IELTS Spoken subtest _Foundation_ - DOC by sofiaie


									IELTS Spoken subtest (Foundation)
                    By Tracy Kong Revised and edited by
                  Lenny Miller 小狮子

Examination Format
Part 1         General questions
Length of time 4-5 minutes
Interaction    Conversation
               (the examiner asks questions and the candidate
               answers them)
Topics         Personal
               Ex: the candidate, Your home, your hobbies,
               your friends, your English studies and so on.
Functions      Describing
               Giving factual information
               Expressing opinion and attitude
               Giving reasons for opinions, preferences and attitudes

Part 2         Cue card
Length of time 3-4 minutes
Interaction    Monologue
               The candidate has 1 minute to prepare short talk.
               Then you will be expected to speak for up to 2
               minutes –between 1 and 2 minutes. finally the
               examiner may ask you one or two questions related to
               your topics.
Topics         Personal
               Ex: A book that the candidate has read; a city the
               candidate likes; a sport the candidate is familiar with.
Functions      All the functions from Part 1 plus:
               - Comparing and contrasting
               - Expressing feelings
               - Explaining facts
               - Imagining

Part 3         Cue Card
Length of time 4-5 minutes
Interaction    Discussion
               The examiner will ask questions on a topic related to
               the one you talked about in part 2.
Topics         Academic
               Possible topics
               - The media..(TV program that you enjoy)

                    - Environment
                    - Education
                    - Culture
Functions           All the functions from Part 1 plus:
                    - Describing situations, attitude
                    - Speculating on the future
                    - Assessing positive and negative points
                    - Describing roles, functions, rights and
                    - Using conversational skills

Criteria for Assessment
 Fluency and coherence
     I speak fluently , without hesitating.
     I stall for time and use fillers and hesitation.
 Lexical resource
     I use wide range of vocabulary.
     I use vocabulary correctly.
 Grammatical range
     I use a wide range of grammar
     I use grammar accurately
 Pronunciation and intonation
     I pronounce individual words well.
     I use intonation and sentence stress well.

Basic skills
1. 发散思维

    Examiner: Do you like going to the gym?

   Candidate: Certainly, I am the gym type. You know, we are living in a
    world where health is becoming more and more important, and
    certainly going to the gym regularly is one of the best ways of keeping
    healthy. Keeping in shape makes the immune system strong so if you
    get diseases it will not be as bad. Moreover, going to the gym a lot
    can enable me to build up a really hot figure, which I am sure is the
    thing that every girl is dying to get.

2. 纯正英语

    Examiner: Where do you like to go shopping?

    Candidate: Wow, shopping, I have to say I am big shopping freak. Big
    shopping malls like Charter is definitely my shopping paradise. A
    place where my eyes are always glued on millions of international big

    Moreover, good quality, long-term warranty, and good customer
    service will be guaranteed if you shop over there.

3. 纯正英语

    Examiner: Why do you like going to the gym?

    Candidate: Of course, I like it very much. Because Chinese people
    have raised their beauty standard, I want to keep in fashion, and I
    want to have a healthy body, too. I just don‘t want to ruin my health

4. 真正交流

    Examiner: Do you like hanging out in pubs and clubs at night?

    Candidate: Oh my God, I am crazy about hanging out in pubs and
    nightclubs. You know, I face huge pressure coming from both study

  and work. So I think I deserve having some fun once in awhile. I look
  forward to the time when I can hang out with my friends. I feel this
  makes us feel much closer plus we can learn what we all have been
  up to. Talking about pubs, there is one cocktail I have got to strongly
  recommend to you, its name is ‗blue heaven‘, it really rocks when it is
  served on the rocks! You have got to try it sometime. You will like it.

Five important factors for IELTS speaking
te s t
 Keep going
 Be in control
 Make it natural
 Keep smiling
 Dress for success

Politeness is easy and IMPORTANT
Add sir and ma‟am to the ends of your responses to polite
     –Good morning.
     –Good morning, sir / ma‟am.
Don‟t sit without asking or being told to.
     –“May I please take a seat?”
     –“Where shall I sit?”
Nod your head when saying “thank you

Stage one -- General Questions
– your name and your identity card
– Your studies
– Your occupation
– Your hometown
– Your hobbies (shopping, collection, painting,)
– Local culture and custom(weather, language, wedding, time,
 flower, photo, number, newspaper, travel…)转题库

Examiner: Where are you from?
Candidate A: I am from Changchun.

