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									Adsense: Thinking of using hit exchanges to boost your
Adsense earnings?

So, you've added Adsense to your site and you are getting a few clicks. You
could be thinking to yourself, How do I get a massive amount of visitors to
bump up my earnings? If you're anything like me, you hear those stories
about webmasters that have added Adsense and are already earning five
figure incomes per month, and you start to see the dollar signs.

So you start brainstorming. You come up with a few ideas: email marketing,
ebooks, trial software, etc. The thirst for Adsense dollars (and maybe a few
affiliate dollars) is your main drive. Pushing massive amounts of traffic
through your site can give you quite a thrill ride.

Then along comes the well known email that markets the traffic exchanges.
If you aren't familiar with traffic exchanges, it's really very simple. You see,
you sign up for their service (which often times is free) and your website is
put in a list. The way the free traffic works is that you surf the web using
their browser, browsing sites that are in their directory (or list) and every 30
seconds you can refresh to a new site. As you continue to do this, it builds up
credits for your account that you use for other people who are using their
browser to see your site.

It's a cyclical service. You see their site, they see yours. And since you can
have as many browsers going (among the many traffic exchanges) as your
computer can handle, you can theoretically build up a large quantity of hits
on your site in a relatively small period of time.

It seems like a great thing, and for many it fills a very necessary niche, so I
can't say that the traffic exchanges are a bad service. I would use them in
anything else that I am doing. I would, however, make a very big distinction.

First, I know and respect the tech's at Google and I know that when they
make a new program for their visitors and webmasters to use, they make it
for the benefit of everyone. That is the case with their Adwords and Adsense
programs, both targeted to helping webmasters make money through
advertising (albeit the opoosite ends of the scale).

So when I put an ad on my website, I know that I am offering a service to the
advertiser (through Google) to reach their target market. And ethically, I
should only be paid when I provide that service (someone clicks through that
ad to their site). There are extreme ethical problems if you were to use traffic
exchanges with the Adsense program to try and cheat the advertiser out of
his hard earned dollars.
Plus, if you haven't figured out by now, Google knows what you are doing.
They have specific ways of knowing what is a legitimate impression, versus
what is a hit generated by a traffic exchange. Your numbers quickly dwindle
if you use a hit exchange and you run the risk of being kicked off the

Plus, often times you have to go through two websites wasting a full minute
of your time before you get one hit directed to your website. Building up over
time, it eventually it all adds up.

Take, for instance, the "surf contests". This is where they tell you who has
racked up the most surfing in the week. These numbers are huge... up to
10,000 page loads. When you add it up, that's over 84 hours of one week
that is taken up trying to earn an extra 1,000 hits on your site. Not very
worth it to me.
The best way to use the Adsense program is with a website that you have
that is established and has a constant stream of visitors going through it.
That's the goal of the program, make money off of an existing site and its

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5 Top Tips for Maximizing Your Adsense Profits

1: The ideal Google AdSense page should have great content about a very
specific topic. Take pains to be very clear about what the topic is, and
carefully choose the keyword (or key phrase) describing the topic. Users
don't like vague pages that don't make it very clear what the page is all

Don't even think about trying to 'trick' AdSense. (They have penalties,
including getting kicked out.) Don't create a page on one topic and give it a
file name about a different topic--that's too confusing.

In a nutshell, you want to make sure the page you create offers great value
to people interested in the topic. When you provide excellent information on
a specific topic, your visitors will benefit and will be more likely to click
through to relevant AdWords.

2: Everyone's seen way too many horizontal banner ads up top. Thus, Google
recommends you choose the vertical -- not horizontal -- format to display
your AdWords. I agree. People have become "banner blind" to a horizontal
format. Plus, Google has "trained" us to click on relevant text ads on their
own site and they use the vertical format.

3: It's to your financial advantage to put the AdWords near the top of your
page on the right. Make sure there is enough "breathing room" -- i.e. white
space around the ads -- so that they will easily attract your visitors.

4: The latest marketing tests have revealed that placing pictures beside, or
above you're a ads can have a massive impact on click-thru rates. This is
because the eye is immediately attracted to the picture, once they see the
picture, they see the ad!

5: I know it's tempting, because it seems so easy and it's just sitting there
waiting for you to do it, but do not click on the AdWords displayed on your
own site to increase your revenue. Google (rightfully) frowns on this.

