GENERAL INFORMATION
Christian marriage is one of the most significant, God-given privileges attainable. Therefore, your
wedding should reflect dignity, joy and reverence in every detail. Your wedding ceremony is not a
show to impress friends. It is a testimony before God and those dear to you of your desire to live
and grow together in the Lord.

This WEDDING HANDBOOK has been prepared for your assistance in planning your wedding.
Please carefully read and consider the information presented. The guides and suggestions and are
intended to make your planning process and wedding day simpler and smoother.

                                   I. PREMARITAL COUNSELING

Since it is our purpose to prepare couples for marriage as well as to perform the ceremony which
unites them in marriage, CVBC requires all couples to counsel with an elder to discuss various
aspects of marriage and life together. An officiating pastor from another church must also be elder
approved. A minimum of 4 counseling sessions are required; typically 6 sessions are held. These
sessions are arranged at your convenience when you first contact the officiating elder and should
begin not less than three (3) months before the wedding. In these sessions the officiating elder
also reviews the entire wedding ceremony with you. The officiating elder does not officiate at
weddings in which one person is a born-again believer and the other person is not a believer. The
officiating elder's decision to officiate at a wedding will be made following the first counseling
session. Changes and situations not covered in the above policy must have prior approval.

                                     II. YOUR WEDDING PLANS

This is a joyful time for you and your fiancé. It is a time for commitment not only to each other but
also to God. Since you are committing your lives to each other in the presence of God, it should be
a ceremony that is fitting and honoring to the Lord. The policies and instructions of CVBC are set
forth in this way to help make your wedding a worshipful experience.

                                          III. OUR FACILITY

The CVBC sanctuary can hold approximately 275 chairs comfortably. More chairs can be arranged
as necessary. However, please speak with a church representative before signing the rental
agreement if you think you will have more than 275 guests attending your wedding. Our fellowship
hall is available for rehearsal dinners or receptions. Please ask a church staff member for the
REHEARSAL DINNERS AND RECEPTION HANDBOOK if you wish to use our facilities for one or both
of these events.

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                             IV. OTHER ITEMS OF SPECIAL INTEREST

Wedding Coordinator: A wedding coordinator from CVBC is assigned to every wedding at CVBC.
The wedding coordinator assists the wedding party and the officiating elder in the details of the
wedding ceremony, both in planning the event and assisting at the rehearsal and wedding
ceremony. Upon receiving the application, the wedding coordinator will contact you to set up an
initial consultation. The fee for the wedding coordinator is the responsibility of the wedding party
(see Wedding Fees sheet, page 4).

Music: Your wedding will be a Christian wedding and the music should reflect Christian values.
Since the wedding ceremony is uniquely personal and special to the bride and groom, the music
provides you an opportunity to testify of your love and devotion to one another and to the Lord. The
music is a very important part of the ceremony and needs to be carefully planned and coordinated
with the ceremony. The officiating elder must approve the entire service, including the music. The
wedding coordinator can provide names and phone numbers of musicians from CVBC if you wish.

Photographs: Photographs that require flash bulbs or special lighting may not be taken during the
ceremony which is the portion of the service in which there is speaking. Procession and recession
photos may be taken with flash bulbs. The bride and groom are to inform the photographer about
this. It is also recommended that you include a statement indicating this in your program/bulletin
for your guests.

Video Taping: Video recording shall be planned in consultation with the wedding coordinator.

Sound System: The church sound system is available for your wedding. This includes a single
cassette player, a CD player, and 6 microphones. The wedding coordinator should be notified of
such needs and changes. A paid sound technician from CVBC is necessary at all weddings;
arrangements for a sound technician will be made through the music director..

Decorations: The party is responsible for decorations; however, all decorations need to be pre-
approved by the wedding coordinator. It is the responsibility of the wedding party to remove all
decorations the day of the wedding. CVBC does not accept donations of or store wedding

Gifts: All gifts must be removed from the church the day of the wedding. It is recommended that
you assign someone to be responsible for the care of gifts while at the church, and for transporting
them after the ceremony.

Alcohol and smoking: Alcoholic beverages and smoking are not permitted on church property.

Send-off: No rice or birdseed is to be thrown on the property. We suggest bubbles as an alternative
to throwing rice or birdseed.

Nursery: The church nursery can be available for weddings and receptions for children age 3 and
under. The wedding party must supply nursery workers. CVBC assumes no liability for the safety
and care of the children in the nursery before, during, or after the ceremony. Arrangements need to
be made with the wedding coordinator prior to the wedding. A nursery worker handbook, which
discusses our safety and health code guidelines including cleaning up, diaper changes, and our no-
shoe policy, will need to be reviewed and followed by those working in the nursery.

