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									Senior Project Overview
         Fall 2007
The Senior Project is a chance for
students to do in-depth research
          and develop a
    project/presentation that
    demonstrates a deep and
perceptive understanding of their
          chosen topic.
           Senior Project Topics
   Senior Project topics can be developed in one of
    the following areas:
     SERVICE: A project that provides valuable service
      to the community.
     ACADEMIC: A project that involves formal
      instruction by a professional.
     PERSONAL GROWTH: A project that represents
      a unique personal challenge.
    Senior Project Topics (continued)
   Senior Project topics can be developed in one of
    the following areas:
     CAREER: A project that explores potential future
     ARTS: A project that illustrates a unique creative
     SCIENCE: A project that shows a thoughtful
      understanding of science and the natural world.
     ISSUES: A project related to local, national, or
      international issues.
Steps to Complete the Senior Project
 1. Proposal
  Students will complete a Proposal Sheet detailing their
  Senior Project. The instructor and parent/guardian
  must approve the topic and project before work can begin.
 2. Research Paper

  Students will complete a formal research paper about their
  selected topic.
Steps to Complete the Senior Project
   3. Project
    Students will develop a project or performance that
    demonstrates a thoughtful understanding of their topic.
    Senior Projects will contain the following elements:
         A. Project Journal: Documenting 15 hours of work related to the
          completion of the project.
         B. Physical Product or Performance

         C. Reflective Essay: Describing what the student accomplished and
          learned from the Senior Project experience.
Steps to Complete the Senior Project
   4. Presentation
    Students will present their Senior Projects as part of the
    requirement for completion of their Senior Exhibition.
        A. The Senior Project will be documented with a
         PowerPoint presentation.
Examples of Topics
Research Paper          Senior Project

Orphan wild animals     Animal rehab. Volunteer

Endangered animals      Animal rehab. Volunteer

Horse training          Train a horse

Animal abuse            Humane Society volunteer

Picasso                 Paint a mural

Cartooning              Design a cartoon character

Architecture            Draw blueprints/make model

Architectural art       Model home

Murals                  Paint mural

Floral design           Make floral arrangements

Impressionist artists   Paint impressionistic art

Commercial art          Commercial art advertising

Public relations

Stock market              Chart stock

Japanese Restaurant       Learn Japanese cooking

Small business            Plans for one-hour photo

Medical secretary         Shadow medical secretary

Emergency room medicine   Shadow emergency room doctors

Veterinary medicine       Shadow veterinary doctor

Child Abuse

Child abuse               Program design prevention


Computer Programs         Write a bulletin board service

Computers                 Design accounts

Computer components       Design Electric Motor

Elementary education   15 hours of Kindergarten

Hearing impaired       Learn sign language

Child Care             Teach baby-sitting classes


Fashions 1940-1990     Fashion show

Fashion                Sew prom dress

Dress design           Sew "flapper" dress


Homeless               Volunteer at shelter

Homeless               Food-clothing drive

Hydropower                 Create a model
Cruise missiles            Build a model
Weather forecasting        Forecast weather for a week
Water pollution            Examine


Dentistry                  Work at dental clinic
Emergency medicine in US   Shadow emergency room doctors

Performing Arts

Women in theater           Performance
William Shakespeare        Shakespearean monologues performance
Victorian designs          Design set
Radio broadcasting         Take part in a broadcast
Drug testing                   Work in health care facility
Drugs in elementary schools    Present program in schools
Teens and drugs                Write and perform one-act play
Silent films                   Make silent movie
Karate                         Take lessons/demonstrate

Social Issues
Care of elderly                Volunteer retirement/nursing home
Student rights when arrested   Handbook on what to do
Handicapped housing            Design barrier-free house
Teen Peer Pressure             Write/direct/perform play
Teen pregnancy                 Volunteer at Crisis Center
1.Proposal           Paper

  3. Project or
  Presentation          4. PowerPoint

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