Plus, Google has some of the smartest engineers around, and they are very
good at detecting this kind of fraud. And really, for an extra $1, is it worth
getting kicked out of a money-maker like AdSense? I think not...

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Make Money Quick With Google Adsense

Do you want to make money quick? In this article we are going to talk about
one of the quickest ways you can make money. Making money quick is not
only possible there are people doing it everyday with Google Adsense.
Google AdSense delivers text and image ads that match the content on your
website. These are very targeted ads that you can choose the size and color
of and they come across to your customer as helpful more than an ad itself.

Google Ads require virtually no maintenance and they help you put
advertising on your website without actually having to deal with advertisers
yourself. If you can copy and paste a small code you can have targeted
advertising on your website in minutes.

Adsense is simple to join and it is free to join. Whether you are an internet
newbie or a veteran you can profit quickly by placing Google Adsense ads on
your web pages.

Since Google does all of the work by finding the most profitable ads for your
pages you can do what you do best....provide good content and lots of it. The
more web pages you create the quicker you will be making money. You can
learn more here:

Once you have joined Google Adsense you will want to combine Google
search with AdSense to monetize more of your web pages. You can do this by
placing a Google search box on your pages. Google AdSense combines
Google's search technology with thousands of keyword advertisers to deliver
targeted text-based ads to search result pages. People find these ads useful
and click on them, and when they do, Google pays you.

You can see an example of how this works right here on this web page. In
fact we combine Google search and Google Adsense on almost every website
and web pages we create. We have found it a very easy way to make money
quick and to make money over and over. It's great.

The internet offers many ways to make money quick. The nice thing about
Google Adsense is you have the largest search engine in the world doing
your advertising for you. This truely allows you to make money quickly and
you can do it over and over with as many products as you want.

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Do You Want To Increase Your Google Adsense Revenue?

How much revenue do you generate from Google Adsense?

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about people who earn over
$10,000 a month just from Adsense. Furthermore, there are rumors of a few
individuals who earn over $1 million a year just from using the power of
Google advertisements.

So what is Google Adsense and how can you use this program to earn a six-
figure income?

About two years ago, Google created this program to help websites to
monetize their web-traffic.

Here's how it works:

Webmasters obtain a special code from Google which then displays targeted
ads on their website. Whenever a visitor clicks on one of these ads, the
webmaster earns a commission. Unlike other online businesses, there is no
selling involved. All you need to do is get people to click on the ads.

Although this is an excellent way to generate an income, many websites are
not effectively maximizing their Adsense potential. As a result, they are
leaving a lot of cash on the table.

The question is how can you increase your Adsense revenue without
increasing the number of web visitors?

The key to earning an income with Google Adsense is to have your ads
match the rest of the site, making them look like part of your content. Your
focus is to avoid having the Adsense blocks look like blatant advertisements.

The following are six ways that you can do this and increase your revenue at
the same time:

1) Find the right place- Most website visitors read content that is in the
middle of a webpage. As a result, the best place to put your Adsense block is
in the top part of the page, at the beginning of your web content. You want to
weave the Google Ads into your web content to give the appearance that
they are extra links which expand on the information of the page.

2) Use the Large Rectangle-With Google Adsense, you have the option of
picking different ad formats. Most of the time people opt to use the
Leaderboard (728x90) or Wide Skyscraper (160x600) style ads.
Unfortunately, this is the wrong choice, because both look like blatant
advertisements. Instead smart webmasters have found that using the Large
Rectangle (336x280) yields the best amount of click-thrus.

3) Ditch the border- Many people experience a sharp increase in Adsense
revenue when they changing their border. What they change is very
simple...they get rid of the border on their Adsense blocks. This is another
way to make the advertisements look like useful web content.

4) Adapt the font- Whenever you write content, it should be the same font
size and style as your Google Adsense block. This will help make it appear
that the advertisements are a natural part of your website.

5) Match the colors- In addition to changing the fonts, you also should match
the colors of your website. For instance, if your content is written in black,
and your hyperlinks are blue, then the Adsense blocks should also be the
same color. Again, this helps the advertisements appear to be normal web

6) Don't have too many distractions- On a webpage, it is important to give
web visitor a limited number of options. By having too many links and
graphics, the web visitor might go to a section that doesn't help increase
your profits. While it is important to inform and entertain your web visitor, it
is also vital that you monetize your site. So if the main focus of your site is to
earn an income through Google Adsense, then get rid of all non-essential
links and graphics.