Candidate B: I am from Changchun China. Changchun has 200
years of history and it‟s situated in the northeast of china. It is a
very beautiful city. The weather and climate are good, and
landscape is very beautiful.

Candidate C: I am from Changchun, an industrial hub in
northeastern China and the capital of Jilin province. With over 200
years of history, Changchun is a huge and modern city. Talking
about the climate, I can use “mild ” to describe it. Moreover, the
landscape there is absolutely breath taking.

Ways to expand your answers
 Add features
 Add durations
 Add locations
 Add comparisons
    Ex: Hometown (weather, food, population, architecture,
    history, dialect, education, employment opportunities,
    entertainment, nightlife, modern life style)

Example: Your name
Does your given name have any meaning?
What does your name mean?

–―Well, my name is Yue Ming and it means Moon Light. The first
character, X, means … and the second character, X, means… . My
parents gave it to me because they hoped… .‖

Example: Your hobbies
What do you do in your spare time?
What is your favorite hobby and why?
How often do you do it?

Is it popular in your country? Why?

      –―My favorite hobby is …. I‘ve been doing it since I was …. Many
      people in China do this because ….‖

Grammar structures for stage 1
“current state”, present tense structures involving you as
the subject and „am‟ as the verb

      I am currently …ing at …
            Ex1: I am currently attending classes at Jilin
            University in Changchun.

            Ex2: I am currently working at Faurecia located in
            Changchun. A company that makes the interior for the Audi

           Ex3: I am currently taking classes at the University of
           Technology in southern Changchun.
I am …at…
     Ex: I am a doctor at a big hospital in Changchun. Right now
     I am ….

      Ex: Right now I am just preparing to go overseas.
      These days, I am …

      Ex: These days , I am preparing for my IELTS exam.

Referring to durations

I have been… for…
      Ex1: I have been working for 3 years.
      Ex2: I have been bowling for over 10     years
      Ex3: I have been an Electrical Engineer for the last 12

I have… since…
      Ex 1: I have lived in Beijing ever since I was a small child.

         Ex 2: I have been interested in computers ever since I was
               a child.
         Ex 3: She has been interested in fashion since she was in
                high school.

Expressing likes, preferences and favorites

I enjoy
      having lots of money
      making good dinners for my family.
      taking long walks in the moon light.
      doing my homework for school.
      showing my collection of stuffed animals.

I like
         playing sports whenever I have free time.
         making lots of money.
         doing many different things.
         taking pictures of nature.
         showing off my new fashions .
         bowling with my friends.

I prefer to
      to take the bus because it is more convenient.
      study alone, because I learn much faster that way.
      make gourmet foods for my family when I have a chance.
      live in a big city, because it has many more things to do at night.

My favorite (is/are)
     types of restaurants are those that serve lots of seafood.
     food is hamburger with lots of ketchup.
     car is the Mercedes because it drives    so smoothly.
     motorcycle is the Harley, because it sounds so cool and
     looks great.

Talking about changes
…is getting more and more….
 Ex: My hometown is getting more and more modern.
…is getting…er and …er

 Ex: My life is getting more and more modern.
…has become more…..
 Ex: People’s living conditions have become more complex.

Future tenses with probability and conditionals
I might …
     just continue my studies overseas.
     go to shen yang next week to see the sights.
     take that job Faurecia offered me last week.
     be in line for that promotion to manager.

I will probably
       just go back to China to look for a job.
       be teaching at the university of Colorado next spring.
       get a new car next year if I get a raise.
       go back to school next semester to finish my degree program.
       make a cake for your birthday next week.
       agree with you if you change point number one for me.

