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									Madd! For Dance Studio News Letter November 2009

Supadance Finals Camber Sands: 6th to 9th of November
What a weekend! We arrived after a long journey and were given keys to our luxury
accommodation? Actually it was clean and habitable despite some horror stories we had
heard on previous visits. Friday commenced with a March on to introduce the teams this
was followed by some fun competitions an American Cha Cha or Jive basically you change
partners after every round we had some success with Emily making it into the semis in the
jive and Jabez coming 2nd. In the Juvenile cha event Megan, Olivia and Shannon all
received a recall to the second round in fact Megan made it all the way to the final a real
boost to all the teams’ confidence. On Saturday it was down to business the team match
and they danced brilliantly but it was a tall ask to make the final in our first year but
everyone raised there game well done. In the open events Jabez and Emily made it into the
1st Division Juvenile latin final and finished in 6th place in the modern 2 dance event they
were a little unlucky not to make the final and finished in the semis. Anna and Abby
danced extremely well all weekend and Megan and Olivia and Jessica and Shannon all
received a recall in the latin all girl 1st division event well done. Ben and Jodie had to dance
several tough rounds but breezed into the Latin final taking a well deserved 3rd place they
looked immaculate and danced superbly. In the ballroom event they again danced 3 tough
rounds before being placed 5th in a high class final very well done. Emma and Nigel danced
in the senior 4 dance ballroom event and were very pleased in gaining a semi final place
but went one better in the latin making it into a 7 couple final finishing in 6th place well
done all of you. Overall a very good weekend the work starts now on putting together the
teams for next year anyone interested or would like to know more speak to Carole or me or
come along to a meeting on Thursday the 26th of November at 6-30pm see attachment

November Medallists of the Year Competitions 2009:
The first of the competitions took place on the 1st of November Junior and Star dance.
Olivia Krogulski and Charlotte Walker represented us in the star dance event Charlotte
danced very well in her first star event but failed to receive a recall Olivia looked all the
way a finalist and potential winner but a little tiredness caught up with her in the jive and
she failed to reach the final finishing in the semi’s nevertheless two talents for the future.
 In the Junior Medallists events Luke Bailey finished 2nd in both events, Sophie Skinner
finished 2nd in Ballroom and 3rd in Latin and Bethany Dalton finished 4th in the Ballroom
and 2nd in Latin. Juvenile Medallists of the year: Olivia Walker received three recalls
narrowly missing out on the last 20 improved from last year but we need to up the energy
levels now for future comps Bethany Partington also received a recall but lack of
preparation for this type of event stopped her progressing any further all the girls were well
turned out and a credit to the studio.
 In the Boys star dance medallists event Tyler Pinnington was taking part in his first ever
competition and finished in 6th place Mathew Doran is an old campaigner when it comes to
competing and received a very credible 3rd place.
 In the grade events Nat Partington took both first places in the under 9’s Bronze waltz and
Cha Cha and his Brother Luke was second in both events. Under 9’s Bronze Girl saw some
very strange adjudicating indeed? Amy Edwards failed to receive a recall and Elli Hays
only made the semi both girls were certain finalists. But in the under 12,s category 65
participants and a different Adjudicator Amy made it all the way to the semis and Elli a
very good 6th place in the final in what was a tougher competition than the under 9’s ? .
Leah Chapman was in the under 16 Bronze event taking part in her first competition
looking very well groomed Leah reached the semi finals in both events Sophie Skinner was
also in this event taking 2nd in the ballroom and 3rd in the latin Bethany Dalton was also
in this event finishing 3rd in the Ballroom and 2nd in the Latin. Bethany Partington danced
in the gold and above event and received 2 recalls in the cha and 1 in the tango not bad
considering she only decide to dance 4 weeks prior to the event.

Medallists of the year January 2010: After the November junior comp (1st of
November) practice and partnering for this event will take place on Sunday the 18th of
November juniors and Juveniles who actively have regular private lessons will be eligible
to take part in this event. Star dance and rosettes will be reviewed by Sean and Carole
for suitability. This is due to the standard required to compete at this level. Anyone
wishing to partner should let Sean and Carole know prior to attending on the 18th of

*Please Note: If you come to the studio to take part in or simply to watch at the
Sunday practice sessions it has to be reiterated that you are not to distract or disrupt
the proceedings! Partners you are there to help pupils not as experienced as
yourselves remember you are role models to these pupils? If you are there to practice
then that is what you should do in order to give yourself the best opportunity of
getting your best possible result in the competition. Anyone not following these simple
rules will be asked to leave the session thank you Sean

                   Children’s U16 Christmas Party!