By taking the time to implement these six simple steps, you'll see a dramatic
increase in the click-thru ratio of your ads. If added to all of the content of
your site, your Adsense income will skyrocket!

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How to Make Every AdSense Ad on the Google Network Pay You!
How to Make Every AdSense Ad on the Google Network Pay You! By D.J.

Wouldn?t it be great if every keyword in Google?s entire inventory could be
relevant to your site? Imagine that no matter what any person searched for,
all of the ads that came up in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) paid
you whenever someone clicked on them.

Sound good to you? That?s great. I think it sounds pretty cool as well, so
let?s get busy making it happen for your web site.

Here?s a very much overlooked opportunity for AdSense users

That opportunity is called Google Search and this is how it works:

Tucked inside of your AdSense control panel is a section for creating a Google
search box. Most AdSense users don?t even pay attention to it, and that?s a
shame because hidden inside of that box is a lot of money that?s wanting to
be yours.

When you add that search box to your web site you are creating an instant
portal into Google?s entire keyword inventory. Any time a visitor runs a
Google search from your site, every resulting AdWord ad that appears on the
SERPs is tagged back to you. That means that no matter which ads they click
on, money goes in your pocket. Got that? What an amazing earning

By combining AdSense with the Google search box you open yourself up to
an incredible opportunity to monetize your site. In fact, many AdSense users
say that they earn more money from searches then they do from AdSense
ads on their own page. And it makes sense when you think about it.

A clever idea gets even better

Just as you would expect, Google doesn?t leave you hanging without support
or some great ways to make even more money. Take a look at the features
and options that you can set up right from within your AdSense control

Customized look and feel

You can grab the standard Google search box and be up and running in
seconds. Or you can add your logo and make the box match your site?s color
scheme with over 200 available colors.

Control the scope of your user?s search

You can configure the search box to search just your site or the entire Google
network. It?s your choice. You can even provide your visitors with radio
buttons that let them perform either search. No matter which search they
choose, you?re making money every time they click on an ad.

Google will even host your internal site search result pages for you so you
don?t have to spend a penny buying extra bandwidth or disk space from your
ISP. How?s that for user-friendly?

Online Tracking Tools

Of course, Google also provides you with online tracking and reporting tools
so you can see how well your shiny new search box is doing for you. You can
see your queries, clicks, click-through rate and total earnings just like with
your AdSense for Content ads.

So if you?re not earning money from every ad in Google?s inventory, log into
your AdSense control panel and make it happen.
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How To Improve Your Adsense Income Fast And Easy

Do you want to monetize your content websites? One of the fastest and easiest way to make
money from your current content websites is through Google Adsense Program.
By adding Adsense code on your content webpages, you can easily earn back your hosting fees.
And if your websites have good traffic, you can make even hundreds to thousands of dollars a
Even if you have added Adsense code on your site already, you can still increase your profit by
making some simple changes! Here are 8 proven methods to have a bigger check from Google:
1. Create a custom palette to blend the ads. For example, if your website has a white background,
try to use white as the color of the ad border and background. This will make the ads look like it
is a part of your website, results in more clicks from your valued visitors.
2. Always put the ads on the highly visible part of your website. For short articles, CTR (Click
Through Rate) is best when the code are placed just above the content. For long articles, CTR
increases if the code are placed somewhere in middle of the content - visitors read the long
content and then they are looking for more resources.
On the whole, test the CTR for placing ads in different locations in your website. You will be
amazed how the difference between the locations can affect your earnings.
3. Try to automate the insertion of the Adsense code into the webpages using SSI (server side
included). Ask your web administrator if your web server supports SSI or not. Then how do you
do it? Just save the code in a text file, e.g. save it as "adsense-code.txt", and upload it to the root
directory of the web server. Then use SSI, call the code on your web pages. This tip can save you
lots of time especially if you are using generate pages automatically on your website using page
4. Use Text Ads instead of Image Ads as users can have more choices. More choices means
bigger chances your visitors will click the ads they like.
5. Placing images above ads helps in attracting user attention.
6. There is a special kind of Adsense ads called AdLinks. Blend AdLinks with other navigation
links or place horizontal adlinks at the top of your webpage.
7. If you want to add Google search box, open the search box results in a new browser window,
so you won't lose your visitors. Besides, the search box is better on the top right corner. So you
know where to put it.
8. You can block low paying advertisers with Filters. Why would you like to loose a visitor for
0.01 cents, right?
These tips have been used by many websites to boost Adsense income. Try them on your website
and see how well these tips can improve your income.
To your adsense success, For a free tutorial on this topic and other related
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Understanding Google AdSense

