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Adapter leads, speakers, earphones, microphones and earphone plus microphone
combinations for use with PMR portable radio equipment, including headsets for
fixing inside helmets and costumes.
Break-out Leads
Adaptor leads terminating with a three-pole plug at one end and a 2.5 / 3.5mm dual
socket at the other end; designed to allow use of ordinary ‘standard’ wired audio
accessories on transceivers with single speaker / microphone socket.
MPA-Micro - 2.5mm Three-pole Jack
For use with equipment having a 2.5mm socket, such as the TTI PMR500X trans-
ceiver. When used with the PMR-500TX, a second helmet headset may be connected
to a single transceiver.
MPA-Micro500 - 3.5mm Three-pole jack
For equipment with a 3.5mm socket, such as the TTI PMR-122TX, PMR-500TX
Specifically for the HYT TC-1688 transceivers.
Sharman Earphones
Mono ‘on the ear’, ‘D’ shaped earphones, designed to ?t comfortably to one ear, with
a band behind the ear holding the earpiece securely in place. EP-1R has a 1.5 metre
straight cable, with right-angled 3.5mm two-pole jack plug. EP-2 has a 2.5mm right-
angled plug. Impedance: 8 ohms. Response: 20Hz - 20kHz. Power: 100mW
maximum. EP-4 is a further alternative, having a 1.5metre straight lead with right-
angled 2.5mm three-pole jack plug. Impedance: 32 ohms. Response: 400Hz -
20kHz. Power: 50mW maximum.
EP-5 is a semi-covert type, with acoustic ear tube and ear bud, 630mm straight lead,
right-angled 3.5mm single-pole jack plug. Impedance: 110 ohms. Response: 500Hz -
Sharman Earphones with Microphones
The EPM100 is a lapel-clip microphone which can be fixed inconspicuously on a shirt
or jacket collar, with D-shaped earphone which fixes on the external ear. There is a
PTT switch on the microphone. Equipped with ‘standard’ dual-jack moulded plug.
Omni-directional microphone, sensitivity 53dB. Ear speaker power 0.1W max.
The EPM400 is similar to the EPM100, with 1.5m lead and 2.5mm stereo jack plug.
Suitable for TTI PMR500TX transceivers. Omni-directional condenser microphone,
response 20-20,000Hz. Speaker level: 98dB. Power: 30mW. Impedance: 32ohms.
Response: 400-20,000Hz.
The HEPM600 consists of an earpiece which is held against the ear by an ear-loop,
which also positions a flexible boom microphone. Inline PTT switch, 1.5m cable.
Equipped with ‘standard’ dual-jack moulded plug. Omni-directional condenser micro-
phone, response 20-20,000Hz. Speaker level: 98dB. Power: 30mW. Impedance:
32ohms. Response: 400-20,000Hz.
The MP-258V is a similar style to the HEPM600 but has a connector specifically for
use with the HYT TC-1668 transceiver.
The MP-158M-G is again a similar style to the HEPM600 but has a connector specifi-
cally for use with the HYT TC-2110 transceiver.
Helmet Headsets
Closed-Face Helmet
A microphone system developed for transmitting from bike to bike using any type of
‘standard’ wired transceiver, which may also be of use in theatrical applications and in
theme parks. The System comprises two ultra flat earphones that can be affixed
inside most helmets and some costumes, a noise canceling microphone that can be
fixed in front of a closed type helmet, and a waterproof PTT switch that can be
mounted on the handlebars of the motorbike or fixed inside a ‘costume’. Fitted with
two-jack ‘standard’ type plug.
Open-Face Helmet
Alternative version to HM100, the HM200 has the same features and specification but
is supplied with a flexible boom microphone instead of front fixed microphone,
allowing to be used with closed face or open face helmets, and in theatrical
costumes. Fitted with two-jack ‘standard’ type plug.
SPK25 Lapel Speaker
Miniature speaker 60m x 60m with clip to attach to a lapel. Curly, 1-metre cable,
3.5mm single-pole straight jack plug.
Technical note:
Many communication devices use quasi-standard connections for external devices.
These are a 2.5mm single-pole jack for an external microphone input and a 3.5mm
single-pole jack for feeding an external earpiece or speaker depending on the model.
Many have the provision for external transmitter keying using the microphone

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28-961   SHARMAN   MPA-MICRO Adapter cable, 2.5mm jack
28-973   SHARMAN   MPA-MICRO500 Adapter cable, 3.5mm jack
28-974   SHARMAN   MPA-MICRO1688 Adapter cable
28-962   SHARMAN   EP1 Earphone, 3.5mm mono jack, angled
28-963   SHARMAN   EP2 Earphone, 2.5mm mono jack, angled
28-964   SHARMAN   EP4 Earphone, 2.5mm 3-pole jack, angled
28-965   SHARMAN   EP5 Acoustic tube earphone, 3.5mm jack
28-966   SHARMAN   EPM100 Earphone and lapel mic, dual plug
28-967   SHARMAN   EPM400 Earphone and lapel mic, 2.5mm jack
28-969   SHARMAN   HEPM600 Earphone and boom mic, dual plug
28-975   SHARMAN   MP-258V Earphone + boom mic for TC-1688
28-976   SHARMAN   MP-158M-G Earphone + boom mic for TC-2110
28-970   SHARMAN   HM100 Helmet headset, closed helmets
28-971   SHARMAN   HM200 Helmet headset, open helmets
28-972   SHARMAN   SPK25 Lapel speaker, 3.5mm mono jack

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