Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

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Ultimate Wedding
Planning Checklist

         Nine Months and Earlier

         - Purchase a calendar and binder or folder to keep all wedding
           planning details and paperwork in one place
         - Select a date (or one or two potential dates) for your wedding
         - Determine the type of wedding you want: location, formality,
           time of day, number of guests, invite guests' young children,
         - Determine budget and how expenses will be shared
         - Setup a record-keeping system to keep track of payments due
           and payments owed
         - Build and consolidate guests lists (bride's, groom's, bride's
           family, groom's family)
         - Finalize wedding date
         - Select and reserve ceremony site
         - Select and reserve reception site
         - Select and book officiant
         - Select and book photographer
         - Research caterers for reception
         - Research musicians for ceremony
         - Research musicians or DJ for reception
         - Research videographer
         - Research florist
         - Shop for wedding dress, select and order gown and headpiece
         - Decide on a color scheme
         - Send engagement notices (with photo) to local newspapers
         - Complete and send in paperwork for passports and/or visas (if
           required for honeymoon travel)
         - Select and contact maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids,
           groomsmen, ushers

         Six to Nine Months

         - Select flower girl and ring bearer
         - Reserve wedding night bridal suite
         - Shop for and select bridesmaids dresses, shoes, and
         - Shop for and select flower girl dress, shoes, and accessories
         - Shop and schedule pick-up dates for men's suits or tuxedoes,
           including ring bearer
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                          - Select and book caterer for reception
                          - Select and book musicians for ceremony
                          - Select and book musicians or DJ for reception
                          - Schedule fittings and pick-up dates for bridal gown, brides
                            maids, and flower girl's dresses
                          - Select and book videographer
                          - Select and book florist
                          - Select and order save-the-date cards
                          - Make initial payments for all vendors
                          - Collect all addresses for guest list
                          - Schedule and begin marriage counseling

                          Four to Six Months

                          - Mail save-the-date cards
                          - Shop for bride's and groom's gifts for one another
                          - Reserve rental items needed for ceremony (outdoor event?
                            consider portable restroom trailers)
                          - Finalize guest list
                          - Select and order wedding invitations, announcements,
                            programs, and seating cards
                          - Set date, time, and location for rehearsal dinner
                          - Arrange accommodations for out-of-town guests
                          - Begin planning your honeymoon & transportation
                          - Ask trusted friend or family member to act as 'point-person'
                            on your wedding day (This could be two people who work well
                          - Register for gifts (select stores in areas where your guests live)
                          - Purchase shoes and accessories (purchase pair of bridal shoes
                            for the ceremony and 'backup' pair for reception)
                          - Begin to break-in your shoes
                          - Assist mother of the bride and mother of the groom with their
                            attire (if assistance is desired)

                          Two to Four Months

                          - Select bakery/cake maker and order wedding cake
                          - Order party favors
                          - Address all invitation envelopes
                          - Mail invitations, include accommodation info, directions, RSVP
                            by date, gift registry info (all information can also be on
                            wedding website and include website on insert card with
                          - Select and order/make room decorations (centerpieces, dance
                            floor decor, etc)
                          - Purchase honeymoon attire and begin to collect items in suit
                          - Setup and confirm transportation for wedding day
Acacia Design             - Research marriage license requirements (different     requirements per state)
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                          - Shop for wedding rings, consider engraving
                          - Plan activity options for out-of-town guests before and after
                            the wedding
                          - Purchase wedding gifts for bridal party and any other friends
                            and family members involved (for example, your point-person)
                          - Prepare driving directions to ceremony and reception for
                          - Make list (collect forms) for name change after honeymoon
                            (see appropriate list for details)

                          Six to Eight Weeks

                          - Create and maintain RSVP list and list of all gifts received
                          - Send thank you cards for any gifts received early
                          - Determine hair style and makeup, have a 'practice'
                            appointment with vail and head piece
                          - Schedule nail, makeup, and hair appointments for the wedding
                          - Finalize shopping for event accessories (toasting glasses, ring
                            pillow, guest book, etc)
                          - Schedule and take wedding portraits with photographer
                          - Send wedding announcement and photos to local newspapers
                          - Finalize menu with caterer
                          - Decide ceremony order, songs, vows, etc.
                          - Decide reception order of events, entrance songs, etc
                          - Continue to break-in shoes
                          - Create and send rehearsal dinner invitations
                          - Confirm post-wedding living arrangements
                          - Enjoy your bridal shower!