Google AdSense allows webmasters to dynamically serve content relevant advertisements on
web pages. If the visitor clicks one of the AdSense ads served to the website, the website owner
is credited for the referral. Google's AdSense program essentially allows approved websites to
dynamically serve Google's pay-per-click AdWord results.
Website maintenance related to AdSense is very easy and requires very little effort. Webmasters
need only to insert a Google generated java script into the web page or website template.
Google's spider parses the AdServing website and serves ads that relate to the website's content.
Google uses a combination of keyword matching and context analysis to determine what ads
should be served. The java script calls the ad from Google and will ensure that ads are served
each time a visitor goes to the web page.
Early on Google implemented a filtering system that allowed webmasters to prevent a specific
domain's ads from being served on any websites in their account. Ad blocking meant that
webmasters could prevent their competitor's ads from being dynamically served on their
Google provides a wide variety of ad formats to match the most suitable option with a website.
Webmasters can select from a handful of preformatted towers, inline rectangles, banners and
buttons. The ad boxes can be modified by webmasters to resemble the website's color scheme.
Examples of how different the various text boxes and color schemes appear on similarly themed
sites can be viewed at:   (scroll to the bottom) (scroll to the bottom)
or   (download left side) (scroll to the bottom)
Ads can be geo-targeted based on the visitor's location. Advertisements containing content in
English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, or Spanish are all available.
Channels Google recently introduced channels, enhancing AdSense reporting. When a channel is
selected Google modifies the java script to include additional tracking. The additional tracking
information allows webmasters to track a variety of metrics across their sites. Channels can be
used to measure performance on various domains, differences in revenue with various ad sizes,
or placement. By assigning each group of pages to a specific channel and comparing results in
custom channel reports webmasters can work at increasing their AdSense revenue.
Optimizing Google determines the content of the ads that are shown, webmasters serious about
earning revenue from Google AdSense can use the following guidelines to optimize their website
and ensure that targeted and relevant ads are served. If Google's spider has not crawled the site
and determined the nature of the content, public service ads may be served. Public service ads
will not accrue any AdSense revenue if clicked. As a result Google allows webmasters to
designate alternate ads. Alternate ads allow webmasters to utilize the ad space in the event that
Google is unable to serve targeted ads to the web page. By specifying an alternate image, HTML
page, or ad server the advertising space can always being used effectively.
1.) Web page content on pages that ads are served should be static not dynamic.
2.) Ensure that the robot.txt does not prevent the web page from being spidered. Robots.txt file's
will need to be removed or the following text will need to bedded to allow Google's content bot
to crawl the site: User-agent: Media partners - Google
3.) If the website contains frames, select the ?framed page? checkbox when generating the ad
layout code for that website.
4.) The body of the page and title of the page should contain contextual words that indicate a
common theme on the web page.
Revenue Earned Although Google doesn't disclose the exact revenue share or percentage that
webmasters will earn, webmasters will receive a portion of the amount paid for clicks on Google
ads on websites.
AdSense Conclusion: Overall, Google AdWords can provide great supplemental income to
webmasters with content sites. Implementing and maintaining Google AdSense program on a
content site requires very little effort and can often bring a steady stream of additional revenue
for webmasters.
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Also proven and tried entrepreneurial articles on Google Adsense is
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Learn How to Improve the Performance of your AdSense Account

