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2003-04 Hiawatha High School Marching Band


									  2009-10 Hiawatha High School Red Hawk Band
                     Damian Johnson, Director of Bands
            Janis Henry, Assistant Director of Bands, Flag Sponsor


To challenge students to maximize learning that will provide the foundation to productive

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Hiawatha High School, home of the Red Hawk
Band. I hope the experience you have here will help enrich your musical talent and
marching ability. Each of us looks forward to an exciting and successful marching and
concert band season.


   1. To perform a Competition Marching Band show, Concert Band, Jazz and
      Percussion Ensemble literature to the best of our ability
   2. To support the athletic teams, perform other competition engagements, and
      perform at State Contest Festival.
   3. To provide a quality learning environment for the Marching and Concert Band,
      Jazz and Percussion Ensemble.


   1. Instrument – It is very hard to participate in Band without an instrument (School
      Instruments – The High School will issue Tenor Saxophones, Mellophones,
      Baritones, and Sousaphones, etc. The student will need to pay $20 for the use of
      the instrument. See Mr. Johnson or Mrs. Henry if you have any questions).
   2. Pencil – Every musician should always have a pencil. One is provided in your
      red music folder. The cost to obtain a pencil is $0.25.


All students are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances. Perfect attendance is
expected! Students will lose 2 points per unexcused absence; up to 20 points per
quarter. See Mr. Johnson about making up an unexcused absence. Work is not an
excuse to miss a performance. See the Hiawatha High School handbook for more
specific attendance concerns.

“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it”


Grades are determined by –
   1. Regular Attendance – 180 points
   2. Performance Attendance – 225 points
   3. Preparation (music and marching) – 100 points


Every member of the Marching Band will be issued a new marching band, percussion or
flag uniform. The uniforms are 6 years old so it is imperative that students take
good care of them. All uniforms will stay in the uniform closet in the band room. The
band uniforms are valued at $500. Flag and Percussion uniforms are valued at $100. If
any part(s) is missing, the student is responsible for the replacement part. We will have
uniform check-out during the first full week of school.

   1. The Marching Band will use the Speedster shoe (Black). The cost is $20.00 and
      can be purchased through the Uniform Managers (black socks must be worn
      as well).
   2. Each student is also required to purchase a band shirt before the first performance.
      The cost of the shirt is $12.00 and can be purchased through the Uniform
      Managers. White gloves are also needed for the uniform. The cost for a pair is
      $1.75. See the Uniform Managers for more information.
   3. Any student not wearing the proper sock color, not having gloves or uniform
      parts, or their uniform is not in marching condition, will have their band
      account docked $1.00 for each offense per game.


Football and Basketball games are a chance for the students to show their team spirit. I
do encourage cheering for the Red Hawks, but please be mindful of these procedures…

   1. There will be no playing in the stands unless the whole band is playing together
      under the direction of Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Henry or the Drum Major(s).
   2. Abusive language/ behavior will not be accepted (see Hiawatha High School
      handbook for more specific behavior information).
   3. All members will be in full uniform unless instructed by Mr. Johnson, Mrs.
      Henry, or the Drum Major(s).
   4. Please stay with the band in the bleacher seats during the 1st, 2nd and 4th
      quarters of the Football games.
   5. Conduct yourself in the most professional manner possible.

“Happiness is a present attitude and not a future condition.”
      Hugh Prather

With the help of our Marching Band fundraising projects, we are able to take trips
once every three-four years. There are possibilities available for other travel

   1. Students traveling must be in compliance with the Athletic/Activity Policy for this
      school year
   2. Two weeks prior to traveling, students must be passing ALL of their classes to

If you have any questions about the trip policies, please see Mr. Johnson or Mrs. Henry.


Music Boosters is the combined efforts of vocal and band parents helping with
fundraisers. Music Boosters also provides vocal and band members with sack lunches on
long trips, sets up workers for concession stands, and gives a scholarship annually to a
deserving seniors in the vocal and band. If your parents are interested in becoming
members, the meetings take place every second Monday of the month in the band
room at 5:30 pm.

