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					               Road Rules to 50
A few of these tips are based on the concept that collective
thriftiness and conservation are the keys to reducing costs for

For example, conserving water and other resources are not
going to save individual students in the short-term. Savings will
be passed down, however, to future students and our

Most of these tips are tried-and-true; they’ve been used by
generations of UCSC students. Others will require a
commitment to sacrifice, but can save lots of dough.
                   Don’t Buy Stuff.
 College students spend 300 times the amount of money
 that students in 1970 spent. This does not include
 student loan debt, but does reflect changes in inflation.

 Average non-student loan debt load in 1970: $1525 (2007 dollars).
 Average debt load in 1985: $2550 (2007 dollars).
 Average debt load in 2005: $11775
* Fannie Mae, August 2007
     Santa Cruz is expensive.
Whether it’s a gallon of gas or a gallon of milk, you are
likely to pay more for it in Santa Cruz. Longtime
residents know where to shop and which roads to travel
and are more than happy to share their knowledge. Ask
Where do you get your car fixed? How do you get to
Scott’s Valley? Where do you buy picture frames?

The tourists and the locals give different answers
to these questions.
     Use E-billing & E-banking
 Besides conserving paper, electronic finances* reduces
 the risk of identity theft and fraud.

       How many times have you waited to send a bill
       only because you needed stamps?

* Change your passwords every 6 - 8 Months
           Use your Bus Pass
 Your student ID is also a bus pass. It can take you
 places. Plus its free.

       Do you need to go to Target? Capitola Mall? San
       Jose? Take a bus down to Metro Center.

The Metro bus service’s ugly website can be found

Use campus shuttles whenever possible.                 4
    Brew your coffee at home.
 A $5 grinder and $15 coffee pot can start you on the
 road to lifelong savings.*

       Reducing your take-out coffee can save you over
       $40/ month. That’s almost $1500 in a four year
       college career.

* If you must buy a coffee house cup, at least
bring your own commuter mug.                        5
      Share a Netflix* Account
 You have no time to watch 5 movies a week. Share an
 account with a friend or roommate.

       In 2002, Blockbuster reported that 65% of its
       profits came from late-fees.

•Or other online movie account.

Legal Download services are also available.            6
        Buy Local Produce …
 Until November, you can buy freshly picked produce
 and flowers at the base of campus from the CSA Farm.

 Year round, there are 3 local farmer’s markets*:
 Downtown Santa Cruz / Every Wednesday, 2:30 - 6:30pm
 Westside Farmer’s Market / Saturday, 9:30am to 2pm
 Cabrillo College / Every Saturday, 8 am - Noon

*All are accessible by Metro buses. #20 Bus
goes down Western to the Westside Market.        7
        The UC Library System
 Your student status gives you access to an array of
 online and in-person services, including interlibrary
 loan*, free magazines & journals, academic databases,
 film and video catalogs, color printing, wireless access
 points, discount laser printing, friendly reference
 librarians & much more. Going to Berkeley? You can
 get into the library with your UCSC ID card … and check
 out books.
*Check out a book from any UC school, if
UCSC doesn’t have it available.                    8
          When you get sick …
 College students are afflicted with an average of 3 colds
 per year. Often, they take longer to recover because
 they don’t treat their cold effectively.

Here is what the SC Medical Clinic* says, “If you start
feeling sick, keep warm by dressing in layers, drink
plenty of fluids (preferably warm), avoid caffeine, get
plenty of rest, avoid OTC cold medications (use a
pain reliever, if necessary), if your cold persists or lasts
more than a few days, contact a professional.
  Kresge recycles & composts
 Apartment living can create a lot of bulk waste. Kresge
 offers a range of recycling capabilities. But Recycling is
 NOT a passive experience, get involved with the effort!
You can recycle all glass & plastic (1 -7) containers
(cleaned), as well as most paper (magazines,
cardboard, colored paper, etc.). If it is corrugated
(those wavy things between the paper), it’s cardboard
and needs to be placed in the cardboard dumpsters.
Use fixit to get a compost bin for your apartment.
Recycle items like batteries, ink cartridges
in the college mailroom.
         Use your Meal Card.
Besides eating at the dining halls …

Use your flexi-dollars at restaurants and cafes.
Take out meals for now or later.
Use your meal for credit at ARCafe or Oakes Café.
Use the NEW grocery store for staple items.