Google introduced some new features to AdSense account. When I checked its really useful, So I
request to all adsense members to Check below given points to increase your AdSense Revenue.
This is equily important for Publishers who will going to join AdSense. If they read this points
and put banner accordingly it would increase their Adsense income.
Tips for Maximizing Your Google AdSense Revenue. These easy-to-implement tips to help you
maximize your AdSense earnings potential.
1. Show your ads above the fold. Placing ads above the fold (the section of your page that is
visible without scrolling) will make the ads more readily visible to your visitors and increase the
opportunity for clicks.
2. Try different ad formats. Not all web pages are alike, so try using different ad formats to
complement the varying layouts of your web pages. Google have a number of ad formats
available for AdSense publishers, Choose one from that which is most suitable to your page.
3. Customize ad color combinations. Try using custom color combinations for your ad units. This
allows you to ensure that the text, background, and border colors of your ads complement your
website. You can choose from a wide variety of colors to create your own custom color palettes,
or select from over 20 pre-defined combinations. When using color palettes, follow below given
points. The background color of the ad the same as or similar to the background color of your
page. The border of the ad a color that is prominent on your page. The title of the ad a color that
is similar to the text on your page. The URL of the ad a color similar to other link colors on your
For added variety and freshness, you can even choose to rotate through up to 4 different color
palettes at a time. visit for editing your ad
colors and creating color palettes.
4. Allow the Google bot to access your site content. To maximize your potential with AdSense, it
is important that your site content is accessible to our content crawler. Certain mechanisms on
your site may limit the amount of content we can crawl and use to generate ads:
If you have a robots.txt file, remove the file or add the following two lines to the top of the file:
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google* Disallow:
This change will allow google bot to crawl the content of your site, so that google may provide
you with the most relevant Google ads.
If your page uses frames, place the AdSense ad code within the frame containing content so that
relevant ads can be served. Placing the ad code in an otherwise empty frame, or in a frame
containing only graphics or dynamic content, will prevent google from gathering content and
serving targeted ads.
Also, when generating ad layout code for pages with frames, be sure to select the Framed page
checkbox on the Ad layout code page.
Login/Authentication requirements
Place AdSense ad code on web pages that do not require an account or password for access.
Google crawlers aren't optimized to index pages that require a username and password, and as a
result, relevant ads may not be served to these pages.
5. Filter out ads you don't want displayed on your site. From within the Settings section of your
account, AdSense gives you the ability to create a URL filter list. Adding a URL to your filter list
will prevent ads from that URL from showing on your website. This is a quick and easy way to
prevent competitors' and other unwanted ads from being served to your pages. Ads for the
websites that you add to your filter list will not run on your site, but remember that filtering sites
may decrease the number of ads that can appear on your pages as well as decrease your potential
For detailed instructions on how to create a URL filter list, please click here

Please do not click on an ad to find its URL. This may be registered as fraudulent clicks in our
system. learn more about how to find the actual URL, please visit
6. Place AdSense ads on text-rich pages. Add AdSense ad code to pages on your site that
predominantly contain text. Only text is used to determine a page's content. Therefore, although
Google's targeting technology is optimized to target ads to pages with frequently updated
content, image-heavy pages or pages with dynamic media such as Macromedia Flash ? may not
return relevant ads.
7. Create pages that are simple and clean. People typically skim a website for less than a minute.
Ensure that visitors to your site can find what they are looking for and are not overloaded with
clutter. Readability, clear navigation, and speed of loading all contribute to a well designed
Make sure that your font colors are easily read on your background color. Use a font size that is
easy on the eyes, and use visual clues such as bullets and horizontal lines to make your site easily
understood. For additional information, helpful Google search terms include:
website design tips
e%2Bdesign%2Btips effective website navigation
8&oe=UTF-8&q=effect ive%2Bwebsite%2Bnavigation web design readability gn%2Breadability

8. Use channels to track performance. Channels are the perfect way to track the performance of
your pages. Before and after optimizing your pages for AdSense, group them into channels to see
how your leaderboards are performing versus your towers, or track one domain versus the other.
You can even see how individual color choices affect your clickthrough rate. For more
information about channels, and instructions on getting started, search or browse for AdSense Support.

For comments, suggestions, and general support questions, please contact google support team at For technical support, please contact

