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                         Inventory of International Standards related to People with Disabilities
                                                                      Version 2.3
                                                                    Prepared by
                                 RERC on Access to Information Technology and RERC on Access to Telecommunications
                                                      Trace R& D Center, University of Wisconsis

This is a work in progress. It is compiled from many sources. No claims are made to accuracy or completeness. If any errors or omissions are detected please
send a note to Please include information for all 4 columns AND a URL from which the standard can be downloaded or purchased.
Thanks to Jesssica Brodey, James Carter, Larry Goldberg, John Gill, and Richard Hodgkinson for contributions and assistance in compiling this document so

       Committee/                      Standard              Name of Standard (if complete) or Working                               Description
    Working Group /TC                                                   Group (if in progress)
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ISO                                                       International Standards Org.
ISO TC 159/SC 1 Ergonomic                                                                                          This subcommittee handles general
Guiding Principles                                                                                                 ergonomic standards that are not
                                                                                                                   product/system specific.
ISO TC159/SC5 WG 1               ISO TS 14415             Ergonomics of the thermal environment- Application       1st CD under development
Ergonomics of the thermal                                 of International standards to the disabled, the aged
environment                                               and other handicapped persons.
                                                          Possible NP to develop a standard for people with        Possible new WG 6 (―People with special
                                                          special needs, covering lighting, vision, thermal and    requirements?)
ISO TC 159 /WG2                                           Working Group on Ergonomics for people with              The purpose of this group is to advise TC 159
                                                          special Requirements                                     and its subcommittees on how to incorporate
                                                                                                                   the needs of individuals with a "very wide
                                                                                                                   continuum of competencies & abilities" into
                                                                                                                   both existing and new ISO standards
TC159/WG2 Ergonomics for         SO TR 22411 [PDTR        Ergonomic data and guidelines for the application of
people with special              expected summer          ISO/IEC Guide 71 in standards related to products
requirements                     2005]                    and services to address the needs of older persons and
                                                          persons with disabilities.
ISO TC159/SC4 Ergonomics                                                                                           This subcommittee handles ergonomic
of Human-System Interaction                                                                                        standards related to computer systems
                                                                                                                   (including control rooms).
TC159/SC4/WG5 Software           ISO TS 16071 [2002]      Guidance on Accessibility
Ergonomics and Human-
Computer Dialogues
TC159/SC4/WG5 Software           ISO IS 9241-171 [CD      Ergonomics of human-system interaction —                 Has moved from focus on disabilities to focus
Ergonomics and Human-            out for ballot, CAC      Guidance on software accessibility. (previously ISO      on universal accessibility. 171 is a expansion of
Computer Dialogues               due date Mar 4, 2005]    TS 16071)                                                contents and restructuring of 16071

TC159/SC4/WG6 Human-             ISO IS 9241- 20 [CD      Ergonomics of human system interaction-                  Intended to be a high level accessibility standard
Centred Design Processes for     expected summer          Accessibility Guideline for information                  above 171 (software) and a future hardware
Interactive Systems              2005]                    communication equipment and services – General           standard
                                 ISO 3461                 General principles for the creation of graphical
                                 ISO 11429                Ergonomics - System of auditory and visual danger
                                                          and information signals.

                                 ISO 13407                Human-centred design processes for interactive
                                 ISO 7000                 Graphical symbols for use on equipment
                                 ISO 7001                 Public information symbols
                                 ISO 7176-5               Wheelchairs - Part 5: Determination of overall
                                                          dimensions, mass and turning space.

                                 ISO 7239                 Development and principles for application of public
                                                          information symbols
                                 ISO 7816                 Identification cards: Integrated circuit cards with
                                                          contacts. Part 6 includes provision for storing
                                                          language preferences
                                 ISO 9186                 for the development and testing of public information
                                 ISO 9241                 Ergonomic requirements for office work with visual
                                                          display terminals
                                 ISO 20282                Usability of everyday products
                         ISO/AWI 16071           Ergonomics of human-system interation - Guidance
                                                 on software accessibility. (Under development).
                         ISO/AWI 23973           Software ergonomics for World Wide Web user
                                                 interfaces. (Under development).
                         ISO/CD 11550            Technical aids for blind and visually impaired
                                                 persons: Tactile ground surface indicators.
                         ISO/CD 13406            Ergonomic requirements for flat panel displays (Part
                         ISO/CD 9355-1           Ergonomic requirements for the design of displays
                                                 and control actuators. Part 1: Human interaction with
                         ISO DIS 11549           Technical aids for vision and vision and hearing
                                                 impaired persons: Acoustic and tactile signals for
                                                 traffic lights
                         ISO DIS 9355-2          Ergonomic requirements for the design of displays
                                                 and control actuators. Part 1: Displays.
                         ISO 10075               Ergonomic principles related to mental work-load           This multi-part standard deals with
                                                                                                            environmental and situational impairment.
                                                                                                            Disability related??
                         ISO/TR 9527             Building construction - needs of disabled people in         ICT aspects???
                                                 buildings - design guidelines.

