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									               Be careful                        BF-500D/500D+
      40 C

               Env iron me nt:+10℃ —+40℃      Doppler FHR Detector


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                  CONTENTS                Solution:
                                              a. Deter mine optimu m position and after
Ⅰ.     Introduction …… …… … …… … … 1
                                                 about 5-10 second, to get the accurate
Ⅱ.     Specification … …… … …… … ……2             FHR; turn off the unit and turn on again;
                                              b. Ensure proper connection fully .
Ⅲ.     Function   … … …… … …… …… …3           c. The unit must be relocated aw ay fro m the
                                                 interference source;
IV.   Equipment components …… … …3
                                              d. Cont act the agent to re pair .
V.    How to Use this Doppler… …… … 7

VI    How to Maintain the Unit   …… …11

Ⅶ     Attention   … … …… … …… … ……12

Ⅷ     Shelf-life and Warranty … …… …13      Bestman reserves the right to change the
                                            contents    of   this   manual   without     notice.
Ⅸ     Trouble Shooting … …… … …… …15
                                            Considerable care was taken in preparing this
                                            manual. If, however, you have any questions
                                            about any part of the manual, or note mistakes
                                            or inaccuracies, please contact us at the
                                            address listed on the back cover.

                                                          Best man Instrument       19
BF-500D/500D+                                                                      BF-500D/500D+
I、 Introduction:                                          a.Rechar ge the unit;
1. BF-500D/500D+ Doppler Fetal He art Rate                b.Ensure sufficient gel . is used between the
      (FHR) Detectors apply the ultrasonic                   probe and abdo me n w all;
      Do ppler principle to detect the fetal he art       c . Ge ntle press on the patient to ensure
      beat. The units are co mpact, lightweight ,            sound connection of the probe and make
      easy to operate w ith st able perfor mance             patient relax;
      and high depe ndability .
                                                          d. Find a better position;
2. BF-500D+ has dor mancy infor mat ion
      LCD display / alar m / self -detect function        e. Co ntact the age nt to replace the probe.
  If left unused more than 1 minute, it w ill
     sw itch to dor mancy mode to sav e power.        7、Malfunction: Digital is not stable while 500D+ is
  The blue backlight LCD display make s it            working.
     possible that the FHR can be seen clearly        Possible cause:
     irrespective of the light is bright or dark,         a. When dragging the probe on the abdo men
     me anw hile not affecting the detection of
                                                             wall to collect the FHR, there is a faulty
     heart beat.
  All infor mation c an be displayed on the LCD,            signal leading to the wrong display;
     including the charging mode /residual power          b. The probe cable connection to the unit is
     indication/volume indication/ Warning of                faulty ;
     abnor mal FHR indication.                            c .There is an interference source in the local
   Self-detect mo de t o ensure that the unit is            vicinity w ithin 10 m (e .g. high frequency
      working nor mally .
                                                             electronic equip ment, cell /mo bile phone
3. BF-500D can hear the FHR, no display
    function                                                 or cordless pho nes are w orking);
                                                          d.The Doppler is damaged.

     1         Best man Instrument                                 Best man Instrume nt             18
BF-500D/500D+                                                                            BF-500D/500D+
Solution:                                                 4.    This Doppler has Ni-MH rechargeable
    a.Rechar ge the unit;                                       battery inside, w hich can be used
                                                                repeatedly after recharging. The gallus
    b.Ensure sufficient gel. is used between the                can make it convenient to carry .
         probe and abdo men                               5.     Nor mative collocation: unit, charger,
    c.Use gentle pressure on the abdo men to                    gallus and operation manual.
                                                          6.    Optional accessories: earphone, gel.
         ensure sound connection of the probe;
                                                        Ⅱ 、Specification:
    d. Contact the agent to buy new probe.                 Standard: EN61266:1995

6、Malfunction: Sensitivity is not sufficient; too low         Safety     Classification:    BF            /Class

   sound to noisy to hear the FHR.                              Ⅱ      /Internal power
Possible cause:                                                Overall sensitivity: ≥ 90 dB
                                                               (see Annex Ⅰ)
    a. The rechargeable battery is going to use out.          Target velocity and display range :
    b. No sufficient coupling gel;                              60-210bpm. (Beat Per Minute)
    c. Too much pressure is being applied to the              Alarm range: <100bpm or >160bpm
         pregnant wo man’s abdo me n and muscles               (BF-500D+)
                                                                (Please see a doctor once the FHR is abnormal)
         are not relaxed causing loud noise and                                                  2
                                                               Output power: ≤10Mw /c m
         interference                                          EMC testing data (See annex Ⅱ)
    d.The probe is not located in the optimu m                 Working frequency : 2.0 MHz ± 10%
         position;                                              Spatial-peak temp-peak acoustic pressure:≤
    e.Sensitivity of probe declined.                             0.1 MPa.
                                                                Effective area of transducer:6.0±0.5 c m

