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									Crucifix (1995)
by Joseph Tripetti (b. 1923)
American                                          Madonna and Child (20th Century)
Created by contemporary artist Joseph             by Kabungo Lukoma                                               • Room 162 •
Tripetti, this cloisonné draws upon the           Ugandan
mosaic art tradition. The many blocks of          In 1993, Frs. Michael Savino and James
enameled color call to mind light streaming                                                       The artwork in this room reflects our biblical
                                                  Meade participated in an East African           heritage and Christianity’s common links
through stained glass. Tripetti’s subtle          immersion experience. Acquired in Uganda,
design draws the eye inward to the figure of                                                      with Judaism.
                                                  this batik made from traditional dyes and
Christ. The rich colors stand in contrast
                                                  waxes, is an example of native African          Shalom Jerushalayim (20th Century)
against the stark reality of the crucifixion.
                                                  religious art.
                                                                                                  by Amram Ebgi (b. ca. 1939)
◆ The next piece is found on the right after                                                      Israeli
you go through the atrium.                        ◆ Resume the tour by following the              This colorful multi-media etching depicts the
                                                  main hall.                                      importance of the city Jerusalem to the
Viva il Papa (1995)                                                                               Jewish and Christian faiths.
By William Schickel (b. 1919)                     The Holy Family (1978) and
American                                          Jesus Washes His Twelve Disciples’ Feet         Noah’s Ark (20th Century)
Commemorating the Pope’s 1995 visit to            (1981) by Sadao Watanabe (1913-1996)            by Heinz Seelig (b. 1909)
America, this serigraph captures John Paul II     Japanese                                        German
in a characteristic pose. The five colors, red,   Through the tradition of Okinawan folk art,     The colorful serigraph recalls the continuing
purple, ocher, gold, and black, convey the        Sadao Watanabe creates vivid Biblical           promise of God's covenant with all
contrast between light and darkness, life and     images by hand-applying natural dyes to rice    humankind and all creation.
death, destruction and fulfillment. Titles of     paper. Using this process of stencil printing
papal pronouncements border the print.            called “Katazome”, he brings to life the        Papercut (20th Century)
                                                  universal message of the Gospel.                by Alyssa Friedland (b. ca. 1950)
◆ Continue down the hall.
                                                  ◆ At thesouth entrance to the building, stop    The papercut to the right of Noah's Ark
                • Room 122 •                      to view the following piece.                    features the Hebrew names of Mary and
                                                                                                  Joseph, configured into a star of David.
The Mission Office of the Archdiocese             The Christ of the Breadlines (1950)             Such papercuts are common wedding gifts.
encourages priests to experience the Church       Fritz Eichenberg (1901-1990)                    The names of Mary and Joseph were chosen
in mission areas. The African art in this room    American                                        because they are the intersection of Jewish
reflects two of these experiences.                The memory of seeing a breadline for the        and Christian faith.
                                                  first time remained with Fritz Eichenberg
Corpus on wood (20th century)                     throughout his life. As a friend of Dorothy
Unknown African artist                                                                            Crucifix (date unknown)
                                                  Day, he contributed illustrations to the        Artist unknown
In 1992, Fr. Richard Marzheuser visited St.
                                                  Catholic Worker from 1949 until his death.      Across the room from the papercut hangs a
Francis parish on the Serengeti plane in
Mugumu, Tanzania. He brought back the             His engravings of Biblical and social themes    crucifix. The corpus was originally part of a
ebony wood corpus. David Wolfer (b.               have earned him acclaim as a modern master      crucifix carved in Oberammergau, Germany.
1954) fashioned the cross for the corpus          of wood engraving.                              Transfixed to a transparent cross, it reminds
from African Bubinga wood.                                                                        us that the world is the true background of
                                                  ◆ Continue down the hall past the library.      the paschal mystery.