Yes we are going to give it a go a party just for the kids! Saturday the 12th of
December 5pm to 7-30pm volunteer helpers please!
Dancing, Games, Demo’s etc please inform Carole if you are attending
£4-00 per Person

Tuck Shop: Can I please ask parents to not allow children to help themselves from the
fridge or counter in the tuck shop? Only adults allocated by Sean or Carole are allowed
behind the counter if you need assistance or serving just ask your co-operation in this
matter is appreciated.
Medal Test: Our 3rd medal test was a great success with some exceptional dancing and
results presentation evening coming soon.

Halloween fancy Dress Supper Dance: The Event was a great success with over 70
people in attendance who witnessed a fabulous Latin dem from Jack Clegg and Katy
Chadderton followed by a Thriller demonstration! and of course a potato hash supper
thanks for all who attended for your support
Partners for Competitions 2009/10: The number of partners will dictate the
amount of pupils able to take part. If you are partnering remember you are giving an
opportunity to someone to dance and as a partner you are willing to practice their
routines and if possible attend some of their private lessons. It will be Carole and me
who decide who partners eligible pupils?

With the season about to get busy with various competitions and
increased practice it is important to stay properly hydrated:

Hydration tips for dancers
  Are you properly hydrated for practice sessions and competitions?
  Competitions are demanding and regular practice places even more demand on
  our bodies.
  Most experienced dancers know the importance of keeping there body hydrated
  before during and after competitions and practice to ensure peak performance
  and reduce the possibility of injury.
  De-Hydration lowers endurance, saps muscle strength, leads to cramps and can
  sometimes result in injuries. Hydration is important to the proper functioning
  of your body. Storing and replacing carbohydrates and electrolytes (sodium
  and potassium). is equally important. While the old standby, water, is easily
  accessible and provides reliable hydration, but in addition newly formulated
  Sports Drinks like , Lucazade sport, and various juice drinks have the added
  benefit of providing carbohydrates (sucrose, glucose, fructose) and
  electrolytes (sodium and potassium).so What do these do:?
  Electrolytes: Increase fluid absorption, to help maintain fluid levels.
  Carbohydrates: Provide energy, increase endurance

  Here are two simple rules to follow:

  Rule #1: It's not so much WHAT you drink, but WHEN and HOW MUCH.
  Prior to heavy workouts it is important to drink water or a Sports Drink to
  properly hydrate your body (The goal of hydration is to PREVENT thirst, not
  QUENCH it.). Then, during practice, take periodic drinks up to your level of

  Rule #2: Re-hydrate your body AFTER practice. It is an important part of
  the recovery process.

  Proper hydration goes hand-in-hand with other preparatory and maintenance
  regimens - such as stretching or warming-up and cooling-down when
  practicing. Know your body and know the SCIENCE of your body. Your
  "dance instrument" will only work well if you take good care of it you will
  perform better be less tired increased stamina and less risk of injury.
Supadance 2010 Any juniors or juveniles or Adults interested in joining our
teams or would like more information on supadance please see Sean or Carole for details.
There will be a meeting on Sunday the 29th of November for everyone wishing to take part
in the 2010 competitions @ 3pm

Private Pupils:          Would private pupils please note the following if you have booked a
private lesson and need to cancel for what ever reason you must let us know as soon as
possible 24 hrs notice no charge: 12 hrs 50% of lesson cost less than 12 hrs the full
payment will be required. Remember you are booking personnel time and floor space that
at short notice is difficult to fill we have had a large number of last minute cancellations
recently which is why I am brining this to your attention

Studio Rules: Ladies if you wear Ballroom or Latin Shoes please make sure you
have heel protectors on to help reduce damage to the wooden floor see Carole if you
are unsure?
Refreshments: please refrain from bringing your own food or drink into the
studio {unless previously arranged}, drinks etc are available from the tuck shop.
If you have special dietary requirements please speak to Sean or Carole.
Practice Times: Supervised Practice sessions are held every Saturday 5pm to 7 pm-
Ballroom first hour Latin second all welcome £5.00 adults £3.50 under 16’s

Dress for sale: There is a dress rail in the tuck shop where you can view the
current dresses available for sale or add your outfit to it please see Carole before
trying on or taking any dresses please.

Madd! For Dance Merchandise!
We have a number of branded items available Jackets, Sports Bags ,Dress
Bags, Shoe Bags, Bear Mascots, Hoodies etc if you would like to purchase or
enquire about any of these please see Sean

Contact: Web: Tel mob: 07718 785 105
Home 0161 287 0380
Studio Address Dale Street Shaw OL2 8AU

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