ISO/IEC JTC1                                     Joint Technical Committee
                         ISO/IEC GUIDE 71.2      Guidelines to address the needs of older persons and       This Guide provides guidance to writers of
                                                 people with disabilities when developing standards         relevant International Standards on how to take
                                                                                                            into account the needs of older persons and
                                                                                                            persons with disabilities.
                         ISO/IEC 10536           Identification cards: Contactless integrated circuit
                         ISO/IEC 9995            Information technology: Keyboard layouts for text
                                                 and office systems
                         ISO/IEC 11581           User symbol interfaces and symbols: Icon symbols
                                                 and functions
JTC1/SC35/WG5                                    Cultural, Linguistic and User Requirements
                         TR 19764 [2004]         Technical Report on "Guidelines, methodology, and          This technical report deals with providing
                                                 reference criteria for cultural and linguistic             accessibility to people from non-English
                                                 adaptability in information technology products"           speaking and potentially non-western cultures.
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 7                               Software engineering                                       This is the computer science standards
                                                                                                            committee that handles the development of
                                                                                                            all types of software.
                         ISO/IEC 18019           Software documentation guidelines                          Includes guidelines for the accessibility of
ISO/IEC JTC1 SC 7 WG2                            Systems Software Documentation
                         ISO/IEC 18019 [2004]    Guidelines for the design and preparation of user          Contains guidelines (4.2.6) and references to
                                                 documentation for application software                     documentation accessibility
                         ISO/IEC 9127            Cover information for software packaging                   Includes recommendations for accessibility
                                                                                                            information to be provided on the exterior of
ISO/IEC JTC1 SC 35 WG6                           WG 6, "User interfaces for people with special             User Interfaces Sub Committee of the
                                                 needs - (including children, the elderly, the              International Standards body for
                                                 permanently or temporarily disabled and people             Information Technology
                                                 in constrained usage environments
                         ISO/IEC TR 19765        Information Technology – Survey of icons and
                         [PDTR out for ballot,   symbols that provide access to functions and facilities
                         due date June 10,       to improve the use of IT products by the elderly and
                         2005]                   persons with disabilities
                         ISO/IEC TR 19766        Information Technology – Guidelines for the design
                         [PDTR out for ballot,   of icons and symbols to be accessible to all users,
                         due date June 14,       including the elderly and persons with disabilities
                         ISO/IEC IS              Information Technology - Framework for
                         npXXXXX [CD             establishing and evaluating accessibility in interactive
                         expected out for vote   systems"
                         Sept 2005]
ISO/IEC JTC1 SC36 WG7                            Information Technology for Learning, Education,
                                                 and Training
                         ISO/IEC CD2 19786       Information technology -- Learning, education, and
                                                 training -- Participant accommodation information
                         ISO/IEC CD2 19787       Information technology -- Learning, education, and
                                                   training -- Participant performance information
                           ISO/IEC NO895           Information technology - Learning, education, and
                                                   training - "Individualized Adaptability and
                                                   Accessibility in E-Learning, Education and Training "
                                                                                                           It is expected that SC36 will soon start
                                                                                                           processing documents from the IMS Global
                                                                                                           Learning Consortium
                           ISO/IEC new work        Framework for establishing and evaluating
                           item                    accessibility in interactive systems
                           Anticipated new work    Common industry format for usability test report        This will be based on ANSI NCITS 354.
JTC1/SC35/WG8                                      User Interfaces for Remote Interactions
                           ISO/IEC IS              Information Technology – User Interfaces –              Mainstream standard with disability benefit
                           npXXXXX [CD             Universal Remote Console.
                           expected out for vote
JTC1/SC36 Information                                                                                      It is expected that SC36 will soon start
Technology for Learning,                                                                                   processing documents from the IMS Global
Education, and Training                                                                                    Learning Consortium
IMS                                                Joint Technical Committee
IMS Global Learning        ACCLIP 1.0              IMS Accessibility for Learner Information Package       A common language for specifying personal
Consortium                                         Specification                                           preferences or needs with respect to computer
                                                                                                           mediated interactions or services
IMS Global Learning        ACCMD 1.0               IMS AccessForAll Meta-data Specification                Common labels for resources that allow a
Consortium,                                                                                                system to match the needs and preferences
                                                                                                           described using ACCLIP with the appropriate
NIST                                               National Institute on Standards and Technology
                           CBEFF - Draft           Common Biometric Exchange Framework Format
FEC                                                Federal Elections Commission
                           FEC Voting Standards    Voting Standards
W3C                                                World Wide Web Consortium
W3C WAI                                            Web Accessibility Inititiative                          Works on all accessibility issues within WAI
W3C WAI WCAG WG            WCAG                    Web Content Accessibility Guidelines                    • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
                                                                                                           Accessibility techniques documents
W3C WAI ATAG WG            ATAG                    Accessibility Testing Access Guidelines                 • Authoring and testing guidelines

