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                 Wedding decoration ideas
         he proper decorations can                                                 entrust the floral decoration to a gift-
         do wonders to enhance the                                                 ed and experienced florist who is
         site of your wedding cere-                                                detail-oriented and has a good aes-
mony and reception. Before you                                                     thetic sense.
begin, determine the general mood                                                     Along with flowers, today’s couples
you wish to create. It is then easier to                                           often choose balloons as decorations.
imagine the decorations you’ll need.                                               Flowers and balloons can serve to
Visit the locations for the ceremony                                               decorate the aisle, canopy, and tables.
and reception, and ask yourself if you                                             Other decorative elements can be
need to decorate the whole room, or                                                added for more elaborate decorative
just accentuate the head table and                                                 schemes: archways, chandeliers, dif-
cake table.                                                                        ferent fabrics, etc. You can even use
   Symbols of refinement and beauty,                                               samples of your wedding fabrics to
flowers often form the basis of wed-                                               decorate the hall. Potted plants are
ding decorations. Available in a wide                                              very well suited for decorating the
variety of styles, flowers can be as                                               altar and tables. They create a festive
simple or as elaborate as desired.                                                 atmosphere and can later be kept by
There are floral arrangements for                                                  members of the wedding party.
every style and every budget. To                                                   Florists, balloon specialists and pur-
reduce the cost, choose seasonal                                                   veyors of other decorative elements
flowers and combine costly species                                                 can help develop your decoration
with more affordable ones. When            magnificent flowers can produce a       ideas.
properly arranged, a small number of       remarkable effect. It is important to

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