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					                   LIFE’S SONG

                                                                                 OF THE
                                                                       ROCK HILL BAPTIST CHURCH
     Life is a song written and produced by God,                         1034 SHIVERS GREEN RD
                 But arranged by you.                                      RIDGEWAY SC 29130
 It may be long and melancholy, or brief and joyful.             REVEREND JOSEPH ROBERTSON, PASTOR
                      Sing of love,                             MINISTER VERA STONE, ASSOCIATE MINISTER
                     Pain or anger,                        MINISTER ORENTHAL ROBERTSON, ASSOCIATE MINISTER
                  bitterness or regret.                      
Sing a beautiful and special song of strength and hope       VOLUME XVI FEBRUARY 2008 NUMBER II
          That moves others who witness it,              Inspirational Thought: Whether we obey or rebel, God loves us.
              Or hum it softly to yourself.
                                                         Best in Show            Dog shows on TV can be entertaining. The dog
  Life, like a song, has high notes and low notes                                owners are impeccably dressed and trot along with
                 And wrong notes.                        Man looks at the their pedigreed pooches as they show off their unique
                                                         outward                 canine beauty. The dogs have been trained to stand
No song is perfect, but with dedication and practice,                            confidently with chins lifted high, their shiny coats
          You‟ll learn from any mistakes.                appearance, but
                  Keep practicing,                       the Lord looks at carefully brushed and styled. To me, they all look
                                                         the heart. —1           like winners.
                 And never give up.                                              But I wonder sometimes, when their audience is
                This life is your song.                  Samuel 16:7
                                                                                 gone, what are these dogs really like? Do they ever
   How your song is heard is of your discretion.                                 relax and let their sleek fur get so matted they‟re
      But remember, you only get one song,               mistaken for mutts? Does their doggie breath start smelling foul?
 Make it memorable, because when you are gone,           More important, what are we really like when nobody‟s watching? In
             Your song will still live on                Matthew 23:2-7, Jesus rebuked those who were interested in how they
                          And                            looked in public rather than how they were seen by God. He wants us to be
                                                         obedient, faithful, and committed to Him—even when nobody else sees.
         Forever linger in someone‟s heart.
                                                         The Pharisees focused on the way they were perceived by other people.
                                                         God‟s focus is on what we‟re like inside. His desire is for us to look like
                       *SLB*                             His Son.
                                                         We‟re not in a competition with other Christians. God will never ask us to
                                                         compete for “best in show.” He measures us by the perfect standard of His
                                                         Son (Eph. 4:13). And in love, He provides the righteousness we need so
                                                         that we can be blameless before Him (Col. 1:21-23). —Cindy Hess Kasper
                                                                               Just live your life before your Lord,
                                                                                  It matters not what others do—
                                                                              Your actions will be weighed by Him
                                                                         Who metes out judgment just and true. —Roe
                                                            Living for God’s approval is better than living for man’s applause.
                                                                              THOUGHTS FOR THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY
                                                                              (Taken from Our Daily Bread and The Upper Room)
 1…Shaun Butler
 2…Arissa Nelson                                                                                               No day is dark when you live in the light
 5…Joseph Belton                                                                                                of God‟s Son.
 6…Andrew Harris                                                                                              The new birth takes but a moment;
 6…Trent White                                                                                                  spiritual maturity takes a lifetime.
 7…Margaret O‟Neal                                                                                            Start each day with your armor in place
10…Ethel Tucker                                                                                                 and your marching orders in hand.
13…Lucile Johnson                                                                                             Christ‟s sacrifice was what God desired
13…Sidney Butler                                                                                                and what our sin required.
20…Reecy Thompson                                                                                             People don‟t care how much you know
26…English Jones                                                                                                unless they know how much you care.
27…Sarah Robertson                                                               God doesn‟t ask us to bear tomorrow‟s burdens with today‟s strength.
28…James Roseborough                                                             A Christian‟s life is the window through which others can see Jesus.
                                                                                 Only Jesus, the Living Water, can satisfy our thirst for God.
Happy Wedding Anniversary to three couples this Month: Mr. & Mrs.
                                                                                 Thankfulness depends on what is in your heart, not what is in your
Andrew Harris on February 6, 2008; D. J. & Emma Harris on February
14, 2008; and John & Reecy Thompson on February 16, 2008.
                                                                                 The Fear of the Lord can deliver us from the Fear of Others.
Congratulations and Best Wishes to these Couples.
                                                                                 There are no shortcuts to Spiritual Maturity.