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Using Keyword Density for Google AdSense
With the decline of meta-tags, keyword density ranges have become very important. They've also
become very controversial. Here's the thing: you want a high enough keyword density--at least
7%--that your keywords rank highly in the bigger search engines, such as Google, Yahoo,
DogPile, and HotBot.
But, you don't want your keyword densities so high that they turn your content into over-hyped
gobbledygook, nor do you want to raise a red flag when the spiders come crawling over your
content. If your keyword density is 20% or more, the search engine will most likely red-flag you
for "keyword stuffing" and penalize you by moving you down in the search results.
Thus, keyword density ranges are controversial. To make things worse, different search engines
have different algorithms. One of them might thing an SEO keyword density of 18% is fine,
another may not.
The only way a search engine can figure out just what your page is about is to search for the
keywords you use. Those keywords don't necessarily have to be right there on the page--they can
be in the title and in links that will lead to the page. Having said that, though, keywords that
appear on your page are certainly the most common way that search engines use to decide what
your page is all about. Keyword density refers to the ratio of keywords to the total number of
words on the page.
Now I want you to look again at the paragraph above. There are 95 words total, and I used the
word "keywords" exactly five times. The keyword ratio for the paragraph, then, is 5 divided by
95 times 100, or about 5.26%. Easy math, correct? You bet.
But how much does that stuff matter?
Well, it's not a matter of life and death, but it's pretty important. You see, when a search engine
compares two pages to figure out which one ought to rank higher, keyword density will factor
into it--usually pretty significantly. In fact, all other factors being equal (which is pretty much
impossible, but let's pretend), the page with the higher keyword density will generally rank
However, simple as Keyword Density is, it can also get really complex in a hurry. Do plurals or
other stemmed variations of your keyword count as keywords? Should stop words, which are
those common words you see all the time like "a" or "the," be ignored when calculating density?
Should you include off-page content, like meta tags and titles, in your calculations? What about
keyword frequency or keyword proximity or keyword prominence? What about the Google AdSense
ads themselves? And like I've said before, bear in mind that if your keyword density gets too high,
search engines just might realize it and penalize your page.
Keyword densities really are not rocket science, so don't fall into the trap of making things more
complicated than they need to be. Go to Google and search on "keyword density." The first three
pages should be ones that provide about 20 or 25 different tools for calculating KWD.
Now all you have to do is pick one that feels user-friendly to you and use it to optimize your web
page, noting the results. Now try something else: run a Google search on your keyword, and run
the analysis on the first ten sites. Take a good hard look at the results. From this, you should get a
good idea how your page will compare with the ten top ranking pages in Google, at least in terms
of keyword density.
Here's the thing that frustrates people, though: if you go and do that with three or four different
KWD tools, you will no doubt come up with different numbers, but the graph of those numbers
will look very similar. Don't worry about it, because the numbers aren't the most important thing.
You only care how they compare to each other.
Something else you'll probably discover is that keyword density is not a very good indicator of
rank. The top ranking page may have a much lower density than the page at number ten, for
Why does this happen, when you work so hard to get your keyword density high? It happens
because KWD is only one factor among many. It's important to a good ranking, but it's not the
be-all and end-all of a good ranking. What you really want to know from your analysis is the
range of density values that rank well. Chances are good that if your page is below that range,
getting on page one to compete with the big dogs will be tough, and if you're above that range,
the search engines may think you're "keyword stuffing" and you'll be penalized. Just remember,
though, the numbers are guidelines you should know, not carved-in-stone rules that forever
define your fate. Experiment!
You may hear other self-proclaimed website gurus (besides myself) say that keyword density
should always run between two and eight percent or whatever the current numbers being quoted
in forums across the Internet happen to be. That's partly true. Those numbers are probably fairly
accurate for most keywords. They're based on averages and it's always good to stick close to an
But there's a problem. Here's how the problem goes: the most commonly used letter in English is
the letter "E." If you wrote a ten word sentence, it would be much easier to use the letter E five
times in that sentence than it would be to use, say, the letter Z five times. Letters aren't an even
distribution. Neither are keywords. Big shock, huh?
Remember what I said earlier about not sounding awkward in your content? Well, the biggest
thing about keyword density is that it must read well and sound very natural to a user. It's useless
to get a page one ranking if your content is very lame. Like the letter E, some keywords are easy
to use a lot of while still sounding natural. For instance, if your keyword was "grass" on a site
about lawn care, it wouldn't be hard to use "grass" a lot.
But some keywords just don't lend themselves to being used a "quince" (it's a type of
fruit). Here's the choice to be made: you can use an average range, which will work well most
times, or you can spend time analyzing the top ten pages to find the best range for that particular
keyword and be sure you're not trying to optimize for a Z or a quince.
Frustrated? Don't be! It isn't that hard. If you're still confused, check out a competitor's page in
Google's cache (which highlights the keywords for you) to get a good visual feel for density.
Another good tip is to perform a "real person sanity check" on your content. Reading your
optimized content out loud several times, and try to get a natural flow that will make the copy
draw users who will come back. Then take a hard look at your content. If you can substitute a
keyword for a pronoun without loosing your flow, do it.
For instance, if your keyword is "hammock", instead of a sentence saying, "I love to lie in it,"
say, "I love to lie in my hammock."
I hope you find this information helpful as you create your optimized AdSense cash cows!

