COUNTY OF SIMCOE
SECTION:                  Museum
ITEM NO.                  PM 08-080
MEETING DATE:             August 14, 2008
SUBJECT:                  Potential Acquisitions Offered to the Simcoe County Museum


THAT Museum Acquisition Items in Chart A of PM 08-080 be accepted;

AND THAT Museum Acquisition Items in Chart B of PM 08-080 be refused.


Since presentation of the previous Potential Acquisitions report, the following items in Chart A and
in Chart B have been offered to the Simcoe County Museum. It is recommended that these
potential acquisitions be assigned as follows:

       Chart A – ACCEPT
       Item #      Item                         Use
       2.1        Melodeon                      Artifact
       2.2        Drafts                        Artifact
       2.3        Images                        Artifact
       2.4        Quilt                         Artifact
       3.1        Tea crate                     Artifact
       3.2        Night gown                    Artifact
       3.3        Wedding gown                  Artifact
       3.4        Cap                           Artifact
       3.5        Cloth                         Artifact
       3.6        Pin                           Artifact
       3.7        Camisole                      Artifact
       3.8        Postcards #1-11               Artifact
       3.9        Plate                         Artifact
       4          Kitchen wear                  Support material
       5          Flag                          Artifact
       6          Ladies boots                  Fund-raising
       7          Camera                        Fund-raising
       8.1        Planer                        Artifact
       8.2        Engine                        Artifact
       8.3        Boiler                        Artifact
       8.4        Cylinder                      Artifact
       8.5        Wheels                        Artifact
August 14, 2008    Performance Management Committee PM 08-080                          Page 2

      8.6         Mill stones                Artifact
      8.7         Crown gear                 Artifact
      9.1         Engine                     Artifact
      9.2         Saw                        Artifact
      9.3         Belt                       Artifact
      9.4         Mower                      Artifact

      Chart B – Refuse
      Item #      Item                       Reason
      1          Specimens                   Lack relevance
      3.8        Postcards 12-16             Lack relevance


1.    Item(s):     SPECIMENS
      Acq. Mode: Donation
      Information: Canada Goose, Red Tail Hawk (female), Red Tail Hawk (male), Rough
                   Legged Hawk; all items are in fair to poor condition with evidence of various
                   stages of infestation which currently appears inactive; Certificates For
                   Reporting Game issued for the three hawks from the Ministry of Natural
                   Resources, Maple District (Orangeville).
      Recommend: Refuse all four; lacking relevance.

2.    Item(s):     1) MELODEON
                   2) DRAFTS
                   3) IMAGES
                   4) QUILT
      Acq. Mode: Donation
      Information: 1) The melodeon was purchased at an auction in the 1960‟s by William
                   Arthur Rice; this musical instrument is mentioned and illustrated in Loreen
                   Rice Lucas‟ book, Apple Pie Philosophy, More of the Same.
                   2) These drafts are for Outhouses and Apple Pie (1996), Apple Pie
                   Philosophy-More of The Same (1998), Apple Pie Wisdom (2001), and Apple
                   Pie Bedtime Stories (2003), all by Loreen Rice Lucas.
                   3) This group includes ink drawings and sketches done by Loreen Rice Lucas
                   for her books as well as photos taken while on vacation(s), some of which
                   stories are included in her books.
                   4) To commemorate the International Year of the Older Person, this was
                   “Created by A Dedicated Group…Both Young and Old…”; title panel has
                   the symbol for International Year of Older Persons 1999; contains 18 blocks,
                   each individually completed, as well as the title block; the work involved 35
                   people in 17 teams by ladies of all ages; a (photo) album included which
                   contains quilting instructions and notes from the various quilters; Log Cabin
                   design of muslin and a wine print of flowers; hanging sleeve secured to top
                   reverse; 98 x 129cm.
      Recommend: ACCEPT all.

