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       Dalhousie University
                      Catering Guide

                Phone: (902) 494-6511
                 Fax: (902) 494-6599
                 Email: uclub@dal.ca

                        Please note:
If you have a menu choice in mind and you do not see it
listed, please allow us the opportunity to create a special
                       menu for you.


                             Event Bookings
                              Garth McIsaac
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                              UNIVERSITY CLUB

                                    Catering Guide

The Dalhousie University Club provides high quality hospitality for events in a private club
environment. The Club offers you an impressive range of dining, bar, and banqueting facilities and
can host private events of 25 to 200 people. Your event can be tailored to your exact specifications
with the assistance of experienced and professional University Club staff members.

The University Club is a business dedicated to providing superior food and beverage service to its
clients; therefore it is not permissible to bring any food or beverage items onto the premises of the

The menus in our enclosed brochures are suggestions for a successful event. The University Club
catering staff will help you customize any menu to your specific needs or budget.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience when anticipating an event requiring the services of
the University Club, by calling 494-6511, facsimile 494-6599, or e-mail uclub@dal.ca. Please be
prepared to provide an estimated number of attendees, name and phone number of the contact
person (the person authorized and designated to make arrangements with the special events

In order to best accommodate your needs, we ask for 10 working days lead time for extensive
receptions, 5 working days lead time for standard receptions and 48 hours lead time for refreshment

After you finalize the arrangements of required services, we will provide you with a contract. This
contract will specify your name or company name, the date and time of the event, menu, costs and a
guest estimate. This contract is a binding agreement between you and the University Club.

The University Club will require a guaranteed number of attendees four days prior to your event.
You are encouraged to adjust this estimate as needed to most accurately approach your final
guarantee of number of attendees. The final guaranteed number of guests is due by 10:00am four
business days prior to your event. If your guaranteed number falls below what was expected during
the event you will still be billed for the guaranteed number of guests.
If the University Club does not receive your guarantee by the specific date and time, your final
estimate becomes your guaranteed number of the event.

The Club will be prepared to serve your guaranteed number plus 2% over your guaranteed number.
This policy applies to any per person priced event. You will be billed for these meals only if served.

A guarantee may be changed/increased after the guarantee deadline only if the University Club can
accommodate this request. In the event of an increase, the guaranteed number, the set-for number
and the prepared-for number will be the same. There will be no average.

While there is no minimum guarantee, an additional charge may be incurred for groups under 25
people. This charge will be determined by the Food Service Director on a menu cost per person

For University Departments and offices, payment can be made by charging to a departmental

For non-university affiliated events, payment must be made in cash or by cheque. The balance is
due the day of the event.

                                   SPECIAL NOTE
No food or beverage may be brought onto the University Club premises with the exception of
wedding cakes.

Due to health department regulations and liability issues, no left-over food or beverages may be
taken from the University Club premises. Therefore, quantities should be carefully considered when
ordering items.

For further information please contact one of the University Club staff at 494-6511. We look
forward to helping you plan a successful event.

The University Club will NOT responsible for personal belongings of any club member or
guests that visit the Club.

Deposits are required for any non-member group events that occur at the Club.

Deposits are non-refundable following 30 days of a contract endorsement, but are applied toward
the total event billing.

Additional charges are as follows: 15% service charge on all food and beverages, 13% tax, room
rental (non-members) and set-up/clean-up fees priced accordingly.

                   BANQUETING AND MEETING
                      FACILITIES AND FEES

Great Hall: accommodating up to 175 (dinner/dance)
192 (dance or dinner only)
        1/2 Day…..$300.00 (less than four hours)
        Full Day..…$500.00 (more than four hours)

Dining Room: accommodating up to 57
       1/2 Day.....$75.00
       Full Day....$125.00

Private Dining/Meeting Rooms: accommodating up to 24 each
        1/2 Day...$20.00
        Full Day...$40.00

Pub (Saturday Only): accommodating up to 116
       Flat Rate...$100.00

Note: Room rental for members is free Monday through Friday, Saturday is 50% off.

There is an additional $100.00 set-up fee on all Great Hall and Dining Room bookings, a $50.00 set-
up fee for the Pub and a $10.00 set up fee for the meeting rooms.

Additional charges that may be incurred include: audio visual equipment; non-food support
personnel, i.e. coat check, security, special decorations and/or flowers ordered through the
University Club. Arrangements for flowers and decorations may be made on your own or with the
catering staff at the time of planning your event.

All charges will be agreed upon at the time of contract endorsement. Changes made after the
finalization of the contract should be made in writing by the contact person. The University Club
will do its best to accommodate these changes whenever possible.

