Organised Retail Sector by gauravjindal

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									                                             Group 3

         Organised Retail Sector
                        Services Marketing

Presented By:
    Adithya Raj
    Gaurav Kumar
    Nishant Choubisa
    Surbhi Agarwal
    Urpreet Kaur Soni
    Vipul Gupta
Company     Date Of         Public/ Name Of          Line Of
                                                                     Web Address
Name        Establishment   Private CEO              Business
                                                     Books, Music,   www.landmar
                                      Mr. Himanshu
Landmark    December,1987 Private                    Toys, 
                                                     Stationary      m
                                                     Books, Music,   www.crosswor
            August 15,
Crossword                   Private   Mr. Sriram     Toys,           dbookstores.c
                                                     Stationary      om
                                      Mr. Vasanth    Apparel
Max         June, 2004      Private
                                      Kumar                          m
            September,                Mr. Vijay                      www.wforwom
W Store                     Private                  Apparel
            2002                      Mishra               
            December,                 Mr. Mickey     Cosmetics,      www.lifestyles
Lifestyle                   Private
            1999                      Jagtiani       Fragrances
Shoppers'   October 27,               Mr Govind      Cosmetics,      www.shopper
Stop        1991                      Shrikhande     Fragrances
 Factors influencing us to choose these

 Brand Name
 Wanted to learn more about these brands

 Approval From Faculty and appointment from

S Store Managers
• To understand the Servicescape of retail outlets

• To recognize the positive/negative impact of Servicescape on customers’

• Effect of Visual Merchandising (color, lighting, shapes, sound, ambience)

• Understand the use of servicescape
      (a) in its positioning strategy,
      (b) To appeal to its target segment (s) ,
      (c) To facilitate service delivery
    Research Methodology
• Direct Interview

• Questionnaire
Factors which we tried to cover in
           our Survey

•Architectural Style         •Lift / Escalators
•Parking and Accessibility   •Use of Technology
•Congestion                  •Display of point of purchase
•Visibility                  •Posters
•Lighting effect             •Scents and Odors
•Sound effect                •Wall décor
•Temperature                 •Attitude and Behaviour of staff
•Cleanliness                 •Dress of employees
•Walking Space &             •Crowd
variety of Goods and Price   •Surroundings
• India’s first large format book India’s biggest book retailer
                                     •Consumers are treated to unique
•Everything at Landmark is focused shopping experience in a shop that
at       customer       satisfaction is trendy and hip
                                     • Crossword's offers a wide range
• Product lines that cater to the of products, and creates an
needs of all age groups              ambience that would get the
                                     customer to spend more time, and
                                     money, at the store.
                                    Responses From Managers

     - Dial a Book
                                                - Dial a Book
     - SMS a Book
                                                - Fax a Book
     -Email a Book
                                                -Email a Book
• TBEM Audit
                                           • Outsource the MR function
•Fellowship Programme
                                           • Book Reward Programme
• Social Networking ,Viral , sponsorship
                                           • Emphasize on Viral, Personal Marketing
• Segment
                                           • Social Economic Class A
• Landmark Books, Movies, Music
                                           • Crossword Best-sellers, Crossword
                                           Recommends, Books of the Month
                                   Responses From Managers

• Innovative Marketing                     Crossword Author Focus

• Visual Merchandising- High Impulse, Low •Visual Merchandising- High Impulse, Low
Impulse                                   Impulse
      - Adjacencies                            - Adjacencies

• Owns the entire supply chain             • Efficient Supply Chain

• Pre-training done by old employees       • Pre-training – Latest updates and on
• Challenge –To Keep, Retain & Train the
Employees                                  • Challenge –To Keep, Retain & Train the
    - To Handle Consumer Demand,           Employees
customer reaction                              - To Handle Consumer Demand
    - Personal Interaction                     - Personal Interaction
• Relatively new company                 • Growing apparel industry

• Difference in marketing and in store   • Branded retail out only for women(80%
promotional practices compared to
                                         of the industry is oriented towards men),
                                         unique concept

• Ease of accessibility to the           • Defining fashion with constant
management in order to gather reliable   experiment
                                   Responses From Managers