                                                                      Bestman Instrument               2
    17           Best man Instrument
BF-500D/500D+                                                                  BF-500D/500D+
  Adapter input voltage: 230V AC
                                                   4、Malfunction: Turn on the power switch, working
  Adapter input consumer(recharging) :≤ 5VA
                                                   indicator becomes bright; but there’s no sound
  Adapter output voltage (no load ) :DC12V ±
                                                   while touching the surface of probe.
  Battery :9V Ni-MH batteries                     Possible cause:
  Audio output power :≤1.8 W                        a. Volume controller is adjusted too low to
  Coupling mediu m i mpedance : 1.5-1.6                 hear any sound;
        5     2
    (10 g/c m .s)                                    b.The rechargeable battery is near ly used out,
  Doppler frequency: 0-3.0 KHz                          bad circuit;
  Working time (after recharged):                   c. Probe is damage d;
   BF-500D+ ≥2hours; BF-500D ≥3hours               Solution:
  Environme nt te mperature :+10℃~+40℃               a.release the volume controller;
                                                      b.Char ge the unit for 8 to 12 hours;
                                                      c.Return the unit to the supplier for repair
   This Doppler can be used to detect the Fetal     5 、 Malfunction: uncomfortable noise is heard
   He art Rate (FHR) fro m twelve weeks of            when using it to detect FHR.
   pregnancy .                                     Possible cause:
                                                      a.The rechargeable battery is near depletion
IV、Equipment components: (fig. 1)                        of power.
1. The gap for fix ing the gallus                    b.Not enough coupling Gel. between the
2. Nu mber and sy mbol on LCD display window             probe and abdo men
   Nu mber:                                           c.Noise occurs w hen dragging the probe on
     The 5 beats average FHR v alue will display         the abdo me n
     on this window .                                 d.Probe is damaged.
    BF-500D+ with FHR display window
    BF-500D without FHR display window

    3      Bestman Instrument                                   Bestman Instrument          16
BF-500D/500D+                                                      BF-500D/500D+
    a. Check AC power socket by qualified
    b. Make sure the connection between adapter
         and the unit is correct
    c . Contact the agent.
3、Malfunction: working indicator is bright while
  the unit works normally; but when charging the
  indicator is not bright, can not be charged and
  several days later, the unit can not work any
Possible cause:
    a. No power available or adapter is damaged;
    b. Adapter cannot work nor mally or bad
    c.Circuit of the adapter is damaged or
       charging indicator not av ailable;
    a.Repair the power socket by qualified
    b.Contact the agent to repair it;
    c.Contact the agent to buy adapter or
         battery .                                      fig. 1 . (Front view )

    15          Best man Instrument                 Best man Instrument          4
BF-500D/500D+                                                                       BF-500D/500D+
 Sy mbol:
                                                    Ⅸ Trouble Shooting
            Power indicat or or char ge indicator
                                                    1. Malfunction:While the unit is working normally,
                                                      working indicator fails to light up/ no sound.
       Warning of abnor mal FHR
                                                    Possible cause:
       During the range of 60-99 bpm or                 a. The rechargeable battery is going to use out.
       161-210 bpm, the alarm indicator will            b. Battery is damaged;
       appear.                                          c. The unit is damaged.
             FHR beat display                           a. Recharge the unit;
              Volume indicator                          b. Contact the agent to change battery;

                                                        c. Contact the agent to repair.
            5 beats average of FHR display.
                                                    2. Malfunction: Connect the adapter and turn on the
                                                      power switch, working indicator is not bright as
                                                      well as charging indicator.
                                                    Possible cause:
                                                        a. No AC power av ailable;
                                                        b.Adapter and unit are not properly connected;
                                                        c.The adapter is damaged.
                fig. 2 (LCD w indow)

   5            Best man Instrument                                   Best man Instrument         14
BF-500D/500D+                                                                         BF-500D/500D+
      The unit is backed by a one -year limited
                                                       3.Charge indicator:
       warranty. During the w arranty period, w hich
                                                           Indicate    the  current    intensity  of   the
       starts fro m the date of purchase, the
                                                       rechargeable battery . The indicator is red when
       defective parts will be repaired free of
                                                       charging, and beco me green when the battery is
       charge. (not including the probe and optional
                                                       full char ged.
       earphone), Please note that you will be
                                                         4. Working indicator:
       charged for the cost of shipping the unit
                                                             The light is bright when turned on and
       fro m service office to your residence.
                                                       beco mes dark as it runs out of power.
 3. yearly safe check:
                                                         5. Volume decrease button: volu me will decrease
     the following safety check should be
                                                       If you press the button.
      perfor med at least every 24 months by a
                                                         6. Volume increase button: volume will increase if
      qualified person who has adequate
                                                       you press this button.
      training,   knowledge,    and     practical
                                                         7. Power switch:
      experience to perfor m these tests.
                                                           Turn on by pressing dow n this button and press
   inspect the safety relev ant labels for
                                                       again to turn off .
    legibility .
                                                         8. Probe
   verify the device functions properly as
                                                         9. Charger jack:
    described in the instructions for use.
                                                           Co nnect the battery with the adapter.
   Inspect the unit and accessories for
                                                         10. Earphone jack:
    mechanical and functional damage , the
                                                         11. Probe jack:
    data should be recorded in the operating
                                                              Co nnect the main frame w ith the probe
    manual. If the device can not work nor mally ,
    it has to be repaired.

