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					                        Cheverly Weekday Nursery
                             October 2008

                                         and I strive for a close, loving
This is the first monthly newsletter     relationship with each child and the
that will be sent to inform you of       warm feeling of “family”, which
past, present and future happenings      steadily grows all year, has already
and plans at Weekday Nursery.            begun.     We look forward to an
Some children tell their parents         exciting and enriching year. We are
everything that happens at school        pleased to have Joyce Woodworth
and other prefer to keep it to           continue on our staff again this year.
themselves, disclosing little or         She comes in from 11:00 am – 12:30
nothing about what they have done        pm to help with the “lunch bunch”.
in school. Communication between         Having her come in allows Linda and
home and school is very important,       me a break. She will also be one of
so, we shall attempt to keep you up      our substitutes as well as Betty
to date.       In addition to the        Bellamy, the former director of our
newsletter, please check for notes       school. Our aftercare teachers may
and messages daily and our little        also be called upon to substitute.
bulletin board outside our room for
information. Notes will be stapled to          SEPTEMBER ACTIVITIES
your child’s papers or may be placed
in a backpack. Please remember to        Our first unit was based on
mark special dates on your calendar      developing a positive self-concept in
and inform sitters of these dates. It    the children. This theme will be
is also important for you to read        stressed throughout the year. We
our Handbook so that you become          discussed our families, our bodies
familiar with our policies.              and how we are alike yet different.
                                         Activities included tracing our bodies
The Nursery is certainly off to a good   on mural paper, making faces,
start.   We are not quite at full        building faces and bodies with
enrollment.        All children are      flannel board pieces, weighing and
becoming comfortable with the            measuring each child and making
classroom environment, learning its      hand and foot prints. The children
structure, limits and new friendships    finger-painted with their fingers,
are developing as the children learn     palms, fingernails, experimented with
to work and play together. Linda         play dough and easel painted. We
                                         talked about what hands can do and
began to do some skill papers            children when      the   opportunity
involving matching, eye-hand co-         presents itself.
ordination and visual acuity. The
children had an opportunity to cut              OCTOBER ACTIVITIES
out several little books. We spent
time talking about feelings, using       In October we will talk about basic
polite words, how to be a good           shapes – circle, square, triangle and
friend and sharing. New vocabulary       rectangle, have our pictures taken,
words such as palm, knuckles,            visit a pumpkin patch, talk about
quarrel, repetition and collage were     Halloween, pumpkins, apples and
presented. We read many stories          leaves changing colors. We have
about school and learned many            three fundraisers – The bake sale at
songs. It was fun having a color day.    the Cheverly Flea Market on
Our art activities were different for    Saturday, October 25th, Franklin’s
each color and included finger paint,    Restaurant on October 20th and
gluing a color on to another paper,      Claire’s Gourmet which will begin on
using rolling pens with various          October 24th and continues until
designs in them, and using kitchen       November 17th with delivery on
tools such as potato masher and          December 3rd. We must have your
scrubby as painting tools. We used       support for all these fundraisers. Ask
green glitter, sand, and other art       family, friends, neighbors and co-
materials for teaching colors. They      works to join in and help us make
made red Jell-O and play dough. We       these events successful.
will be learning science through our
cooking experiences. Liquid, solid             TELEPHONE NUMBERS
measuring cups and temperatures
were presented this month.               If you need to get a message to us,
                                         301-773-2297 is a direct line into our
We experimented with colors and          room.      We have an answering
found yellow and blue made green,        machine, so please leave a message
red and blue made purple, red and        and we will return your call as soon
white made pink and red and yellow       as we can. Keep a copy of our
made orange. We also talked about        telephone number in your wallet or
shades of color. We hunted for color     car in case of an emergency.
objects in our classroom and played
games with toys for the special day.
We concluded the unit by letting the
children select a favorite color shirt
and decorate it. We do ask parents
to reinforce these colors with the
              THANKS                                  CAR SEATS

