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									Tagat 1 unit Summer 2005          1       2005 ‫תג"ת אנגלית יחידה 1 קיץ‬

PART 1                                                       1 ‫חלק‬
READING COMPREHENSION                                   ‫הבנת הנקרא‬

                   A.1.   Read the News Report.
                    1                 .‫א 1. קראו את הקטע‬

             ROYAL WEDDING 2005
                 Prince Charles                 Etta
                 and his bride,             Richardson
                 Camilla Parker                 and
                    Bowles.                her fruitcake

Etta Richardson is 74 years old. But she still works hard. Mrs.
Richardson bakes cakes for “Grandma’s Bakery”. It is her son's
shop in Wales. She uses her mother's recipes to make cream cake,
vanilla pie and fruitcake.

In 2004, Prince Charles, the son of the Queen of England, was on
holiday in Wales. There he ate some of Etta’s fruitcake and he liked
it very much.

In April 2005, Prince Charles got married to Camilla Parker Bowles.
His mother gave a party after the wedding. Charles wanted Mrs.
Richardson’s fruitcake at the party. So Queen Elizabeth ordered 20
special fruitcakes for the party.

Tagat 1 unit Summer 2005           2          2005 ‫תג"ת אנגלית יחידה 1 קיץ‬

A.2. Answer the questions in English. (20 points)
                          )‫א.2. ענו על השאלות באנגלית. (02 נקודות‬

   1. How old is Etta Richardson? (1 point)

   2. What does she do? (2 points)

   3. List the kinds of cakes you can buy at “Grandma’s Bakery” (6 pts)

           a) ________________________________
           b) ________________________________
           c) ________________________________

   4. Whose recipes does Etta use? (3 pts)

   5. What special food did Prince Charles eat in Wales in 2004? (2 pts)

   6. Who did Prince Charles marry in April 2005? (2 pts)

   7. a) What did Queen Elizabeth order for the wedding party? (2 pts)
      b) How many did she order? (2 pts)

Tagat 1 unit Summer 2005            3         2005 ‫תג"ת אנגלית יחידה 1 קיץ‬

B .1. Read the advertisements.
                         1      .              .‫ב.1. קראו את המודעות‬

                  HELPING               OTHERS
 Are your cupboards full?               Help people who lost
                                          everything in the
                                        earthquake in Turkey.

                                            Blankets and Food
                                              Wa r m C l o t h e s

                                             Bring them to the
                                        H a d a r C o mmu n i t y C e n t e r
                                           on Monday the 15th.
 Do you have clothes, books,              F o r mo r e i n f o r ma t i o n
 dishes or pots you don’t                     Call 04-894568.
 need? You can give them to
 us! We will sell anything in
 good condition.

            MAY 5th
        Plaza Park
       10:00 – 20:00
  Each item for only NIS 3.-
   The money will help
     hungry people.
    For more information call           H a d a r C o mmu n i t y C e n t e r
         04 – 830220.                      14 President Avenue
 Tiberias Community Center                            Haifa
       44 Balfour Road

Tagat 1 unit Summer 2005           4         2005 ‫תג"ת אנגלית יחידה 1 קיץ‬

B.2. Fill in a suitable word according to the ads. (15 points)
)‫ב.2. השלימו בעזרת המילים המתאימות לפי המודעות שלמעלה.( 51 נקודות‬


 1. Look in your cupboards. Do you have clothes, dishes or pots that
    you don’t need and are also are in ____________ condition?

 2. Bring the things to the community center in Tiberias and we will
    __________ them at the bazaar. You can also ______________
    things that you need! Help hungry people!

 3. Each item will cost just NIS ______________ .

 4. For information about the Bazaar in Plaza Park call

 5. Bring spare blankets for the people of ____________________ to
    the Hadar Community Center in Haifa. People in that country lost
    everything in the ____________ .

 6. Bring food and warm clothes to the Hadar center on

 7. The Hadar Center is on _________________________Avenue.

 8. Both in Tiberias and in Haifa, people are trying to ____________

Tagat 1 unit Summer 2005             5        2005 ‫תג"ת אנגלית יחידה 1 קיץ‬

C.1. Read the following dialog and circle the correct answer.
 .        ‫ג. 1. קראו את ה דו-שיח הבא והקיפו בעגול את התשובות הנכונות‬


Big Tom      Good evening. How can I help you?
Olga         Hi, do you entertain at birthday parties?
Big Tom      Yes. Who is the party for?
Olga         My son Maxim. He’ll be 10 on April 12th. I want to make the
             party on Friday, April 15th at 4:00.
Big Tom      OK. Where will the party be?
Olga         In the park near our house in Ramat Gan.
Big Tom      Good. How many guests are you going to invite?
Olga         About 25 kids. It’s Maxim’s whole class.
Big Tom      OK. I’ll bring two funny clowns who will do tricks and give
             prizes to all the kids. We can decorate the park with colorful
             balloons. You must bring a birthday cake, food and drinks.
Olga         How much does a party like that cost?
Big Tom      It will cost you NIS 350.
Olga         OK. Let’s do it !