   13                Best man Instrument                                Best man Instrument           6
BF-500D/500D+                                                                          BF-500D/500D+
V、How to use this Doppler:
                                                       Charging time should be between 8-12 hours,
1. Take down / fix up the probe:
The correct w ay of taking out the probe fro m the       except first charging between 12-16 hours.
jack is:                                                 (more than 12 hours),
                                                       Turn off the unit after use to prolong the
                                                         lifetime of the rechargeable battery.
                                                       Use only the specified AC adapters and
                                                         batteries (supplied) for the unit. Others may
                                                         pose the risk of fire, electric shock or injury.
                                                       Please use probe carefully as the probe
                                                         damaged by customers is not covered under
                                                         the free warranty.

                                                     Ⅷ Shelf-life and Warranty
       fig.3(Rear view)
Hold the unit with   left hand, then take out the          Precise electronic co mponents are the
probe with the right hand fro m the probe jack             main     parts   of   the   Doppler;   the    host
(fig3). The installation of the probe is reversed.         machine shelf-life is 3 years, except probe
                                                           and battery and earphone (option).
                                                     1. Warranty:

        7        Best man Instrument                                Best man Instrument                 12
BF-500D/500D+                                                                           BF-500D/500D+
will light nor mally . About 8-12 hours is needed to     2.Turn on/off

bring the unit to full charge again.                        Turn on the switch, the working indicator
Notice: For the first time charging should be more             should be bright and t he Doppler will start to
      than 12-16 hours .                                    work; the Doppler w ill stop working w hen the
 3. Preserv ation method:
                                                            indicator beco mes dark.
     Prevent Doppler fro m reaching any liquid
                                                         3.Look for the best detecting position:
     and do not immerse the unit and probe in
     any liquid or w ater.                                  Make sure the surface of the probe is in
Notice: If the Doppler outer shell is dirty after use,      co mplete contact w ith the skin and plenty of
      please use the neuter cleanser to clean it,           gel. Adjust the volu me controller to your
      strictly prohibit to use any other organic
                                                            desired level.
      materials to clean the unit including industry
      alcohol.                                           Notice: Also you can use earphones to detect the
                                                            FHR, you will need to connect the earphone
 Ⅶ    Attention
                                                            well first, and then se arch for the best
  ● CAUTION:Before using, take the probe off                position.
    and then turn on the Doppler. After use, first       Attention:
    turn off the Doppler and then put probe back.
                                                               After use, please turn off the unit, wipe the
    Otherwise, there will be noise because of
    the reflection of ultrasound.                               coupling gel on the probe and fix the probe
  ● Do not use telephone or cordless telephone                  back to the probe jack.
      within 10 meters while the unit is working
      otherwise it cannot work normally.

     11              Best man Instrument                    8           Bestman Instrument
BF-500D/500D+                                                                           BF-500D/500D+
 When the working indictor becomes dark or the          FHR,first for 15 seconds and times by 4
  sound is quiet, the DOPPLER needs to be                    (the time and the method of count depend
  recharged immediately.                                     on the doctor)
 Do not drag the probe along the abdomen                 6.The cleanliness and disinfection after using:
                                                             Turn off the unit after use and clean the gel
  otherwise it will cause interference noise.
                                                             off the probe, put the probe back to the jack
4.Volume controller adjust method:
                                                             to protect it.
   Press volume increase o nce, the volume w ill
                                                          Notice: 75% alcohol can be used to clean and
   increase one level; similarly, press dow n the
                                                              disinfect the surface of the probe.
   decrease button, the volume w ill decrease
   one time . The volu me w ill stay at the same          VI、How to maintain the unit
   level until the unit is turned off.
                                                          1. Low battery power:
5. Affirm the fetal heart :
                                                              BF-500D+: When battery power is low, the
  BF-500D+: once the heartbeat             has   been
                                                              sensitivity will decline, the working indicator,
   located    do    not   read   the     FHR   Display
                                                              “     ” will go dark and FHR on the LCD will
   imme diately .
                                                              glint or not be digitally displayed.
   The FHR data w ill be displayed auto matically
                                                             BF-500D: Working indicator light w ill go dark
   and w ill change as the baby’s heart rate                  and eventually fade out; the sensitivity
   changes.                                                   will decline, the FHR will be not clearly heard.
  BF-500D: After the fetal heart sound has                2. Charging method:
   been heard, you can get the FHR by counting                Co nnect the AC adapter to the main power
                                                              supply and follow by connecting the Doppler
                                                              unit. The charging indicator L CD

   9         Best man Instrument                                        Bestman Instrument            10

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