                                           Women’s wear (casual, formal, western)
• Fashion under 599
                                           and accessories
•Completely outsources marketing
                                           • Separate research dept
research to Pan India.
                                           • Caters to upper-middle class segment
•caters to the middle class segment
                                           • Advertising - Word of mouth , Fashion
• Shrewd inventory management system
                                           New launch- FM, TOI(across India ), Hindu
• Advertising – uses Lifestyle
                                           (Chennai )
•Home delivery, flexible alterations and
                                           • Sales-every store has a target, every
retail hosts
                                           regional manager, store manager and
                                           No special policy for retention of
                                    Responses From Managers

• Uses direct Mailers and company          • Every store has the same interior and
databases to reach potential customers     color
                                           • CRM- customer calling, SMS, Invitation
•Careful Planning of ceiling heights and   card
color of walls
                                           • Petite, s, grand, Very grand
• Positioned as a trendy, youthful and    VISION -" To be a global retailer in
vibrant brand                            India and maintain its No. 1 position in
                                         the Indian market in the Department
• Offers customers a wide variety of     Store category."
                                          Shopper's Stop has become the
• Provide exceptional value for money    highest benchmark for the Indian retail

                                          Only Indian member of the
                                         “Intercontinental Group of
                                         Departmental Stores”
                                        Responses From Managers

• Prime class loyalty programme               Shopper's Stop is a household
                                              name, known for its superior quality
• Outsource the research                      products

• Pricing standards are different for          Known for providing a complete
private label brands                          shopping experience

• Employee Training – Less                     Superior quality products and services
                                               Positions itself as Fashion & Lifestyle
• Order processing system.                    store for the family

• Standard ambience policy                     Provide shoppers a truly international
                                              shopping destination
                                Responses From Managers

                                       "First Citizen“ Loyalty programme
• Message should not be loud –         • Exclusive Cash Counters
Simple Advertising Strategy            • Out-store Offers
                                       • Reserved Parking
                                       • Associate Card
• Challenge in retaining and getting   • Program Partners Reward Points

new customers.
                                        Shoppers Stop Gift Vouchers
• Customers always right policy
                                        Shop with confidence
• New strategy – Carrying bag          •
                                           Secure Shopping
                                           Customer Care
                                       •   Shipping Policy
                                       •   Privacy Policy
                                       •   Return Policy
                                       •   Size Charts

                                        Blufi @ Shoppers’ Stop
Responses From Managers

     Impact of Servicescape on
    customers’ perception
    As an effect creating medium
    As an message creating medium
    As an attention creating medium

    3 main characteristics in
    servicescape, influencing customers’
    experiences are:
    • Pleasatness (Color, Lighting, sound, ambience)
    • Convenience
    • Safety

     Servicescape is beneficial in
    Creating Corporate identity and
     Similar Ambience
     Huge Parking Area
     Pleasant interiors
     Air conditioned
     Departments and sub-departments
• The study has given us an insight on how a service industry

• Innovation in the service industry has formed the key for survival

• Retailers have immense knowledge about consumer choice and
  how it will affect their revenues in the long run

• Retailers have their own way of retaining customers by making
  sure that they approach every customer on an individual basis on
  special occasions

• Advertisement is in such a way that it is cost- effective also along
  with pulling premium customers into their showrooms
•Neighborhood Retailer - convenience, credit and personalized service

•Sustainable and credible service for customer trust

•Strict quality regulations

•Conversion of footfalls into sales

•Maintain and clearly communicate the competitive strengths
  We as a team, would now like to thank Prof. Sudershan Seshanna for
giving us an opportunity to interact with the industry Personnel and
hence gain knowledge and experience that else couldn’t have been
found in textbooks.

  We would also like to thank Mr. Selva, Marketing manager of Lifestyle
International Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Dinesh, Est. store manager of Landmark Ltd,
Mr. Chandra Shekhar, Regional Manager of W Store, Mr. Junaid,Store
Manager of Crossword Store, Mr. Santosh,Store Manager of Shoppers'
Stop, and Mr. Rajkumar,Store Manager of Max Retail for their
assistance and helping us to make this project a successful one.

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