    Kresge Rideshare & More
Find a ride back home or find someone to share the fuel

That and many more cool things (like this presentation)
can be found at the Kresge website.
        Matinees & Drive-ins
Evening prices for movies in town can exceed $10 per
person. That doesn’t even include popcorn.

Matinees around town run $6, but the Drive-in on Soquel
is $5 a person and it’s a double-feature. Plus you can
bring in your own snacks. Romantic value … priceless.
The Drive In is soon to close down. Don’t miss it.

  Voice over Internet Protocol
You’ve got super high speed internet access* … here is
one way to take full advantage of it. VOIP technology
allows you to talk for free over the internet using your

*UCSC has one of the fastest internet
systems in the United States.
              Fix-it at Kresge
All campus residents have access to free maintenance
of their domiciles. Got a problem with your apartment,
submit a fixit ticket at

Has your non-standard light bulb gone out in your
apartment? You don’t have to replace it. Put in a fixit
ticket. No charge.

          Get rid of your ride.
Gas prices, parking permits, insurance, parking tickets,
maintenance … why exactly do you have a car?

In 1970, 1 in 35 UCSC undergrads had a vehicle.
In 1980, 1 in 25 UCSC undergrads had a vehicle.
In 2005, 1 in 4 UCSC undergrads have a vehicle.

Additional cost of a vehicle per quarter: $930
Rent a car for two weekends a quarter: $150
        Cancel Credit Cards.
According to credit bureaus, students who have more
than TWO credit cards are 40% more likely to default
and go bankrupt.

In 2003, 60% of Citibank’s of domestic profits were a
result of the college-age market.

The average APR for students is 22%. With minimum
payments, a $1000 charge would take over 4 years to
payoff and cost nearly $2200.
  Free & Discounted Software
As a student, you have access to loads of free
commercial software and big discounts on new
To to the UCSC IT website for more information on free

You can purchase new software at discount prices at
Baytree Bookstore.
       Ditch the Inkjet printer.
There are tons of hidden costs involved in inkjet color
printing. Added paper and cartridge charges make
inkjet printing twice as expensive as laser printing.

If you need b&w printing, get a cheap laser printer … or
use computer labs to print your work.

If you need color printing, use an online service, the
library, or UCSC student printing services.
  Bottled, Filtered & Tap Water
Taste tests prove that few H2O drinkers can tell the
difference between the most expensive bottled waters
and a decent tap water. Yet college students spend $1
billion dollars per year on bottled and filtered water.

Hydrologists suggest filling a one gallon jug of tap
water and let it sit for 24 hours with the top open.
Slowly pour the water into another container. Voila. All
the gases and sediment are removed.

Don’t believe it? Do a blind taste test.            20
  Bottled, Filtered & Tap Water
Taste tests prove that few H2O drinkers can tell the
difference between the most expensive bottled waters
and a decent tap water. Yet college students spend $1
billion dollars per year on bottled and filtered water.

Hydrologists suggest filling a one gallon jug of tap
water and let it sit for 24 hours with the top open.
Slowly pour the water into another container. Voila. All
the gases and sediment are removed.

Don’t believe it? Do a blind taste test.            20
      Fallacy of the Bulk Buy
How much peanut butter are you going to eat in a year?
Do you need to have all of it in your closet?

According to retail industry analysts, a quarter of all
bulk buy sales are thrown away unused.

Especially wasted items include pasta, rice, dairy, frozen
goods, fruits, vegetables and cleaning / household
     Buy from Local Retailers
Trader Joe’s, New Leaf, Staff of Life, The Food
Bin, Shopper’s Corner and many more local
businesses pride themselves on selling organic,
sustainable foods and goods. They also provide many
jobs and scholarships to college-age students.

