THURSDAY by lonyoo


									Guests will arrive in New Mexico at different times and drive up to Farmington, New Mexico.

It is just about a 3 hour drive from Albuquerque to Farmington.

Please take time to get checked in, freshen up, and relax. We will be on the look out for y’all : )

We will meet in the main house living room for refreshments. While the time is still TBD based on
everyone's arrival, we would say around 6:30 PM.

We will have a short wedding rehearsal, in the main house living room, and then go out for dinner at a local
restaurant. We have chosen Fiesta Mexican that serves an authentic Mexican menu. Have no fear! There
are non-spicy items on the menu. Elise & Mitch cannot do super hot foodstuffs either.

Happy Birthday to Debbie! (Mitch's Mom)
Let's meet in the main house living room after dinner to celebrate.

Goodnight and Sleep Tight!

Lets meet for Breakfast :)

Set up and decoration of the Solarium (breakfast room) will occur late morning/early afternoon.

Mitch will be banished from the Chaco (Bridal) Suite after breakfast.

The gentlemen are free to do guy stuff…including decorating the bride & groom’s convertible : )

The ladies will be engaged with making themselves and the Bride beautiful.

Once Elise starts getting ready, Mitch is not allowed to see her until she arrives at Aztec Ruins Park!

The photographer Carrie Culler will arrive around 3:30 PM. She is going to be instructed to take candid
shots around the Inn until it is time to leave for Aztec.

Gentlemen: Pick up your boutonnieres from one of the women by 3:45 PM.

Mitch & Guests will depart for Aztec Ruins National Monument by 4:15.
The photographer (Carrie) will also leave with the Groom.

Dave will drive the Bride (Elise), Maid of Honor (Joyce), and Minister (Sharon) to the site in the
convertible. They will depart at 4:30 PM.
Mitch will meet the Aztec Ruins Park Ranger at 4:45 PM.

Mitch, Debbie, & Gentlemen will set up the Kiva at 5:00 PM (when the park closes):
Light the votive candles and lay out seating clothes.

We should all be at the Park by 5:00.

Elise and Mitch will meet at the prearranged spot outside the Kiva and have photos taken. Family photos will
be taken at this time as well.

All guests will all gather with the minister in the Kiva at 5:30 PM.

The ceremony will begin by 5:40 PM. Photos will be taken immediately after the ceremony.

Elise and Mitch will depart in the convertible.

We will all return to Casa Blanca Inn by 7:00ish.

Once we have arrived back at the Inn, there will be wine and hors d’oeuvres served in the main house living

Take some time to freshen up and relax.

Mitch and Elise will go cut the cake so they can let the photographer go by 7:30 PM.

Our wedding supper will be served around 7:30 and we can make merry into the night : )

Another lovely breakfast. :)

For those willing to adventure out we may to go to Durango, Colorado, which is a short drive north of
Farmington on Highway 550. There is a historic downtown with great galleries, shops, and restaurants. Might
make for a fun day trip. There is also a nice downtown area in Farmington. Let’s see how everyone feels : )

Return to Casa Blanca Inn. Freshen up & relax.

We would like to do a Group Dinner on Saturday night - The time and place is TBD based on what
everyone does on Saturday day.

Farewell breakfast. Hugs and Kisses and Goodbyes. We love you all very much!

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