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My Parent Rewards Affiliate Overview by lonyoo


               My Parent Rewards                          What is My Parent Rewards?

My Parent Rewards (MPR) is Everything a Coupon Book is in a Card!

MPR Members enjoy 2-FOR-1 Savings and up to 50% OFF at top restaurants, retailers, attractions,
golf courses and more in their community, online and all across the US and Canada. You can
save money at over 100,000 locations!

MPR has successfully created a business model where everybody wins:
1. Fundraising Organizations MAKE MONEY by selling MPR Cards
2. Parents SAVE MONEY on everyday purchases
3. Businesses ADVERTISE their discounts FOR FREE

It’s WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone!

                        MPR vs. Traditional Coupon Book

                  My Parent Rewards Card                        Traditional Coupon Book
Area              National (valid across the US and Canada)     Regional (valid in only 1 city or region)

Format            Card                                          Bulky Coupon Book

Price             $20 for use across the US and Canada          $35 - $50 for each region

# of Merchant
                  100,000+                                      200 - 1000
Membership                                                      1 day -12 months. Coupon Book expires at end
                  1 full year from date of purchase
Length                                                          of year, no matter when you bought it
                  Yes! Members only print coupons they use      No! Unused coupons are wasted paper
New Merchants                                                   Traditional Coupon Book cannot be updated,
                  New merchants are available daily
Added?                                                          stuck with old deals
                  Easy to browse through discounts online (by
Ease of Finding
                  Zip / Postal Code, Category, Company          Difficult to find relevant / useful offers
                  Name, etc.)

 Winner? My Parent Rewards Card. Today’s Coupon Book is online!
                                                                                                               3                                              How It Works

1)   MPR Members visit and log in
2)   Using our Store Locator and Online Deal functions, Members search for discounts in their
     local community, online and all across the US and Canada
3)   When a Member finds a discount they like, they simply Click, Print & Present their coupon
     along with their MPR Card to the participating retailer. Members receive discounts at
     online retailers through website links and/or coupon codes

                       How to Run Your MPR Fundraiser

      There are 3 ways to run the MPR Fundraiser, in order of best results:

1. Order-Taker Program
  •   MPR brochures and order forms are ordered
      through your MPR Sales Representative
  •   Fundraising Organization sends home MPR
      brochure and order form
  •   Students or members collect orders from friends
      & family
  •   Fundraising Organization collects orders and
  •   Fundraising Organization sends money to MPR
  •   MPR ships MPR cards to Fundraising Organization
  •   MPR Cards are distributed

               How to Run Your MPR Fundraiser, cont’d

          There are 3 ways to run the MPR Fundraiser, in order of best results:
2. In-Hand Sales Program
•     MPR brochures and cards are ordered through your MPR Sales Representative
•     Fundraising Organization sends home MPR brochure and 3-5 MPR Cards per student or member
•     Students and members sell the MPR Card and give card to buyer on the spot
•     Students and members collect and submit money and unused MPR Cards to the Fundraising
      Organization. Lost cards are not charged to Fundraising Organization and are absorbed by MPR
•     Fundraising Organization sends money to MPR

3. Email Program
 •       Fundraising Organization sends home info explaining to
         students or members how to send emails from MPR website
         to get credit for sales
 •       Students or members send email to family and friends
         through MPR website
 •       Email recipients purchase card online or by phone with their
         credit card
 •       MPR mails MPR Card to each purchaser
 •       MPR sends money to Fundraising Organization

    Your fundraising representative will assist you along the way and provide the tools
    you need to make your fundraiser a SUCCESS!
     •    Parent Letter Template         •   Tips             •   And more!
                                                                         How MPR Benefits Your
                                                                       Fundraising Organization

          Fundraising Organizations MAKE MONEY while helping families SAVE MONEY!

Key Benefits for Fundraising Organizations:
                                $8 (40% of the proceeds) from every card sold goes back to your
  Profit Potential
                                organization. There are NO UPFRONT COSTS for Fundraising Organizations!

  Turn-Key                      We provide the tools you need to make your MPR fundraiser a SUCCESS!

                                The MPR Card costs only $20 for fundraising campaigns and helps families
                                save money during challenging economic times

                                Only discounts that are used are printed vs. a traditional coupon book where
                                unused coupons are wasted paper
                                Local merchants advertise their discounts for FREE and benefit from increased
  Supports Local Businesses

        Even out-of-town friends and relatives can purchase an MPR card online
                        and direct proceeds to your fundraiser!

                            How MPR Benefits Families

              My Parent Rewards actually puts money back in the hands of families!

    MPR members enjoy:
    1.   Exclusive 2-FOR-1 and 50% OFF dining and golf
         course discounts
    2.   Discounts at attractions, movie tickets, sporting
         events, concerts and more!
    3.   Great value for FAMILY VACATIONS!
    4.   Discounts at 100,000+ locations across the US
         and Canada
    5.   The BEST DEALS on hotels, car rentals, airlines
         and vacation packages
    6.   Prescription discounts
    7.   Grocery coupons
    8.   Weekly email newsletter with discounts from
         top national retailers!

American adults use the internet an average of 32 hours per week. MPR is easier than checking
  emails or shopping online – anyone can do it!

                 The My Parent Rewards Card appeals to today’s parents!
                                                                                                8                                                 Contact Us

To learn more about this exciting opportunity or If you have any questions, please do not
hesitate to get in touch:

                                    Fundraising Team
                               T: 1.800.294.2792 ext. 225


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