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									Riam and Eric's Wedding Update
Hello everyone! With the big wedding weekend just a few days away we thought we'd write with some last-
minute information, details and updates.

Please take the time to read through this, especially if you think you might have questions - because there's
some good information below! Another suggestion: print this page and bring it with you to Cambridge.

You'll also find this same information on the website.

Upon Arrival in Cambridge
If you're driving in we'll assume you've printed out detailed directions and will be able to follow those
directions to your final destination, whether it's the Crowne Plaza, a B&B or Magdalene College. Or maybe
you have GPS?

If you're arriving by train, we suggest taking a taxi from the station to wherever you're staying – taxi drivers
will recognize Crowne Plaza, St Edmund's College, Magdalene (pronounced 'Mawdelin') College etc... but
below we have provided the exact addresses should there be any confusion.

Please don't hesitate to call us if you need anything – especially to tell us that you've arrived! Numbers are
as dialled from within the UK.

Eric – 0750 342 5319
Riam – 0750 333 4996
Adrienne van Dok: 0755 1935 971
Adrienne has volunteered to be a 'help-desk'. She's a good friend and has been helping us with planning and
knows Cambridge and she just might be able to answer your questions.

Riam and Eric's
St Edmund's College
Mount Pleasant
Cambridge, Cambs
Google Map for St Edmund's College

Magdalene College
Magdalene Street
Cambridge, Cambs
Google Map for Magdalene College

Crowne Plaza Cambridge
Downing St
Cambridge, CB2 3DT
Google Map for Crowne Plaza
The map below shows the main accommodation destinations.

For those staying at Magdalene College

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you have not yet paid for your accommodation at Magdalene, please do so at
the following link before your arrival: http://www.riamsara.com/roomreservations.html. And as always, thanks
to those who have already paid!

Upon arrival, check-in must be done with the porter at the entrance on Magdalene Street.

The Porters' Lodge is manned 24 hours a day and can also be reached by telephone at 01223 332 100.

You will receive an electronic key-card and be shown (or given directions) to your room. Some rooms are in
the Cripps Building, which is a five-minute walk around the corner from the porter's lodge.

Rooms are furnished with bedding, towels and basic toiletries. Think about bringing a converter for any
appliances you bring from abroad - voltage in the UK is 220-240V, 50Hz.

Presumably you're all packed and ready to go, and you know exactly what you'll be wearing when. But for
those of you who don't... Friday and Saturday are fairly casual affairs, Saturday night is smart casual and
Sunday is formal. With the diversity of guests who will be coming, we're sure to have a diversity of formal
wear. Riam's father and brother, and Eric and his brothers will all be in morning suits, as will a few other
guests. Many of the women will be in long dresses or cocktail dresses. So have fun, get dressed up, and
We have not looked at the weather forecast and we do not plan on doing so - we're just hoping and praying
for the best. But we'd suggest you do. And remember: this is England! Rain is very common here! It gets cold
at night, and sometimes during the day too! We would suggest bringing an umbrella and a rain coat, as well
as shoes that don't mind getting wet. Also, cambridge is a walking – and biking – city, so bring comfortable
Speaking of the weather...

Foul-weather Alternative Plans
We have thought long and hard about this one and come up with a great solution: in the event that foul
weather upsets our outdoor activities, we shall move to plan B – go to the pub!

Of course everyone also has the option of striking out on their own and visiting the colleges, the shops, the
restaurants...and the pubs.

The Schedule
As it stands today, the schedule is below. Dress is casual for most events, smart casual for Saturday night,
and formal for Sunday.

Thursday Night
9 PM - The Punter, 3 Pound Hill
If you're in town meet at the Punter Restaurant / Pub for Eric's birthday drinks. Come earlier if you feel like
dining on some good gastro-pub grub.

Friday Night
7 PM - The Eagle, 8 Benet Street
We have not reserved a room for Friday, but we'll pop into one of Cambridge's most historic pubs, the Eagle,
for a drink and a chat with anyone else who feels like stopping by.

10 AM - Walk to Grantchester, departing from Magdalene College
We'll depart from Magdalene College in the courtyard on the opposite side of the street from the porter's
lodge. The walk is a few miles each way and will take just over an hour each way, with great views of the
River Cam and the treat of a final destination - The Orchard – 'where time stands still as the outside world
rushes by'... Wear comfortable shoes.

2:30 PM – Punting, Scudamore's Mill Lane Boatyard
We'll meet at Scudamore's Mill Lane location, located at the southern end of the Backs, between the Anchor
pub on Silver Street Bridge and the Mill pub on Mill Lane. Then we'll divide into groups of six and punt
ourselves along the backs for a different view of Cambridge. We'll have the punts for about an hour. Bring
drinks and snacks if you think you might get thirsty or hungry. And you might get a little wet.

7:30 PM - Buffet dinner and Pub Quiz, The Cambridge Union Society, 9a Bridge Street
We'll end a full day of activities at the Cambridge Union where a buffet dinner and drinks will await us, and a
Pub Quiz will test our knowledge of the to-be-married couple.

4 PM – Wedding, Riam and Eric

5:15 PM – Drinks reception, Pepys Cloister, Magdalene College

6: 15 PM – Dinner (or Wedding Breakfast as it's known here),Old Hall, Magdalene College

8:30 PM – Reception, Ramsay Hall, Magdalene College

Monday departures
Many of you will be heading to the airport on Monday the 14th. We'd suggest that you talk to one another
during the wedding and let others know your plans, and perhaps you can share a ride, save money, and
save the planet all at the same time!

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