3.    Item(s):      1) TEA CRATE
August 14, 2008     Performance Management Committee PM 08-080                             Page 3

                   2) NIGHT GOWN
                   3) WEDDING GOWN
                   4) CAP
                   5) CLOTH
                   6) PIN
                   7) CAMISOLE
                   8) POSTCARDS
                   9) PLATE
      Acq. Mode: Donation
      Information: 1) The tea crate belonged to Mrs. Annie (William) Walker who, with her
                   husband, ran the Coulson General Store (built by William Walker in 1879)
                   for many years; when her husband passed away, Annie and her brother,
                   Wilfred Jaret, lived together on Charles Road, Orillia, until their deaths; 43.5
                   x 43.5 x 48.5cm high; 5mm plywood on a ¾ x 1” framework; lined with
                   brown parchment and heavy foil; edges reinforced with straps of tin; lid is
                   labelled kanan devan tea, periav urrai, bro-org-pek, inv № 36
                   ch № 8154.
                   2) Made by Evelyn McLean (nee Leadley) who lived in Orillia; coral colour
                   silk 126cm long with 5cm sleeves; crocheted neckline and sleeve hems in
                   off-white with pink trim; 58cm flounce each side is 17cm wide at hem; In
                   1908, when Evelyn was between the ages of 12 and 13, her mother Jeannet
                   Leadley (nee Wattie) died. Evelyn and her sister Helen moved to the Wattie
                   stone house to live with her grandmother Isabella Wattie (nee Orok), Uncle
                   Charles and Aunt Belle. The nightgown was made sometime before her
                   marriage to Stanley MacLean. Stanley worked for Simcoe County Foresters
                   for several years before moving to Orillia and taking a job at the now
                   Huronia Regional Centre...Donor‟s note.
                   3) Wedding Gown belonged to Isabella Forbes (Belle) Wattie who was born
                   February 23, 1888 and raised on Lot 10, Con 7, Vespra Township (stone
                   house N/W corner of Hwy 26 and Wilson Drive); Belle was a trained
                   seamstress and the family story indicates she made her own wedding dress;
                   married Robert Caldwell, son of Frederick Caldwell and Ellen Bell, in
                   Vespra Township, 1916; fine cream silk two-piece dress 134cm long with
                   lace belt and attached shawl:
                       1) Skirt section is gathered on to grosgrain band with hook and eye front
                       fastening; deep125mm hem held by Colonial Knot stitches at 25mm
                       intervals (in heavy silk twist); seams are machine stitched; set-in sleeves
                       machine stitched and finished by hand stitching the fold over; puffed by
                       gathers and attached to 150mm cuff of lace lined with silk; finished with
                       Colonial Knot edging and a 50mm lace ruffle with 7mm silk edging also
                       with knot edging.
                       2) Silk bodice has an open cross-over front gathered at the waistline
                       including a lace shawl; the lace shawl drapes over the shoulder and is
                       caught at the front and back waistline; net front and back „V‟ lines are also
                       fastened with rows of Colonial Knot; puff sleeve above elbow.
                       3) Belt of lace 65mm deep fastened at centre front with a plain gold
                       brooch 25mm x 3mm.
August 14, 2008     Performance Management Committee PM 08-080                           Page 4

