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                   San Diego Unified School District
                                  Office of the Associate Superintendent
                                         Special Projects Division
                                    Program Monitoring Department

                              GENERAL MEETING MINUTES
                                   APRIL 16, 2008

Attendance of School Representatives:

Executive Board Members: Chair: Page; Executive Members: Engle, Green, Hammons, Mitchell,
Newton, O’Connell, Robinson, and Scott.

Absent: Garibay.

Elementary Compensatory Schools: Anderson/Alcott, Skellion/Angier, Sims-Vailes/Audubon,
Peterson/Birney, Vattuone/Burbank, Freitas/Doyle, Levell/Encanto, Twiss/Fletcher, Whitsett/Foster,
Engle/Franklin, Long/Fulton, Hernandez/Hamilton, Harris/Hancock, Port/Hardy, Morris/Johnson,
Burns/Linda Vista, Sanchez/Lindbergh-Schweitzer, Smith/Marshall, Larrick/Mason,
Bonillas/McKinely, Osawa/Oak Park, Peevy/Penn, Lewis/Perry, Robinson/Toler, Fletcher/Wegeforth,
and Hayes/Whitman.

Absent: Adams, Balboa, Barnard, Bay Park, Bayview Terrace, Bethune, Boone, Cadman, Carver,
Central, Chavez, Cherokee Point, Chesterton, Clay, Crown Point, Cubberley, Dewey, Edison,
Emerson/Bandini, Euclid, Florence, Gage, Garfield, Golden Hill, Hawthorne, Horton, Ibarra,
Jackson, Juarez, Kimbrough, Knox, Lafayette, Lee, Logan, Marvin, North Park, Ocean Beach,
Perkins, Porter, Rolando Park, Rosa Parks, Ross, Rowan, Sequoia, Valencia Park, Vista Grande,
Webster, and Zamorano.

Invalid Roster: Paradise Hills.

No Rep Designated: Baker, Cabrillo, Carson, Chollas/Mead, Field, Freese, Jefferson, Jones, Loma
Portal, Miller, Normal Heights, Nye, Pacific Beach, Spreckles, Walker, and Washington.

Middle Level Compensatory Schools: Raynor/Challenger, Scott/CPMA, Robinson/Marston,
Hammons/Montgomery, Bonillas/Roosevelt, McCrory/Standley, and Page-O’Connell/Taft.

Absent: Bell, Clark, Correia, Dana, DePortola, Farb, Kroc, Lewis, Mann Expedition, Mann
Exploration, Pershing, Roosevelt, Wangenheim, and Wilson.

Invalid Roster: None.

No Rep Designated: Correia, Mann Expression, and Pacific Beach.

Senior High Compensatory Schools: O’Connell/Clairemont, Lazette/Crawford MVAS,
Hammons/Kearny DMD, Peterson/Madison, Green/Morse, Ramirez/SDHS Business, and Mitchell/SD

Absent: Crawford-Champs, Kearny-Int’l Business, Kearny-Construction, Point Loma, SD CIMA,
SD LEADS, SD Int’l Studies, SD MVPA, and Serra.
District Advisory Council                                                                  DRAFT
General Meeting Minutes
April 16, 2008
Page 2

Invalid Roster: None.

No Rep Designated: Crawford IDEA, Crawford Law, Hoover, Kearny Sci-Tech, and Mission Bay.

Atypical Compensatory Schools: Newton/SCPA, and Mikulanis/Twain.

Absent: ALBA, Garfield High, Longfellow, New Dawn @ Riley, and TRACE.

No Rep Designated: Language Academy, MET SD, and Muir.

Invalid Roster: None.

Non-Title I Schools: Gomez/Rodriguez Elementary, Bozin/Lincoln HS and O’Connell/Scripps HS.

Non-Title 1 - Charter Schools: Bozin/O’Farrell, Gomez/Memorial, and Juarez/Promise.

District Staff: Andrea, Anella, Bachofer, Beldock, Camacho, da Rosa, Diaz, Erdmann, Foster, Holt,
Johnson2, Johnson8, Navarro, Rocha, and Shannon.