CONGRATULATIONS:                                                                 God can weave the thorns of life into a crown of glory.
                                                                                 You are one of a kind - designed to glorify God as only you can.
      Gerell L. Lawhorne received the Superintendent‟s Honor Roll for           We would not delight in sin if we were not deceived by sin.
       making all A‟s; Perfect Attendance; Star Student Award; and a             To be under Christ‟s control is to have true Freedom.
       Blue Ribbon for participating in the Science Fair for the 2nd nine        We plant the seed, but God gives the Harvest.
       weeks.                                                                    With God‟s Arms beneath us, we need not fear what lies before us.
      Gerard O. Lawhorne received the Superintendent‟s Honor Roll for           It‟s not how long you live that counts, but how well you live.
       making all A‟s; Perfect Attendance; Math Award; Certificate of            Christ‟s Empty Tomb is Full of Hope.
       Achievement Award from the Junior Achievement; and a Blue                 To recognize Satan‟s lies, focus on God‟s Truth.
       Ribbon for participating in the Science Fair for the 2nd nine weeks.      To trust is to Triumph, for the Battle is the Lord‟s
                                                                                 You can have Tons of Religion without one ounce of Salvation
A Pledge Campaign is under way with March 1, 2008, as the deadline               God works through the details to complete the big picture.
to pledge. Each member is asked to Pledge a minimum of $1,000 each               By living in love, every believer can bring glory to God.
year with all funds going towards the Building Fund. If you need a               The Lord can restore any broken life.
Pledge Form, see the Ushers or request one from any person on the                The family of God always has room for one more.
Finance Committee (Nathaniel Long, Sidney Butler, Marie Tucker,                  Have faith in the Lord; the Lord has faith in you.
Liza Tucker, Patricia Belton or Tealie Edwards). This is an                      God will finish the good work begun in us, even if it takes eternity.
                                                                                 We follow God not because of what we see but because of what we
                                       --The Finance Committee
                        PHARAOH’S HEART                                WHAT IF THERE WERE NO BLACK PEOPLE?

Find each word listed below. After you have found all the words, the            his is a story of a little boy name Theo who woke up one morning
leftover letters spell a Mystery Word. ___________________________              and asked his mother, Mom, what if there were no Black people in
                                                                                the world? Well his mother thought about that for a moment, and
                                                                                then said Son, follow me around today and lets just see what it
       K   A    H   R   E   D   N    U   H   T   B   D   N    A   H    would be like if there were no black people in the world. Mom said, now
       N   S    T   A   E   R   T    N   E   E   F   O   M    S   D    go get dressed and we will get started.
       E   S    A   N   O   V   R    Y   D   E   I   A   F    E   E              Theo ran to his room to put on his clothes and shoes. His mother
       A   E    C   O   N   V   O    C   A   T   I   O   N    R   G    took one look at him and said Theo, where are your shoes, and those
       D   M    O   R   A   N   H    S   A   D   U   E   P    V   Y    clothes are all wrinkled son, I must iron them. But when she reached for
       I   B    N   A   I   A   T    N   S   R   V   D   O    A   P    the ironing board it was no longer there. You see Sarah Boone, a black
       N   L    G   A   M   A   I    E   T   A   U   O   S    N   T    woman, invented the ironing board and Jan E. Matzelinger, a black man,
       G   Y    R   B   N   M   R    E   E   S   P   G   S    T   I    invented the shoe lasting machine.
       T   D    E   K   O   V   E    L   T   T   A   C   Y    S   A              Oh well, she said, please go and do something to your hair. Theo
       R   R    G   B   A   N   N    E   R   D   L   I   H    C   N    ran in his room to comb his hair, but the comb was not there. You see,
       O   O    A   N   T   U   M    A   G   I   C   I   A    N   S    Walter Sammons, a black man, invented the comb. Theo decided to just
       U   L    T   H   P   L   A    I   R   O   M   E   M    H   N    brush his hair, but the brush was gone. You see Lydia O. Newman, a black
       G   F    I   R   S   T   B    O   R   N   Y   R   O    L   G    female, invented the brush.
       H   F    O   U   N   D   A    T   I   O   N   E   X    O   I              Well, this was a sight, no shoes, wrinkled clothes, hair a mess, even
       S   G    N   I   R   E   F    F   O   T   N   R   U    B   S    Mom‟s hair, without the hair care inventions of Madam C. J. Walker, well
                                                                       you get the picture.