Thanks to Mrs. Katie Troyner for         Children are required by law to ride
again volunteering to type my            in a car seat. Parents must provide a
newsletter. I certainly appreciate the   car seat for their child when we go
help.                                    on a field trip. Please make sure
                                         your name is on the seat.
                                                     STRAY TOYS
Comfortable, relaxed play clothes are
very     appropriate   for   Nursery     Occasionally some of our smaller
activities. Coats, jackets, sweaters,    toys get carried home in little
sweatshirts, boots, lunch boxes and      pockets. If you notice a puzzle piece,
blankets must be labeled with your       small block, little balls or other small
child’s name.                            toys that you do not recognize as
                                         belonging to your child, please send
              SNACKS                     them back to school.

Your snacks have been appropriate.                NURSERY BOARD
It is not necessary to make home
made goodies.        Popcorn, fruit,     We would like to take this
veggies with dip and cheese and          opportunity to introduce the Nursery
crackers are great. We would ask the     Board to you. The board includes
morning snack person not to send         teachers, parents and members of
puddings, fruit cup or apple sauce       the church.      Rev. Saroj Sangha,
because they spoil our “lunch bunch”     pastor of the church is chair person.
lunch appetites. The only exception      Others include Nancy M. McGuirk,
would be when the morning child is       Linda Carr, Dottie Tamai (MDO), Beth
celebrating a birthday.        Please    Harder (MDO), Betty Bellamy, Matt
remember to check the snack              Verta – church members, Michelle
calendar for your snack day. You will    Ferrando, Stella Scott, Liz O’Leary,
be sent a reminder the day before.       Katie Troyner, former parents,
Send 5 ounce cups, napkins and a         Kathryn Andrews, Marcie Goeke-
goodie.                                  Morey and Carol Hart – former
                                         parent and our accountant/treasurer.
         A NECESSARY EVIL                           CLAIRE’S GOURMET

Fundraisers – In order to keep our          What a wonderful fundraiser! All you
tuition affordable and reasonable, we       do is order yummy and practical
must do fundraisers. We do try to           desserts, breakfast foods, pizzas and
limit them. However, three are this         pretzels. They come frozen and you
fall – bake sale, Franklin’s and Claire’s   can use them during the holidays.
Gourmet. Our largest fundraiser is          We have no delivery charges. The
Truck Touch on Saturday, May 2nd,           sale begins on October 24th and
2009. Please volunteer to assist us         concludes on November 17th, with
with these endeavors. We are a              delivery on December 3rd. Again,
small group – but small can be              ask friends, neighbors, family and co-
mighty!!                                    workers. Believe us – this is fabulous
                                            food. You can also order through
        DELAYED OPENINGS                    the internet. Great hostess gifts.
                                            Jennifer    Allegro    and     Kathryn
Please read your handbook with              Andrews will be the chairladies for
regard to delayed openings (page 3          this fundraiser.
– snow days).
                                                 FRANKLIN’S FUNDRAISER
                                            On Monday, October 20th from 11:00
Please do not send your child to            am until 9:00 pm Franklin’s
school if he or she is not feeling well.    Restaurant Brewery and General
A sick child will not enjoy the day         Store will help us raise money for the
and may cause others to become ill.         school. The restaurant is located on
A child must be free of fever or other      Route 1 in Hyattsville. It’s a kid-
symptoms for a twenty-four hour             friendly restaurant. They will give us
period before returning to school.          20% of what you spend at the
                                            restaurant and general store. It’s an
             CAR POOLS                      all day fundraiser from 11:00 am –
                                            9:00 pm. All you have to do is say
If you have, or will have in the future,    you are part of the Cheverly
a carpool, please send us a schedule.       Weekday Nursery. It’s a great place
We must have a notice by note or            to eat and do early Christmas
telephone if anyone other than a            shopping for unique gifts. More
parent is picking up.                       information will be sent home
                                            shortly. Please invite family, friends,
                                            co-workers and neighbors.           No
                                            chairman needed – no hard work
involved – only a relaxing evening                PARENT MEETING
and good food, and getting the word
out to as many as possible.              On Wednesday, October 23rd from
                                         7:30 – 9:00 pm, we’ll have our first
             PICTURES                    parent meeting. This event is for
                                         parents only. No children please.
On Tuesday, October 14th, Life Touch,    Slides of the children in action will be
our photographer will be here taking     the main event of the evening. In
individual pictures and class pictures   addition, the children will have a
of the children. This is an option of    special treat and several other
course. The pictures do make great       surprises too. Please try to attend.
Christmas gifts though. Please not       Linda and I will answer questions you
change of date.                          might have concerning your child or
                                         about the school.
On Friday, October 31 , we will have
our Halloween Celebration.         All   Every once in a while we have needs
students come at 8:45 am. We will        – items for projects, objects the
have a classroom parade and sing a       children need to supply, etc. We
few Halloween songs. Parents are         need families, friends and neighbors
invited to stay for the parade – great   to give us McDonalds, Wendy’s or
photo op! On a party day, we serve       other restaurant “cute little toys”
lunch to all the children and there      (new or used). These toys are a great
will be a sign up sheet posted on the    part of our Truck Touch fundraiser in
bulletin board with the menu. Please     May. Also, if you are in Value Village
help us with the refreshments. We        or other similar stores and you see
will also need a volunteer to help us    girls’ party dresses for a few dollars –
serve the food.         Dismissal for    we could use some new ones. The
morning children is 12:30 pm. All        Nursery will reimburse you.
day and ¾ day children may stay          We can always use paper – any kind.
until 3pm. Aftercare will be from
3:00 – 6:00 as usual.
             FALL TRIP                              PICTURE PLEASE