W3C WAI UAAG WG            UAAG                    User Agent Accessibility Guidelines                     • User-Agent Guidelines

W3C Xforms WG              XForms                  XForms                                                  Web Forms / interface standards
Timed Text WG              Timed Text (TT)         Timed Text (TT) Authoring Format 1.0 – Distribution
                           Authoring Format 1.0    Format Exchange Profile (DFXP)                          20041101/

ATBCB/ ACCESS BOARD                                US Access Board -- Architectural and
                                                   Transportation Barriers Compliance Board
Access Board               28 CFR Part 35: and     28 CFR Part 35: Nondiscrimination on the Basis of       Technical Accessibility Standards to support
                           28 CFR Part 36:         Disability in State and Local Government Services       Americans with Disabilities Act.
                           (ADAAG)                 and 28 CFR Part 36: Nondiscrimination on the Basis
                                                   of Disability by Public Accommodations and in           Most commonly known as ADAAG ; ADA
                                                   Commercial Facilities                                   Accessibility Guidelines
                                                   (AKA ADAAG ; ADA Accessibility Guidelines)
Access Board               Proposed amendments     ADA Accessibility Guidelines                            Technical Accessibility Standards to support
                           to ADAAG                                                                        Americans with Disabilities Act.
Access Board               36 CFR Part 1194        Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility     Guidelines for the purchase of accessible
                           [Docket No. 2000-01]    Standards                                               Electronic and Information Technology (E &
                           RIN 3014-AA25           (508 Accessibility Standards)                           IT) by US Government. Technical
                           [aka 508 stds ]                                                                 Accessibility Standards to support Section 508
                                                                                                           of Rehabilitation Act
AccessBoard and FCC        47 CFR Parts 6 & 7      Access to Telecommunications Service,                   Implementation of Sections 255 and 251(a)(2)
                                                   Telecommunications Equipment and Customer               of the Communications Act of 1934, as Enacted
                           [ aka 255 stds ]        Premises Equipment by Persons with Disabilities         by the Telecommunications Act of 1996
                                                   (Section 255 Standards)
FCC                        47 C.F.R. § 79.1.       Closed Captioning of Video Programming        
FCC              47 C.F.R. § 79.2.      Accessibility of Programming Providing Emergency
                                        Information                                            ml#79.2
FCC              47 C.F.R. § 79.3.      Video Description of Video Programming.      
                 HFES 200               Human Factors Engineering of Software User             * Introduction (HFES-200.1)
                                        Interfaces                                             * Accessibility (HFES-200.2)
                                                                                               * Interaction Techniques (HFES-200.3)
                                                                                               * Visual Presentation (HFES-200.4)
                                                                                               * Voice Input/Output (HFES-200.5) (IVR &
                 IEEE P1583             Voting Machine Standard                                Usability and Accessibility Standards for Voting
                 IEEE P1621             Standard for User Interface Elements in Power          Power Controls
                                        Control of Electronic Devices Employed in
                                        Office/Consumer Environments
                 C.63/ANSI              American National Standard for Methods of              Measurements of wireless telephone emissions
                 IEEE C.63.19           Measurement of Compatibility between Wireless          and hearing aid immunity, with predicted
                                        Communication Devices and Hearing Aids                 performance based on measures. (Now in use in
                                                                                               an FCC order)
ANSI / INCITS/                          International Committee for Information
                                        Technology Standards
                 ANSI/INCITS 389        Protocol to Facilitate Operation of Information and    Universal Remote Console A standard for
                                        Electronic Products through Remote and Alternative     allowing alternate devices (including
                                        Interfaces and Intelligent Agents: Universal Remote    mainstream and assistive technologies) to be
                                        Console                                                able to control mainstream telecommunication,
                                                                                               information technology, audiovisual and home
                 ANSI/INCITS 390        Protocol to Facilitate Operation of Information and    User Interface Socket
                                        Electronic Products: User Interface Socket             Description
                 ANSI/INCITS 391        Protocol to Facilitate Operation of Information and    Presentation Templates
                                        Electronic Products through Remote and Alternative
                                        Interfaces and Intelligent Agents: Presentation
                 ANSI/INCITS 392        Protocol to Facilitate Operation of Information and    Target Properties Sheet
                                        Electronic Products through Remote and Alternative
                                        Interfaces and Intelligent Agents: Target Properties
                 ANSI/INCITS 393        Protocol to Facilitate Operation of Information and    Resource Description
                                        Electronic Products through Remote and Alternative
                                        Interfaces and Intelligent Agents: Resource
IETF                                    Internet Engineering Task Force
                 ISOC/IETF RFC 3261     Session initiation Protocol                            Session initiation Protocol – used to connect
                 (2002) IETF RFC                                                               Voice over IP phone calls.
