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                      WEDDING PLANNING DOCUMENT

Pre-Production Material

   Needed two weeks before your wedding.

Directions to the dressing location(s) if covered
Planning Guide. Complete the enclosed planning guide and return

        BALANCE can be paid by check and is due two weeks prior to event..

1. Ceremony Arrangements: We are naturally very unobtrusive and will not
distract you or your guests while video-taping your ceremony. We often attend
the rehearsal and can speak with clergy about their video restrictions. Please ask
the officiating clergy if we can videotape in such a way as to be able to see your
faces during the ceremony. They are often more open to accommodating you
and your special requests than accommodating us.

2. Attention groom! : We will be putting a wireless microphone in your
boutonniere about 15 minutes before the ceremony. This is very important to
properly record audio during the ceremony. Please do not turn it off after I
put it on you. Nothing you say in this microphone prior to the ceremony will be
recorded. It will not be amplified throughout the church at any time. Once the
ceremony begins, it will be recorded only on video. Feel free to say all
the beautiful things you naturally would say to your bride during the ceremony. I
will remove this microphone immediately following the ceremony.
3. Providing a Meal: From the time we leave our studio, to the time we return, is
typically 10 or more hours. A courtesy meal for us will be very much appreciated.
If you are having a sit-down dinner, please ask the catering director to prepare
the meals early and leave them in a room near the reception room, before you
are served your first course. It is important for us to eat early so we are free to
videotape you as you visit your guests at their tables. We don't want to miss
anything. If you are having a buffet, we can help ourselves to a meal unless you
prefer for us to eat a separate vendor's meal. Please do not pay for us to sit at a
table with your guests. It's easier and faster for us to eat a meal separately.
Please contact us if this is a problem or if we need to bring meals with us. Thank

4. Lighting. Please instruct your DJ or Band Director to have all the lights up full
during the following events:
       a. Introduction of the Wedding Party
       b. Toast
       c. First Dance and Parents Dance
       d. Cutting of the Cake
       e. Bouquet and Garter Toss

In order for the videographer and photographer to capture the best possible
video and photo it is important to have good lighting. Most Djs do not understand
the technical limitations of cameras and will dimmed the lights to create a
“romantic: atmosphere. We are not against it. However, during the traditional
moments it is critical that we have full lighting.
                      PLANNING GUIDE
 Please complete and return two weeks prior to

 Date of Wedding ______

 Hours of Coverage from __ : __ AM/PM to __ : __ PM

  NOTE: Hours of coverage must start at least one hour before

 Name of Bride as you want it to be on video ________________________

 Name of Groom as you want it to be on video _______________________

 Address of new couple: _________________________________________

 Time Ceremony to Begin at: ________

 Time Reception Scheduled to End at: _______

 Ceremony Location ________________________

 Reception Location _________________________

 Does video coverage start at bride’s home or other location?
 ____      If yes, where and when?

 It video starts at other location than ceremony, coverage must
 start at least two hours before ceremony—send map.

Rehearsal time and date: ______________
        Do you want a short form video or long?
         A short form is where I edit down the
         ceremony to highlights and long form is
         edited also but contains 90% of the
        _______________________________
        What is your photographer’s name and
         phone number?
        _______________________________
        Do you have a Wedding Coordinator or
        _______________________________
        What time is the Bride arriving? ______
        Will the bride be dressing or staying in a
         separate room at the church? ________
        Religious denomination of the ceremony
        ________________________________
        Name of the Clergyman or woman
        ____________________________
        Is the video location restricted during
         ceremony? Yes__        No__
        Describe any special or unusual events
         before, during or after the ceremony or
        ________________________________
    Number of guests _____
    Is your music a Band __ DJ __ or Other_______________
    Is your meal a buffet? ___ or sit-down? ___
    Sequence and approximate times of events: Please cross out the events you
     will not be doing.
          __ Receiving Line (Where?) __ Introduction
          __ Toast - Who will be saying toast(s) _________________
          __ Blessing                       __Dinner
          __ Cake Cutting                   __First
          __Bouquet Toss
          __Father/Daughter Dance
          __Garter Toss

    I will be looking for special relatives and friends; please circle all those
    attending wedding and the number of each.

    Bride’s: mother #__, father #__, stepmother #__, stepfather #_, grandmother
    #_, grandfather #__, sisters #__, brothers #__, others_
    Are the bride’s sisters and brothers in the wedding party?____
    Special relatives/friends of the bride:_______________________

    Groom’s: mother #__, father #__, stepmother #__, stepfather #__,
    grandmother #_, grandfather #_, sisters #__, brothers #__, others_
    Are the groom’s sisters and brothers in the wedding party?___
    Special relatives/friends of the groom: ______________________

    Are you driving away at the end of reception or staying ?_
    Video coverage ends at __:__PM/AM. If events have not ended, do you want
    me to stay overtime?

    Please feel free to give us more details. The more we know about you
    and the wedding day…the better your videotape and pictures will be.

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