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PO Box 232, Oceanside, Oregon 97134
June 10, 2009

Board of County Commissioners
Tillamook County
201 Laurel Avenue
Tillamook, Oregon 97141

Gerald “Butch” Parker, Director
Tillamook County Department of Community Development
201 Laurel Avenue
Tillamook, Oregon 97141

RE: Proposed Tillamook County Short-Term Rentals Ordinance

Dear Commissioners and Mr. Parker,

At its meeting on June 6, 2009, the Oceanside Neighborhood Association (ONA) voted
64 in favor, 2 opposed and 4 abstaining to recommend “denial of the proposed ordinance
to regulate short-term vacation rentals.” The meeting was attended by 95 Oceansiders and
the proposed short-term rental ordinance was discussed by the attendees for about 70

Sarah Absher, the planner and liaison between the Oceanside Neighborhood Association
and the Department of Community Development, attended and answered as many
questions as possible.

Attached to this correspondence is an extract of the meeting minutes that cover the
discussion by Oceansiders with their comments on the proposed ordinance. Also included
with this letter is a compendium of all the comments received by the ONA before the
discussion. Most of the comments had been sent to more than 175 persons on the ONA e-
mail list five days before the meeting and paper copies of the comments were available to
the meeting attendees.

Thank you for your consideration.


Judson Randall
                          Annual Meeting, June 6, 2009
Proposed Short-Term Vacation Rental Ordinance. Jack Geringer made a motion that
“this group instructs the President to immediately notify the Tillamook County Board of
County Commissioners (BOC), in writing, that the Oceanside Neighborhood Association
recommends denial of the proposed ordinance to regulate short term vacation rentals.”
Pam Zielinski seconded the motion. Those present were on their honor to vote only if
they reside, own property, or operate a business within the Oceanside growth boundary,
which extends south to Fall Creek and includes The Capes. Discussion began with Steve
Leflar who said the proposal resulted from an individual’s complaint that CC&Rs
banning renting in Neahkanee were not being enforced; Steve did not believe this action
should affect the entire county. Richard Powers asked Pam Zielinski to briefly explain the
reasons for supporting the denial. Kathie Norris suggested as an alternative to the
proposed ordinance a process where rental owners registered with the county and had a
24/7 person that could be called when there are issues with the rental. Pam provided a
handout with specific criticisms of the ordinance, which she said was poorly written,
confusing, and unfair. She suggested as an alternative that if any neighbor calls in with a
legitimate complaint a sheriff’s deputy could investigate and issue a citation with a fine
of $150. Ed Gorzynski expressed doubt that the county would respond in a timely
fashion to complaint calls. Saj said he thought the rental owners could police the
situation themselves without an elaborate ordinance. Carol Horton was concerned that the
ordinance was trying to regulate things in regard to rentals that are not regulated in regard
to other homes. Barbara Rodriguez reminded us that Oceanside has always been a tourist
destination spot—if you buy or build a home in a tourist destination spot, you will
encounter tourists who, she believes, come here because this is a quiet, peaceful area.
Char Helgesen told of a recent experience with noisemakers at 3 a.m. and said what is
needed is someone to call. Murlene Sprenkel, owner of Northwest Beach Vacation
Rentals, representing 27 homes, said she had gone to neighbors of all of these and urged
them to contact her with any problems. She said the numbers to call are posted at each
home. Trish Geringer said her family recently purchased a house for a rental at Lost Boy
Beach with the intention of giving half the rental proceeds to the North Coast Wildlife
Rehabilitation Center. She said that regulations like the proposed ordinance would end
that. She proposed that instead we solve problems as a community by talking with
neighbors. Joanne Jene said that 1) we need to send a message to the county about what
we want and don’t want and 2) we need to create a task force to write a Good Neighbor
Charter with everyone’s participation.

Jud read the motion again. Kathie Norris proposed an amendment saying we deny the
proposed ordinance “as drafted”. Jack Geringer would not accept the amendment. The
vote was called for. There were 64 votes in favor, 2 opposed and 4 abstentions. The
motion carried. Jud will write a letter to the BCC saying that the ONA recommended
denial of the ordinance.

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