                 2543 SIP
                 IETF RFC 2793          RTP Payload for Text Conversation.                     RTP Payload for T.140 text conversation.
                                                                                               MIME Registered as "text/t140", used in H.323
                                                                                               and SIP
                 IETF draft RFC         Framework of requirements for real-time text
                                        conversation using SIP
                 IETF RFC 3351          User requirements                                      Handles transcoding and other value added
                                                                                               services invoked through SIP.
                 IETF RFC 2833          RTP Payload for DTMF Digits, Telephony Tones and       Encoding and transport of tones over IP
                                        Telephony Signals
                 IETF RFC 2733          An RTP Payload Format for Generic Forward Error        Error correction method
ITU                                     International Telecommunications Union
                 ITU-T Study Group 16   Modem over IP                                          International Recommendation for transport of
                 v.150.1                                                                       Modem over IP
                 ITU-T Study Group 16   Voice Band Data over IP                                International standardization to develop a new
                 V.VBS (in process)                                                            Recommendation for Voice Band Data over IP.
                                                                                               Useful for text telephony over enterprise
                 ITU-T Study Group 16   Text Telephony over IP                                 International standardization to develop a new
                 V.ToIP (in process)                                                           Recommendation for Text Telephony over IP.
                 ITU-T                  Famework Recommendation for multimedia services,       Multimedia Framework
Recommendation          Annex A.3.
ITU-T                   Multimedia conversational services                       Defines Text Telephony and Total Conversation
Recommendation                                                                   services
ITU-T                   A real time control protocol for simplex applications    Addition of client id=2 for T.140 text transport
Recommendation          using the H.221 LSD/HSD/HLP channel.
ITU-T                   Control Protocol for Multimedia Communication            Multimedia Control protocol
ITU-T                   Gateway control protocol                                 Text conversation protocol for multimedia
Recommendation                                                                   application. With amendment 1 (2000). Control
H.248;                                                                           of gateway between all forms of text
ITU-T                   Narrow-band visual telephone systems and terminal
Recommendation          equipment.
ITU-T                   Text Conversation and Text SET.                          Defines T.140 text inclusion in H.323 IP
Recommendation                                                                   Multimedia
H.323 Annex
ITU-T                   Terminal for low bit-rate multimedia communication       Addition of data channel for T.140 text
ITU-T                   Analog simultaneous voice and data (permits Voice
Recommendation V.61     carry over with ASCII modems
ITU-T                   Text Chat Application Entity                             Application for text conversation in the T.120
Recommendation                                                                   data conferencing concept.
ITU-T                   Protocol for multimedia application text conversation.   Text conversation protocol for multimedia
Recommendation                                                                   application. With amendment 1 (2000).
ITU-T                   Marking of missing characters                            Marking of missing characters
T.140 - Addendum
ITU-T                   Operational and Interworking Requirements for            Includes Automatic interworking with most
Recommendation V.18     DCE:s Operating in the Text Telephone Mode               legacy text telephones.
ITU-T                   Serial asynchronous automatic dialling and control
ITU-T                   Procedures for starting sessions of data transmission
Recommendation V.8      over the public switched telephone network
ITU-T                   Procedures for the identification and selection of       Operational and interworking requirements for
Recommendation V.8      common modes of operation between Data Circuit-          DCE:s operating in the text telephone mode.
bis                     terminating Equipments (DCEs) and between Data
                        Terminal Equipments (DTEs) over the public
                        switched telephone network
ITU-T                   Procedures for the end-to-end connection of analogue
Recommendation          text telephones over an IP network
V.151 (under devel)
ITU-T                   Procedures for supporting Voice Band Data over IP
Recommendation          networks
V.152 (under devel)
H Series Supplement 1   Video Quality for sign language and lip reading          Quality characteristics of video transmission of
                                                                                 importance for sign language and lip-reading
ITU Y.1541              Network performance objectives for IP-based
ITU - T E.118           Automatic international telephone credit cards
ITU - T E.121           Pictograms, symbols and icons to assist Users of the
                        telephone service
ITU - T E.133           Operating procedures for cardphones
ITU - T E.134           Human factors aspects of public terminals: Generic
                        operating procedures.
ITU - T E.135           Human factors aspects of public telecommunications
                        terminals for people with disabilities.
ITU - T E.136           Tactile identifier on pre-paid telephone cards
ITU - T E.161           Arrangements of figures, letters and symbols on
ITU - T E.902           Interactive services design guidelines.
ITU - T E.920           Procedures for designing, evaluating and selecting
                        symbols, pictograms and icons.
                 ITU - T P.370           Magnetic field strength around the earcap of
                                         telephone handsets which provide for coupling to
                                         hearing aids
EIA                                      Electronic Industries Association
                 EIA/CES 608             Analog Television Closed Captioning (Line 21 Data
                 EIA 708 B               Advanced Television Closed Captioning