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                                                 WEDDING FEES
                        All fees are to be made payable to CVBC by the time frame indicated or sooner,
                          Officiating Elder’s Honorarium is to be given directly to the Officiating Elder
                                          Fees indicated are for wedding ceremony only
                Please see Reception Guide for fees and guidelines if you choose to have your reception at CVBC

   Payment For                  Amount                   Date Due                                 Notes

  Officiating Elder         Your Discretion         • Two weeks prior        •   Includes counseling sessions
                                                      to wedding             •   Preparation for wedding ceremony
                                                    • Given directly to      •   Present at and guides rehearsal
                                                      Pastor                 •   Officiate at wedding

    Building Use                N/C for
    Sanctuary &            Regular Attendees1
   dressing rooms
   Reception and                $150 for            Due 30 days before                    Please read, sign & return
    kitchens not             Non-attendees          event                              Building Use Contract on page 7

     Wedding                      $150              • Due 2 weeks            •   Liaison between CVBC and couple
    Coordinator                                       prior to wedding       •   Assist couple in planning wedding ceremony
                                                    • Payable to CVBC        •   Coordinates CVBC personnel for wedding
                                                                             •   Attends rehearsal and wedding

       Sound                      $100              • Due 2 weeks            • Assist in stage, microphone, instrument set up
     Technician                                       prior to wedding           and tear down
                                                    • Payable to CVBC        • Operate sound at both rehearsal and wedding

    Regular attendees are those persons who consistently attend the services of the church and contribute their time, talent, an
    treasure to the ministry of CVBC.

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                           Checklist for Wedding Planning
This is a suggested checklist to help you in your wedding planning. The list does not include suggestions for
your reception planning. We do not require that you use this list, and it is not an exhaustive list. It is simply
meant to be a helpful tool.

   People to Contact
    Choose and confirm photographer
    Choose and confirm florist
    Choose reception site and make reception plans

   People in Wedding
    Select attendants
    Other wedding participants. A possible list includes flower girl, ring bearer, personal attendant,
      candle lighters, ushers, host/hostess, guest book attendant, gift table attendant, someone to hand
      out programs. These are only suggestions to consider.
    Decide who needs flowers (boutonnieres, corsages) day of the wedding, and who will pin them on

   Parts of Wedding Ceremony
    Select music and musicians for wedding ceremony; confirm ideas with officiating elder/pastor
    Select reader(s) of scripture or other literature for wedding

   Invitations and Programs
    Invitations (need to be sent out at least 4-6 weeks before wedding)
    It is helpful to send out information letter(s) to those involved to be sure they know their
        responsibilities as well as time/date of important events (rehearsal, wedding, and other gatherings)
    Programs (make or order, can be simple or detailed, and are not a requirement)

   Premarital Counseling
    Schedule and begin premarital counseling sessions with officiating elder or approved officiating
      pastor (a minimum of 4 sessions are required, 6 sessions are recommended, beginning at least 3
      months before the wedding)
   Marriage License
       Bring marriage license to the officiating pastor one week prior to the wedding.

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 For couples planning their wedding with an Elder from Chippewa Valley Bible Church
       A covenant is a binding agreement. It is our desire to not merely perform a wedding
ceremony, but to prepare couples for a lifetime of marriage within the framework of the marriage
covenant described in God’s Word. This begins with a personal trust & faith in Jesus Christ. In
order to best facilitate this, we require a minimum of 4 counseling sessions with the officiating

        Also, since it is our desire as a church to honor God with all our ministries, including
weddings, we have here outlined some of the responsibilities of the couple that we feel will best
honor and represent our Lord. This covenant also represents our desire to serve you, not only in
your wedding, but also in your spiritual growth as individuals and as a couple. It assures you of
having the best start possible for your marriage. Any questions or hesitations you may have should
be directed to the officiating elder. Please read over these items carefully, then sign and date the
sheet as indication of your willingness to complete the covenant. Return this sheet to the church
office. Thank you.

1. We will read and follow the Wedding Handbook.

2. We will be on time and prepared for each counseling session.

3. We will attend each counseling session with an honest and open heart.

4. We will keep ourselves sexually pure before God and each other during the time of our
engagement and counseling.

5. We will regularly attend church together.

6. We will faithfully seek to honor each other as we prepare ourselves for a lifetime together.

Bride: ________________________________________ Date _______________

Groom: _______________________________________ Date _______________

                                  Thank you for your cooperation!

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                            Building Use/Rental
                   Contract and Rules for Church Facilities
    1. The individual(s) signing the Rental Agreement is responsible for reading and signing this contract
       prior to the event. All arrangements for use and all payments should be made through the church
       office or wedding coordinator.