I am planning to
           stay in Changchun for a while after I graduate and look for a
           go to Boston College next year.
           go see my mother and father during the holiday break.
           visit my friend in Shanghai next month.
           go on a two week vacation next summer.
           to marry my boy friend after we graduate from college
           next year.

After I
I will
           I will return to China and help my father in his business.

If I
           don‘t like my major
I will….
           change it to another one.

Comparatives and superlatives
A…is more ….

 Ex: A bicycle is more convenient.

…are more….

  Ex: Films are more interesting to watch when you see them at a

A…is…er than….

     Ex: Watching a good football game/match live is better than sitting
     at home watching it on TV.

Cities are not as clean as places in the countryside.

Clothes are too expensive in the major shopping centers in Beijing.

姓名影响个性吗?(Do you think your name can affect your

Caring (善解人意的)
Modest (谦虚的)
Independent (有独立性的)
Personality (个性) Individuality
Upright (正直的)

教育背景 (Educational background)
Bachelor of arts (文学学士)
Bachelor of science(理学学士)
Freshman (一年级学生)

教育背景 (Educational background)

Junior college student(大专生)
College /university of science and engineering (理工科大学)
Comprehensive university (综合性大学)
Full-time boarding school (全日制寄宿学校)
In-serve training school (在职进修班)
Secondary specialized school (中专)
Vocational school (职业学校)
Journalism (新闻学)

教育背景 (Educational background)

Biological sciences (生物学)
Psychology (心理学)
Electrical engineering and automation (电气工程及)

其自动化 (Automatic)

Computer science and technology (计算机科学与技术)
Civil engineering (土木工程)
Human resources management (人力资源管理)

工作情况:(Work information)

Civil servant (公务员)
Freelancer (自由工作者)

家乡天气:(Home town weather)

Living Environment (生活环境)
Natural environment (自然环境)
Climatic conditions (气候条件)
Heavy snow (大雪)
Fresh air (空气新鲜)

风俗习惯:(Cultural Customs)

Growing old together (白头偕老)
Groomsman (伴郎)
Bride‘s maid (伴娘)
Celebrating at the wedding feast (吃喜酒)
Get engaged (订婚)
Affectionate couple (恩爱夫妻)
Bridal veil (婚纱)

风俗习惯:(Cultural customs)

Wedding banquet (婚宴)
Marriage ceremony (结婚典礼)
Marriage certificate (结婚证)
Matchmaker (媒人)
Honeymoon (蜜月)

Proposal (求婚)
Everlasting love (天长地久)
Bridegroom (新郎)
Bride (新娘)

风俗习惯:(Cultural customs)

Wedding banquet (婚宴)
Marriage ceremony (结婚典礼)
Marriage certificate (结婚证)
Matchmaker (媒人)
Honeymoon (蜜月)
Proposal (求婚)
Everlasting love (天长地久)
Bridegroom (新郎)
Bride (新娘)

你的朋友: (Your friend)

Have an inquiring mind (爱动脑筋)
Talkative (爱说话的)
Impulsive (冲动的)
Creative (创造性的)
Smart (聪明的、潇洒的)
Isolated (孤独的)
Sociable (好交际的)
Straightforward (老实的)
Charitable (宽厚的)
Optimistic (乐观的)
Rational (理性的)

你的朋友: (Your friend)

Mean (吝啬的)
Sensible (明白事理的)
Introvert (内向的)

Extrovert (外向的)
Hot-tempered (脾气暴躁的)
Industrious (勤勉的)
Well-rounded (全面发展的)
Socially adaptable (社会适应性强的)
Worldly-wise (世故的)
Easy-going (随和的 )
Eloquent (有口才的)

你的朋友: (Your friend)

Imaginative (有相象力的)
Self-centered (自我为中心的)

体育运动 (Sports Games)

Track-and-field (田径运动)
Table tennis (乒乓球)
Badminton (羽毛球)
Chess (象棋)
Playing cards (打牌)
Billiards (台球)
Surfing (冲浪)
Skin diving (潜水)
Martial art (武术)
The 2008 Olympic Games (2008年奥运会)
Championship (冠军)
音乐乐器: (Musical Styles