TIA & T1 /ANSI                           American National Standards Institute
                 TR 30                   A Frequency Shift Keyed Modem for use on the               The first standard for TTY signals, which
                 TIA/EIA 825a            Public Switched Telephone Network                          permitted mainstream industry to design for
                                                                                                    compatibility with TTY as technologies moved
                                                                                                    to digital.
                 TR 30.1                 Standards for text over IP (TIA 1001)                      U.S. effort to develop standard methods for
                 TIA 1001 (in process)                                                              carrying Baudot over IP telephony networks,
                                                                                                    using voice band data and gateway approaches.
                 TIA- 504-A              Telecommunications-Telephone Terminal
                                         Equipment-Magnetic Field and Acoustic Gain
                                         Requirements for Headset Telephones Intended for
                                         Use by the Hard of Hearing
                 ANSI/TIA-968-A          Telecommunications - Telephone Terminal
                                         Equipment - Technical Requirements for Connection
                                         of Terminal Equipment to the Telephone Network
                 TR 45                   2.5 mm Audio Interface For Mobile Wireless                 Connector standard for wireless telephones and
                 TSB-121                 Handsets - Text Telephones (TTY)                           TTYs
                 T1.718-2001             PCS 1900 - Cellular Text Telephone Modem (CTM)
                                         Transmitter Bit Exact C-Code
                 T1. 719-2001            PCS 1900 - Cellular Text Telephone Modem (CTM)
                                         General Description
                 TIA IS-127-2            Enhanced Variable Rate Codec, Speech Service
                                         Option 3 for Wideband Spread Spectrum Digital
                                         Systems - Addendum 2
                 TIA IS-707-A-2          Data Services Options for Spread Spectrum Systems -
                                         Radio Link Protocol Type 3 - Addendum No. 2
                 TIA IS-733-1            High Rate Speech Service Option 17 for Wideband
                                         Spread Spectrum Communications Systems
                 TIA IS-789A              Electrical Specification for the Portable Phone to
                                         Vehicle Interface
                 TIA IS-823              TTY/TDD Extension to TIA/EIA 136-410 Enhanced
                                         Full Rate Speech Codec
                 TIA -IS-840             Minimum Performance Standards for Text Telephone
                                         Signal Detector and Text Telephone Signal
                 TIA TSB-121             2.5 mm Audio Interface For Mobile Wireless
                                         Handsets - Text Telephones (TTY)
                 TIA/EIA-688             DTE/DCE Interface For Digital Cellular Equipment
                 T1                      American National Standard for Operations                  Provides and industry standard way for network
                 T1.209-2003             Administration and Maintenance and Provisioning            routing messages to be conveyed in TTY in
                                         (OAM&) – Network Tones and Announcements                   addition to voice.
                 3GPP TS 22.101          Service principles                                         Brief description of mobile text conversation
                 3GPP TS 22.226          GTT Service Stage 1                                        GTT Specific service description
                                                                                                    GTT Specific description of network
                 3GPP TS 23.226          GTT Architecture Stage 2                                   architecture for text conversation and especially
                                                                                                    CTM text telephony
                                                                                                    Robust and error tolerant modem for text
                 3GPP TS 26.226          CTM Modem, General description
                                                                                                    telephony specified for mobile networks.
                                         Circuit Switched Multimedia Telephony                      Includes text conversation using T.140 in AL1
                 3GPP TS 26.110
                                         ( 3G.324 )                                                 channel
                                                                                                    Includes text conversation using T.140 in RTP
                 3GPP TS 26.235          Packet Switched Conversational Multimedia ( SIP )
                                                                                                    as RFC 2793.
ACIF                                     Australian Communications Industry Forum
                                         Access to Telecommunications for People with
                 ACIF G586: (2001)