                     4) Under slip of white cotton machine stitched with hand overcast edges;
                     40mm band with hook & eye closure; 57cm waist; 33cm panel gathered to
                     waistband and having a 127cm hem to which is attached another 61cm
                     panel of cotton eyelet lined with cotton for fullness giving a 213cm hem;
                     French seams on this section.
                     5) Camisole has a 90mm crocheted, sleeveless top panel and drawstring
                     neckline tie with crocheted tassels; fitted white cotton below with six pearl
                     buttons and hand sewn button holes.
                 4) Night cap or dust cap 32cm diameter; cream colour lace with lace frill and
                 cream colour silk lining; 25cm twisted gold ribbon across front with rosettes
                 at each end; gathered to fit closely around the circumference of the wearer‟s
                 5) Text, “The Allies Forever”, is central showing flags of England, Scotland,
                 Belgium and France and four exploding mortar shells towards the corners; on
                 beige linen, 53 x 53cm; one selvage edge; possibly for a pillow top.
                 6) Presented to Stanley MacLean for his Overseas Service with 177th Simcoe
                 Foresters; made by Trophycraft; 27mm high; Mr. MacLean worked for
                 Simcoe County Foresters for several years before moving to Orillia and
                 taking a job at the now Huronia Regional Centre.
                 7) A white under bodice worn under, over, or without a corset, this one is
                 fitted at the waist with a draw-string; hand embroidery work on front panels,
                 up front fly, around neckline and on armholes; three button closure.
                 8) Sixteen in all, eleven relating to the County:
                   .1 Fishing at Midhurst is Certainly a Man‟s Work
                   .2 Church of England, Midhurst
                   .3 Rectory, Midhurst
                   .4 Town Hall, Midhurst
                   .5 Public School, Midhurst
                   .6 Blacksmith Shop, Midhurst
                   .7 Smith‟s Old Homestead, Midhurst
                   .8 Lover‟s Drive, Midhurst
                   .9 Methodist Church, Creemore, Ont.: correspondence dated Aug 3, 1922;
                       postmarked AU 3 22
                   .10 Store & Ice Cream Parlor, Port Stanton, Sparrow Lake: correspon-
                        dence dated Aug 7th; postmarked AU 8 16
                   .11 Capstan Inn, Wasaga Beach, Ont.
                   .12 Reforest Station, St. Williams, Ont.: water scene
                   .13 Reforest Station, St. Williams, Ont.: aerial view of Seed Beds
                   .14 Reforest Station, St. Williams, Ont.: aerial view of Surt‟s Home
                   .15 Reforest Station, St. Williams, Ont.: Surt‟s (Superintendant‟s?) Home
                   .16 Reforest Station, St. Williams, Ont.: view of Lawn and Surt‟s Home
                 9) Souvenir plate showing Barrie Court House post 1877; pink with scalloped
                 edge; 20cm diameter; image is brown and white but shows blue sky above
                 the clouds; image is identical with that on page 65 of the book BARRIE, A
                 Nineteenth-Century County Town (exception – man standing and
                 team of horses with wagon are gone).
      Recommend: ACCEPT all but postcards 8.12 – 8.16.
August 14, 2008     Performance Management Committee PM 08-080                          Page 5

4.    Item(s):     KITCHEN WARE
      Acq. Mode: Donation
      Information: The following items and more were offered as a complement to the set-up of
                   the kitchen area of the Cottage, accession # 2004.35:
                   1) 8 dinner knives.
                   2) 13 dinner forks
                   3) Flour sifter
                   4) Cake decorator
                   5) Can opener/Corkscrew
                   6) Pocket scale
                   7) Shoe tree
                   8) Camera, Baby Brownie
                   9) Serving bowl
                   10) Mixing bowl
                   11) Egg slicer
                   12) Butter knife
      Recommend: ACCEPT all.

5.    Item(s):     FLAG
      Acq. Mode: Donation
      Information: Canadian; cotton with stamped impressions; red with Union Jack in upper
                   left corner; nine provinces or Territories represented (Ontario, Quebec, Nova
                   Scotia, New Brunswick, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, North-
                   West Territories, Yukon, Manitoba) on a crest surmounted with gold crown
                   and with a laurel of Maple Leaves and having a beaver resting on a log at
                   bottom; 94 x 178cm (37 x 70”); rope halyard looped at one end; white duck
                   border with manilla rope; some fading of blues and greens but red is still
                   vibrant; representation on crest makes this flag at least pre-1905 at which
                   time Saskatchewan and Alberta came into Confederation.
      Recommend: ACCEPT.

6.    Item(s):     BOOTS
      Acq. Mode: Donation
      Information: “The Gainsborough”; ladies high boot; 20 brass eyelets; 435 2274 stamped
                   on liner of each boot; long back stay extending from heel to top of shoe; from
                   a shoe store in Penetanguishene.
      Recommend: Accept for fund-raising only as they duplicate the Collection.