Traditional music (传统音乐)
Classical music (古典音乐)
Light music (轻音乐)
Dancing music (舞曲)
Pop music 流行音乐

音乐乐器: (Musical Styles)

Folk music 民间音乐
Country music 乡村音乐
Jazz 爵士乐
Rock-n-roll 摇滚乐 (Rock and Roll)
Blues 蓝调
Swing 摇摆乐
Campus songs

校园歌曲音乐乐器: (Musical Styles)

Civic ballad 民谣
National music 民族歌曲

音乐乐器: (Musical Styles)
World famous piece of music 世界名曲
Folk song 民歌
Black, blue, dusky 忧郁的
Energetic 充满活力的
Easy to understand 容易理解
Melodious 悠扬的
Pleasant 悦耳的
Relaxing 令人放松的
Soulful 充满热情的

职业工作: (Professional Jobs)

Unsatisfied 不满意的
Job satisfaction 工作满意度
Job prospects 工作前景
Rewarding 回报不好的
Pressing 紧迫的
Challenging 具有挑战性
Demanding 苛求的
Exhausted 令人筋疲力尽的

Satisfactory job 满意的工作
Be content with 满足
Tap one‘s potential 挖掘个人潜力

职业工作: (Professional Jobs)

Boring 无聊的
Stressed 有压力的

有压力的职业工作: (Professional Jobs)
Self-realization 自我实现
A content mind, a content life 知足常乐

知足常乐留学打算:(Plans to go abroad to study)
Achieve great success 获得巨大成功
Challenges abroad 海外挑战
Grasp opportunities 抓住机会
Immigrate to other countries 移民他国

留学打算:(Plans to go abroad to study)
International rules 国际准则
International practices 国际惯例
International standards 国际标准
International educational background 利用海外资源

国际教育背景留学打算:(Plans to go abroad to study)
Local enterprises 本土企业
Make use of the resources abroad 利用海外资源

留学打算:(Plans to go abroad to study)

More competitive in job seeking 在找工作时更有竞争力
Put research into practice 把理论运用于实践
Carve out 创业
Run a company of one‘s own 开设公司
开设公司交通运输 (Transportation)

Careless pedestrian 粗心行人
Off-peak hours 非高峰期
Rush hours 高峰期
Sidewalk 人行道

交通运输 (Transportation)

Traffic jam 交通拥挤
Public transport service 公交服务
Overpass 天桥
Parking lot 停车厂
Trolley 无轨电车喜欢的餐厅 (Favorite Restaurants)
Fast food restaurant 快餐店
Take-out food restaurant 外卖店
Western-style restaurant 西餐厅
Sichuan-flavor restaurant 川味餐厅
Revolving restaurant 旋转餐厅

喜欢的理由: (Your favorite reasons)

Hot food spicy food 辣食品
Popular activity 普遍行为
Relaxation 放松
Enjoy with friend 与朋友共享
Wonderful performance 精彩演出
Good eating-place 好的就餐地址
Unique flavor 风味独特
Beautiful environment 环境优美
Romantic atmosphere 浪漫的氛围
Social interaction 社交活动
Convenience 方便

喜欢的理由: (Your favorite reasons)

Sanitation 卫生
Economical 节约的,
经济的野生动物 (Wild animals)

Elephant 大象
Wild cat
Tiger 老虎
Hare 野兔
Panda 熊猫
Monkey 猴子

In general the topics used for stage 2 tend
to b e :
People (人物)
Places (地点)
Objects (物体)
Event (事件)
Habits (习惯\喜好)
Instructions (操作说明)
Imaginary scenarios (想象的情景)

In general the topics used for stage 2
People (人物题)

old person (person you like to talk to)
celebrates (film star/sports star/character in TV or film)
Adventurous people
Leader in business or sports or politics. )


Favorite room or apartment (room or house that you lived when you was
a child)
A building (library)
A leisure center
A hotel
garden or park
shopping center


Favorite room or apartment (room or house that you lived when you was
a child)
A building (library)
A leisure center
A hotel
garden or park
shopping center

Object (物品题)

Electrical appliances
clothing or fashion
vehicle or bike
An important letter
A piece of furniture

