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Dear Kim & Everyone at Creations,

When I was planning our wedding, I made a list of my top priorities, the first being the
band! I didn't want the typical wedding band; I wanted something different, something
more unique. In my mind, a good band can make a wedding, it can bring it alive, and give
it energy. I have always felt this way! So, even though I was planning a wedding in
Puerto Rico, I had to have Creations. That was my one real request! I have been to many
weddings in the past, and no other band compares to Creations. They play new and
exciting music! They get people to start dancing and to stay dancing. They keep the
energy alive and flowing. They are in one word, FANTASTIC! Creations is truly unique,
and I am so thankful that I was able to have them with us in Puerto Rico! Hiring
Creations was the best move I could have ever made! Thank you for making our day that
much more perfect!
Ali & Jared Starr
May 17, 2003 Ritz Carlton, PR

Hi Kim & Rick, I‟m sorry almost 2 months have gone by since our wedding (6/21) and
I'm just getting to this now, but I really wanted to write and tell you how AMAZING you
were!! Joe and I talk about the music at the reception all the time--when we chose our
favorite parts of the party, the music was our favorite thing, hands down. Having never
heard the band perform before, you totally surpassed my expectations (which were
already high, since everyone at the Crescent Club kept telling me how great Creations
was!). So many guests commented on how fantastic you and the rest of the band were,
how gorgeous your voice was, how did we find you, etc. It was great. You did such a
fantastic job of getting people in the mood to party and up on the dance floor, and the
music selection was perfect. We had an unforgettable day and you really helped make it
that way. Please pass this on to Rick, too. He was also a pleasure to work with. :)

Sincerely, Nancy (Angiola) Burke
June 21, 2003 Huntington Crescent Club, Huntington, NY

Dear Kim,

Your band was fantastic. Guests were coming up to us and telling us that the music was
great and saying how your band should be touring and is not the typical “wedding band”.
Our dance floor was constantly packed with guests dancing all evening. Our first dance
as husband and wife was quite a success – thanks in part to your talent and speed at
learning our song perfectly within just a few weeks time. When we were looking at
bands, we were impressed with your immense play list- your band could play songs to
satisfy the older folks as well as more contemporary music to satisfy the younger folks
and, most importantly, you played them well. Thank you for making our wedding
celebration so enjoyable and memorable for everyone.

Hunter & Susie Dare
June 7, 2003 Vanderbilt Mansion Long Island

 Hi Rick,
We just wanted to let you know how happy we were with your performance at our
wedding and how incredible you sounded! Everyone at the wedding was commenting on
it and you have gotten rave reviews. Many of my friends who are recently engaged have
mentioned that they are interested in booking the band and my mom has handed out
business cards. You really made the wedding special. Thanks so much.

Lana & Ron Israel
March 2001 Temple Israel, Lawrence, NY

 Hi Kim!

We just got back from our honeymoon and I wanted to send you a quick email to thank
you. You guys were obviously amazing and because of you, everyone had the most
amazing time, including us! The wedding was everything I could have hoped for! I really
can‟t thank you enough! I loved working with you and hope to have many other
occasions for you to come and sing at!

Ari & Jordan Jasser
August 17, 2003 Temple Israel Lawrence, New York

Dear Creations,

I just wanted to say thank you to you and the entire band for a wonderful wedding. You
guys did an excellent job. I could not have been happier with choosing your band. I
already watched the video 2 times and everyone was dancing as I really wanted.
Everyone kept and keeps asking me about the band as they really liked everything they
heard. Unfortunately a lot of my friends are married but if anyone asks I would highly
recommend you. Thank you for all your help in planning and making it a special day for
Greg and I. Thanks again, Karisa

Karisa & Greg
September 5, 2003

 Rick and company

Thank you for making my wedding the party of the year! I could not have been more
thrilled with you guys. Everyone is talking about you. I think that you are going to wind
up being even busier after my wedding. If you would ever like to use me as a reference
please do not hesitate. I had such a good time at the wedding, and you guys were such a
huge part of that.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Carolyn Rodier (Saxon)
September 6, 2003 Villa Maria, Watermill
Dear Kim & Rick,
It‟s been over a year since our wedding in Chicago and our friends and family are still
talking about you guys!

When I came home from my friend Kim‟s wedding where I first saw you in D.C., I knew
that I had to have you at our wedding (even though I wasn‟t even engaged yet!) Flying
Creations to Chicago, without my parents or Pete ever hearing you, was definitely a
chance that I took – but you blew them all away!

The music that you played were not the typical wedding songs…and I know that‟s why
everyone loved you! Our guests never sat down (not even for dessert!) and danced „til all
hours of the night! We loved the fact that you didn‟t have to learn any special songs
because they were on your list already! In addition, my parents & wedding coordinator
could not have been happier with your professionalism and ease in working with you.

