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     Courtney is a post-16 learner who has always had a talent
     for art. She enjoys sketching almost everything but most of
          all scribbling caricatures of her friends, family and
             teachers, all of whom find them very amusing!

      She is not yet sure of the sort of career she would like to
     have, although one where she could use her artistic talents
       appeals. Taking the Advanced Diploma in creative and
      media has started to develop her awareness of different

      In her spare time Courtney is a big film fan and is always
         first in the queue at the cinema when there is a new
        release. She also has an ever-growing DVD collection
                   which takes up most of her bedroom.

Courtney: Advanced Diploma in creative and media

                                                           additional and
  principal learning            generic learning
                                                         specialist learning
      540 GLH                      180 GLH
                                                             360 GLH

 •Communicating creatively   3 x functional skills at   AS level film studies (180 GLH)
 •Exploring professional     level 2 (prerequisite)
                                                        Level 3 Award in planning and
                                                        developing games design (60 GLH)
 •Realising creativity       extended project
 •Creating opportunity                                  Level 3Certificate in animation skills
                             qualification (120 GLH)
 •Working with a client                                 (120 GLH)
 •Realisation and review
                             10 days work experience    Courtney decided to take a range of
                                                        qualifications as her ASL. She
                                                        thought the games design and
                             personal, learning         animation choices would develop
                             and thinking skills        her creative skills, whilst the film
                                                        studies option would give her an
                             (60 GLH)                   insight into the world of the big
            Extended Project                                          Work experience

  Courtney used her older sister’s wedding as
  the theme for her project. Her idea was to             Courtney was thrilled when she was offered a
  produce a DVD of the wedding and                       work experience opportunity at a local company
  reception…but with a difference! She asked if          which made computer games. She learnt all
  she could include some old photographs from            about the stages of production and got fully
  the family album and try some animation too.           involved in designing the 3D objects that were
  Her sister (and husband to be) agreed and              to be used in the latest game they were
  Courtney produced the DVD. The premiere (in            producing.
  their front room) was a great success!
  Courtney found that many of the units from the         Courtney also contributed to the design of
  Diploma helped her create the DVD and                  textures for the objects that really brought them
  convince her sister it was a good idea.                to life.

                                                                                        AND... principal
Progression route: As a rule, companies would look for graduates in                   learning; functional
this role, but Courtney showed enough promise to be offered an                          skills; personal,
Advanced Apprenticeship in Games Testing.
                                                                                     learning and thinking
                                                                                           skills; ASL

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