Object (物品题)

childhood present
news report


public event
important /positive change
An unsatisfactory purchase
Being late
A time when you helped someone
Practical skills
Busy day
happy event (activity in your English class)

Favorites (喜好题)

A film
An Outdoor activities
Favorite season
Sports event
Foreign cultural

Imaginary scenarios (假想题)•Small business
A meal
To start a small business
A large sum of money

People topics

Appearance - personality - influence - values

age: over 70 years old, middle age, in her 20‘s.
She looks younger than her age.
She looks fantastic for her age.
Height: fairly tall, medium height, short, small
He‘s of medium height.
He‘s of average height.
Figure: over-weight heavyset, slim, in good shape,clean-shaven

Weight: Fat, over weight, heavy, slim, slender,
skinny, petite, tiny.

He always gives the impression of being someone
who is very efficient and pretty professional/smart.
He has a pleasant face and gives the impression of
being someone who is very friendly.


Family member: understanding, supportive, respect
your parents, respect each other‘s privacy, kind…

Famous person/star:

creative, sensitivity, attractive, original, unique style,
nice personality, fighting spirit, courage, committed,
devoted, a sense of justice, a sense of integrity,
brave/tough, a sense of social equality, justice,


She is the most kind hearted and sweetest person I
have ever met, seen, known.

she‘s always full of passion/enthusiasm, love and
concern about (for) people around her.


Values: honesty, charity, dedication, optimistic…
Honesty is the best policy.

Place topic

A room:

Bedroom furniture: bookshelves, wardrobe closets,
plants, lamps, stereo, carpet and curtains.

It‘s pretty compact.

It is a bedroom and also a study room for myself.

Go into the room, there‘s a double bed in the middle
and a plant beside the window.

A table and a armchair lie just in the left corner beside the bookshelf.

The bookshelf is right opposite the door and against the wall.

Object topic


First of all, you have to …/the first thing you have to do is
Next/after that/ then
Remember to…/don‘t forget to…/make sure to…


First of all, you have to make a frame with bamboo rods.
Next, cut the paper into the shape of a fish, butterfly or

After that , you can stick the shape onto the frame.
Don‘t forget to add a tail to the kite to maintain the kites
balance. This is the one I treasure the most and I still
keep it today. It reminds me of a very happy time.

Event topic
The most unforgettable/impressive wedding I‘ve ever seen.

In a big restaurant /hotel..
I am afraid I cannot remember all the details exactly, but it was in the

Bride, bridegroom, bride‘s maid

Master of ceremonies for the reception

The crowd began to cheer when the bridegroom and the bride stepped

in the reception hall
They walked arm in arm down the isle.
They exchanged their wedding rings.
Bow to the heaven and the earth

Propose toasts/offer cigarettes in return for those red-envelops.

They lived happily ever after.
There is a strong element in Chinese traditional weddings.

Sample notes on topic

Describe a personal possession that is valuable to you.

   What is it? my gold wedding ring
How long you have owned it? Since marriage
fourteen years ago
How you use it? Ring finger on my left hand
And explain why it is so significant for you.
Symbolizes continuing love and respect for each

Describe the oldest person you know.
The oldest person that I know is my grandfather. He is actually very
close to me. When I was young, my father was away a lot in the army,
and my grandfather took on the role of my father.

He is a very kind gentleman. He is a simple man in that he likes to
socialize and drink with his friends at home. He is a carpenter by trade,
and one time I was able to work with him when my father asked him to
put a floor in our house. Once when I was going on a train trip, he gave
me a whole box of a special kind of candy that I liked.

I really love my grandfather and I believe that he loves me. He has
taught me a lot about just being happy with the things that I have to do,

and also to take time to enjoy life. I think that I get some of my athletic
ability from him, because he knows kung fu.