                   2009 Marching Band Staff
       Drum Majors – Jessica Bauerle, Rachel Tanking & Chelsea Thompson
                Flag Captains – Angel Mendez & Laura Sommers
                     Flute – Breana Adcock & Lanaya Henry
                   Clarinet – Kelli Hobbs & Larissa Schilling
        Alto Saxophone & French Horn – Jackie Rash & Brittany Rygaard
                           Trumpet – Nathaniel Abeita
          Low Woodwind & Low Brass – Brandon Keller & Caleb Lenon
             Marching Percussion – Carli Gunnells & Jordan Marable
                                  Librarian – ?
                         Uniform Manager – Trey Muse

   2009 Marching Band Rehearsal/Performances
September 11 (Wamego) HOME GAME                                            5:45 pm

September 25 (Sabetha) HOMECOMING                                          5:45 pm

October 2 (Maur Hill) HOME GAME                                            5:45 pm

October 16 (Jeff West) HOME GAME (HMS Kids Night)                          5:45 pm

October 27 (Big Field) Evening Rehearsal                                   7:00 pm

October 29 (Atchison) HOME GAME (Senior Night)                             5:45 pm

October 31 (Halloween Parade)                                              TBA


There are many opportunities for students to raise money for trips or band supplies here
at HHS. The band sells the Red Hawk Card. The students make $4.27 per card sold.
The band will also sell Cherrydale Farms items in October. The band also does
concession stands for many games held at HHS. Here are a few dates we know of, so

August 25 (Red Hawk Card Sales begin)                                      TBA

September 8 (JV Football vs. Nemaha Valley)                                4:15 pm

September 21 (JV Football vs. ACCHS)                                       4:45 pm

September 24 (9 & 10 Football vs. Falls City)                              4:45 pm

October 12 (Cherrydale Fundraiser)                                         TBA

October 16 (V Football vs. Jeff West)                                      4:45 pm

December 7 (FR BB vs. Marysville)                                          5:15 pm

December 11 (V BB vs. ACCHS)                                               4:15 pm

December 17 (FR BB vs. Falls City)                                         4:45 pm

February 19 (V BB vs. Royal Valley)(Senior Night)                          4:00 pm


The Pep Band performs at the Men’s and Women’s home Basketball games. Band
members need to perform for at least 8 games (included in your grade). The more Pep
Band performances a student has, after the 8 required games, the more letter points the
student can accumulate. The dates are listed on the next page.

December 8 (Falls City) HOME GAME                                        5:45 pm

December 11 (ACCHS) HOME GAME                                            5:45 pm

January 5 (Holton) HOME GAME                                             5:45 pm

January 22 (Jackson Heights Boys) HOME GAME                              5:00 pm

January 26 (Girl’s Tournament) HOME GAME                                 TBA

January 28 (Girl’s Tournament) HOME GAME                                 TBA

January 29 (Jackson Heights Girls) HOME GAME                             5:00 pm

January 30 (Girl’s Tournament) HOME GAME                                 TBA

February 5 (Maur Hill/ Mt. Academy) HOME GAME (Sweetheart)               5:45 pm

February 16 (Jeff West) HOME GAME                                        5:45 pm

February 19 (Royal Valley) HOME GAME (Senior Night)                      5:45 pm


There are many opportunities throughout the year for students in band to take advantage
of participating in an honor group. Most of these groups are on an audition basis only.
Some performances are through “word of mouth” and may demand only certain
instruments. Some of these groups do require a fee. The following list is a brief run-
down of what honor groups, contests or festivals students commonly participate in...

