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									                                                 Reynolds PTO
                                    Meeting Minutes of March 12th at 5:30 p.m.

Present: Those who signed in are listed below: Sandi Mauer – Co-president, Kathryn Verkouw – Co-president,
Vashine Brown, Chris Yost – Treasurer, Tracy Daniels – Secretary, Mark Simms – Assistant Principal, Arnold Raffone –
Principal, Crystal Doll, Nicole Sturla, Kaye Mede, Christy Sluder, Kiva Williamson, Shirley Bravo, Sarah Rathmell, Julie
Feminella, Richard Feminella, Stephanie Napolitan, Christine Henry, Kristen Rider, Molly Schaeffer, Matt Mandell –
teacher liason.

Simms’ Sentence: Mr. Simms reported about an incident that caused an informal lock down of the school. On
Monday, March 10th, a sixth grade student found and then brought a gun magazine/clip to school. The school
went into an emergency informal lockdown, lockers were searched, and a letter was sent home with the
children. Mr. Raffone commented that an outside agency does a weapon sweep within the school four times a
year. A teacher can only pat down a child if there is a preponderance of evidence.

Old Business:
   1. PTO Closet – not brought up at meeting.
   2. Boxtops – Chairperson, Nicole Sturla, stated that she sent in Boxtops for the February deadline. Sandi
      Mauer has placed envelopes in each classroom for the students to deposit Boxtops. Mr. Feister has
      agreed to have one of his students collect the Boxtops from each classroom. His class will cut and count
      the Boxtops.
   3. Giving Ms. Konupka money to supplement her grant was not discussed.
   4. Race Against Racism will be April 26, 2008 at 9 a.m. Forms were passed out at the meeting which must
      be postmarked by April 11th in order to qualify for discounts.

New Business:
  1. Yearbooks must be paid for in cash by March 19th to get the discount of $10.
  2. Nicole Sturla made a formal complaint that the communication system for IU13 students had completely
     broken down. She and Shirley Bravo agree that papers never come home and that communication is
     severely lacking. Mr. Raffone said that he would look into the situation.
  3. Kathryn Verkouw wanted everyone to remind their children of the One Buddy Rule: for each child to
     always walk home with one buddy.
  4. That comment lead into a discussion of how middle school children appear to have a death wish when
     walking home from school. Discussion ensued as to the best way to handle the mindless street crossing
     of our children at the end of school of the school day. The only conclusion we came up with was to not
     drive down the street when school is letting out. (As an aside from the secretary, as the Fulton Theater
     was letting out one Friday night, I noticed a mass of completely grown humans having this same bizarre
     response to traffic. Crossing with no regard for themselves or the cars. So, perhaps it is a mob mentality
     issue rather than a middle school death wish that causes this strange life threatening behavior.)
  5. Yard Sale is on for May 17th. Tracy Daniels will be passing the torch of responsibility on to the
     committee which will meet prior to the next PTO meeting.
Raffone’s Review
    1. Mr. Raffone introduced Kiva Williamson who is a student teacher that he would like to recruit to
       become a member of the Reynold’s Team. She is in a Post-Baccalaureate program in partnership with
       Millersville University for her student teaching. Those who know Kiva Williamson expressed
       enthusiasm for her to join Reynolds.
    2. Mr. Raffone briefly discussed the interdisciplinary teaching that has been underway during this school
       year. An example of this being that grammar and complete sentences count in math class as well as in
       Communication Arts.
    3. Mr. Raffone commended the work the students have been doing in our translation program.
    4. Mr. Raffone mentioned that National Honor Society induction papers have gone home in every class but
       sixth grade.
    5. Mr. Raffone discussed the severe weather drills that occur at the school.
    6. and finally, Mr. Raffone invited the parents to climb a rock wall that Mr. Yohn and the rest of the gym
       teachers have so enthusiastically raised the money to acquire. More on this later.
    Treasurer’s Report
       1. The fall fundraiser brought in $1809.80. Chris Yost commented that we seem to be on track for the
            year and asked if we were going to fund prom dresses and senior class dresses for some of the
            children again this year. I believe the answer was yes, but my notes are unclear.
       2. Boxtops raised $402.60 with $500 being our goal. We are still missing the check from the fall,
            Nicole Sturla will look into this. Nicole wanted to perhaps have one more contest for the year and a
            summer contest. She will get together with Sandi Mauer and Shirley Bravo who have expressed
HOT TOPIC DISCUSSION: How to help your child study in school. Apparently, the Hot Topic Discussion was
a meeting on developing a parent contract instead of how to help your children study for school. Parents broke
into small groups to discuss an old version of the contract and make updates.

           Next meeting will be on April 9, 2008 at 5:30 at Reynolds.

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