I haven't seen my grandfather for a few years, but I know that he is
doing well and I know that he will be happy to see me when I go to visit
him. I believe that he grew up in a pretty rough time here in China.
Things were a lot more difficult than they are now; all through it all he
always maintained a happy outlook on life. I would like to grow up and
be like him in some ways, I wouldn't say that he is perfect, but then who
is? (264 words)

Describe your favorite shopping center
I‘m not quite keen on shopping actually, so I don‘t know much about
those fancy department stores in Beijing. If I have to go shopping, it‘s for
daily necessities like food and shampoo, and things like that. The
supermarket where I do most of my shopping is Carefour, a French
chain supermarket, I suppose.

It‘s located in the zhongguancun square, not very far from the place
where I live. It‘s within walking distance.

As I told you, I go to Carefour mainly for things I need every day.
Carefour has everything you could expect of a big supermarket: rows
and rows of shelves, full of beautifully packaged stuff. You can get
anything you need.

I quite like this supermarket. First, it takes only five minutes to get there.
You can hardly like one that takes you an hour at least simply to get
there. Second, Carefour has everything you need. It‘s like a one-stop
thing. You don‘t have to buy grocery in one shop and CDs in another.
It‘s quite convenient, especially for those like me, who don‘t want to
waste a lot of time shopping . There‘s another reason why I like it. There
are quite a number of fast food restaurants and bookshops near the
entrance. So I can have something to eat or pick up a book and have a
nice cup if coffee. I like that.

Describe an unforgettable advertisement that you saw or
While waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up from work, I was watching
advertisements on the TV in the lobby. That night I saw an
advertisement that has forever stuck in my mind.

It was a commercial for Nike shoes with Michael Jordan. In it he said ,
I‘ve missed more times I‘ve been trusted to take the game winning shot
but missed. I‘ve failed over and over and over again in my life, and that
is why I succeed." I couldn't get that commercial out of my mind, not
because I thought buying Nike shoes would make me as successful as
Michael Jordan, but because of his unflinching determination and

Life is full of challenges and difficulties that test our level of commitment.
I believe having determination divides the winners from the losers.
Successful people are not ones who have never failed, but those who
kept trying. As simple as this may sound, it is the one ingredient that
separates the winners from the losers. The one skill that winners acquire
is an understanding that growth is only possible if you have the courage
to change what you have been doing, if it is not achieving the result you
desire. Sometimes success is learning how to fall and recognizing that
from that fall you will learn to grow. And growth is what a fulfilling life is
all about.

Describe an item that you bought that you were
dissatisfied with.
Well, I really enjoy drinking coffee; unfortunately, I do not always have
hot water. Three months ago I decided to do something about that. I
went to the Fu Cheng Men market to buy a water heater, I chose the
most convenient one: a little pad on which you place a cup and it is
supposed to heat the liquid inside. It was being sold for a very
reasonable price, and I only had to bargain for a short time.

I took it home, but then forgot about it for about one month. One day I
wanted to make some hot coffee and remembered the water heater I
had bought. So I went and found it and plugged it in. However, When I
placed the cup on the pad, it heated the coffee very poorly. In fact, it

didn't even make the coffee warm.

I was very angry, so I threw it away. Now I have to use a stove to boil
the water first. I am sure next time I decide to buy such a product as a
water heater, I will look in a more reliable place and probably try to get a
trusted brand. I will also have to write a note to remind myself of my
purchase so that I can discover problems earlier, and thus have time to
exchange it.

Magical grammar structures for stage 2

How to answer „what' questions in the first subtopic
The…I …the most/best is….

  Example: The sport I play the most is…

The …I have ever…is….

  Example: The best place I have ever traveled to is…

My favourite… is …

  Example: My favourite building is the Great Hall of the People.

A…I like best is….

  Example: A restaurant I like best is a seafood restaurant near my

How to answer ‗when‘questions
I first …in/at/on….

 Example:I first met my best friend in university.

I once…when I was….

  Example:I once went to Guilin when I was young and it was the most
beautiful place.

I started…while I was…..
   Example: I start learning English while I was a middle school student.

How to answer ‗habit‘questions(how often)
I …about …times a….
  Example:I read a new book about 3 or 4 times a month.

I usually…during/before/after….
   Example:I usually listen to music after I come home from work.

I …whenever I ….
  Example: I play ping-pong whenever I have free time.

How to use descriptive terms to
describe locations

It is situated in….