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Adsense Ways To Make Money That Every Writer Should Know About

Top Adsense earners usually jealously guard their Adsense ways to make money and the secrets
they might want to reveal, they will only sell at the maximum possible price - like valuable
You cannot really blame them because most of have gone though hell and lots of difficulties to
arrive at their highly successful and effective ways to make money, which give them thousands
of dollars on a monthly basis from AdSense.
This writer has been using his journalistic investigative and research skills to continuously find
some of these closely guarded secrets that are being used by top Adsense earners. And even as
they help me multiply my Adsense earnings, I do not mind sharing them out to others. Let me be
quick to add that you can be sure that I still end up profiting in many ways, so this is really not
an entirely selfless thing I am doing here. That's the really wonderful thing about the net, if you
take your time to figure out stuff, you'll always be able to find a ways to make money from
virtually everything you do.
1. Ways To Make Money In The Power Of A Safe list To Get You Clicks
The first time I tried distributing articles through safe lists and article announcement groups to
pull in traffic to my AdSense sites, my daily revenue shot up three times. Recently I stopped for
a while just to test the impact since I had introduced a lot of other ideas and ways to make money
from Adsense, since. My daily clicks and earnings fell like a stone back to where they were.
Yahoo groups is a good place to start. Ensure that you join groups that are as relevant as possible
to your subject area. This is easier said than done because most groups are fairly general. My
advice is that you carefully view recent articles and submissions at each group before you join.
Do not make the mistake of using your main email address for this because you'll get tons of
emails. Instead register a totally new email address for this. Do take time to quickly glance at the
email headings you receive and maybe to open one or two that strike your fancy. This will give
you new ideas and also remind you how competitive safe lists are and the sort of headlines you
need to get your mail opend by as many people as possible.
You should remember that you will have to churn out articles fairly regularly to keep your safe
lists well fed and the traffic flowing to your Adsense sites. You will need a minimum of 5 articles
a week.
2. Ways To Make Money By Generating Traffic Using Referral Marketing
Most people do not have any long term or medium term strategy for building up traffic to their
Adsense sites. While valuable keywords are important, the truth is that the vast majority of clicks
will earn you a couple of cents and maybe a dollar once in a while. So the only way to
dramatically increase your earnings is to increase traffic.
Despite what people say about viral marketing sites, I still find that they make a lot of sense as
far as the principles of effective online marketing go. The net is really a very powerful tool for
viral marketing where you can do only a little and trigger off a viral effect that will give you
millions - more so when you are talking about traffic and hits to your site.
Here is the viral site I use. You only need to introduce a few to set in motion a chain of events
that will see you receive millions of visitors per day just a few months down the road.
Send me One Million FREE Guaranteed Visitors

Even if you do not like my viral site idea, please ensure that you have a medium term and long
term strategy for building up the traffic to your Adsense site.
3. A Valuable Keyword That Is Not Relevant Is Not One Of The Ways To Make Money
From Adsense
There has been a lot of emphasis on valuable Adsense keywords in recent times. In my opinion
many folks have gone overboard with them. It is important to note that the only keyword that
will help you are the ones that are closley related to your site. The more relevant the valuable
keywords are to your site the better.
Finding a clever way to use a valuable but irrelevant keyword at your site is not one of the ways
to make money with Adsense. The reason is simple. The visitors you attract will not be interested
in the keyword as a subject and are therefore unlikely to click on it.
So what is the secret the high Adsense earners use here? They actually narrow the focus of their
valuable keywords search to keywords that are as closely related to their subject as possible.