They also use substantially less packaging than their
larger, corporate competitors.
OPERS offers students great discounts on great classes
& services.
Yoga classes, sleeping bag rental, weekend kayak trips,
cooking workshops, surfing equipment, etc.

All with your student ID.
                Lunch Buffet
Don’t wait for dinner. All the best restaurants in town
have the best deals during weekday lunches.

Tired of the dining hall? Most lunch specials hover
around $8 (get water) and include a great assortment of
healthy, filling entrees.
   Used & Consigned Clothes
The Santa Cruz community supports a wide-variety of
used and consignment shops. The downtown area
alone features 12 stores that sell discount used clothes.

For those adventurous types, the Bargain Barn (located
near Costco) is a free-for-all drop of return items from
all California Goodwill depots.
          Single or a Double
Many students get a single room, thinking they will be
spending a lot of time in their room. We live in the
single most beautiful campus in the country. What the
hell are you doing in your room?

Bedrooms are for sleeping. Save $800 a quarter by
moving into a double. As doubles become available, try
it out. You’ve always got the living room.

                      Online Music
Have you checked out the iTunes community at Kresge.
Some pretty cool stuff. Plus, those-in-the-know know
how to share music legally within the University

High speed access is also great for online radio
stations, like our own KZSC.
    Consolidate Loans ASAP
Left unpaid or neglected, your student loans can cost
thousands of dollars.

You might have already started your college education,
but keep track of those loans.

There is an entire industry centered on defaulted loans
and pushing up guaranteed interest rates.
          Desktop or Laptop
Laptops have finally outsold desktops. Why?

Laptops use less energy, space and resources (like
plastic and glass). They can also cost less.

Get a wireless card and surf the internet from almost
anywhere at Kresge. Kresge has 14 access points.

Get a sturdy security cable and make sure
you back up your computer.                        29
               Do a Budget?
Okay. Maybe you don’t need to do a budget, but where
is your money going?

If you use online financial services, you can lookup
what your big expenses are. Like IKEA? Amazon?

Online shopping amongst college students increases
10% every year.
Cell Phones at UC Santa Cruz
Have you noticed you don’t even get a signal in your
apartment? So why are you standing in meadow
looking for a signal.

The cost of the average two-year cell phone plan (phone
not included): $1500.

You have a free phone line with voicemail in your room.
In case of an emergency, you can always borrow
someone’s phone. In an earthquake, all cells
will be useless.                                  31
            Reduce Smoking.
The cost of smoking to the casual smoker (4 or 5 times
daily) is $20/week in lost productivity, poorer health and
(don’t forget) the cost of cigarettes.

For heavy smokers, the costs are exponentially higher.

Oh, by the way, marijuana smoke (puff for puff) is 50X
more carcinogenic than tobacco smoke.
Students who volunteer their time and energy are more
likely to do better in their classes.

They also spend less money on unnecessary things.
Less time to shop.

They also have a great resume builder and are more
likely to get paid positions from networking as a
           Reuse your paper
What’s wrong with the back of that sheet you just
printed on your new laser printer.

Put a light X on it and submit it as a paper. Most faculty
love recyclers. Proof that you actually had a first draft
can’t hurt, either.

                    School books
There are more theories on how to buy college books
than there are at books at McHenry Library.

If you buy before the class begins, look online for used
or discounted copies.

If you buy after the class begins (and you can’t find
used copies), wait and buy books as you need them.

Speaking of McHenry, all class books are available on reserve.
                  Bring a bag
Bring a canvas bag when you shop. Local retailers love
it. They might even give you a discount.

Also, you might spend less if you can only fit it in the
bag(s) you brought.

       Practical Arts & Crafts
Reuse magazines, household containers, light furniture
and create useful pieces of art … or crap with a

Paperweights, Pen Cups, Picture Frames, Lamp Shades
can take only minutes to make, but can be a great way
of spending time with friends.