◆ The following two pieces are located in          The bright colors and joyful picture of a                 Athenaeum of Ohio
the hall outside rooms 168 and 176.                crucifix carried in a festival of faith is             6616 Beechmont Avenue
                                                   unusual. The cross is viewed from above                 Cincinnati, Ohio 45230
                                                   rather than “from below" as usual.                          (513) 231-2223
Ecce Homo and The Crucifixion
by Carl Zimmerman (1900-1988)
German                                                             • Room 186 •                          THE ATHENAEUM
In the style of German expressionists,
Zimmerman uses distorted perspective, non-         Sacrificio, Destino,                                   COLLECTION
naturalistic colors, and simplicity of form. In    and Panorama I - Landscape (1992)
these original oils on wood panel, he combines     by Carla Trujillo Thomas (b. 1965)
those elements to evoke a profound emotional
response to Jesus’ suffering and death.
                                                   Hispanic                                                    Welcome to the
                                                   The monoprint and woodcuts, the first to be               Athenaeum of Ohio!
                                                   sold publicly by Carla Trujillo Thomas,
                • Room 168 •                       represent the Mexican-American view of
                                                                                                   This pamphlet is one of a series of self-
Crucifix (1994)                                                                                    guided tours produced by the Visual Arts
by William Schickel (b. 1919)                                                                      Committee. This tour highlights the
                                                   ◆ Just around the corner from room 186 you
American                                                                                           Athenaeum's fine art collection in the
Commissioned for the Athenaeum, this work          will find the last piece on this tour.
                                                                                                   classrooms and other public areas. The
features a painted Christ figure on oak wood                                                       works featured in this brochure are those
in a style common to religious art of the          Virgin and Child (1993)
                                                   by Kathryn Ash Webb (b. 1926)                   collected specifically to "reflect the
Southwestern United States. The corpus                                                             global and catholic nature of the church."
appears to be three dimensional when viewed        American
from a distance.                                   This icon in the medium of egg tempra on        We hope that you will enjoy these
                                                   poplar wood with Italian gold leaf is an        treasures of the Athenaeum as you spend
                                                   interpretation of the 14th century Byzantine    time learning, reflecting and praying here.
                • Room 176 •                       icon, The Virgin of Vladimir.
Nativity (1985)
by Dorothea Kennedy (b. 1933)                      ◆ If time allows, stop in rooms 12 and 16 on
                                                   the lower level to view additional artwork by   ◆ This tour begins in the north entryway
American                                                                                           outside the deans’ offices.
An early Christian catecomb painting               Fritz Eichenberg and Peruvian folk artists.
inspired Dorothea Kennedy, a Cincinnati
                                                        Thank you for touring some of the          Holy Thursday
artist, to produce this sculpture at the request
of the Liturgical Arts Guild of Ohio.                    Athenaeum’s fine art collection.          by William Schickel (b. 1919)
Dennis Mills, Athenaeum Director of                                                                American
Maintenance, built the stand on which it rests.             For information regarding              This is a 1992 print from a watercolor and
                                                       classes please contact the registrar.       ink on paper produced in 1978 by William
Dias de Christo (1992)                                For information about special events,        Schickel. An artist in Cincinnati for over
by Frank Diaz Escalet (b. 1930)                       please contact our development office.       fifty years, Mr. Schickel works out of the
Puerto Rican                                                                                       Maritain Gallery in Loveland, Ohio.
The Dias de Christo, a print of a painting by
Frank Diaz Escalet, hangs to the left.
◆ To continue the tour, follow the hall to the
main offices on the left. If they are open,
stop to view the cloisonné work described

               • Room 16 •
Long Loneliness (1952) and Pieta (1995)
Fritz Eichenberg (1901-1990)
On the right you will find a print from a
woodcut. Eichenberg’s Pieta presents a
haunting image of a mother’s grief over the
loss of her son. On the left, The Long
Loneliness, an original wood engraving, was
created for Dorothy Day’s 1952

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