How to use facebook for Marketing by famm786


									             How to Use Facebook For Marketing

Social Networking sites are unique in that have tens to hundreds of millions of users
across the world and they've all willingly given personal details about themselves.
This gives one the ability to target specific demographics at the touch of a mouse
button, it really is a marketers dream.

There are several ways in which to take advantage of these tools. On Facebook you
can run ads. This is the most obvious way to market using Facebook. It can be
effective since you can target the demographic you are specifically looking for by
age, education and geographic region. But be aware that these ads can be

Create a Facebook account specifically for marketing. In other words don't use your
regular Facebook account for this, so you don't end up annoying friends and family.

Create a profile and build relationships and start marketing. Make sure to put up
some information, pictures and interests. People will buy things from people who
they like, so it can't be just all about the marketing.

Target market people who might be interested in your products, services, or
opportunities by joining groups. So if you have a dog product to market join a group
about pets or dogs, and add friends from that group. If you have a website about
scuba diving then join a group related to diving.

You can also use a friend adder, which is a piece of software that will expedite and
automate the process of finding and adding friends. It can add as many as 50 new
friends a day and Facebook will allow you up to 5,000 friends. Can you imagine
5,000 qualified prospects to market to?

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