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Wedding Policy Wedding Policy

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					                                      Wedding Policy
                                      Wedding Policy

                                     ovenant Presbyterian Church
                                        1750 North Tyler Road
                                        Wichita, Kansas 67212
                                             (316) 722-7613

                                     Covenant Presbyterian Church
                                        1750 North Tyler Road
Covenant Presbyterian                    Wichita, Kansas 67212
                                             (316) 722-7613
1750 North Tyler Road
Wichita, KS 67212

Phone: 316-722-7613
Fax: 316-722-2242

                                        Wedding Policy

                                       Covenant Presbyterian Church
                                          1750 North Tyler Road
                                           Wichita, Kansas 67212
                                               (316) 722-7613

Covenant Presbyterian Church
1750 N. Tyler Rd.
Wichita, KS 67212-1507
Phone:    (316) 722-7613
Fax:      (316) 722-2242

                The Meaning of Marriage                                                     The Reception

        We are pleased that you desire to be married in a                  Our Presbyterian Women’s group will be happy to serve a
service of Christian worship. The church is here to minister       reception in Fellowship Hall following your wedding. The fee is
                                                                   listed on the Schedule of Expenses. The bride and groom are
to the people and we consider it a great honor and a sacred
                                                                   expected to furnish the wedding cake, punch, mints, nuts and
trust to share in this important event in your lives.              anything else to be served.
       A wedding in the church is a service of worship,                 Kool-aide, Fruit Punch concentrate: No red dye punch.
therefore, everything in the service should be done to honor
God, and to be a blessing for you, your families, friends and                       A suggested basic punch recipe:
guests. When we gather for a wedding we regard every                                   1/2 gal. Any flavor sherbet
marriage to be a gift of God, given for the well-being of a         (sherbet flavor may be chosen to coordinate with bride’s colors)
particular couple, as well as the entire human family.                                        2 liters of 7 Up
Marriage is a covenant relationship through which a man                                   2 liters of Ginger Ale
and a woman are called to live out their lives together as                                   Mix all together.
disciples of Jesus Christ. The wedding ceremony is thus: the                      (Serves approximately 30-35 people)
beginning of such a new relationship between a husband and
a wife, lived actively and intentionally in the presence of                             The Payment of Fees
                                                                          Payments for various services and usages of the church
       Preparation for a wedding includes conversations            building must be given to the wedding coordinator on the night of
with the Pastor regarding the meaning and purpose of               rehearsal. Checks are to be made payable as follows: Building,
marriage and the planning of the details of the wedding            Covenant Presbyterian Church; Custodian, Ark Mariners;
service itself. It is important that at least four premarital      Minister, Robert C. Erickson or Laura S. Frazey; Organist/Pianist,
conversations take place over a period of at least three           Carrol Hassman; Reception, Presbyterian Women; & Wedding
months. This will allow the couple and the pastor to get to        Coordinator, Virginia Bosley. Please place the payments in
know each other better.                                            separate envelopes.