We have recommended Creations to many of our friends and know they will be just as
thrilled as we were!
Thanks Again!
Jamie & Peter Weiss
W Hotel-Chicago City Center
April 27, 2002

 Dear Kim,

We first heard you at Jamie and Pete's wedding in Chicago and we knew-WE HAD TO
HAVE YOU play at our wedding in Maryland. First I had to convince my parents (who
hadn't heard you) to trust me-this was my only request-I wanted Creations to play at my

Our wedding fell on the same weekend as Hurricane Isabelle and things were a little
shaky. The only reason I did not completely lose it is because I knew that all we really
needed was your music...lights or no lights! The lights did come on, but no one even
noticed because they were s o focused on the band! It is two months later and people are
still calling. They are all commenting about the range of songs you performed-all
different styles from all different times. They say that that is very unique and hard to find
in a band. We hoped that our guests would enjoy themselves and when we saw that they
could not leave the dance floor-that was all we needed to see.

Kim-you were so wonderful throughout this whole year of planning-calling from
wherever you were to check in and confirm details or just ask how I was doing. I really
appreciate that!
I could go on and on-but the message is the same...We could not have been happier with
Creations and we would recommend them to anyone because of their versatility-they
make the event yours!

Thank you so much for being such a special part of our wedding. We can't wait to get the
video so that we can hear all of the music again!

We hope to see you soon and will gladly act as a reference if needed!

Jen and Jeff King
September 20, 2003 Rockville, Maryland

Hi Rick,
This is Ann Tirello (well, Ann Barnouw now). You did our wedding a little less than a
month ago at Flowerfields. First of all, I just want to thank you and Creation for making
our wedding the best day of our lives. I don‟t think there was a single person who did not
comment on how amazing Creation was…you really blew us away. We were scared with
a day wedding if anyone would even dance, but you took care of that. So, thank you so
much…you really were incredible.

I have to also mention that my 90 year old grandmother, who can barely stand up on her
own and is in a wheelchair, was dancing for hours! We couldn‟t believe our eyes…she
can‟t even walk on her own, not to mention dance…she hasn‟t danced in over 10 years!
But somehow you guys got her up!

Thanks again for everything!

Ann Barnouw (Tirello)

Dear Kim,

Just a quick note to thank you and the rest of
Creations for putting on an amazing show at our
wedding. Every guest commented on how wonderful you
were and said how much they enjoyed your performance.
We knew you would be great but you definetly performed
beyond our expectations.

You made a really special and amazing night all that
much better. You were a joy to work with, both
professional and pleasant, and we couldn't have asked
for anything more from a vendor or a band.

Please feel free to use us as a reference; we would
highly recommend you to anyone who asks.
Dennis and Suzanne Messina

Hi Kim-

Mitchell and I would like to thank you, your father, and the Creations band for a
wonderful performance this past Saturday at our wedding. We had a fabulous time and
the music really contributed to the celebration! Thanks a million for the terrific music
and the professionalism throughout our special day! Please feel free to use us as a
referral for anyone considering to host your band at their wedding or party. Hope to have
you play at another one of our future events!
Talk soon!

Eunice & Mitch Wonboy
The Mark Hotel, NYC
January 3, 2004

I am currently looking into bands for my wedding and one of the bands I am very
interested in is Creations. We are having about 200 people, a lot are young and the rest
mostly around my parents age. Before I make a final decision, I wanted to hear from
some of the people that have already had them play at their wedding/event. Can you tell
me a little bit about what you thought about the band? (Date of your affair, number of
guests, what the guests thought, did they play well for all different ages, etc) Thank you
very much.

Kim Kohn

Hi Kim,
I would be thrilled to give you a recommendation upon behalf of Kim. She was
absolutely amazing - she made the wedding. Our wedding was in DC on June 2, 2001.
We had about 150 people and they were a mix of people but a very dancing crowd. Kim
got everyone on the dance floor for the entire evening - she was the hit of the night and
definitely MADE THE EVENT!!! In addition, she then played at one of my bridesmaids
wedding in Chicago and everyone loved he so much out there that she got Kim about 4 -5
more weddings from her wedding -- also, she is playing at my sister's wedding, and she is
playing at a few of my sisters friends weddings. Finally, just to give you a little
background on me - I am oversee the Special Events Department at the Whitney and have
hired her to play at one of the events here. So given that I am in the business, I have
extremely high standards for all my vendors be it for an event at the Whitney, my
wedding or my sister's wedding. Hope that helps - feel free to contact me with any
additional questions about Kim or Creations.
Best of Luck, Kimberly Goldsteen
Director of Special Events
Whitney Museum of American Art

Dear Creations,

Cathy and I are long overdue in our thanks to you and Rick for helping to make our
wedding as special as it was. Music has always been a significant part of my life, and I
knew just how important it was to have the right band at our reception... well, our search
ended the day we heard "Kim and the Catch" that Sunday afternoon in the Hamptons...
Lucky for us, you also did weddings!

Not surprisingly, Creations (in its full wedding band form) did not disappoint -- in fact,
you were the talk of the reception (along with my best man's very long toast!). You
provided the perfect mix of professionalism and good ol' fashioned "get down and
boogie" fun. Guests of all ages commented for weeks afterwards how impressed they
were with the music. You can imagine how happy that made us.

I've gotten the opportunity to see Creation's a few times since (my sister's wedding, my
best man's wedding, etc) and have been no less impressed with what I've seen and heard.
I look forward to hopefully seeing you all again at some relative's wedding down the road
(or maybe back in the Hampton's!), but in the meantime, I wish you and Rick all the best
with Creations Music.


Len Graziano

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