On Friday, October 24th, we will visit    There are three children who need to
Queen Anne Farm. All children will        bring in a picture for our bulletin
come at 8:45 am. Dismissal for half-      board in the hallway. We use them
day children will be between 11:15        often throughout the year.        The
and 11:30 am. All day and ¾ day           children are very excited to see their
children may remain with us until         pictures.
3:00 pm dismissal. They will need
their lunch as usual.            More                  AFTERCARE
information will be sent home closer
to the date. Aftercare will be from 3     We have three lovely ladies doing
– 6 as usual. There is an admission       our aftercare from 3pm – 6pm 5 days
fee which includes a pumpkin of your      a week. There are always two ladies
choice. The cost is $5.00 per child.      on duty. Right now there are only
Parents are free. Permission slips will   four children, we could use a few
be sent to you and most importantly,      more. We really need this program
we will need parents to drive and         to pay for itself. There are no extra
ride along.                               funds available in our budget. If you
                                          are at all interested talk to Nancy,
              THANKS                      Linda or Marcie Goeke-Morey.
                                          Marcie and Liz O’Leary (Board
Thanks to Beth Wood and Mary              Member) really worked on getting
Abram for helping with the Farmer’s       this service available for our families.
Market on September 20th. They            Patty Acadia, Elaine Casaregola and
made $13 selling sidewalk chalk art       Anna-Marie      Hawkins      are    the
at the market.                            aftercare ladies. We are happy to
                                          have them.
             BAKE SALE

We need two parents to volunteer to
chair our Bake Sale on Saturday,
October 25th.     Very little work
involved. See Nancy or Linda as
soon as possible.

1. Your October tuition is due
    between the 1st – 10th of the
2. October 10th and 13th – No
3. October 17th – Individual
    Picture Day.
4. October 20th – Franklin’s
5. October       23rd    –    Parent
6. October 24th – Pumpkin Patch
    – All Children – 8:45 am.
7. October       24th   –   Claire’s
    Gourmet Fundraiser Begins.
8. October 25th – Cheverly Flea
    Market – Bake Sale Fundraiser.
9. October        31st    –    Class
    Halloween Party – Lunch to be
    served. Morning children will
    dismiss at 12:30. All day and
    ¾ day may stay until 3:00.
    There will be aftercare until
10. November 1st – Town of
    Cheverly Halloween Party –
    11:30 am.
11. November 10th – No School –
    Veteran’s Day Observed.