7.    Item(s):     CAMERA
      Acq. Mode: Donation
      Information: Brownie Box Camera; Canadian Kodak Co., Ltd., Toronto, Ont.; uses Kodak
                   Film 120; no County history.
      Recommend: Accept for fund-raising only as it lacks County history.

8.    Item(s):      1) PLANER
                    2) ENGINE
                    3) BOILER
                    4) CYLINDER
August 14, 2008     Performance Management Committee PM 08-080                          Page 6

                   5) WHEELS
                   6) MILL STONES
                   7) CROWN GEAR
      Acq. Mode: Donation
      Information: 1) This Metal Planer sat in the machine shop of the Copeland yard beside the
                   Lathe; this as well as all equipment in the shop was belt driven.
                   2) The Nagel Engine was in a building in Copeland‟s yard; the flywheel was
                   found in the back corner of the yard and is included.
                   3) The Horizontal Boiler when removed from the stable at Copeland‟s, was
                   used as a water tank, thus the tubes and one end are gone; at one time used as
                   a boiler for steam power in the mill.
                   4) In 1955, the Cylinder came from a saw mill south of Dorset, opposite St.
                   Nora Lake on Hwy 35; reported to have been used at Wice‟s Mill at
                   Craighurst which was steam operated.
                   5) These wheels, including axels, were used on the small gauge track of the
                   spur line into Copeland‟s yard; lumber and ties were stockpiled on each side
                   waiting shipment out in boxcars to Penetanguishene; in the 60‟s, they went to
                   lift trucks.
                   6) Mill Stones from the original Copeland Elmvale Grist Mill (built between
                   1895-1900) on Hwy 92 at the Wye River; the book keeper had a habit of
                   lighting a piece of paper at the space heater and with that, lighting his
                   cigarette and, as was his habit, tossing the paper into the waste basket; the
                   mill burned in 1963 as a result; when excavated, the mill stones were in poor
                   shape but whether from frost or heat is uncertain.
                   7) Crown Gear relates to the Mill Stones of 6) above.
      Recommend: ACCEPT all.

9.    Item(s):     1) ENGINE
                   2) SAW
                   3) BELT
                   4) MOWER
      Acq. Mode: Donation
      Information: 1) Ca 1919; Fairbanks-Morse; 3 horse power; horizontal; water cooled; used
                   by Lloyd Spence and son Allen to power the Buzz Saw (below) for cutting
                   firewood at 65 Doran Road, Midhurst; engine and saw moved in 1954 with
                   Al Spence to 30 Finlay Mill Road.
                   2) Buzz saw powered by the Engine (above) at 65 Doran Road, Midhurst;
                   thought to be purchased from Simpson's Catalogue; flywheel on main shaft;
                   blade included.
                   3) Belt used with two items above for transfer of energy.
                   4) Golf green clipper with roller; thought to have been used at Shanty Bay
                   Golf Course; Qualcast “Suffolk” Engine, Model No.15A, Type 75 9 14,
                   Made in England; mower is a Qualcast Commodore; 5 shears on drum blade
                   35cm long; roller drum is 35.5cm wide x 19cm diameter; clippings are
                   ejected frontwards over the blades into a metal receiver suspended out front:
                   45cm wide x 30.5cm diameter (irregular); levers for engine speed, mower
                   speed and clutch; fuel tank mounted on handles; pull cord start.
      Recommend: ACCEPT all.
August 14, 2008       Performance Management Committee PM 08-080                    Page 7


There are no financial implications to this item.


There are no schedules attached to this item.

PREPARED BY:           Robert Prince/Kelley Swift Jones, Curator

APPROVALS:                                                         Date:

Jane Sinclair, General Manager of Health & Cultural Services       August 1, 2008
Craig Elliot, General Manager of Finance and Administration        August 5, 1008
Mark Aitken, Chief Administrative Officer                          August 8, 2008

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