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Trouble Shooting
               Symptoms                                         Causes                                           Solutions
 SD/MMC card unable to be                                                                          SD/MMC card Insert SD/MMC
                                        SD/MMC card may be inserted in reverse direction
 inserted.                                                                                         card in correct direction.
 When the machine is shut off,
                                                                                                   Please contact the distributor or
 charge the battery, but the indictor   Faulty charger
                                                                                                   appointed service office
 light isn’t on.
 Power is on but the system does not
                                        The system cannot work normally.                           Restart the system.
                                        1. When you do not operate the equipment for a certain
                                                                                                   1. Press    to wake up the system.
                                        period, it can be idle automatically according to the
 The machine shut off suddenly.                                                                    2. Charge the equipment with the
                                        power setting so as to avoid power consumption.
                                                                                                   charger provided.
                                        2. Battery is used up.
 The system doesn’t respond to the
                                        The system buttons have been locked.                       Turn the lock key to another side.
 key operation.
                                        The real storage capacity is less than that marked on      The formatted storage capacity is
 Storage capacity is little.
                                        the memory card.                                           less than that marked on the card.
                                        When the lock sliding block on the equipment is in         Please turn the lock sliding block to
 Key control is not effective.
                                        lock state, the key on the panel will be forbidden.        unlock status.
                                        When in tunnel or under trestle, it is possible that the
 GPS signals cannot be received         satellite signals cannot be received smoothly.             Adjust the position of GPS receiver
 properly.                              When the car is between the high buildings in the          to improve the reception quality.
                                        downtown, it will also receive the signal immorally
                                        It may take several minutes to connect with the satellite to locate.
 GPS cannot position properly.
                                        The position of the GPS cannot connect with the satellite, for example, indoors.

Q: Why doesn’t any key work after power-on?
A: Please check whether the HOLD key                 beside the switch key is locked or not.
Q: Why unable to enter mobile Navigation software when clicking “Navigation” icon?
A: It is perhaps because you didn’t insert the SD card with map contents after power-on. Therefore, you should insert
          the proper SD card and enter the movie, then exit and you will see the GPS icon. If you still don’t see it, check
          whether there is Navigation contents in the main menu-FILE/ SDMEM/. If it still doesn’t appear, please reset
          SD card.

        Do not delete the files in “shell.ini”. If SD was formatted carelessly, please create a new text file and change its
        name as “shell.ini”. Open this file with the form of the notepad; input \sdmmc\navigation\navione.exe, save it
        and copy it under SD root directory.

Q: What should be done if the data in SD card are gone?
A: There is backup software in the CD given when buying and users can set it up with the card-reader. The activation
code is the content on the tag of the CD bag. You may follow the below steps:
          Insert SD card into the SD/MMC card reader provided with the computer;
          Connect SD/MMC card reader to USB port of the computer(USB2.0 port is suggested);
          SD card can be identified and visited by the computer at the time. Create new Navigation contents under the
           root directory of SD card;
         Put the electronic map CD into the CD driver of the computer; copy electronic map data into the Navigation
          file of SD card;
         Insert properly SD card into GPS Satellite Navigation Instrument after file copy is finished. Enter the system
          after Navigation system appears.
         Activate the Navigation system again when the system has a hint to input the activation code on the CD bag.
Q: Why does it show the current displaying position is floating in the state of rest when navigating?
A: There are commonly 4 possibilities in this case:
         The satellite position is just located not for long.
         The quantity of GPS satellites located just reaches 3 and there is not enough.
         GPS satellite signal is disturbed by overhead electric field produced by high-pressure transmission line
         The existence of the signal that can interfere GPS

Q: Why sometimes positioning needs more time?
A: there are the following possibilities that can cause more positioning time.
          Asymmetrical distribution of GPS satellite in the local area when using.
          GPS satellite signal is sheltered partly by the nearby buildings.
          Insufficient battery electricity
          This positioning is far from the previous one

Q: How long can it be positioned after power-on?
A: Generally the positioning period shall be within 60 seconds after power-on. However, it can be a little longer
sometimes because of the sheltering of the satellite signal or disturbing signal. It is normal to be within 45 or 120
seconds. The longest can be within about a few minutes to be positioned in the case of very weak signal.
Q: Why the screen hasn’t menu display, the system doesn’t have reaction, the display speed is too slow, and the unclear
screen appears?
A: Confirm whether the battery electricity is enough, try the following methods:
         Connect the charger and start again
         Reset the system
 System platform        Microsoft Widows CE.NET 4.2
 Processor              300MHz / 400MHz
 Memory                 64MB SDRAM & 32MB Flash ROM
 GPS Module             Use the SiRF Star III, high sensitivity receiver antenna and fast localization
 GPS         receiver
 Precision         of
                        90% / 10 meter
 Sensitivity            0.1 m/s. may raise type SiRF the Star III localization module antenna
 Localization time      Localization:0.1 s
                        The electronic map contains more than 400 cities (including part county level city). It may carry on
 Electronic map
                        the worldwide map inquiry, the route layout, the global satellite navigation
                        Support WMA9, MP3 and WAV format,support loudspeaker、earphone functions,support
                          sequence playing、random playing and cycle playing
                        Support .wmv, .asf and .avi format,320 x 240 pixels,may adjust the broadcast progress,
                        the suspension, the entire screen broadcast video frequency document
 Picture                Support JPG、BMP format. The pixel of JPG may reach to 280 x 960.
 Textbook               Support txt format
 SD/MM card             Support SD/MMC memory card
 Battery                Dismountable 1600mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery
 LCD display            3.5”, TFT LCD,320x240 pixel, touching screen
                        Orange/green LED indicating lamp. The orange light shows charging and the green light shows
 LED light
                        complete charge.
 Audio output           Inner loudspeaker / The stereophonic earphones output
 Contact    surface
                      The system supports two styles of background ,yellow and blue
                      Work temperature :         0°- 40°C    (32°- 104°F)
 Temperature range
                      Storage temperature:       -20°- 60° C (-4°- 140°F)
 Language             Support simplified Chinese and English
 Weight               230g (Including battery)
 Dimension (mm)       126 x 81 x 31(Including antenna)

Care and Maintenance
     In order to guarantee the normal operation and use life, please pay attention to the following items when you
use this equipment.

Keep dryness
    This product is non-waterproof. So it will cause serious problems if the components of this equipment
encounter the water spray and immersion.

No drop
    It will cause equipment serious damage if it encounters intense impact and shock.

Avoid temperature shock
    Please put the equipment into airproof plastic bag before temperature shock. It will form vapor clotting
suddenly from cold room to warm room. The clotted water may destroy the equipment malfunction.
Far away from the intense magnetic field
    Please make sure that the equipment is far away from the intense electromagnetic radiation or the intense
magnetic field equipment when use or storage.
Suitable operating temperature
0~40°C is the most suitable operating temperature for the equipment. Please don’t use it out of this temperature

Avoid exposing in the sun.
    Please avoid the equipment to be exposed in the hot sun for a long time.

Please use hand-writer pen
    LCD screen is very sensitive. To avoid damaging the LCD screen, please use hand-writer and not use other
sharp article to tough the TFT LCD surface.

Clean screen
     Suggest using special-purpose soft cloth to clean the screen. Please not use the common paper clean the
Never take down the equipment by yourself
    Please don’t take down the equipment by yourself to repair, or it will make the warranty invalidate and also
damage the equipment.


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