District Band Audition entry and nomination deadline (October 15)
District Band Auditions (November 14, 10-12 only, Baldwin High School)
District Band Performance (December 5, K-12 band only @ Blue Valley High
State Band Auditions (January 9 at Salina Central High School, must participate in
District Band to audition)
KSU Concert Band Clinic (January 22-24, Kansas State University, Director
KMEA All-State Honor Band Performance (February 25, Century II, Wichita, KS)
Regional Solo & Ensemble Contest (April 9, Manhattan High School)
State Solo & Ensemble Contest (April 23, Andover High School, must make a I
rating at Regional Contest)

Kansas Lions Band (different Universities in the state, Director recommendation)

There may be other opportunities that will come up throughout the year. The
opportunities are usually posted on the board or on bulletin boards in the classroom.


The Concert Band will begin rehearsing the first week in November. Concert Band
season is the most serious and challenging part of the Instrumental program here at HHS.
The Concert Band will demand your daily best and every effort you can put forth.
Concert Band dress will be black pants and a plain black shirt with black shoes and
black socks. Violation of the uniform dress will result in a $1.00 dock of the band
account per violation per concert. The dates are listed below.

December 1 (Winter Concert)                                                 7:00 pm

March 16 (Spring Concert)                                                   7:00 pm

April 15 (State Large Ensemble Festival @ Holton)                           TBA

May 4 (Spring Concert)                                                      7:00 pm


The Jazz Ensemble performs at the Winter and Spring Concerts, as well as many public
engagements. The instrumentation is Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophones, Trumpets,
Trombones, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Piano and Drum Set. The Jazz Ensemble rehearses at
7:15 am (B Weeks 1st Semester and A Weeks 2nd Semester). Please see Mr. Johnson if
you are interested in participating.


The Percussion Ensemble performs at the Spring Concert, as well as the League,
Regional, and sometimes the State Solo and Ensemble Festival. 1st Semester, this class is
mainly for the drumline and the pit percussion of the marching band. 2nd Semester, the
class is not just for percussionists. If a student is a piano player, the mallet instruments
are very easy to learn. The Percussion Ensemble rehearses at 7:15 am every other
morning. Please see Mr. Johnson if you are interested in participating.

Here are some important dates of interest for Percussion Ensemble students.

April 9 (Regional Solo and Ensemble Festival)                              TBA

April 23 (State Solo and Ensemble Festival)                                TBA


I am looking forward to my eighth year here at Hiawatha High School. Last year was a
huge success. As is talked with alumni of the Hiawatha High School band, I began to
think about our focus for the year. I will continue to make sure your students have the
tools to leave Hiawatha High School as productive citizens to our society. I also hope
that your students will be lifelong learners and musicians. With your help, I believe we
can accomplish both.

“Music is life and life is Music.”
      Victor Markovich

“Get better; stop getting by!”
       Tim Teabow

“You can complain because roses have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses.”

„Success is getting what you want: Happiness is wanting what you get.”
       Dale Carnegie

