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					           Wedding Photography                                                                               by
                                                                                           Jason Parsons
                          Relive and Remember your greatest moments in life.
           We create beautiful memories of your day and feature quality products and friendly old fashion service.
           We are known for our candid photojournalistic and traditional style with close attention to detail and to
                                            the needs of the bride and groom.
  Package Plans:
                  Basic Package- $1100                                       Please X      Optional Items to add
                    Engagement Session                                                    Digital Negative DVD-$500 value
            1/2 hour sitting of couple in outdoor or indoor setting                       Minimum of 250 high-resolution print-ready images
                         3-8x10s & 4-5x7s of one image                              Includes Permission Letter which allows you full permission to
                                                                                  print your images from your Digital Negative DVD. Great option
            Wedding Day/Rehearsal Coverage                                                            for Do-It-Yourself ordering!
              2 photographers will document your wedding day
                                                                                            Bonus DVD Movie-$200 value
                               Proof CD                                             Collection of all images from Proof CD and handpicked unseen
          Minimum of 250 selected/worked low-resolution images for                 images from your rehearsal, wedding, and reception. This DVD
                                  viewing                                                 can be played in most DVD players and computers.
                              Proof Book                                                      Wedding Album-$200 value
                     Printout of all images on Proof CD                            Collection of all images from Proof CD and handpicked unseen
                      Online Proof Gallery                                        images from your rehearsal, wedding, and reception creatively put
          Collection of all images from Proof CD posted on web site                 together in a custom hard-cover 10x10 with 40-50 pages of full
                                                                                                              color photos.

        Order prints and products through us or                                                Parents Album-$125 value
                                                                                   Collection of the parents choice of 100 pictures from the Proof
        buy the DVD and order all products &                                       Book creatively arranged in a custom hard-cover 10x10 with 25
                  prints on your own.                                                                 pages of full color photos.

                                                                      Total Cost: Wedding Package $1100 + Options=________Total
  Terms & Conditions:
 1. A $250 deposit is required at time of booking your wedding photo session.
 2. All deposits ar non-refundable, in the event of a date change or wedding cancelled for any reason.
 3. Please allow four weeks from the date of your wedding for your first viewing of wedding photos.
 4. Photographer’s prices are adjusted periodically and future orders shall be charged at the prices in effect at the time when the order is placed.
 5. The length of time a color photograph retains its original color quality depends on, amoung other things, the environment in which it is
 displayed or stored. Photographic dyes, like dyes used in other products, can change with time. To preserve the longevity of your photographs
 store them in a cool dry environment away from direct sunlight and in an acid free archival alubum or mat.
 6. All work is guarunteed as to photographic quality and craftsmanship. Jason Parsons Photography shall not be held responsible for nonperfor-
 mance due to mechanical failure, acts of God, or any other circumstances beyond its control. The studio’s liability is strictly limited to return
 of monies received.
 7. COPYRIGHT: All images, products, and digital files are the exclusive property of Jason Parsons. It is hereby agreed that Jason Parsons shall
 reserve all copyright privileges. Reproduction of the images in any form is strictly prohibited without written permission from Jason Parsons. It
 is further agreed that Jason Parsons reserves the right to display any photographs made in conjunction with this wedding as samples of my work
 for the purposes of window and showroom exhibit, advertising, publication, instruction and/or professional competition.

 Information & Payment:
Client: __________________________ Date: ________ Ph#:______________ Address: ________________________________________

Wedding Dates:___________________ Bride: ____________________ Groom: ____________________ Times: _____________________

Total Cost from above Package and Options: $__________ Deposit paid on:__________ Balance to be paid by ________: $_________
The remaining balance of your wedding fees are due the day of rehearsal. Prints and extra product payments ordered after the wedding are
due at the time of ordering. We accept cash or checks payable to Jason Parsons.

The terms of this agreement, dated ________________, 20___ are accepted by:
Contracting Party ______________________________ Studio Representative_________________________________

                   Jason Parsons •      PO Box 161, Dunfermline, IL 61524 • 309-360-3231 •