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					                                             EARPHONES & PILLOW SPEAKERS

          MICRO-STEREO EARPHONES                                                         DYNAMIC EARPHONES
                  Fit Comfortably in Your Ear                                Ideal for private listening on transistor sets, hearing aids,
Tiny “BUDS” fit your ears and produce outstanding results. Comes             radio sets and TV sets. These compact earphones are
with handy plastic case. Truly private listening, Ideal for TV in bed.       equipped with slim metal ear support for comfortable listen-
3 ft. cord and 3.5mm right angle stereo plug. Ferrite magnets with           ing. Twisted stranded wire provides reliability and maximum
mylar cones. 60mW. With extra set of earpads. Bubble carded for              flexibility. An extra plastic earpiece is provided.
impulse sale.

                                               No. SP426

                                                                              Miniature (1/8” Dia.) Plug
                                                                                       Impedance Cord Length
                                                                              No. P78        8           10 ft.
                                                                              No. P77        8           6 ft.
    Stereo Extension Cord w / In-Line Volume Control                          No. P7         8           3 ft.
               And Mono / Stereo Switch                                       No. P10       2000         3 ft.

10’ extension cord with 3.5                                                    Subminiature (3/32” Dia.) Plug
mm Male on one end and 3.5                                                            Impedance Cord Length
mm Stereo Female on the                                                       No. P76     8            3 ft.
other. Small 3 Cond. cable                                                    No. P79     8           10 ft.
(2.0 mm O.D.) has an in-line
switch to change from stereo                                              For Bulk packed add suffix letter “B” to the part number.
to mono and a thumb wheel
volume control.                                                          MOLDED SINGLE-PIECE CONSTRUCTION
         No. 70-023

A larger speaker for the best
audio when used under a pillow.
                                                                         This molded white earphone has 15 ohm impedance. Unitary
Low impedance for use with near-
                                                                         construction eliminates need for a detachable earpiece.
ly any A.M. radio etc..., great for
                                                                         Miniature (1/8” D) plug termination. Used widely in hospitals
night time talk shows. This is
                                                                         and other institutions.
monaural, of course and not for
use with stereos, CD’s etc.. Six
foot cord is terminated in stan-                                                      No. P8W - 7 ft. cord
dard mini-plug (3.5mm).                                                               No. P8BW - Bulk Packed
                                                                                      No. P8-20 - 20 ft. cord
                    No. R60                                                           No. P8-20B - Bulk Packed
                    No. R60B bulk packed

                                                                           CRYSTAL EARPHONES
                                                                          Crystal earphones have a very high
                   PILLOW SPEAKER                                         impedance (over 100 megohms) for a
Use under a pillow for private listening                                  variety of receiving and listening applica-
to A.M. radio etc.. won’t disturb your                                    tions. All have molded plastic shell
spouse. Low impedance magnetic
transducer is fully protected in molded
                                                                                   Termination            Cord Length
case; employ’s bone conduction for
excellent reproduction. Just 2 - 1/2” in                                 No. 747   Mini (1/8”) Phone Plug      7 ft.
diameter and 11/16” thick. Cord length                                   No. 748   Stripped and Tinned         7 ft.
is six foot with mono (3.5 mm) mini No. R49                              No. 748SP Std. (1/4”) Phone Plug      8 ft.
plug.                                    No. R49B bulk packed            Nos. 747 and 748 are display packaged. For bulk packed
                                                                         add suffix letter “B” to the part number. No. 748SP is avail-
                                                                         able in bulk only.                                              109