                                                                                 Mom told Theo, let‟s do our chores around the house and then take
                                                                       a trip to the grocery store. Theo‟s job was to sweep the floor. He swept
                                                                       and swept and swept. When he reached for the dust pan, it was not there.
                                                                       You see, Lloyd P. Ray, a black man, invented the dust pan. So he swept his
AARON                   ENTREAT                   MAGICIANS
                                                                       pile of dirt over in the corner and left it there. He then decided to mop the
ABOMINATION             FEAST                     MAIDSERVANT
                                                                       floor, but the mop was gone. You see, Thomas W. Stewart, a black man,
ASSEMBLY                FIRSTBORN                 MEMORIAL
                                                                       invented the mop.
BEDCHAMBER              FOUNDATION                OXEN
                                                                                 Theo yelled to his Mom, Mom, I‟m not having any luck. Well son,
                                                                       she said, let me finish washing these clothes and we will prepare a list for
CATTLE                  GLORY                     RAIN
                                                                       the grocery store. When the wash finished, she went to place the clothes in
CHILDREN                GOD                       SERVANTS
                                                                       the dryer but it was not there. You see, George T. Samon, a black man,
CONGREGATION            HAND                      SIGNS
                                                                       invented the clothes dryer.
CONVOCATION             HYSSOP                    STANK
                                                                                 Mom asked Theo to go get a pencil and some paper to prepare their
DAY                     KNEADINGTROUGHS           THUNDER
                                                                       list for the market. So Theo ran for the paper and pencil but noticed the
DUST                    LORD                      UNLEAVENED
                                                                       pencil lead was broken. Well he was out of luck because John Love, a
                                                                       black man, invented the pencil sharpener. Mom reached for a pen, but it
                                                                       was not there because William Purvis, a black man, invented the fountain
                                                                       pen. As a matter of fact, Lee Burridge invented the type writing machine,
                                                                       and W. A. Lovette the advanced printing press.
HAPPINESS TIPS I CAN USE:                                                    Black History Information:
   Never let a day go by without giving at least three people a                      Bessie Coleman (1892-1926): Elizabeth “Bessie” Coleman was
    compliment.                                                              born on January 26, 1892, and is popularly known as "Queen Bess." She
                                                                             was the first Black woman to become an airplane pilot, and the first
   Happiness is an inside job.                                              American woman to hold an international pilot license.
                                                                                      Arthur Ashe (1943-1993): Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr. was born
   Happiness is a byproduct of service.                                     July 10, 1943 and was a prominent Black tennis player who was born and
                                                                             raised in Richmond, Va. During his playing career, he won three Grand
   Success comes in cans; failures come in cants.                           Slam titles. Ashe is also remembered for his efforts in social activism.
                                                                                      Ruben Britt, Jr.: Ruben Britt, Jr. is a native of Roxbury,
   The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is        Massachusetts, who has over thirty-one years of experience in education as
    knowing how to get along with people.                                    a teacher and as a career planning counselor. Mr. Britt has written several
                                                                             articles related to career development, higher education in a number of
   Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.       publications including Upscale Magazine, Black Collegian, Equal
                                                                             Opportunity Magazine and Black Issues In Higher Education. Currently, he
  Love makes the world go „round, but laughter keeps us from getting        is the Assistant Director of Career and Academic Planning Center at Rowan
   dizzy                                                                     University in Glassboro, New Jersey. Also, he is the founder and CEO of
************************************************************                 the Brick Empowerment Foundation, which is a non-profit community
                           Drowsy Driver Quiz                                action organization.
                                                                                      Rebecca Cole (1846-1922): Rebecca J. Cole was the second of

M         any of us will be traveling to see friends and family. Sometimes
          we drive too long and too late at night and may become sleepy.
          That can be very dangerous. Many car and truck accidents
happen each year because a driver goes to sleep at the wheel. Here are the
warning signs that might help you realize if you are a drowsy driver:
                                                                             two Black women to qualify as a physician in the United States in 1867.
                                                                             Cole was born in Philadelphia, in 1846. Rebecca Lee was the first Black
                                                                             female physician and graduated three years earlier than Cole from New
                                                                             England Medical College. Although Rebecca Cole practiced medicine for
                                                                             50 years, few records survive to tell her story, and pictures of her are even
                                                                             scarcer. She went to the Institute for Colored Youth in Pennsylvania and
   Your eyes close or go out of focus.                                      graduated in 1863. Her medical thesis was titled “The Eye and Its
   You have trouble keeping your head up.                                   Appendages.”
