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                        Held on Wednesday 1st March 2006


Chairman/Departmental Safety Officer         David Gentry
Secretary                                    Judith Baylis

Peter Schreiber, Kevin Goddard, Harry Vine, Brian Willey, Alan Last, Steve Cussell,
Lee Tooley, Elisa Onuoha, Katie Whitehead, Malcolm Hudson, Jo Tracy-Ingliss, Igor
Liubarsky, Theresa Debono, Paul Beaumont, Graham Axtell (ne: Thomson), Simon
Graham, Paula Brown, Martin Kehoe

1        Apologies for Absence

Roy Burns, Meilin Sancho, Graziela De Nadai Sowrey, Christine Wright, Ian Gillett,
Robert Whisker

2        Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as correct.

a)       Matters Arising

Matters arising and actions were taken together

b)       Actions

Huxley Trap Doors – Peter Schreiber said the repairs are to be costed and then carried

The temperature in the main workshop is still cold. Brian Willey reported that the
technicians are using electric heaters but hopefully the problem will be resolved after
the refurbishment.

Christine Wright contacted the insurers re the BOC forklift. They asked if the BOC
insurance would cover other drivers and is the forklift highway worthy i.e. does it
have number plates? Christine is still looking into this.

David e-mailed Eric Miranda re compliance of people using slings and hoists. A lot
of physics personnel need to go on a refresher course. David, Lee and Brian to meet
to discuss possible solution.
                                       Action: DNG, Lee Tooley and Brian Willey

Christine looked into Meilin not receiving confirmation when people are booked on
First Aid and Life Saver courses, Safety don‟t have the manpower to inform the
Departmental First Aid coordinators, but WILL contact them if a problem arises.

Lee reported that he had fitted the metal spacers and key plates to the floor beams on
the loading bay, and will let David have the information on the thinner slings the
assessors had requested.
                                                                  Action: Lee Tooley

Robert sent his apologies so the compliance of the 3rd year lab areas will remain as an
action. See more information in Roberts report.
                                                             Action: Robert Whisker

Peter Schreiber reported that the locks have been changed for access onto the Huxley
roof and there have been no further incidents. Robert to let the 3rd year lab know that
the Blackett roof (level 8) can be used instead, providing that they comply with the
local rule that no items are to be placed on the external parapet.
                                                              Action: Robert Whisker

3         Safety Management


i)     WEB information:       Updated Safety Booklet pages are due to go online in a
       couple of weeks, primarily due to incorporating further information on chemical
       (COSHH) related First Aid and Waste disposal plus Manual Handling.
       (IMPORTANT see First Aid Co-ordinator report, which includes provision of
       eye wash facilities)
ii)    Safety Information boards – Labs etc:          DSO will not require you to
       change any displayed pages at this time, only if you want to when they become
iii)   Safety Personnel:       Katie is due to leave us soon and we thank her for her
       efforts and wish her well. We are investigating a replacement.
iv)    Training:                 DSO has contacted Christine and they will arrange
       Inspection Technique training, required for the Annual Documented Inspections,
       this is for the three newer co-ordinators, Martin, Kevin & Jo. Steve asked to also
       be included, would anyone else like to join them?
v)     DSE:                    Nothing from me on this at present
vi)    Inspections: a number of “walkabouts” have been achieved.
       ANNUAL DOCUMENTED INSPECTIONS, reports required by END OF
       JUNE. As you are probably aware the date for these has changed this year due
       to the College re-assessing how it manages H&S which has subsequently altered
       the date when Departments submit reports to College.


Reminder Health and Safety is an agenda item in the monthly HoGs meetings. First
Aid has just been added as an item, triggered by a recent requirement from

Occupational Health for Departments to perform a First Aid Risk Assessment, more
information on this in the report by First Aid Co-ordinator, Meilin.

