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					Money Saving Tips for Wedding Decorations
It is certain that you will have some kind of decorations for your wedding venue. In fact the wedding decorations can cost you quite a large amount of
money. You may want to have your decorations done in budget. The following are some tips for you to achieve this goal. First of all you need to make
a checklist of all the items for your wedding decorations. Then you should decide which of them are the essential items. This is very important since
from this checklist you will have a rough idea how much you need to do and how much money you will probably spend. For example, you will certainly
have centerpieces for the tables. They are something so essential that you cannot have your decorations done without them. On the contrary, you may
try to eliminate minor items so the you can cut your cost. After you have your checklist, you should now try to think of different ways of saving money
on each of the essential items. DIY is always the best way of saving money. In fact this is also true for your wedding invitation and wedding favors.
And for your wedding decoration, it is especially true for the centerpieces. You will have a centerpiece for each table and this will certainly cost
something. By choosing cheaper materials you can save a considerable amount of money on the centerpieces. Besides, you will probably need to
get some flowers for your wedding venue. Using artificial flowers will save you a lot. You may think that fresh flowers deliver a quality that artificial
flowers cannot be replaced with. This is always true that fresh flowers should be a lot better than artificial flowers. However, there is a trade-off
between the budget and the flowers. I will still suggest you to use artificial flowers if you are determined to save money. You may also collected some
unused materials for your decorations. Empty bottles can be a brilliant idea. You can use empty bottles to make a wedding sculpture yourself. This on
one hand can help you to save money. On the other hand it should be very impressive to your guests since it is an art piece created by you. It will be
even more interesting and romantic if you and your fiance work on this sculpture together. It can be sure that the process will be as romantic as the
moment when you two cut the wedding cake. Apart from the items for decorations, you can also save money on the actual decoration work. Again,
DIY is the best way in order to save money. You may want to use petals to create a heart shape on the floor of the wedding venue. A wedding
decoration company will certainly charge you some money for this job. You may also ask your friends to help in this case. Since it is your wedding they
should be more than happy to help you. And of course you will also need to do other decoration work yourself such as putting the centerpieces on
each table.

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