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”
       Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
Theodore Roosevelt
                         Band Accessories Price List
Reeds                        Flute Accessories             Saxophone Accessories
Rico                         Felt Swab     $4.50           Mouthpiece Cap      $5.80
Clarinet        $2.50        Silk Swab     $10.40          Metal Ligature      $5.45
Bass Clarinet   $4.55        Pad Saver     $11.55          Rovner Ligature     $30.00
Alto Sax        $3.50        Maintenance Kit $25.75        Maintenance Kit     $22.60
Tenor Sax       $4.30        Cleaning Paper $8.55          Felt Swab           $6.00
Bari Sax        $5.60        Cleaning Rod $5.50            Silk Swab           $17.20
                             K&M Flute Stand $25.00        Pad Saver           $20.00
Rico Royal                                                 Powder Paper        $8.00
Clarinet        $2.85        Clarinet Accessories          Neck Cleaner        $6.50
Bass Clarinet   $5.15        Mouthpiece Cap $5.30          Neck Strap          $6.75
Alto Sax        $4.00        Metal Ligature $4.85          Padded Neck Strap $17.40
Tenor Sax       $5.25        Rovner Ligature $31.00        Neotech Strap       $22.75
Bari Sax        $7.10        Luyben Ligature $12.35        Sax Stand           $27.75
                             Maintenance Kit $22.50
Mitchell Lurie               Hanky Swab        $5.50
Clarinet       $3.10         Silk Swab         $12.00      Trombone Accessories
                             Pad Saver         $17.00      Superslick Grease   $3.25
Vandoren                     Reg. Thumb Pad $2.75          Superslick Oil      $3.50
Clarinet        $4.50        Soft Thumb Pad $6.50          Liquid Cream        $4.00
Bass Clarinet   $8.00        K&M Clar. Stand $28.00        Yamaha Cream        $10.00
Alto Sax        $5.60                                      Slide-O-Mix         $20.40
Tenor Sax       $8.00        Brass Accessories             Spray Bottle        $5.00
Bari Sax        $14.30       Polish Cloth      $4.00       Maintenance Kit     $25.50
                             Silver Cloth      $5.50       Cleaning Snake      $11.00
                             Mouthpiece Brush $3.50        Straight Mute       $22.60
Woodwind Accessories                                       Cup Mute            $35.00
Reed Saver (2) $2.75                                       Trombone Stand      $23.00
Reed Saver (4) $5.10
Mouthpiece Saver $3.50       Trumpet Accessories           Marching Accessories
Cork Grease $2.75            Valve Oil         $4.20       Flip Folder          $4.50
Teeth Guard $4.10            Fat Cat Valve Oil $5.50       Flute Lyre           $15.30
Polish Cloth $4.05           Al Cass Valve Oil $6.50       Alto/Tenor Sax Lyre $9.60
Silver Cloth $5.60           Pro Oil           $6.50       Trumpet Lyre         $7.80
                             Synthetic Valve Oil$6.40      Trombone Lyre        $15.30
                             Cup Mute          $32.50      Mellophone Lyre      $7.80
Band Books                   K&M Stand         $60.00      Sousaphone Lyre      $7.00
Essential Elements 2000 Book 1 - $8.60 – $16.50            Clarinet Lyre        $6.60
Essential Elements 2000 Book 2 – $8.60 - $16.50
Foundations for Superior Performance - $6.40
Foundations for Superior Performance Percussion - $10.70

                        ALL PRICES INCLUDE SALES TAX
                  See Mr. Johnson or Mrs. Henry if you have questions.

Major Role in Musical                                               50
I rating at State Contest (Large Group)                             35
Minor role in Musical                                               35
Drum Major                                                          30
Section Leader/ Librarian/ Uniform Manager                          15
Chorus of Musical                                                   25
Pit Orchestra for Musical                                           20
Solo at League Contest                                              10
Solo at Regional Contest                                            10
Solo at State Contest                                               20
Small Ensemble at League Contest                                    10
Small Ensemble at Regional Contest                                  10
Small Ensemble at State Contest                                     20
All-State Band or Choir (KMEA)                                      30
All-District Band or Choir (District I Freshman included)           20
All-District Band or Choir audition                                 20
Accompanist for Contest Solo                                10/ each solo
Work on set of Musical                                              10
Marching Band camp                                                  10
Pep Band                                                    5/ each game
Costuming/Make-up or Props for Musical                              5
Publicity for any Music Production                                  5
Performance outside of school                                       5/ each
Music Field Trip                                                    5/ each

                       Parent/ Guardian Slip
I ___________________________________________, parent/ guardian of
                      Print parent name here

____________________________________________ have read and will support the
                      Print student name here

Policies stated in the handbook.

                       Parent Signature

                       Parent E-mail Address

                      Student Signature

                      Student Cell Phone

                     Student e-mail address

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me (742-2680 – H). I can be
reached at the Middle School (742-4172) in the morning and the High School (742-3312)
in the afternoon.

Name__________________________________________ Grade__________________

      High School
      Band Hand

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