 Example: It is situated in a mountainous area in the southwest of

It is located …

 Example: It is located in the north of the city next to the subway.

It is near….

 Example: It is near the city center.

It is next to …..

  Example: It is next to a big shopping mall.

It is behind /in front of/between….

  Example: It is in front of a very busy crossing

How to use descriptive grammar for appearances, functions and habits
of people, animals and objects

It/he/She is…with….

 Example: It is tall with lots of spots on it.

            She has long hair with big dark eyes.

It/he/She has lots of…
  Example: It has lots of functions.

It/he/She resembles/looks like….

 Example: He looks like a monkey and he acts like one too.

It/he/She always….

  Example: She always helps people whenever she has the chance.

It/he/She never

 Example: He never acts rudely to anyone and is always patient.

It is made if….

  Example: It is made of pure silk.

It can be /is used as a/for/to…

 Example: It can be used as a word processor.

How to use descriptive grammar

to describe places
There are many….
 Example: There are many things to do there, such as swimming
snorkelling and diving.

It is famous for…
  Example: It is famous for its lovely beaches.

There you can ….
 Example: There you can enjoy a nice view of the valley.

It is full of ….
   Example: It is full of beautiful parks everywhere you look.

Some great expressions for narrating and sequencing
I can recall /still remember ….

 Example: I can still remember the time when I received a letter of
acceptance to the university.

I‘ll never forget when…

 Example: I‘ll never forget when I lost my wallet.

In the beginning,.….

  Example: In the beginning of the story, a woman enters a wealthy

After ….I…

  Example: After I had heard this I rushed downstairs.


  Example: Then they get married.


 Example: Finally the girl dies broken-hearted.

How to describe moods and effects

I feel like I was….

Example: I felt like I was flying in the air.

I felt so…I could…

 Example: I felt so happy I thought I might die of joy.

I was filled with.….

 Example: I was filled with emotion over what had just heard.

I was in a …mood

 Example: I was in such a depressed mood.

I was overcome with…
  Example: I was overcome with gratitude over what she had done.

I was… to death…

 Example: I was scared to death of this.

It …me deeply.

 Example: It moved me deeply.

How to use instructional grammar

The first thing you need to do is….

 Example: The first thing you need to do is plug it in.

To start with you should.…

  Example: To start with you should make sure you have all the right

After that you should ….

 Example: After that you should fill it up with water.
Then ….

Example: Then you should let it go nice and gently.

 Example: Finally, you should turn off the power button.
Don‘t forget to….

 Example: Don‘t forget to recharge the batteries regularly.
Make sure you (don‘t )….

Example: Make sure you don‘t forget to turn it off when you are finished
with it.

How to use conditional phrases for imaginary cards
If I could …anyone/anywhere / I would
Example: If I could go anywhere I would go to Hainan during the

First I would …and then I would….
 Example: First I would ask him how he managed to succeed and then I
would ask him to share the secrets.

I wouldn‘t have to ….
  Example: I wouldn‘t have to worry about time or commitments.

How to use explanation grammar

The impact /effect it had on me was….

Example: The impact it had on me was that it made me think of how
important life is.

The reason I think this …is so…is because….

 Example: the reason I think this animal is so powerful is because it is

I think the reason I like …is because ….

   Example: I think the reason I like this gift is because it represents our

I choose /chose this …as my favourite because ….

 Example: I choose /chose this dish as my favourite because it is nice
and spicy.

Example 1

Describe someone you admired.
In fact , there are many people I admiredvery much. It is not easy for
me to say whom I admired most. But if I have to choose one, the first
one who comes into my mind is…

Example 2
Describe a teacher who influenced you most.
Well, thereare actually many teachers who have influenced me lot in
my education, so it is not easy for me to decide which one influenced
me most. But I have chosen one, I would say one of my teacher in
college who used to teach me called political economics……

Stage 2— How to prepare CUE CARD



Stage 2
How to prepare CUE CARD

2. 每个范围中的相关词汇。例如:novel, history books, biography,
science fiction 等等。

3.   where, what, when, why, advantages and disadvantages.


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