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                           Wedding Date                 Time                   The Wedding
                                                                                   Scott Johnson
                                                                1816 Colonial Village Way Apt. 3
                                                                     Waterford Michigan, 48328
                                     INVOICE/ CONTRACT                      (248) 884-3203 Cell

                                    Customer Information
 Full Name:
              Last                                      First                   M.I.

              Street Address                                                    Apartment/Unit #

               City                                                State        ZIP Code
 Home Phone:          (        )            Alternate Phone:       (       )
 E-mail Address:
 Fiancée’s Name:

                                    Wedding Information
 Name of Location:
              Street Address                                                    Apartment/Unit #

               City                                                State        ZIP Code

 Reception info.

 Rehearsal info

 Basic Photo Pak
                                                         TOTAL                  700.00
                          Check #
                                                         DEPOSIT                350.00

                                                         BALANCE                350.00
Make Checks Payable to: Scott Johnson

This Constitutes an order for Wedding Photography services: including photographs of the wedding
ceremony and reception (as well as formal shots on location). Attendance of any rehearsal is at the
Wedding photographers discretion, and usually prearranged, if deemed necessary will be indicated
on the front of the invoice.

A deposit of half the total amount is required at least 8 weeks prior to the day of the wedding. All
amounts are indicated on the front of the invoice.

On an arranged day after the wedding ceremony the client will receive a single set of prints in a box
along with a CD/DVD of all the pictures for their own use. The pictures and discs become the property
of the client on the day the balance is paid. Permission is granted to reproduce at any photo studio. A
final balance check for all remaining amounts will be due upon delivery of pictures and discs. The
final balance payment should be a cashiers check, money order or cash.

The Wedding Photographer reserves the right to use copies of the prints for advertising.

Although all care will be taken with the images (digital images will be duplicated and stored for safety)
the wedding photographer limits any liability for loss, damage or failure to deliver pictures for any
reason to return of all deposits made.

The Wedding Photographer reserves the time and date agreed upon, and will not make other
reservations for that time and date.

Any questions call 248-884-3203

All terms of this agreement are understood and agreed upon.

Signature_________________________________________ Payee

Signature_________________________________________ Photographer

Please send a signed copy to address on front of invoice (use the self-addressed stamped envelope)