   You can‟t stop yawning.                                                           Charles Drew (1904-1950): Dr. Charles Richard Drew was a
   You have wandering, disconnected thoughts.                               Black physician and medical researcher. He researched in the field of blood
   You don‟t remember the last few miles                                    transfusions; he developed improved techniques for blood storage and early
   You drift between lanes, tail gate or miss traffic signs.                during World War II applied his expert knowledge in developing large-
   You keep jerking the car back into the lane.                             scale blood banks. He protested against the practice of racial segregation in
   You have drifted off the road and narrowly missed crashing.              the donation of blood from donors of different races since the idea that
                                                                             races had different blood types lacked scientific foundation. In 1943,
It’s pretty scary when you see these warning signs in cold, hard print,      Drew's distinction in his profession was recognized when he became the
isn’t it?                                                                    first Black surgeon to serve as an examiner on the American Board of
                          Who is Jesus?                                            CLEANING HOUSE FOR 2008
                          HE IS JESUS
                                                                       Last Week I threw out worrying, it was getting old and in the way.
                          WHO IS HE?                                        It kept me from being me; I couldn't do things God's way.
          IN CHEMISTRY, HE TURNED WATER TO WINE.                                          I threw out a book on MY PAST
       IN BIOLOGY, HE WAS BORN WITHOUT THE NORMAL                                      (Didn't have time to read it anyway).
                         CONCEPTION;                                         Replaced it with NEW GOALS, started reading it today.
  IN PHYSICS, HE DISPROVED THE LAW OF GRAVITY WHEN HE                                   I threw out hate and bad memories,
                  ASCENDED INTO HEAVEN;                                               (Remember how I treasured them so)?
   IN ECONOMICS, HE DISPROVED THE LAW OF DIMINISHING                 Got me a NEW PHILOSOPHY too, threw out the one from long ago.
 RETURN BY FEEDING 5000 MEN WITH TWO FISHES & 5 LOAVES               Brought in some new books too, called I CAN, I WILL, and I MUST.
                           OF BREAD;                                                  Threw out I might, I think and I ought.
 IN MEDICINE, HE CURED THE SICK AND THE BLIND WITHOUT                                   WOW, you should've seen the dust.
           ADMINISTERING A SINGLE DOSE OF DRUGS,                           I ran across an OLD FRIEND, I hadn't talked to in a while.
        IN HISTORY, HE IS THE BEGINNING AND THE END;                         His name is GOD the Father, and I really like His style.
     IN GOVERNMENT, HE SAID THAT HE SHALL BE CALLED                    He helped me to do some cleaning and added some things Himself.
          WONDERFUL COUNSELOR, PRINCE OF PEACE;                                     Like PRAYER, HOPE, FAITH and LOVE,
IN RELIGION, HE SAID NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT                                Yes... I placed them right on the shelf.
                        THROUGH HIM;                                      I picked up this special thing and placed it at the front door.
                        SO. WHO IS HE?                                 I FOUND IT- it‟s called PEACE. Nothing gets me down anymore.
                          HE IS JESUS!                                                  Yes, I've got my house looking nice.
************************************************************                                Looks good around the place.
           IN GOD I'VE FOUND EVERYTHING!                                  For things like Worry and Trouble there just isn't any space.
                                                                                       It's good to do a little house cleaning,
                     The Greatest Man in History                                          Get rid of the things on the shelf.
          Jesus had no servants, yet they called Him Master.        It sure makes things brighter; maybe you should TRY IT YOURSELF.
             Had no degree, yet they called Him Teacher.               BE BLESSED AND BE A BLESSING TO SOMEONE ELSE!!!!
            Had no medicines, yet they called Him Healer.        May the Lord open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that
                He had no army, yet kings feared Him.                             you will not have room enough to receive it all.
       He won no military battles, yet He conquered the world.                                        Malachi 3:10.
           He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him.         May the Lord bless you exceedingly abundantly above all you could ever
             He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today.                                    hope for. --Philippians 4:19.
         I feel honored to serve such a Leader who loves us!     ************************************************************
                                                                                            “If it is in the Bible, it is SO.”
                                                                                 “If you want the right answer, it’s in the Bible.”
                                                                  “You can learn a lot from studying the Bible; you can learn still more by
                                                                                                      practicing it.”
    'We exist to share the good news of Jesus Christ'            If you will become saturated with the knowledge of the Bible, you will have
                                                                            God’s answer to every important question of men today.”

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