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    the area. Back pain comes in many different forms and is one of the most common disorders that people suffer
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                                          Acid Reflux And Back Pain - Options For Relief
                                                                   By Stefani Padilla

   The Worst of Both Worlds

 You have acid reflux. Now to add insult to injury, you have back pain too! People who suffer from acid
reflux often feel helpless to do anything to find relief from their pain, but to add back pain as well,
sometimes it just too much. However, if you are one of the people who suffer from both acid reflux and
back pain, do not give up hope, for there are solutions available to you. It will just take a little personal
research to learn about what they are and which one is best for you.

Your Options

The Answer May Already Be In Your Kitchen

 According to acid reflux and back pain sufferers, one of the best treatments for acid reflux is a very
simple remedy – vinegar! Vinegar is a natural and safe way of treating both acid reflux and back pain.
You simply drink a tablespoon of vinegar each day, preferably in the morning. This helps to reduce
acid reflux by basically counteracting the overproduction of acid in your stomach.

 For those who thing they may not have the stomach (or the tastebuds) for vinegar, apple cider vinegar
can replace the regular vinegar. With the apple cider vinegar you take about one tablespoon before
each meal. Using the vinegar method to treat acid reflux, you should begin to see results within a few
weeks, although some people state they notice relief after only a few days. However, it is important to
continue to take the vinegar on a daily basis, even after you begin to notice improvement. Otherwise
your pain and acid reflux may return.

Or It May Be In Your Medicine Cabinet

 For those who prefer the drug store treatment of acid reflux, another method is to combine antacids
and pain medication for the relief of both the acid reflux and the back pain. The antacids will work for
the acid reflux by neutralizing acid in the stomach, while the pain medication will offer relief from the
back pain. In general, antacids are a gentle medication and can usually be taken safely in conjunction
with other medications. However, be sure to consult with your doctor to determine which antacid/pain
reliever combination is best for your particular condition.

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 For specific back pain relief, there are several over-the-counter options as well as prescription drugs
that are now available. Some of the most commonly used ones are acetaminophen and non-steroidal
anti-inflammatory drugs. These over-the-counter medications tend to show results in a few days. If you
are pregnant or plan to become pregnant you should not take ibuprofen. Be sure and talk with your
doctor in detail before taking any other pain medications.

 Prescription pain medications and muscle relaxants may also be used, but these should not ever be
considered as a long term solution, and if used for a prolonged period of time they may actually end up
making the condition worse.

Choosing The Right Option for You

 As difficult as it is when you are suffering from both acid reflux and back pain, try to maintain a positive
outlook. There are effective solutions available, it may just be a matter of time and trial and error before
you find the method or combination that works best for you. It is also extremely important to consult a
medical professional rather than try to diagnose and treat yourself. A medical professional will be better
able to asses and diagnose your condition and determine which specific combination of medications or
treatment would be most suitable for you. It is also important to stay in close contact with your
physician, so that they can track your progress and make any changes necessary for your overall
recovery and health.

Article by Stefani Padilla, author, entrepreneur, home based business owner, wife and mom. For more
free articles like this one on improving your health visit Health Smart Mom at

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                                            Seaching For The Best Acid Reflux Cure
                                                                By Tori A Hewitt

 You can help find cure for your acid reflux (or gastroesophageal reflux disease) with a little patience
and a lot of will power. Finding an acid reflux will not be as easy as you think; it will take some hard
work to achieve a pain free body. The most important thing is to get as much information as you can on
acid reflux. Be familiar with the condition. You also need to talk to your doctor about any acid reflux
cures and treatments available to you. You can then start to design your lifestyle around being acid
reflux free. You will need to incorporate all these things into one to get the best acid reflux cure
possible for your situation.

Information about acid reflux and heartburn is the vital key that can help solve problems with mild or
severe acid reflux. Acid reflux is a very painful condition that can cause serious damage to the
esophagus and the digestive system if left untreated. The search for an acid reflux cure involves
helping the sufferer find comfort as well as prevent acid reflux from reoccurring.

You can try any number of acid reflux cures for your condition. Work with your doctor so you can have
the best chance of having a good outcome. Find the right care and take an active role in understanding
what is going on inside your body so you can take the proper steps. Your acid reflux condition does not
only affect your digestive system; it affects your entire body.

Acid reflux medications that do not work with the chemicals in your body will prove to be ineffective
acid reflux cures. In addition, they may cause more harm to your system. It is a fact that there are
medications available that can cause more damage than actually treating the acid reflux. There is
nothing worse than taking medications you think will give you acid reflux relief and find out that they
only make your condition worse. This is the reason you need to consult with a doctor because he or
she can prescribe the right acid reflux cure for you. Your doctor can also inform you of the possible
side affects of such medications and advise you of the steps you need to take to ensure you avoid

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