                 DR ACIF C625:2004       Accessibility Information for Telephone Equipment          soon to be approved.

                                         Requirements for general use Customer Equipment
                 AS/ACIF S040: (1999     for use with the Standard Telephone Service -
                                         Features for special needs of persons with disabilities.
AS                                       Standards Australia
                                         Design of Access and Mobility - Part 1, General
                 AS 1428.1
                                         Requirements for Access - Buildings, Australian Stds.
                                         Design of Access and Mobility - Part 2, Enhanced
                    AS 1428.2
                                         and additional requirements - buildings and facilities
                                         Design of Access and Mobility - Part 3, Requirements
                    AS 1428.3
                                         for children and adolescents with physical disabilites
                                         Design of Access and Mobility - Part 4, Tactile
                    AS 1428.4            ground surface indicators for the orientation of people
                                         with vision impairment
                    AS 3769              Automatic teller machines: User access
                                         Text telecommunications - User interface
                    AS/NZS 4277:1995     requirements - For Deaf people and people with
                                         hearing and speech disabilities
                                         Disability Standards for Education 2004                   personal/F3CE59379EF3209DCA256EAC0004824B/
CEN/ISSS                                 European Committee for Standardization/
                                         Information Society Standardization System
CEN/ISSS Workshop                        ―Specifications for a complete European certification
                                         scheme concerning the delivery of a quality mark for
                                         Web Contnt Accessibility‖
                    CEN WS-DFA           Sign language in the web.
                    [Same as CWA 14835
CEN                                      Comité Européen de Normalisation
                                         Smart Card Systems - Interoperable citizen services -
                    CWA 13987-1          User related information (based on DISTINCT) - Part
                                         1: Definition of User related information.
                                         Smart Card Systems - Interoperable citizen services -
                    CWA 13987-1          User related information (based on DISTINCT) - Part
                                         2: Implementation Guidelines
                    CWA 14147            Financial transactional IC card reader (FINREAD).
                                         Guidelines to standardisers of ICT products and
                    CWA 14661
                                         services in the CEN ICT domain
                                         Guidelines for making information accessible through
                    CWA 14835
                                         sign language on the web
                                         Safety of Machinery: Ergonomic Design Principles:
                    EN 614
                                         Part 1: Terminology and General Principles
                                         Requirements for IC cards and terminals for
                    EN 726
                                         telecommunications use
                    EN 894               Ergonomics of human-system interaction.
                                                                                                   Part 1 Design principles and symbols for the
                                                                                                   user interface.
                                                                                                   Part 2 Dimension and location of tactile
                                         Machine readable cards, related device interfaces and
                                                                                                   identifier for ID-1 cards.
                    EN 1332              operations
                                                                                                   Part 3 Keypads.
                                                                                                   Part 4 Coding of user requirements for people
                                                                                                   with special needs.