The menu suggestions listed below have been compiled by our executive Chef with care and
consideration given to budget and theme of your event. If these menu items do not meet your
requirements, our professional catering staff would be pleased to tailor a menu to meet your specific

The price of any main course below includes a choice of soup or fresh garden salad as an
appetizer, chef’s vegetable of the day and potato to accompany the entree, and freshly baked
rolls and butter. Also included is a dessert and coffee/tea.

                              PAN BROILED HALIBUT STEAK
                            Fresh fillet of Atlantic halibut broiled with
                                        fine herbs and butter

                                    HALIBUT ALMONDINE
                         Fresh fillet of Atlantic halibut grilled to a golden
                             brown with toasted almonds and butter

                                         LEMON SOLE
                      Poached fillet of sole, complemented by a white wine
                                   or creamy hollandaise sauce

                                 HADDOCK ALMONDINE
                         A choice piece of Atlantic haddock, grilled with
                                   toasted almonds and butter

                           SAVORY RICE STUFFED HADDOCK
                    Fresh haddock fillet filled with a delicate savory dressing
                             and topped in a rich hollandaise sauce

                                    STEAMED LOBSTER
                      Succulent Maritime lobster, served with drawn butter
                                       Attractively priced

                                      POACHED SALMON
                  Fillet of salmon poached in a court bouillon, complemented
                               by a creamy hollandaise or egg sauce

            MEAT and POULTRY
                 ROAST TURKEY
   Traditional turkey dinner with savory dressing,
         cranberry sauce and rich pan gravy

               PRIME RIB OF BEEF
  A classical premium cut of beef, "au jus", served
        with homemade Yorkshire pudding

   Tender sirloin of beef, served with horseradish

                   ROAST LAMB
   Slow roasted leg of lamb, sliced thin and served
           with mint sauce and rich gravy

   Lightly breaded breast of chicken, stuffed with
           premium ham and swiss cheese

  A succulent half chicken, basted in its own juices
          and lightly spiced to perfection

              CHICKEN BREAST
  Tender boneless chicken breast served with a red
        wine, mushroom and scallion sauce

Broiled boneless chicken breast stuffed with a savory
   dressing and topped with a rich Hunter Sauce

                 CHICKEN KIEV
Breaded breast of chicken flavoured with garlic butter
                and a red wine sauce

All dinner prices are subject to taxes and gratuity.

The following selections are based on a per person cost and include an appropriate accompaniment
of potato, pasta, rice or salad, or vegetable and of course all selections include rolls and butter
& coffee/tea.

Chicken Tetrazinni                                                                  $13.00

Seafood Casserole                                                                   $17.25

Quiche                                                                              $11.75

Lasagna                                                                             $13.00

Beef and Vegetable Stir Fry                                                         $16.75

Deep Fried Breaded Haddock                                                          $18.50

Chicken Pot Pie                                                                     $14.65

Breast of Chicken Supreme                                                           $18.25

Chicken and Vegetable Teriyaki                                                      $19.25

Pan Broiled Haddock                                                                 $18.25

Turkey a la King                                                                    $13.00

                         The above prices are subject to taxes and gratuity.

                         SANDWICHES AND SNACKS

Seafood Chowder & Sandwiches 1 ½ per person                                          $14.50

House Soup & Sandwiches 1 ½ per person                                              $11.50

Haddock Chowder & Sandwiches 1 ½ per person                                         $12.50

Sandwich Tray (1 1/2 per person)                                                     $7.25

                         SANDWICHES AND SNACKS

Hot Hors D'oeuvres – per dozen including:

        Chicken Satays                                                   $18.25
        Bacon wrapped Scallop                                            $23.50
        Deep Fried Shrimp                                                $23.50
        Cheese Balls                                                     $18.25
        Cocktail Meatballs in rich gravy                                 $15.50
        Mini Quiche                                                      $15.50
        Chicken Bites                                                    $20.95
        Sausages in BBQ sauce                                            $11.80
        Fresh Breaded Mushroom Caps                                      $10.50
        Breaded Zucchini Fingers                                         $9.50

European Cheese Tray with Fresh Fruit                                    $6.50

        An assortment of fine cheeses including
        Camembert, Gouda, Canadian Cheddar and
        Danish Blue with a generous garnish of
        fresh fruit and crisp crackers

Fresh Vegetable Platter with zesty Cream
Cheese Dip (per person)                                                 $5.25

Fresh Fruit Platter - Freshly cut and peeled
seasonal fruit                                                          $6.00

Assorted Sweet Platter (2 pieces per person)                            $2.35

Combination trays (a blend of cheese and
Fruit, vegetables and dips, assorted
sandwiches and hot hors d'oeuvres)                                       $17.80

The above prices are based on a per person cost and are subject to taxes and gratuity.

