Tips for Newly Wed Couples

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					                              Tips for Newly Wed Couples

People marry and they seem to be happy when they are getting married. What happens
after few days of marriage, where does all the happiness go?

Whether you are marrying a stranger or to a friend, problems can arise in any marriage.
When two people stay together things are different, it is complete a different experience
of life.

Here are few tips for the newly wed couples to stay away from relationship problems.
These tips are for both men and women as both need to put effort to give strength to their

      Give space to each other, if you stick to your partner or boss him or her
       problems can arise.
      Understand the need of each other, and give without asking. Don’t wait for your
       husband and wife to demand for a particular thing try to hear the unspoken
      It is not so easy to make space in anyone’s heart but it is not impossible indeed.
       Build a trust and you can make space in any heart you want.
      Do things out of the way, as in this relationship the more is less.
      Remember your spouse’s birthday, and other special occasions. Don’t forget to
      Praise each other for good things and never taunt for the bad ones.
      Don’t discuss your problems with the third person try tot tackle it yourself.
      Forget and forgive are the two secrets of successful relationships.
      Never sleep without making up if you had any arguments with your spouse.
      Try to go in parties together as this shows harmony in relationship.
      Don’t forget to express your love from time to time.
      If you miss your spouse when he or she is not around then do let them know.

You can either make or break your relationship, so the choice is yours!! May you have a
successful married life!!

Description: Secret of successful marriage, and tips to lead a happy married life for newly married couples.