                          Two to Six Weeks

                          - Confirm ceremony details with officiant & musicians
                          - Arrange final fitting for bridesmaids' and flower girl dresses
                          - Final fitting for bridal gown and headpiece
                          - Make final floral selections
                          - Pick up wedding rings, check fitting
                          - Finalize wedding rehearsal plans & reservations (arrange
                            seating chart, name cards, centerpieces, etc)
                          - Make detailed wedding day schedule (timeline) for all vendors
                            and point-person
                          - Make detailed wedding day schedule (timeline) for entire
                            wedding party and bridal family
                          - Confirm details with all vendors and give them the wedding
                            day schedule
                          - Make final payments for all vendors
                          - Start packing for honeymoon
                          - Prepare and stamp wedding announcements (mail after
Acacia Design               wedding day)   - Contact guests who have not responded
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                          - Create photography wish list for photographer
                          - Meet with photographer to confirm photo list and special
                            requests or plans
                          - Meet with videographer to confirm moments you want
                          - Create list of songs you would like played during the reception
                            (specific entrance songs, general songs for meal, dance songs,
                          - Create list of songs you would NOT like played during the
                          - Meet with reception musicians or DJ to confirm music details
                          - Confirm that bridesmaids and other ladies know when and
                            where to pickup their attire
                          - Confirm that groom, groomsmen, father of the bride, father
                            of the groom, ushers, and ring bearer know when and where to
                            pickup their attire
                          - Purchase lipstick, nail polish, etc for your bridesmaids
                          - Determine ceremony seating for special guests, give seating
                            chart to ushers, create 'reserved' signs
                          - Plan reception room layout and seating chart, confirm these
                            details with catering manager
                          - Create reception place cards
                          - Confirm maid of honor and best man are ready for the toasts
                          - Enjoy your bachelorette party!

                          Last Week Before the Wedding

                          - Pick up wedding attire and check fitting
                          - Notify caterer of final guest count
                          - Gather items for rehearsal day and wedding day (see
                            appropriate lists for details)
                          - Review the wedding day schedule with all vendors and the
                          - Confirm all honeymoon reservations (accommodations, travel,
                          - Pick up cash, tickets, travelers checks, etc. for the honeymoon
                          - Finish packing suitcase for the honeymoon
                          - Review the place cards to be familiar with guests names
                          - Notify the post office to hold your mail while you are away
                          - Arrange for someone to mail announcements the day after the
                          - Arrange for someone to return rental items such as tuxedos,
                            cake pillars, decor items, etc.
                          - Arrange for someone (or group of people) to setup reception
                          - Arrange for someone (or group of people) to clean up
                            reception decorations
                          - Arrange for someone to collect wedding gifts, cake knife, and
Acacia Design               other items and deliver them to you after the honeymoon
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                          Rehearsal Day

                          - Review list of things to bring (see appropriate list for details)
                          - Place honeymoon luggage and other wedding-night suitcase
                            near entryway
                          - Place all items needed for the wedding day near entryway
                          - Give best man the officiant's fee and any other checks still due
                            to vendors, to be delivered on the wedding day
                          - Arrange for transportation of accessories to the ceremony and
                            reception (flower basket, ring pillow, guest book and pen, cake
                            cutting knife, etc)
                          - Review ceremony seating chart with ushers
                          - Review wedding day schedule with wedding party, point-
                            person, and any other friends or family members involved
                          - Review ceremony order with wedding party
                          - Review ceremony standing places with wedding party
                          - Inform wedding party and point-person regarding how
                            receiving line will form after the ceremony
                          - Follow the ceremony rehearsal led by the officiant
                          - Enjoy the rehearsal party
                          - Go to bed on time for a good night's sleep

                          Wedding Day

                          -   Review list of things to bring (see appropriate list for details)
                          -   Give the groom's ring to the maid of honor
                          -   Give the bride's ring to the best man
                          -   Follow your wedding day schedule and enjoy your special day!