        In order to fulfill our commitment to you and help
you have a very meaningful wedding service, we have                       Our Policy of no smoking and no alcoholic beverages will
developed some guidelines which we want to share with you          be observed.
in this booklet. It is our earnest hope and desire that you will
be glad for the ministry of Covenant Presbyterian Church
now and in the days and years to come.
                               2                                                                   7
               The Wedding Coordinator                                         Covenant Presbyterian Church
                                                                                                 1750 North Tyler Road
       An indispensable part of wedding preparation, ceremony                                    Wichita, Kansas 67212
                                                                                                      (316) 722-7613
and church reception is the service of the Wedding Coordinator.
She is a member of the church with special knowledge in the                   Application for a Wedding Ceremony
proper conduct of services of the wedding and reception. The        Wedding Date ___________________________ Hour________
Covenant Church Wedding Coordinator shall be used for all             Rehearsal Date_________________________ Hour________
weddings and receptions in the Church. Her duties include:
                                                                      Reception at Covenant Church? Yes_______ No_______
       Answering your questions regarding wedding and
       reception procedures.                                        Bride’s Name ________________________________________
       Assisting the minister at your rehearsal.                       Address __________________________________________
       Arranging for set-up and clean-up of the Church before          Zip Code ____________ Phone _______________________
       and after the wedding.                                          Church Affiliation __________________________________
       Arranging for the care of wedding gifts.
       Checking the sanctuary for proper lighting, placement of     Groom’s Name _______________________________________
       flowers, candles, guest book, etc. prior to the wedding.       Address ___________________________________________
       Being available to bride and wedding party for their needs     Zip Code ____________ Phone ________________________
       in getting ready for the wedding.                              Church Affiliation __________________________________
       Helping parents and other family members to know where
       to go and what to do.                                        Officiating Minister ___________________________________
       Assisting ushers, candle lighters, florists, photographers
       and others involved in the ceremony.                                     SCHEDULE OF HONORARIA AND FEES
       Being responsible for the smooth operation of your           HONORARIA                    Members    Nonmembers
                                                                       Officiating Minister      As desired   $ 200.00
       wedding by correlating time with the instrumentalist and
                                                                       Pianist/Organist          $ 100.00       150.00*
       minister and having all persons at their proper places on       Soloist                      50.00        50.00
       time.                                                           Custodian                    75.00        75.00
       Collecting payment of all fees.                                 Wedding Coordinator          75.00        75.00
       Supervising seating of family members; candle lighting;      BUILDING USAGE
       ushering; and timing of processional.                           Sanctuary/Fellowship Hall     0          300.00
       Directing members of the wedding party after the                Multipurpose Room             0          200.00
       ceremony.                                                       Candelabra                    0           25.00
       Picking up the “loose ends” that invariably come up.         RECEPTION
                                                                       Fellowship Hall              75.00       150.00
                                                                       Multipurpose Room           125.00       300.00
                                                                    * includes consultation, rehearsal & wedding.
                                                                    cc: Clerk of Session, Pastor & Wedding Coordinator

                               6                                                                              3
                       Reserving a Date                                                    Decoration/Flowers
                                                                             The use of Scotch tape, nails, tacks, screws and/or wire in
        An application for a wedding in the church should be
                                                                     decorating is strictly forbidden. No decoration of any kind may be
made as far as possible in advance of the desired date. A
                                                                     placed on the pulpit, the Lord’s Table (except the Wedding
minimum of three months is recommended. Ordinarily, weddings
                                                                     Candle), organ or piano. All furniture and carpet must be
will not be scheduled for Sundays or holidays if there is to be a
                                                                     protected from candle wax. All chancel furniture, banners and
reception served by Presbyterian Women. Couples are requested
                                                                     paraments shall remain in their normal places. Flower petals or
to meet at least once with the pastor before the wedding date is
                                                                     bird seed are to be thrown outside the church building only. No
                                                                     rice or confetti is to be thrown.
                                                                                           Wedding Rehearsal
         Music should be chosen in consultation with the minister           A wedding rehearsal is required. It is very important that
and pianist/organist. Our church pianist/organist has the right of   everyone participating in the wedding party, including the father
first refusal. A couple may provide their own musicians but the      of the bride, be present and be on time for the rehearsal. The
organist or pianist must be approved by Covenant Church. Our         rehearsal usually takes an hour.
church can provide vocalists.
                                                                                               The Minister
                                                                             Ordinarily, one of the Pastors of Covenant Church will
                                                                     perform all weddings held in our building. Special arrangements
        The building is available for taking pictures before and
                                                                     for a visiting Minister can be made with the Pastor of Covenant
after the service. We encourage wedding party pictures prior to
                                                                     Church and with the approval of the Session.
the service.
                                                                                          Premarital Counseling
         A professional photographer may take these pictures prior
to or at the conclusion of the service:                                      Our Pastors, Robert C. Erickson and Laura S. Frazey,
         1. The wedding party processing (center aisle);             require four premarital counseling sessions with the couple. It is
         2. The wedding party gathered (from the back);              the couple’s responsibility to schedule these conversations. No
         3. The kiss (center aisle);                                 wedding will be performed without these counseling sessions.
         4. The couple recessing (center aisle).
         No flash photography during the wedding service.                                 The Marriage License
                                                                            A Marriage License is required. It must be given to the
       Video taping is permitted with these qualifications:
                                                                     minister prior to the rehearsal. No wedding will be performed
       1. The camera must remain in one position throughout the
                                                                     without it.
          service and must be located on the back or side aisle;
       2. Only one video camera will be permitted.

                                4                                                                    5