Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions for global
       customers operating in a variety of regulatory environments that face unique
       compliance challenges

Venture Capital Funds

As financiers of the next generation of technologies, Venture Capitalists provide a key
connect to innovation. TCS works with VCs across the globe and with their respective
portfolio companies to deliver next gen solutions to its customers. TCS has established
alliances with several start-ups working with VCs
Some of the VC firms that TCS actively works with are
       Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia Capital (both in the United States)
       Index, Amadeus(United Kingdom)
       Gemini Israel, Pitango Israel (Israel)
       Helion Ventures, Nexus (India)
       Strategic Alliances

TCS has forged strong partnerships with many of the world's foremost technology and
services providers like Intel, SAP, HP, Cisco, Sun and EMC to deliver wide ranging
customer solutions. These are not marketing alliances, but true co-innovation partnerships
through which they pool expertise and create solutions for the future

One of the disruptive areas being explored collaboratively with Intel is balanced
computing that enhances manageability, security, end-user experience and TCO for


Customers can leverage the mature analytical capabilities for optimal pricing, delivered
to them through world-class infrastructure. One can get:

       A mature price management engagement execution methodology
       A ready pool of resources experienced in the price management domain
       Anytime – anywhere capability for faster time to value and lower risk through the
       Global Network Delivery Model
       Extended benefits of leveraging the TCS Solar framework for enterprise-wide

Key strengths of TCS as compared with its listed peers Infosys and Wipro are:

Strong vertical presence: TCS derived nearly 60 per cent of its revenues in 2003-04
from BFSI (banking, financial services and insurance) and manufacturing. These two
sectors — BFSI and manufacturing — together account for 50 per cent of the global IT

In telecom also, the company's presence is quite strong. In each of these sectors, TCS is
bigger than its largest domestic competitor. In revenue terms, the BFSI practice of TCS is
about 35 per cent higher than that of Infosys; in manufacturing and, in the telecom
vertical, it is comparable to Wipro. Even in newer verticals — life sciences, for instance
— it has ramped up quite sharply.

Good spread of service offerings: In service offerings, TCS has its presence across the
gamut, ranging from bread-and-butter application development and maintenance to
testing, engineering services and infrastructure management.

In terms of revenues in 2003-04, the package implementation segment took the lion's
share, as it is almost 1.5 times bigger than those of Infosys, Wipro and Satyam. Over the
next year or so, it will increasingly compete in large deals with multinational vendors in
the area of systems integration, infrastructure management and consulting.

Client count and profile: The success of TCS in scaling up its clients is evident from its
$20-million and $50-million clients which, at 16 and 4 respectively, number more than its
billion-dollar peers. However, Infosys and Wipro have been adding $1-million and $5-
million clients faster than TCS over the past year.

TCS has had a string of enduring relationships with clients. Names such as GE, P&O
Nedlloyd and SegaIntersettle fall in the 10-20 year bracket, while clients such as AIG,
HP, Prudential, Standard Chartered and Target fall in the 5-10-year bracket.
Fixed-price projects: The contribution of TCS from fixed price projects at 55 per cent is
considerably higher than its peers. The higher contribution from fixed price projects
represents both an opportunity and risk.

A higher proportion of fixed price projects show that TCS has good project management
expertise and better systems maturity to undertake these projects. In turn, this can also
translate into higher gross margins. On the downside, however, any delay in project
execution will have to be borne by vendors.