                                   PARTY TRAYS &
                                  TAKE OUT ITEMS
                                        PARTY TRAYS

Specialized trays are available for pre-dinner receptions or gatherings. These trays are perfect
for a cocktail hour and provide your guests with a snack before dinner. Our selection varies
and the items available are listed below:

Fresh Vegetables and Dip
Cheese and Fruit with Crackers
Hot Hors d'oeuvres
                       Small Tray (serves 10)                       $36.00
                       Medium Tray (serves 15)                      $72.00
                       Large Tray (serves 25)                       $99.00

Smoked Salmon Platters (toast points, capers, red onion, with fresh lemon)
                      Serves 20-25 people                        $125.00

Another welcome addition to any gathering is a variety of table baskets including chips, cheezies and
pretzels. Baskets are $3.50 plus taxes and gratuity.

Hot Nacho trays smothered in melted cheese, hot peppers, onions & tomatoes; served with salsa
and sour cream.                       Sm. $25.00
                                      Lg. $40.00

Note: These trays are meant as party trays only and their purpose is to enhance social
gatherings. If a larger portion size is required, please refer to the section titled "Sandwiches
and Snacks" for a per person based price on hors d'oeuvres and other reception items.

                                       CATERED OUT:

The University Club caters delicious trays, such as vegetables & dip, cold cut trays, sandwich trays,
hors d'oeuvres or canapé trays, sweet trays, as well as muffins, soup, salad, etc.

For your departmental or in-home receptions, please call the University Club at 494-6511 to order
yours today!

                                BUFFET MENUS
                                    Luncheon Buffet*
                               Three Assorted Fresh Salads
                       Your choice of one of the following items:
                      Chicken Pot Pie, Roast Chicken, Italian Lasagna
                      Quiche, Beef/Vegetable Stir Fry, Shepherd's Pie,
                          Swedish Meatballs, Chicken Cacciatore,
                         Sliced Roast Beef with Mushroom Gravy
                                     Rolls and Butter
                                     Assorted Sweets
                                  *Dinner Buffet $23.85

                                   Hot and Cold Buffet
                         Garden Tossed Salad, Caesar Salad, Fresh
                        Pasta Salad, Potato Salad, Creamy Coleslaw
                         Spinach Salad, Broccoli Salad, Marinated
                       Vegetable Salad, Devilled Eggs, Tomato and
                     Cucumber Trays, Assorted Relish and Pickle Trays,
                                  Assorted Cheese Board
                       Your choice of one of the following items:
                         Braised Beef Tips, Barbecued Ribs, Sweet
                        and Sour Meatballs, Chicken and Vegetable
                      Teriyaki, Honey Garlic Ribs, Beef Bourguignon,
                     Haddock and Shrimp Casserole, Seafood Casserole
                                      Rolls and Butter
                                   Assorted Sweet Trays

Both of the above buffet options include an appropriate accompaniment to a hot dish, selected
   from one of the following: Fried or Steamed Rice, Oven Roast Potatoes or Buttered

                                    Hip of Beef Buffet
                                  (Minimum 50 persons)
                       Garden Salad, Caesar Salad, Fresh Pasta Salad,
                Potato Salad. Creamy Coleslaw, Spinach Salad, Broccoli Salad
                              Marinated Mixed Vegetable Salad
                              Assorted Relish and Pickle Trays
                                   Assorted Cheese Board
                               Tomato and Cucumber Trays
                     Featuring a standing slow roasted Hip of Beef
                                     Assorted Dessert
                                      Rolls and Butter
                                    Per Person...$35.00

                                        Cold Buffet
                             Tossed Garden Salad, Caesar Salad
                               Fresh Pasta Salad, Potato Salad
                        Creamy Coleslaw, Spinach Salad, Broccoli Salad
                              Marinated Mixed Vegetable Salad
                        Assorted Cheese Board, A variety of Cold Cuts
                                Tomato and Cucumber Trays,
                               Assorted Relish and Pickle Trays
                                       Rolls & Butter
                                      Assorted Desserts
                                     Per Person...$28.25

                                  Dagwood Sandwich Bar
                                ("Build your own sandwich")
                        Caesar Salad, Fresh Tossed Salad, Potato Salad
                         Homemade Bread, Deli Cold Cuts, Assorted
                                        Cheese Board
                                 Tomato and Cucumber Tray
                                    Assorted Sweet Platter
                                      Per Person...$18.65

                                       Breakfast Buffet
                                      Chilled Fruit Juices
                           Fresh Fruit Salad, Fluffy Scrambled Eggs
                              Crisp Bacon and Breakfast Sausage
                                     Home Style Potatoes
                                 Muffins and Danish Pastries
                                      Per Person...$14.65

                                  Continental Breakfast
                                    Chilled Fruit Juices
                       Muffins, Danish Pastries, Croissants and Scones
                                     Fresh Fruit Salad
                                  Jams and Cream Cheese
                                        Coffee/ Tea
                                    Per Person…$12.00

                                       Afternoon Tea
                                   Assorted Tea Sandwiches
                Scones with Assorted Jams, Clotted Cream and Unsalted Butter
                             Petite Sweet Trays and Sweet Breads
                                   A Variety of English Teas
                                     Per Person…$12.00

                        These prices are subject to taxes and gratuity.