You can make a cheap decoupage with
glue and water.
         Fallacy of Coupons
Coupons get you to buy things (or the amount of things)
that you were never going to buy in the first place.

That goes doubly so for coupons for restaurants. That
goes quadruply so for coupon books for restaurants.

If you are going to use coupons, buy the smallest,
cheapest thing. That increases the savings.
          Quarters at Kresge
The best place to get quarter is your bank. But that’s in
Oxnard, so what are you going to do? The Kresge Front
Office will exchange four quarters for a greenback, but
that won’t do a load of laundry.

The copy room on the 2nd floor of McHenry Library has
a change machine. Don’t use more than $5 bill or it will
give you dollar coins. Baytree also has quarters, but
that is further than the library.

Porter has a machine, but its always broken.       39
         Dishes, Pots & Pans
The single biggest reason you need an Apartment Living
Agreement (ALA) is currently sitting in your kitchen
sink. And its only been 10 days since move-in. What
are you going to do in February when you’ve run out of
paper plates.

Do your dishes as soon as you use them. Letting dishes
sit for just 2 hours uses 2X the water, 3X the soap and
takes almost 4X as long to wash. Your housemates
will love you.
  Hailing a Cab in Santa Cruz
Just missed the last bus up the hill (the 2 a.m. #16 Night
Owl on weekday mornings or the 2:25 a.m. #16 Night
Owl on weekend mornings), Yellow Cab (475-0123), the
only 24-hour taxi service, takes credit cards.

The average cost for a single passenger is $8
Add $2 for each additional person.

               Campus Maps
The best $5 you can spend at the bookstore is on a full-
color map.

But you can see it for free online. Plus other resources
like hiking trails, directions to destinations.
    Biking, Scooting, Skating
Before you go out and buy a $400 mountain bike and
hang it in your bathroom, try borrowing someone else’s
for a few days. If you like it, there are 30 bike shops in
Santa Cruz and most feature used bikes that appeal to
any budget. The more expensive bike, the more
expensive the bike lock. Use the bike coop!

All e-bikes and scooters are prohibited on ALL
walkways, paths and trails at UCSC.
Skateboarding is not permitted at UCSC.              43
  Don’t Miss Class or Section
The cost in student fees of missing a single class is
about $55. Add in the cost of room & board, books, loss
of wages, the cost skyrockets to almost $125.

Get a good alarm clock.

      Housesit or Walk a Dog
Tired of you’re housemate’s snoring?

Get in cozy with a staff or faculty member. The
university gives out vacation time like its going out of

Free laundry and premium cable awaits those who can
water a plant or walk a dog.
             Free Magazines
Check out the recycling bin at the Kresge Mailroom.
Don’t be afraid to dig in there. The two-week old copy
of People isn’t going to bite.

In year’s past, residents have placed their used
magazines in the bin after they’ve read them.

There is also a similar bin in the Kresge East
R14 Lounge.
  Turn off the TV, Video Game
The quickest way to the Honor Roll is through the
library, not through your Playstation.

Get Tivo.

If you’ve missed more than one class because of Ricki
Lake or Roller Coaster Tycoon, you have a problem.
Take the TV or Console home.
      Kresge Laundry Rooms
At $1.50/ per load, you can’t beat the price. Also, if you
lose your money, you can go to the College Office for a

Machine needs maintenance? Call WEB 1-800-421-6897.

Reduce your laundry costs by throwing in a sweater (or
other slightly dirty items) into the dryer with your load.
The rest of the load will dry faster and your sweater will
be refreshened. Why? Industrial dryers kill about 95%
of the bacteria that causes clothing to smell.
             Go to CA Events
Your Community Assistant will hold many free events
for you and your neighbors throughout the quarter.

Many of these will feature free food and fun, but more
importantly they will give you and opportunity to get to
know your fellow Kresge residents.

Also, they’ll give you an opportunity to find out about
other events going on in the community.
   A copy of this presentation
Soon, this will be posted to the Kresge website, but you
can download it now from.


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