                                                                                                   Part 4 Keyboard requirements.
                                                                                                   Part 11 Usability statements. Guide 6 (2002)
                    EN 29241                                                                       Guidelines for standards developers to address
                                                                                                   the needs of older persons and persons with
                                                                                                   disabilities. Equivalent to ISO/IEC Guide 7
CSA                                      Canadian Standards Association
                    B65.1.1-01           Barrier-free design for Automated Banking Machines
                    B480-02              Customer Service for People with Disabilities
                    B651-95              Barrier-free design
ETSI                                     European Telecommunications Standards
                    ETSI dtr/hf 02015    Draft ETSI report on text telephony
                    version 1.5.2

TD18   DTR|00018                         Human Factors (HF);
                                         Human Factors (HF); User interface design principles
                    EG 201 024           for the Telecommunications Management Network
                                         (TMN) applicable to the "G" Interface
                                         Human Factors (HF); Human factors issues in
                    EG 201 103
                                         Multimedia Information Retrieval Services (MIRS).
                                         Human Factors (HF); Framework for the
                    EG 201 379           development, evaluation and selection of graphical
                                         Human Factors (HF); Usability evaluation for the
                    EG 201 472           design of telecommunication systems, services and
              Human Factors (HF); Issues concerning User
EG 201 795
              identification in future telecommunications systems.
              Guidelines on the Multimodality of Icons, Symbols
EG 202 048
              and Pictograms
              Guidelines for ICT Products and Services: Design for
EG 202 116
EG 202 301    UCI: Using UCI to enhance communications for
              disabled, young, and elderly people
              Symbols to identify telecommunications facilities for
EN 301 462    deaf and hard of hearing people.

              Human Factors (HF); Universal Personal
              Telecommunications (UPT); Specification of the
ES 201 125
              minimum Man-Machine Interface (MMI) for Phase 1
              Human Factors (HF); User control procedures in
ES 201 275    basic call, point-to-point connections, for Integrated
              Services Digital Network (ISDN) videotelephony.
              Telecommunication keypads and keyboards: Tactile
ES 201 381    identifiers.

ES 202 076    Generic spoken command vocabulary for ICT devices
              and services
              Access to telecommunications for people with special
              needs: Recommendations for improving and adapting
ETR 029
              telecommunication terminals and services for people
              with impairments
              Human factors aspects of multimedia
ETR 160
              Recommendations for a tactile identifier on machine
ETR 165
              readable cards for telecommunications terminals
              User instruction for public telecommunication
ETR 167
              services: design guidelines
              Human Factors (HF); Generic User control
ETR 170       procedures for telecommunication terminals and
              Human Factors (HF): HF Aspects of universal
ETR 208       personal telecommunications (UPT); User
              Text Telephony: Basic User Requirements and              Describes user needs for text conversation and
ETR 333
              Recommendations                                          guidelines for standardisation
              The implications of ageing for the design of telephone
ETR 334
              Characteristics of telephone keypads and keyboards;
ETR 345
              Requirements of elderly and disabled people
              Human Factors (HF); Assessment and definition of a
              harmonized minimum man-machine interface (MMI)
ETR 261-1     for accessing and controlling public network based
              supplementary services; Part 1: General approach and
              summary of findings
ETS 138       Public terminals for the elderly
ETS 300 375   Pictograms for point to point videotelephony
              Telephony for hearing impaired people: Inductive
ETS 300 381
              coupling of telephone earphones to hearing aids
              Telephony for hearing impaired people: Inductive
ETS 300 388
              coupling of telephone earphones to hearing aids
                       Telephony for hearing impaired people:
              Characteristics of telephone sets that provide
ETS 300 488   additional receiving amplification for the benefit of
              the hearing impaired.