                          After the Wedding

                          - coordinate gifts, guest book, etc. to your new home
                          - Unwrap gifts!
                          - complete and mail gift thank you cards
                          - send thank you cards to all vendors, point-person, other
                            friends and family members involved
                          - fill out and mail change of name/change of address forms
                          - complete change of name tasks (see appropriate list for
                          - follow up with photographer regarding pictures and photo
                          - follow up with videographer regarding wedding video

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                          ADDITIONAL LISTS

                          Items to Bring to the Rehearsal

                          Bride's List

                          - bridal party gifts
                          - camera & videocamera
                          - silk bouquet or ribbon bouquet from bridal shower
                          - groom's gift
                          - cell phone (put on vibrate)
                          - seating charts, reception place cards
                          - wedding programs
                          - guest book & pen
                          - cake cutting knife
                          - toasting glasses
                          - extra copies of wedding day schedule, photography wish list, quick
                            reference guide
                          - wedding favors
                          - flower girl basket & ring bearer pillow
                          - Wedding music for ceremony (if musicians will not attend the

                          Groom's List

                          -   bride's gift
                          -   marriage license
                          -   groomsmen and ushers' gifts
                          -   cell phone (put on vibrate)
                          -   officiant's fee and any other checks still due to vendors, to be
                              delivered on the wedding day, give to best man

                          Items to Bring on the Wedding Day
                          Bride's List
                                                                         - jewelry
                          - Tylenol or Pepto Bismal
                                                                         - tissues
                          - bobby pins
                                                                         - lotion
                          - breath mints
                                                                         - lint brush
                          - bridal gown
                                                                         - luggage for honeymoon &
                          - bridal gown bag
                          - two pairs of bridal shoes
                                                                         - make-up
                          - clear nail polish
                                                                         - mirror
                          - deodorant
                                                                         - nail clippers
                          - dental floss
                                                                         - nail file
                          - garter
                                                                         - panty hose
                          - groom's ring
                                                                         - passport
                          - hair brush
                                                                         - perfume
                          - hair spray
                                                                         - personal camera
Acacia Design             - head piece
                                                                         - cell phone (on vibrate)   - iron
                                                                         - safety pins
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                          - scotch tape/masking tape         - spot remover (Shout travel
                          - sewing kit                         wipes)
                          - snacks (mini-sandwiches,         - feminine hygiene items
                            veggies, fruit, water, juice)    - tooth brush & toothpaste
                          - something old                    - relaxing smelling candles &
                          - something new                      matches
                          - something borrowed
                          - something blue

                          Groom's List

                          - airline tickets                  -   tissues
                          - Tylenol or Pepto Bismal          -   lint brush
                          - breath mints                     -   luggage
                          - bride's ring                     -   neck tie
                          - cologne                          -   passport
                          - cuff links                       -   shoes
                          - cummerbund                       -   socks
                          - deodorant                        -   toothbrush & toothpaste
                          - dental floss                     -   tuxedo
                          - hair comb                        -   underwear

                          Change Name & Address

                          -   Dept. of Motor Vehicles - licenses & vehicle registration
                          -   SS card
                          -   car & health insurance
                          -   post office (change of address/change of name forms)
                          -   club memberships (grocery store bonus card, etc)
                          -   internet & phone provider
                          -   credit cards
                          -   bank
                          -   church directory
                          -   library card

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