Electrical PAT Testing (Portable appliance testing - equipment with 13 Amp
plug on it): Department was completed. Department is aware that there is
insufficient manpower and we will again require annual re-testing to start in July (The
Departments decision is awaiting a similar decision by Faculty & so far their
comment has been – employ contractors).

Gas: As previously advised can co-ordinators please include a statement in their
reports on their section‟s compliance with pressure system regulations and the BOC
reports – i.e. any required regulator replacement.

Loading Bay: 2006 year planner is installed, please make use of it as it proved useful
last year. Final safety modifications to the false floor beams have been finished, DSO
will contact Tom Simms to arrange floor beam removal training.
                                                                 Action: David Gentry

Manual Handling: Lee and DSO have just completed a survey on this for
Occupational Health. Our three assessors have recently complained that their services
are not being properly sought to assess tasks.
Note: It is important that if anyone is performing repetitive tasks or frequent manual
handling then the individual should be properly trained and the tasks assessed (it is
possible that apart from in stores there is no one in Physics with that type of role).
Most staff at some time will collect a delivered package or a box of A4 paper or gas
cylinder from the stores area, they should have received some form of instruction on
lifting however basic that may be (DSO has on a number of occasions instructed
secretaries who lift boxes containing reams of paper). Assessors can assist with both
training and instruction. If any large or heavy items, 30Kg upwards, are to be moved
then that task must be assessed first. When anyone is inducting new staff manual
handling requirements must be covered. If you see staff moving heavy items ask them
if they have involved an assessor. Please promote the idea of assessment and the risks
of manual handling. The assessors and DSO are discussing how we can advertise and
promote their role better.

4        Advisors/Co-ordinators Reports

Fire Hazards – Roy sent his apologies and reported that the fire officer is
increasingly concerned about the amount of materials stored in the corridors and
foyers. Much of this storage is due to the ongoing SRIF works (see below), but all
Groups should take care that they keep their corridors and foyers clear.

Peter Schreiber highlighted the fact that people add to the furniture stored in the
foyers and this is one of the fire officer‟s prime concern. It was reiterated that
furniture should be clearly labelled „SRIF works‟ who it belongs to and where it has
come from.

SRIF and other Building Works – Roy reported that the works on the Undercroft
and Level 6 Huxley are due to be completed by the end of March 2006, and those on
level 9 Blackett by mid-April. Works will then start on Level 8 Blackett, which
should be finished by late May 2006.

We will then move to SRIF III works, affecting the workshops on Levels 0, 1 and 6
and the Astro labs on level 11 Blackett. The current programme indicates that works
should start on site this autumn and be finished in about 12 months.

First Aid – Meilin sent her apologies and reported that herself and the DSO spent a
fair amount of time assessing first aid needs for the Departmental First Aid Provision
Tool which is required by the College. During this exercise, they were made aware of
safety objectives such as the proportion of first aiders and life savers to staff and
students. They were pleased to say that Physics is very healthy in that respect.
However, there is a need for more stringent action regarding the provision of eye-
wash stations in labs, this is when there is no clean tap water available and chemicals
are used in the lab. David provided Meilin with the details of a suitable product
which conforms to the College‟s requirements. This is obtainable on ICIS from
Fischer Scientific: SAP-779-010N Budget Eye Was Cabinet E459T/ with two 500ml
bottles @ £23.50 inc VAT. Each Group is responsible for purchasing appropriate
number of cabinets.

The First Aid list has also been updated with more and detailed information. This has
been circulated to all First Aiders and Lifesavers for checking and keeping. There is
also a new emergency number if a mobile phone or external line is used at the top of
the list. This number is 020 7589 1000.

We have also discussed the idea of First Aiders and Lifesavers having their own first
aid box, which was aired at the previous safety meeting. Since then, Meilin has been
checking the boxes and it seems that the spate of mysteriously missing items is over,
so there is no urgent need for individual boxes.

