Egyptians by lonyoo


									                       Shandawyl Women Group

More than 20 women embroiderers constitute this artisan group. Like most women
from Shandawyl Island, our artisans have hand-decorated scarves for generations.
Embroiderers spend days perfecting pieces that will either find their way into their
wardrobes or into their homes, as fancy wall decorations.

Their creations stand out from other pieces of Upper Egypt, because of their
consistency and cheerfulness. The items FTE sells are light-as-air pure Egyptian cotton
sheaths. The sheerness of Shandawyl Women Group products makes them ideal
companions to any hot or humid summer outing. The weave in these scarves is so thin
that they can comfortably be worn around the neck, yet the dimensions are wide
enough to allow them to double as a cool summer wrap. Besides their exceptional
fabric, these scarves also showcase the most colorful embroideries you can imagine.
Our artisans sew a virtual garden of plants and blooms in the brightest, happiest colors
onto the sheath. The different flora designs are all based on time-honored traditional
Shandawyl motifs. The naïve coloring and rendition of these products even turn them
into appropriate gifts for teenagers.

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