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Great Content - The Secret Of High AdSense Revenues

There are two ways to think about AdSense: you can think of it as a way to use your website to
make money; and you can think of it as a way to make money with a website.
What's the difference?
The difference is in the content. In the first case, you already have a website and you simply put
AdSense on the page to turn it into cash. You might change the content a little to influence the
ads and you could make sure that you include the best keywords to bring you the highest
revenues. You should certainly play with the way the ads look on the page to make them
attractive and unobtrusive - and there's a huge range of different strategies you can use to do that.
Ultimately though, the content is there already. You're just using AdSense to turn the content
you're going to create anyway into money - and you're going to use AdSense secrets to make
those revenues as high as possible.
But lots of people also want to build a website from scratch for the sole purpose of cashing in on
all the money available through AdSense. There's nothing wrong with that - provided the content
is high quality.
This is crucial. Google doesn't take kindly to sites packed with keywords and all sorts of other
garbage just to provide a space to put up an AdSense unit. There's a good chance they won't
approve the site, and little chance, even if they did, that you'd get any click-throughs.
But that doesn't mean you have to really bust a gut to create the sort of website that brings you a
small fortune in AdSense revenues. In my book, Google AdSense Secrets, I discuss in detail a
number of different methods that you can use to create great content quickly and easily. Some of
these methods cost a little money; some are completely free and still give you outstanding
content. Whichever method you use though the important to remember is that your site has to
have real content that people will genuinely enjoy reading. There's no point in trying to cut
corners in creating content - and absolutely no revenue to gain.
For more Google AdSense tips, For a free tutorial on this topic and other
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My Adsense Journey
As a blogger, I started creating websites that I found personally interesting to me. I found articles
that were fun and interesting and posted them for people to read. After all.. people create blogs so
they can share their feelings and aspirations. But when you create that blog you also feel that you
are putting a large amount of time into the projects and wish to see if you are able to generate
income from your work. This is where Google Adsense comes into play.
I discovered Google Adsense mostly by accident and was intrigued by the concept of Contextual
Advertising. I felt if Google could deliver the ads, all I had to do was get the traffic. I could sit
back and collect the money. I applied adsense to my site and waited. Well...I waited a "long time"
for little to nothing.
Not being one to give up easily, I used small and large ad formats and applied them to the top
half of my website, to the right side and also to the bottom. I waited a period of time to see the
results and "surprise, surprise". I did get an increase in clicks. The only problem was, the clicks
were still small and didn't amount to much. By this time most people would have given up and
would have just moved along to other advertisers.
I seriously started to look at "Blogads" and "crispads" but I finally came back to Google. After a
period of reflection, I decided that I was missing some critical pieces of information and decided
the best route to take was to learn by example.
I looked long and hard at people who were successful at adsense. I looked at thier sites. I made
mental notes of what they were doing and what kind of content they had. I read thier own stories
of success and then compared what they did against each other.
What I found intrigued me. I found out that successful people in the adsense program have
relavent content and they use human behavior to thier advantage. Now relavent content is a
given, but what I mean by "using human behavior" is a little bit more complex.
Evidently people arrive at your site and make up thier minds up in a flash. Instantly they choose
to stay on your site or leave it. They look for something that catches thier interests and if it does,
they stay there to read your information or end up buying a product.
Internet users are "trained" to look in certain locations and ignore things that are outside of thier
narrow scope of vision. People can look to the sides for information, but the propensity for them
to click your ads becomes significantly lower. By putting ads directly "in thier face", you have a
greater chance they will click it.
Now, I am not an adsense expert by any stretch of the imagination and still learn new things
everyday. I am like "you", a person who wants to generate an income and hopefully have more
incentive to keep going. But...I know what works for me and what doesn't.
Now, there were only several things that I did to increase my adsense clickthroughs and after
experimentation, I am convinced these are the winning ticket.
These are things I did:
I use a white background instead of a color background.
I remove the border on adsense so it does not look like an ad and make sure it matches the
I keep the Title and the Hyperlink "Blue".
I keep Adsense "above the fold", so they are the "FIRST" things that people see when they arrive
at the site.
I use these formats only.
The 338X280. This one is primarily used because it is large and it does not look like an ad.
The small Google "ad links", (180x90) or others similar, because they are not targeted tightly and
give people options to see other things that relavent to THIER interest and I blend the ad to make
it look like the rest of the titles.
I try to keep the ads "left" aligned.
I use the 160X600 vertical for people to see when they move vertically down the website page.
I try to place images near the google ads. Images draw the eyes near the ads.
I keep the site concise, clean and focused.
By using these tactics I was able to increase my adsense clickthrough rate significantly
depending on traffic level and people's interest.
Take my advice and give it try. I believe you will see a change and hopefully make adsense a
more pleasurable experience.
About the author: I started blogging months ago and have enjoyed the experience and made
many new friends across the country.
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Also proven and tried entrepreneurial articles on Google Adsense is
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