Note: Don't forget, if your menu choice is a buffet and none of the above items appeal to you or
your guests, allow us to create a special menu, themed or ethnic, to meet your requirements.

                              OPTIONAL ITEMS
Cream of Tomato                                           $3.95
Clear Mushroom                                            $3.95
Cream of Broccoli                                         $3.95
Vegetable                                                 $3.95
Sherry Consomme                                           $3.95
Gazpacho                                                  $3.95

                         CHOWDERS AND BISQUES
Haddock Chowder                                           $5.20
Seafood Chowder                                           $7.30
Shrimp Bisque                                             $5.75
Lobster Bisque                                            $7.30

Spinach                                                   $5.75
Caesar                                                    $5.20
Chef's                                                    $4.15
Mesculian Mix                                             $4.15

Shrimp Cocktail                                            $15.95
Smoked Salmon                                              $11.50
Steamed Mussels & Clams                                    $9.40
Chilled Fruit Juices                                       $3.10
(Tomato, Apple, Orange, Cranberry, Clamato, Pineapple)


Baby Carrots                                              $3.10
Cauliflower                                               $3.10
Baked Tomato                                              $3.10
Zucchini                                                  $3.10
Brussel Sprouts                                           $3.10
Buttercup Squash                                          $3.10
P.E.I. Blend                                              $3.10
Carrots Vichy                                             $3.10
Turnip                                                    $3.10
Broccoli Spears                                           $3.10
Snow Peas                                                 $3.10
Fresh Asparagus                                          Seasonal

Baked                                          $3.40
Roasted                                        $3.40
Creamed                                        $3.40
Baked Stuffed                                  $3.40
Log Cabin                                      $3.40
Piped Duchess                                  $3.40

Mousse (Chocolate, Strawberry, Mocha)          $4.55
Homemade Cheesecake with Fruit Topping         $6.25
Sherbet (Citrus)                               $3.65
Lemon Snow                                     $3.65
Fresh Fruit Pies                               $3.65
Apple Crisp                                    $3.65
Shortcake with Fresh Berries                  Seasonal
Pecan Pie                                      $5.20
Fresh Fruit Cup                                $6.55
Ice Cream                                      $3.95
Creme Caramel                                  $4.15
Sherry English Trifle                          $4.75
Nova Scotia Blueberry Grunt                    $4.15
Frozen Fruit Yogurt                            $4.15
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing            $3.40

                             ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES
The University Club is a fully licensed facility, allowing service six days of the week.

No alcoholic beverage will be served or sold to any person under the age of 19.

The University Club reserves the right to control all sales and/or service of alcoholic beverages by
checking of identification and the addition of security at the client's expense.

Sales and/or service of alcoholic beverages may be limited or terminated at any point during an
event at the discretion of the manager on duty.

If your event exceeds liquor service times, i.e. after 1:00 am, a special permit is required and 4 weeks
lead time is needed for approval from the Nova Scotia Liquor License Board.

All orders for alcoholic beverages should be carefully considered, as left over quantities may never
be taken from the premises nor credited back to a client's billing of charges.

Bartenders are supplied by the Club at a cost of $15.00 per hour per 100 guests. Allow one extra
hour for set-up/clean-up.

Security guards are required at all large receptions and dances. The Club supplies guards at a fee of
$15.00 per hour per 100 persons. Guards are present until the building is empty.

                            ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES
Cash or Charge Bar: per drink

Bar Shots                                                     $3.40
Canadian Beer                                                 $3.40
Domestic Wine                                                 $3.40

House Wine: Domaine D’or                             Litre    $24.00
                                                     ½L       $13.00

PUNCH:            Alcoholic                                   $80.00
                  Fruit (Serves 35-40)                        $40.00

We have a special wine list that you may order from in advance of your event.

Coffee/tea                                                    $1.75
Litres of Juice                                               $8.00
Bottled Water                                                 $1.95
Bottled Juice                                                 $1.95
Perrier                                                       $2.00
Soft Drinks                                                   $1.95

                        The above prices do not include taxes or gratuity.


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