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Suriname Fights Dengue


									Symptoms of Dengue Fever:                               There is no vaccin nor cure for       Dengue mosquitos breed in everything that
                                                                                              contains drinking- or rainwater: rainwater
 Sudden high fever.                                 Dengue Fever, one can only prevent it!   drums, watertanks, buckets, roof gutters,
 Severe headache, especially                                                                 car tyres, washbasins, flower vases and
  in the forehead.                                                                            saucers, bottles, tins, cups, garbage,
 Pain behind eyes, which                                                                     discarded fridges, stoves, etc. THUS:
  worsens with eye                                                                            Prevent breeding sites for mosquitos:
  movements.                                                                                     Cover water containers and drums with
 Muscle and joint pains.                                                                         mesh. Turn empty drums upside down.

 Loss of appetite.                                                                              Refresh water in flower vases every
                                                                                                  two days.
 Measles-like rash over chest
  and upper limbs.
                                                                                                 Fix leaking taps and water pipes.
                                                                                                 Cover car tyres, fill hollow bricks and
 Nausea and vomiting.                                                                            tree holes, clean roof gutters.
In severe cases of Dengue                                                                        Put garbage in covered trash cans and
Fever you can get the                                                                             keep clear of dogs.
following additional                                                                             Put PET bottles in recycle bins.
symptoms (sometimes                                                                              Carry bulky waste to the dump.
causing death):                                                                                  Preventing dengue is a community
 Severe and continuous                                                                           effort. Do you have water wells,
     stomach pains.                                                                               please contact BOG for advice.
 Vomiting (incl. blood)                                                                      Prevent mosquito bites:
 Sleepiness and                                                                                 Put mosquito mesh in windows and
   Difficulty breathing
                                                                                                 Sleep under a mosquito net.
                                                                      Dengue Mosquito            Use insecticide or vapemats in dark
   Fainting                                                    (Aedes aegypti)                   spots: under the bed, sofas, tables,
   Pale, cold and moist skin                                                                     chairs and in wardrobes.
   Dry mouth                                                                                    Use mosquito candles.
                                                                                                 Wear clothing covering your arms and

               Suriname Fights Dengue
Produced by BOG in collaboration with PAHO/WHO Suriname.                                                    Also available on:

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