Tagat 1 unit Summer 2005          6        2005 ‫תג"ת אנגלית יחידה 1 קיץ‬

C.2. Circle the correct answer. (15 points)
                       )‫ג.2. הקיפו בעגול את התשובה הנכונה. (51 נקודות‬


  1. Who is going to be 10 years old?

          Big Tom
          Maxim
          Olga

  2. Where does Olga want to make the party?

          at home
          at school
          in a park

  3. When is Olga going to make the party? On_______

          April 12th at 4:00
          April 15th at 4:00
          April 4th at 10:00

  4. Who will come to the party?

          25 clowns
          25 classes
          25 children

  5. What will Olga bring to the party?

          drinks, food and a cake
          cold drinks and balloons
          balloons and nice prizes

Tagat 1 unit Summer 2005                  7         2005 ‫תג"ת אנגלית יחידה 1 קיץ‬

D.  Read the conversation between Asmara and the Bank Clerk and then
    fill out the form for Asmara. (10 points)
‫ד. קראו את השיחה בין אסמארה ופקיד הבנק. השלימו את הפרטים של אסמארה‬
                                                  )‫בטופס. (01 נקודות‬

                      OPENING A BANK ACCOUNT
Clerk:         Hello, young man. How can I help you?
Asmara:        Good afternoon, I’d like to open a bank account.
Clerk:         OK. How old are you?
Asmara:        I’m 16.
Clerk:         Good, you can have your own bank account. Are you a student?
Asmara:        Yes, I go to Alon High School.
Clerk:         We need to fill out this form. Tell me your full name, your I.D.
               number and your address.
Asmara:        Asmara Mekonen, 3 Tamar Street, Hadera. My I.D. is 198076054.
Clerk:         I need your zip code and phone number too.
Asmara         My zip code is 55878 and my phone number is 09-5582233.
Clerk:         Do you have a mobile phone?
Asmara         Yes, it’s 054-273918.
Clerk          OK. Just sign here and here, please. You now have an account!

         TRUST BANK                 Stud ent Ba nk Acco unt
Family Name:          ______________ (1 pt.)
First Name:           ______________ (1 pt.)
Age:                   ________ (1 pt.)
Address:      _____      _____________        _____________ (1 pt)
              ___________________ Zip Code: ___________ (2 pts.)
ID Number:            _________________________________(1 pt.)
Phone Number:                 ___   ______________         (1 pt.)
Mobile Phone Number:         ___    ______________        (1 pt.)
Name of School: ______________________________________(1 pts)

Tagat 1 unit Summer 2005          8         2005 ‫תג"ת אנגלית יחידה 1 קיץ‬

PART 2 :                                                       :2 ‫חלק‬
LANGUAGE AND                                            ‫תרגילים בלשון‬
VOCABULARY                                                ‫ואוצר מילים‬

E. Circle the correct answer. (10 points)
         )‫01 נקודות‬         ( .‫ה . הקיפו בעגול את התשובה הנכונה‬

Mr. Elias ( live / lives / living ) in Ramleh with his family. Mr.
Elias ( is / has / have ) a wife, two sons, and ( a / an / two )

They live in a 3-room apartment with a living room and two
bedrooms. This apartment is too small for (they / them / your).
So, Mr. and Mrs. Cohen are looking for a new house ( in / on /
from ) Ramleh. They really like Ramleh very much!

Tagat 1 unit Summer 2005                   9           2005 ‫תג"ת אנגלית יחידה 1 קיץ‬

F. Circle the correct answer. (15 points)
                              )‫ו. הקיפו בעגול את התשובה הנכונה. ( 51 נקודות‬

1. We get up in the morning and go to
                                               6. In Israel, most rain falls in _____.
   bed at _____________.
        lunch                                            summer
        forty                                            winter
        night                                            spring

2. It’s not far from here. You don’t           7. People like to watch __________ in
   need to take a bus, you can go on              the evening.
   __________.                                         the radio
           foot                                       television
           taxi                                       balloons
           train
                                               8. We buy things in _________.
3. Many people keep dogs, cats, or
   other ___________ at home.                             school
        beds                                             stores
        pots                                             chairs
        pets
                                               9. Mr. Smith’s children are pupils.
4. There are a lot of big trees and nice          They go to _____________.
   ____________ in the park.                           school
       dresses                                        farms
       planes                                         office
       flowers
                                               10. We read books, magazines, and
5. She is going to wear a white blouse             ________.
   and black ____________ for the                      chess games
                                                       TV movies
        pans
                                                       newspapers
        pants
        pizza

 Tagat 1 unit Summer 2005         10         2005 ‫תג"ת אנגלית יחידה 1 קיץ‬

G. Choose a suitable answer from the box. Then write it next to the
    question. There are more answers than you need. (15 points)
 .‫ז. בחרו בתשובה המתאימה מתוך התשובות שלמטה והעתיקו אותה ליד השאלה‬
                                    )‫ישנן תשובות מיותרות. (51 נקודות‬


  1. Did you like the movie?_________________________________
  2. Where do you go shopping? _____________________________
  3. What’s your favorite color? ______________________________
  4. What day is the party for Pam?___________________________
  5. Do you know her name? ________________________________
  6. How much is that black shirt?____________________________
  7. What time are you coming home? ________________________
  8. Can I come with you,
  9. Why didn’t he come
  10. How can I get to Central

                            ANSWERS ‫תשובות‬

     Take the number 7 bus.              Next Monday.
      At six o’clock.                    His name is Maxim.
     I bought the green pants.           Yes, you can come.
     Yes, it’s a good film.              The big mall in Haifa.
     I like green best.                  It’s NIS 35.

Tagat 1 unit Summer 2005   11       2005 ‫תג"ת אנגלית יחידה 1 קיץ‬

  Her name is Miriam.           He was sick.
                                                     Good Luck!


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