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       Acne is a common skin disorder that affects millions of teens and adults worldwide. Although hundreds of
         thousands of products are advertised as miracle treatments for acne, few of them live up to the hype.
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                                                              Acne And Lifestyle
                                                                   By Darren W.

    Everyone has gone through a phase where they suffered from acne and so they know how
frustrating it can be to get rid of. Being prone to acne makes a person miserable and difficult to endure.
It can be painful, both physically and emotionally and feel embarrassed while facing their peers. It can
cause feelings of low-self esteem, humiliation and drive a person to depression.

Acne hits when one reaches puberty; ladies when they enter initial stages of pregnancy or if they are
going through something else that could change the hormones in their body; and for some anytime
during their life. It is not an incurable disease like many perceive it to be, there are many ways control
acne, provided you take the preemptive approach. Going by the famous quote "prevention is better
than cure", for acne too it holds true, as working on preventing acne is better than going in search of
the perfect cure. The ideal way of counteracting the effects of this form of skin ailment is to adopt one
of the popular proactive acne treatments, which will help take care of the affected person's body and
their skin condition.

When we see a person with "common acne", we immediately make judgments about them and their
lifestyle without bothering to find out the root cause of their problem. For all we know, it could be some
skin product they used or hereditary, for which they are personally not responsible. Acne is caused
when oils secreted block the skin pores and this leads to bacteria growing rapidly. The skin then
becomes red, and there arises a boil. It could be tiny and almost invisible, or grow to become quite a
big boil, making your face look like you have an extra part on it. This is what affects people most, and
leads them to use any product that promises to cure acne.

The face, forearms, back, chest are the areas on our body that are highly susceptible to acne. If you
run your hands across your back or arms, you are likely to come across little bumps, sometimes just
one, and other times a cluster. These are a different form of acne caused due to excessive sweating or
infection on the skin. Or if you have been using a particular brand of talcum powder, and suddenly
switched brands, you might see an increase in these boils. This means your body is not agreeing with
the contents of the new brand, so either stop using it or go back to earlier brand. Since our skin is very
sensitive, it is important to monitor it and keep it healthy so it looks good even when we are old.

If you have decided to visit a dermatologist, make sure to brief them on your lifestyle patterns, if you
have made any drastic changes in the recent past, your eating habits, other addictions and so on. This
will help them make the right diagnosis and prescribe the suitable kind of treatment.

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                                   Seven Myths That Can Hinder Treatment For Acne
                                                               By Ingrid Lihan

The truth of the matter is that acne myths only serve to make the acne worse especially for those who
are looking for the right treatment for acne.

 Many myths are floating around out there about the causes of acne and what can be done about it.
The truth of the matter is that these myths only serve to make the acne worse especially for those who
are looking for the right treatment for acne. Listed in this article are seven of the most common myths
and the reason for their falsehood.

Acne Is For Teens Only

 Most of those looking for treatment for acne are in the teens but many adults are suffering from the
problem, as well. The degree of severity in adults will vary with each person. Individuals who are over
50 years of age are the ones who will not experience acne as much. Women who are 40 and older are
only about five percent likely to have acne. For men forty and older, it is only 1 percent. Teenagers who
are looking for a treatment for acne fall in the 75 percent range. Acne is a hereditary problem that can
come on as a result of other factors.

Dirty Skin Causes Acne

 Having dirty skin will not be the cause of acne but can make it worse for those who are trying to find a
treatment for acne. The skin needs to be gently cleansed and patted dry two times a day to reduce oils.
Rubbing can cause the skin to be more irritated. The cleansing of the acne prone skin will help to
remove the bacteria which causes the breakouts

Sunbathing Will Help Acne Problems

 Sunbathing will not improve the circulation or the acne but can make it worse. Not to mention,
exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer and wrinkles to appear.

Acne Should Be Left Alone

 Acne should never be left alone to run its course. There is too much knowledge available and
treatment for acne to suffer from this problem. Acne is simple to clear with the help of a few lifestyle
changes and products created to help. If you have tried treatment for acne and it has not helped, the
next step is the dermatologist.

Acne Is Curable

Acne cannot be cured in any way. There are some great treatment options to try. Lifestyle changes
will help to reduce or take the acne away for longer periods of time.

Makeup Cannot Be Worn

Makeup and cosmetics are fine to wear if you have acne as long as you purchase the water based

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products. Oil based can clog the pores and aggravate the acne.

Stronger Medication Is Necessary

 Benzoyl Peroxide is the most common medication for acne. Stronger medication is not necessary. The
proper amount of the benzol peroxide in a product is 2.5 percent and no more. This dose works well for
most acne and is the smallest dose that can still be gentle on the skin. The stronger the product, the
more chance you have of drying the skin. This means more money to treat the acne and longer times
waiting to clear skin. When the acne is clear, continue to use the products to keep it away.

To break out of the belief that these and other myths exist which can stop you from the right Treatment
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