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    Acne tends to run in families, and is generally exacerbated by hormonal fluctuations. Teenage acne tends to be
     among the worst because teenagers experience significant hormonal changes that alter skin function and oil
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                                 Acne Cure Ways – Top Ways To Eliminate Your Acne
                                                             By Oliver Turner

    Acne is one of the most common diseases in the world. It is a skin condition in which the follicle of
sebaceous glands gets blocked and an inflammation occurs in the skin due to trapped skin oil (sebum).
It commonly occurs in adolescence though it affects all age groups. Acne mainly affects the face,
upper arms, back, chest and neck.

There are no overnight cures for acne. Results of treatment are noticeable anywhere between 2 weeks
to 6 weeks. The types of acne are comedonal, papulopustular, inflammatory and severe acne.

In comedonal acne there is no inflammation. The way to cure such acne is to apply topical acne lotions
of azelaic acid or salicylic acid (skin defoliants) or topical retinoidal acne lotions (follicle normalizing
agents) or benzoyl peroxide (Anti bacterial agent) acne lotion. (Benzoyl peroxide is one of the best
over the counter acne product).

Papulopustular acne or mild inflammatory acne can be cured by topical antibiotic acne lotions like
erythromycin or benzoyl peroxide acne lotions or topical retinoidal acne lotions. The use of antibiotics
kills bacteria momentarily but does not give permanent cure for acne.

Inflammatory acne or moderately inflammatory acne can be cured by topical retinoids or benzoyl
peroxide acne lotions in combination with oral antibiotics. Oral antibiotics give longer relief but still are
not effective for permanent cure for acne.

Severe Inflammatory acne can be cured by retinoidal acne lotions like isotretinoin or by hormonal
treatment. The hormones that are beneficial are drospirenone and cyproterone. Hormonal treatment is
more effective in women. Self-medication can be dangerous. Consult your doctor before using any
medicine listed here.

Some dietary supplements like acuzine are popular. The dietary supplements contain antioxidants,
vitamins, collagen, herbal extracts etc, which are beneficial for the skin and speed up recovery.
However dietary supplements in themselves cannot be considered a treatment. Though the
manufacturers claim that many patients have been cured and found relief from acne.

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                                         Vitamins Aiding In The Treatment Of Acne
                                                           By Robert Kokoska

There are many different types of acne so there are many different acne cures and prevention methods
that have been used for years by people all over the world. There is no one particular acne product that
can be used to treat and cure all they different types of acne either. In many cases whatever acne
products and medication you use for treatment you will have to continue to use as a preventative
measure. Most forms of acne are generally mild and can be controlled with mild over the counter acne
medications, products, and natural acne treatments and home remedies that are the best treatments
and often turn out to be cures for many people.

 Some forms of acne are a result of more serious illnesses and the best acne treatments are given
under the care of a doctor or physician. When most people think about acne treatments and cures they
think of topical products but there are so many acne medications and all natural acne treatment
programs that incorporate using vitamins in healing acne, however it is important to remember that
there is no one vitamin or mineral alone that will cure ccne. Vitamins can be one of the best acne
treatments as a part of a programs where other methods are included.

 Some of the most popular vitamins and minerals used on the market to treat acne that has been also
touted as possible acne cures are as listed:

 B5: B5 was at one time believed to be an acne cure when it is really no more than an acne treatment.
It was suggested that one should take extremely high doses. Contrary to popular believe too much of a
good thing is not good at all not to mention the damage you could cause your body in other ways. The
reason why B5 is believed to treat acne is because it helps create a chemical known as Coenzyme-A
which helps to break down fats in the body, rather than being deposited in the sebaceous glands
where they help cause acne.

 Zinc: There were some studies done in which zinc was quite successful in treating acne but it is by no
means an acne cure. It is one of the best treatments for Acne for many people and for many it is not. It
is said to work better on some people than tetracycline.

 Vitamin E: Vitamin E is wonderful because it gives a boost to the immune system which will certainly
aid in the over all health of your whole body and by default your skin. It also regulates vitamin A which
is essential in keeping the skin healthy.

 There are a series of vitamins that are essential in keeping you healthy but taking one of them with out
the other is not a cure for Acne. Taking one kind of vitamin is not the best Acne treatment and will only
cause more of an imbalance in your body that will only aggravate your acne instead of healing it. So
what ever you do in effort to treat your acne, do so with an open mind.

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