    2. You may decorate tastefully, in consultation with the wedding coordinator. Set up and clean up of
       tables and chairs is the responsibility of the signed party or appointed responsible persons. All
       tables and chairs should be returned to the proper location (where they were found) before leaving
       the church on the day of your event. All areas used should be left in an orderly condition.

    3. All food, decorations, gifts, and personal items are to be removed by the party or appointed
       responsible persons BEFORE leaving the premises.

    4. The church refrigerators, appliances and dishes are available for use IF the kitchen(s) is rented. This
       can be arranged through the wedding coordinator and/or the Reception Handbook. Please do not
       use any church consumables (paper plates, silverware, napkins, cups, etc.).

    5. There will be NO alcoholic beverages or smoking in the church facilities or on church grounds.

    6. Any beverage or food spilled on the ground or carpeting is to be cared for properly and immediately.
       Should specialty cleaning be required, this will be an additional charge.

    7. The person(s) signing the Rental Agreement is responsible for any damages to the church property or

    8. Only the rooms reserved and paid for in advance are allowed to be used.

    9. Building Use Fees are to be paid IN FULL 30 days prior to the date of the event (see page 4).

    10. This contract is intended for use of sanctuary, lobby, and dressing rooms. Additional rooms to be
        used, as discussed and approved with church staff or wedding coordinator are
        _______________________________________________________________________ .

I(we) verify that I(we) have read and agree to the contract rules and fees for use of facilities of CVBC.

Signature_____________________________________________ Today’s Date____________

Signature_____________________________________________ Today’s Date____________

                          …………………………..For Office Use Only…………………………

Fee (in full) due on _________________   Received_______________by_______________

                                                 Tear-off Receipt

Amount of Deposit_________________Date received___________by_______________

Fee (in full) due on_________________

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                               WEDDING INFORMATION
Please fill this out together and return to CVBC office. We understand that you may not know all of the
details of your wedding ceremony at this time. Please fill in what you know. You will have an opportunity to
update/revise this information closer to the wedding. This information is helpful in your planning and
scheduling at the church.


Bride's name: ______________________________ Birth date ____________________
Groom's name: _____________________________ Birth date ___________________

Wedding Date and Times __________________________________________________________
Rehearsal / Decorating Dates and Times _____________________________________________

Bride                                                  Groom
    Street _____________________________                       Street _____________________________
    City/Zip _____________________________                     City/Zip ____________________________
    Place of Work ________________________                     Place of Work _______________________
    Home Phone _________________________                       Home Phone ________________________
    Work/cell/other Phone ________________                     Work/cell/other Phone ________________

When did you first meet? ________________________________________________
Date engaged _____________________ Date of wedding ___________________
Has either of you been previously married? ______ If yes, briefly explain:

Church Background:
               Bride: ________________________________ Member? _________________
               Groom: _______________________________ Member? _________________

Have you ever accepted Christ as your personal Savior?
               Bride: ____________ When? ___________ Where? _____________
               Groom: ___________ When? ___________ Where? _____________

Address and phone number of residence after wedding:

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Officiating Elder / Pastor _____________________________ Phone _____________________
               Church Affiliation _______________________________________________
Maid of Honor ______________________           Best Man ___________________________
Bridesmaids ________________________         Groomsmen ___________________________
             ________________________                     ___________________________
             ________________________                     ___________________________
             ________________________                     ___________________________
Ushers (Groomsmen or others, if others, please list)
            ________________________                          _______________________
            ________________________                          _______________________
Flower Girl ________________________              Ring Bearer _______________________
Bride to be given away by ____________________________
Pianist __________________________ Other Musician(s) __________________________
Readers/Other Speakers and Selections _____________________________________________________
Other special parts of the ceremony ________________________________________________________

Number of guests anticipated: _________
Chair arrangement in sanctuary (center or side aisles): _______
Receiving line (dismissing by bride and groom, in church foyer, at reception): __________________________
Do you plan to use our nursery? _______ Names of nursery workers _________________________________

Photographer _______________________________           Photographer’s planned time of arrival __________
   When are pictures planned ? before and/or after ceremony ________________
Florist (if any) ______________________________        Florist delivery time of arrival __________________
         Whom do you plan to have pin on corsages and boutonnieres _____________________________

Person(s) responsible for removing all decorations and personal belongings from the church after the
wedding (must be done the day of the wedding) _______________________________________________

Rehearsal dinner location ___________________________ Expected time of rehearsal dinner ____________

Reception Hall __________________________________
Address:    _______________________________________
Phone:         ________________________________________
Transportation Planned to the Reception ________________________

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