              Telephony for the hearing impaired: Electrical
ETS 300 679
              coupling of telephone sets to hearing aids.
              Human Factors (HF): Minimum Man Machine
ETS 300 738   Interface (MMI) to public network based
              supplementary services
ETS 300 767   Telephone prepayment cards: Tactile identifier
TC TR 001     Human Factors (HF): Generic Handsfree Procedures
              Human Factors (HF): Human Factors Aspects of Pan
TC TR 003
              European Numbering.
              Human Factors (HF); Harmonisation of code schemes
TC TR 004     as minimum Man Machine Interface for
              Telecommunication Terminals
              Human Factors (HF): Ssatellite Personal
TC TR 006     Communication Network; statement of User aspects
              for a S-PCN service
TC TR 007     Human Factors (HF); User requirements of enhanced
                                                     terminals for public use.
                                                     Assignment of alphabetic letters to digits on push
                              TCR-TR 023
                                                     button dialling keypads
                                                     Guidelines for telecommunications relay services for      Guidelines for Telecommunication Relay
                              TR 101 806
                                                     text telephones.                                          Services for text and video
                                                     Requirements for Assistive Technology Devices in
                              TR 102 068
                              TR 103 073             UCI: Improving communications for disabled, young,
                                                     and elderly people
STF 286                       Work item              Access symbols for use with video content and ICT         (subtitling/signing/audio description/voice
                                                     devices‖                                                  input/voice commands, but not as yet ―Open‖
                                                                                                               and ―Closed captioning‖)
IEC                                                  International Electrotechnical Commission
                              IEC 73                 Colours of pushbuttons and their meanings
                              IEC 118-4              Hearing aids: magnetic field strength in audio
                                                     frequency induction loops for hearing aid purposes
JIS                                                  Japanese Industrial Standards Committee
                              JIS S 0011             Guidelines for all people including elderly and people
                                                     with disabilities - Marking of tactile dots on consumer
                              JIS S 0012             Guidelines for all people including elderly and people
                                                     with disabilities - Usability of consumer products
                              JIS S 0021             Guidelines for all people including elderly and people
                                                     with disabilities - Packaging and receptacles
                              JIS S 6310             Prepaid cards - General specification
                              JIS 8071: 2003         Guidelines for standards developers to address the
                                                     needs of older persons and persons with disabilities
                              JIS 8341:2004          Guidelines for older persons and persons with             Part 1: Common Guidelines
                                                     disabilities- information communication equipment         Part 2: Information processing equipment
                                                     and services                                              Part 3: Web contents
                                                                                                               Part 4: office equipment
                                                                                                               Part 5: Telecommunications equipment
NSF                                                  Norges Standardiserings Forbund
                              NS 3937                Functional measurements for use of wheelchairs
OFCOM                                                Office of Communications – United Kingdom
                                                     Penalty guidelines
DASMA                         DASMA 303                                                                        Standard for making building telecom and
                                                                                                               security systems accessible.
                              UNE 139801:2003        Accessibility requirements for computer platforms.
                              UNE 139802:2003        Accessibility requirements for computer platforms.
                              DIN Technical Report   Products in Design for All.
                              124: 2002
                                                     SMPTE DC28 digital cinema specs                           with provisions for subtitles

          KEY to SDOs
                                                                                JTC 1            Joint Technical Committee ISO/IEC
                                                                                SC 02            Coded Character Sets
ISO            International Standardization Organization                       SC 06            Telecommunications and Information Exchange
TC 36          Cinematography                                                                     Between Systems
TC 37          Terminology and other language resources                         SC 07            Software and System Engineering
TC 42          Photography                                                      SC 11            Flexible Magnetic Media for Digital Data Interchange
TC 46          Information and documentation                                    SC 17            Cards and Personal Identification
TC 68          Financial services                                               SC 22            Programming Languages, their Environments and
TC 145         Graphical symbols                                                                 Systems Software Interfaces
TC 159         Ergonomics                                                       SC 23            Removable Digital Storage Media Utilizing Optical
TC 207         Environmental management                                                          and./or Magnetic Recording Technology for Digital
TC 211         Geographic information/Geomatics                                 SC 24            Computer Graphics and Image Processing
TC 215         Health informatics                                               SC 25            Interconnection of Information Technology Equipment
                                                                                SC 27            IT Security Techniques
                                                                                SC 28            Office Equipment
IEC                                                                             SC 29            Coding of Audio, Picture, and Multimedia and
TC 100         Audio, Video and Multimedia Systems and Equipment                                  Hypermedia Information
SC 31         Automatic Identification and Data Capture Techniques   CENELEC       European Committee for Electrotechnical
SC 32         Data Management and Interchange                                      Standardization
SC 34         Document Description and Processing Languages          EIA           Electronic Industries Associeation
SC 35 -       User Interfaces                                        ETSI          European Telecommunications Standards Institute
SC 36         Information Technology for Learning, Education, and    IEEE          Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
Training                                                             IETF          Internet Engineering Task Force
SC 37         Biometrics                                             INCITS        International Committee for Information Technology Stds


                                                                     Linux Standard Base
1395 Trade Association

3GPP          3rd Generation Partnership Project
ATSC          Advanced Television Systems Committee                  The Open Group
BITKOM        Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft,                  USB          Universaly Systems Bus
              Telekommunikation und neue Medien e.V.                 VESA         Video Electronics Standards Association
Bluetooth                                                            W3C          World Wide Web Consortium
CEA           Consumer Electronics Association
CEN           Comité Européen de Normalisation

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