Members of the Public: Alpert, Backensto, Domingo, Gillan, Izu, Lewis, Lodge, Lorang, Morris,
Robinson, Salazar, Savage, Vailes, and Zavala

Call to Order David Page (Page), DAC Chair person, called the meeting to order at 6:37 p.m.
Page strongly encouraged members to become proactive at their site when inquiring about the
monthly DAC packet, which is sent to the Principal’s attention at each school site five or more
working days before the DAC monthly meeting.
Approval of the Minutes
Minutes of the March 12, 2008, meeting were reviewed. Correction to the following: Last page,
item - Ballard Parent Center, second paragraph “Shannon is proud to announce”. Approval of the
minutes with correction moved by (Marston), seconded by (CPMA). General body voted. Motion

2. Chairperson’s Report
       State and Local Board of Education Meeting: None.
       CACE Conference; No Child Left Behind (NCLB): Page shared issues addressed by
       attendees of an informal meeting to discuss the impact of state budget cuts at the site level.
       Page stated letters were written to state legislators in order to bring specific funding issues and
       their impact on student learning to their attention.
       FAN (Family Area Network) Board Report: Page attended monthly meeting in
       Sacramento where discussion on a proposed state survey was addressed. Survey would be
       developed by a third party in order to gather information about the learning environment at
       school sites. Data collected from survey would be useful to districts in their efforts to
       improve teaching and learning.
District Advisory Council                                                              DRAFT
General Meeting Minutes
April 16, 2008
Page 3

3. Executive Board Report
       June Banquet: Page opened the floor for discussion to have an end-of-the-year banquet.
       The Title 1 Academic Achievement Awards schools would be invited and recognized for this
       accomplishment. Motion by (Madison) to approve the cost of spending $9.95 per person and
       to utilize the district’s food catering services department. Seconded by (San Diego Sci-Tech).
       General body voted. Motion passed.
       Page presented three menus and polled the general body to determine which menu should be
       selected by a show of hands:
                      21 members – Italian Affair Menu (approved by general body 4/16/08)
                      11 members – Mexican Fiesta Menu
                       7 members – Classic American Menu.
       DAC Survey Results: Page reported on the results of the DAC 2007-08 Evaluation Survey
       completed by the general body at the March 12, 2008, DAC meeting. A summary of the
       responses were read to the general body. Data collected from the survey will be used to
       improve future DAC meetings. Page thanked the general body for their input.

4. District Reports/Training/Collaboration
       STAR and CAHSEE Testing Information and Testing Table Talk: Karen Bachofer,
       Executive Director, Standards, Assessment, and Accountability, gave a PowerPoint
       presentation and provided several handouts. Bachofer summarized the importance of the
       State-Mandated Assessments and the District-Mandated Assessments students are given
       throughout the district. Bachofer explained how the data collected from the mandated testing
       are used to evaluate programs at the district and site levels to ensure students are on track
       toward mastering the California academic content standards.
       Bachofer provided an interactive exercise in order to give members a glimpse at the type of
       math and English tests taken by students at various grade levels. The general body broke into
       groups to review and discuss test samples. Bachofer took questions from the general body.
       LEA Plan Revision Update: Debbie Beldock, Executive Director, Special Projects, reported
       on the status of the current LEA Plan revision. Beldock provided a handout that included a
       compilation of strategies from various school sites that addressed four specific questions.
       Beldock explained how the LEA Plan Discussion/Consultation handout can be used as a tool
       when reviewing your school’s Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA). Beldock stated
       the sub-committee addressed the need to revise the current LEA plan into an easy-to-read and
       understand format.
       During the months of March and April, more meetings with groups from central office
       departments are being held to receive input into the LEA Plan. Beldock stated she is working
       diligently to bring a draft LEA Plan to the May DAC meeting. Beldock informed members of
       possible road blocks ahead that could delay taking the revised draft LEA plan to the Board of
       Education for approval on June 24, 2008.
District Advisory Council                                                              DRAFT
General Meeting Minutes
April 16, 2008
Page 4

       SPSA Update: John Anella, Resource Teacher, Program Monitoring Department, gave an
       update on the number of SPSAs received and currently being reviewed by Program
       Monitoring staff. Anella explained that all reviewed plans will be submitted to the school
       board for their approval by June 10, 2008.
       Anella stated any plan that does not make the June 10 Board date will be submitted at the next
       scheduled Board meeting on June 24, 2008. If anyone has questions, call the Program
       Monitoring Department at (858) 496-4048.
       Ballard Parent Center: Elneda Shannon, Supervising Administrative Assistant, Ballard Parent
       Center, provided handouts and information on Quarter 3 classes which begin April 22 and run
       through June 11, 2008. The next free evening class will be held at the Chavez Multicultural
       Family Center on April 24, 2008.
       Shannon encouraged the general body to continue to share this information with their SSCs and
       school site parents. For more information on any of the classes offered, call (619) 293-4431 or
       go to

Public Comment:

Helen Green addressed free prom dresses for 2008 graduates. Frank Engle addressed a rally to
support funding for education. Marla O’Connell addressed district spending on textbooks. Diane
Sims-Vailes addressed obtaining slightly used uniforms for students.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.
Minutes recorded by Maria D. Johnson