Chemicals – Katie reported that there had been no major incidents since the last

Electrical Safety – Paul reported that there are still various rooms around the
Department to test e.g. Blackett 111 (clean room), refurbished rooms on Blackett
level 6. The database is currently down and Graham is working with DataTrak to get
this back on line and up to date.

Radiation Safety – Igor reported that the badges have arrived and some people have
been on the training course.

Laser Safety – Brian reported that he has had a problem registering a particular
grouping of students and ensuring we comply with safety regulations. MSci students
attached to the laser labs of the various Groups often have a need to register quickly
so as to be able to proceed with their experimentation. This means that quite often he
will register a student for laser use even when that person has not attended an
„Introduction to Laser Safety‟ lecture provided by the safety unit. He does, however,

insist that they attend the next available lecture, and are closely supervised in the lab
until they do so. Unfortunately, this year we have had two student who have failed to
attend lectures on two separate occasions.

Brian has been asked to look at the refurbished areas in EXSS and PHOT to ensure
the new laser setups comply with regulations.

He is trying to simplify the laser registration procedure, by registering users for table
use rather than individual lasers. Currently an individual could be registered to use up
to 24 separate lasers, each of which has to be entered onto a database, so a
considerable saving in time could be made.

Biological Safety – Roy had nothing to report.

Waste and its Disposal – Malcolm reported that Winchesters should be disposed of
separately to the normal glass disposal route due to an incident at another campus.
This is still in discussion and a conclusion hasn‟t been reached yet.
                                                             Action: Malcolm Hudson

Malcolm reported that the usual waste 1st Wednesday of the Month collections are
continuing and are still proving useful, but asked that waste is bought down on
Tuesday afternoon only.

The College has changed the chemical waste disposal form to make it easier for the
contractor collecting the waste to produce the correct paperwork required by the
Environment Agency.

Simon Graham is responsible for computer disposals. He will collate the information
required and arrange the eventual disposal or forward sale of unwanted computer
equipment working with ICT. It is now no longer allowed to dispose of computer
equipment via the usual collection route. Please hold on to your redundant equipment
once it has been wiped of college information (see ICT Physics room 319), do not
bring it down to the loading bay until collection has been agreed. There is an
associated cost for disposing of this equipment and Simon has the current prices.

Display Screen Equipment – Malcolm had nothing to report.

Manual Handling – Lee had nothing to report.


Kevin Goddard – SPAT. Kevin reported that he had done an inspection and
everything was OK. BOC have recommended that just one regulator be replaced.

Igor Liubarsky – ASTRO. Igor reported that there has been a lot of noise and dust
due to the SRIF works. A member of staff seems to have a dust allergy possibly
brought on by the building work, this situation is being handled by Roy Burns.

Martin Kehoe – PHOT. Martin reported that once all the refurbishments have been
completed he will do a walkabout and that all the labs will need to be PAT tested. He

will ensure that the labs are correctly registered with Brian Willey and that
everybody‟s documentation is up to date.

Paula Brown – HEPH. Paula reported that she had done an inspection, there were
some minor defects and these have now been rectified.

Theresa Debono – CMTH. Theresa had nothing to report.

Graziela De Nadai-Sowrey – THEO. Graziela sent her apologies and reported that
she has carried out a safety inspection. There are no major areas of concern, the only
recurrent issue is with mains distributions leads. The have been fixed onto the walls
using Dualock but it doesn‟t hold. Graziella is currently looking into getting the leads
screwed onto the walls.

Alan Finch – PLASMA. Alan reported that BOC had been in contact re regulators
and ones that need to be replaced will be done so in due course.

Steve Cussell – EXSS. Steve reported that BOC made a visit to the EXSS labs and
carried out a full inventory of all compressed gas cylinders and regulators. Stuart
Marchant is now in the process of ordering new replacement regulators as and where

Several new labs in EXSS have been refurbished and there are a number where work
is still in progress. When these labs are completed and all of the experimental
equipment has been reinstalled, Steve will carry out a full inspection in conjunction
with the DSO and the Departmental LSO.

A small workshop is to be set up in Blackett 915 consisting of a milling/drilling
machine, a bench lathe and a bench grinder. There is some concern over the amount
of space allocated for this facility as the room is only 1.4M x 2.3M. The competency
of the users and the policing of the facility are also of concern.

Robert Whisker – TEACH. Robert sent his apologies and reported that BOC have
been and inspected their regulators and they are both in compliance.

Robert has done an inspection and is happy with most of the Teaching labs but is still
unsatisfied with a number of areas in the Third Year Lab, most notable the workshop
area and the Huxley Lab. David Gentry has spoken to Ralf Toumi regarding these
problems, and Robert has spoken to Geoff Green who has taken the short term action
of locking off these areas to students until the problems have been sorted. This
includes the workshop facility for which Geoff is currently purchasing padlocks to
restrict access to the machines, the Huxley prep room which has been locked until it‟s
made safe and the Huxley dark room which has been locked and its use is under

The liquid Nitrogen dewars in the Huxley lab have now been moved to a safer
location at the back of the lab.

Brian Willey – QOLS: Brian reported that he had done an inspection of the Main
Workshop and QOLS areas looking particular at gas regulators. There were 7
regulators in the Main Workshop identified as failed in last year‟s BOC inspection,

these have all been scrapped or replaced. Of the 15 regulators identified as failed in
QOLS, Brian found 10 still in labs, 4 of which were still being used.

Brian has had a very good response for attendance on safety course. Three 1st year
PG‟s attended an in-house drilling machine course he conducted in December. He
had 3 PG‟s attend a fire safety course in January and 5 PG‟s have signed up to attend
a vacuum pump course. Two workshop technicians are to attend the safe slings &
hoists course and he was pleased to report that they have 3 newly qualified lifesavers
in the QOLS areas.

Jo Tracy-Inglis – FAC. Jo reported that she has attended and passed the CIEH
course. She has done an inspection and any problems have been rectified.

5        DSO Report

Incidents in the Department since October 2005 meeting:

a)     Dangerous Occurrences:         1 off

Broken mercury thermometer, disposed of as Hazardous Substance.           Blk 624
        Clean up of spilt mercury no longer uses Flowers of Sulphur, Zinc Powder

b)     Reported Accidents: 2 off

UG student passed out, ERT called, taken to Health Centre                   Level 3
Contractor Elecro, working on smoke detectors, dirt/dust in right eye       Blk615
       Reported via Estates, CDM

6        Any Other Business

Brian has had an e-mail from a lab supervisor re academic visitor‟s using labs out of
hours. The Committee stated that this should be OK on non hazardous equipment as
long as the visitor is registered with level 9 Admin (Insurance purposes) and deemed
competent by the lab supervisor through adequate training at their home institution.
They must though comply with College safety guidelines, and specifically no lone
working on any hazardous equipment, especially out of hours.

Brian has had a query from someone who entered a laser lab whilst the warning light
was flashing. They had knocked on the door several times and they had to enter the
lab urgently. As they opened the door the occupant appeared wearing earphones
listening to music. The Committee stated that unqualified/unregistered personnel
should not enter a lab with a Laser warning light on without being let in unless by pre-
arrangement. It is imperative that all personnel ensure their own safety by not
performing any activity that prevents them from being able to hear the fire alarm, this
falls under basic “Duty of Care”.

Brian asked if there were any first aid noticeboards on Huxley level 7 SPAT area.
Kevin will check.
                                                         Action: Kevin Goddard

Elisa thanked the Department for returning the completed first aid tool, and
recommended that we keep a copy for our records. A new first aid wallet sized leaflet
has been produced and this will be issued to all first aiders/lifesavers. She also
recommended that members of the Committee check the occupational health website
for updates.

7        Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 07th June 2006
Wednesday 11th October 2006
Wednesday 21st February 2007


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