Meeting No. 673

                              4015 Avenue Q
                          Galveston, Texas 77550
                         Room M-220 – Moody Hall
                               April 8, 2009
                                 5:30 p.m.

At the Regular Meeting of the Galveston Community College District Board of Regents, duly
held on Wednesday, April 8, 2009, in room M-220 of Moody Hall, commencing at 5:30 p.m., the
following Regents were present:

       Mr. Florentino “Tino” F. Gonzalez, Chairman
       Mr. George F. Black, Vice Chairman
       Dr. Gregory R. Roof, Secretary
       Paul J. Cunningham, M.D.
       Mr. Carl E. Kelly
       Mr. Ross J. Novelli, Jr.
       Mr. Carroll G. Sunseri

Faculty and staff present included Dr. W. Myles Shelton, President, Dr. Klaus Adam,
Dr. Deeanna Antosh, Ms. Carla Biggers, Dr. Robert Boudreaux, Mr. Bobby Brown, Mr. Don
Davison, Ms. L. Janene Davison, Mr. M. Jeff Engbrock, Ms. Mary Lee Guthier, Dr. Dayton Hall,
Dr. Gaynelle Hayes, Mr. Joe Huff, Ms. Amanda Kelley, Ms. Geisu Lewis, Ms. Gracie Otin,
Dr. Phyllis Mingus Pepin, Dr. Harry Powell, Dr. Ana Sanchez, Ms. Deborah Scroggins, Dr. Alan
Uyehara, Mr. Theron Waddell and Mr. Jesse Warren. Also attending the meeting was the
College’s attorney, Ms. Carla Cotropia of Mills Shirley L.L.P.

I.     CALL TO ORDER REGULAR MEETING: Chairman Gonzalez opened the Regular
       Meeting at 5:32 p.m. in room M-220 of Moody Hall and determined a quorum was present.

       with a moment of silence and asked Dr. Roof to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

       Dr. Shelton confirmed that the notice of the Regular Meeting had been properly posted
       on April 3, 2009.

IV.    RECOGNITION OF GUESTS: Individuals recognized as guests at the meeting
       included Galveston College students Mr. Charles McVey, Ms. Shaymayne Martinez, and
       Mr. Kai Urushihara. Ms. Cotropia was also acknowledged.

       MARCH 6, 2009, AND REGULAR MEETING OF MARCH 12, 2009: A reading of
       the minutes was waived. Mr. Novelli moved to approve the minutes as presented;
       Mr. Kelly seconded. Mr. Black recommended that, on page 2754, Agenda Item IX of the

       MARCH 6, 2009, REGULAR MEETING OF MARCH 12, 2009: (Continued)

       retreat minutes, it should read, “…he asked that the Board consider the development of
       student housing versus a student center in April.” The motion passed unanimously with
       the amendment noted.

       NON-AGENDA ITEMS: Dr. Robert “Bill” Boudreaux, Hall Professor for Nursing and
       Allied Health Sciences, addressed the Board regarding the faculty employment contract
       nonrenewals. He also shared personal observations and gave a summary of his
       accomplishments at Galveston College. Mr. Gonzalez thanked Dr. Boudreaux for his
       comments and for his service to the College.


       1.     Student Success Story: Mr. Gonzalez shared opening remarks on this agenda
              item and acknowledged the honor roll students whose names were displayed
              outside of the meeting room for being on the President’s, Vice President’s or
              Dean’s List for the semester. Dr. Shelton then proceeded with the report. He
              presented two examples of how data would be given to the Board on program
              outcomes in a one-page “program dashboard” format. They were for the Nuclear
              Medicine and Associate Degree Nursing programs. The data includes headcount,
              contact hours, approximate full-time equivalency, net revenue/loss, and program
              effectiveness information. Dr. Shelton explained the program dashboards
              presented and asked the Regents if this format would be helpful to them before
              preparing reports for other programs. The Board agreed that staff could proceed
              with the program dashboard format. The President said that some modifications
              would be made to include comparative data.

       2.     Monthly Financial Reports – March: Mr. M. Jeff Engbrock, Director of Business
              Services, presented the financial reports for the month of March 2009. With
              58.3% of the year completed, revenue generated was $12,265,443, or 77.57% of
              the revised income budget. Total expenses were $9,146,660, or 54.87% of the
              fiscal year 2008-09 revised expenditure budget. Mr. Engbrock updated his
              projections with a comparison of the revenue and expenditures for the current and
              previous fiscal years. In response to a request, Dr. Shelton gave his projections
              for the District’s state appropriations, tax base, and tuition and fees for the next
              12 months. He anticipates that these revenue sources would be significantly less
              than previous years, and it is his opinion that the College has to find ways to live
              within its resources, which includes a reduction in force.


       1.     Consider Acceptance of U. S. Department of Education Grant Award (Title V) –
              Transforming Developmental Education and Improving Access to Student
              Information: Dr. Shelton reported that the College received notification from the
              United States Department of Education that funding for the Title V grant has been


           approved for Year 5 (October 1, 2009 through September 30, 2010). The grant
           award for 2009-2010, the final year, is $445,700. Dr. Phyllis Mingus Pepin, Vice
           President for Student Services, provided details of the programs and services
           funded by the grant. Staff recommended acceptance of this grant. Mr. Kelly
           moved to accept the grant as recommended; Dr. Roof seconded. The motion
           passed unanimously.

     2.    Consider Approval of Course Fees for Academic Year 2009-2010: Dr. Shelton
           submitted the annual course fees for academic year 2009-2010 for all courses
           offered at Galveston College. Recommended fee changes with explanations were
           highlighted in the report. Dr. Cunningham moved to approve the fee structure for
           the 2009-2010 academic year as submitted; Mr. Novelli seconded. The motion
           passed unanimously.

     3.    Consider Reappointment of Full-time Faculty: Dr. Shelton recommended the
           following list of full-time tenured and non-tenured faculty members to the
           Board for reappointment for the next academic year. The President noted that
           Dr. Dayton Hall has been included and would be a Criminal Justice Instructor on
           a tenure-track. Dr. Shelton provided a separate list of the eight non-tenured
           faculty members who would not be recommended for reappointment; one has
           tendered their resignation. Mr. Black moved that the Board approve the
           recommendation to reappoint the full-time faculty listed below for academic year
           2009-2010; Dr. Roof seconded. Ms. Carla Cotropia answered questions posed by
           the Board and gave her legal opinion that all procedures were followed in
           notifying those faculty members who would not be recommended for contract
           renewal and that the College was within its rights to do so. She added that there is
           no property right in the job because the job has come to an end. Contracts are not
           being terminated; therefore, procedural due process does not have to be provided.
           Faculty members do have a right to grieve their termination, if they feel it is
           warranted, following the College’s grievance procedures. Dr. Roof shared that as
           a professor, this was a tough decision to make. He expressed his profound regret
           in having to approve this recommendation, but after consulting with the College’s
           President and accepting the reality of the financial impact of Hurricane Ike on the
           community, he has to support the administration. Following Dr. Roof’s
           comments, the motion passed unanimously. Mr. Gonzalez noted that Mr. Odom
           and Mrs. Crews were absent from the meeting.


              Tenured Faculty                              Non-tenured Faculty
           Adam, Klaus                          Acevedo, Denise M.       Perry, Patricia A.
           Berberich, Michael P.                Bastien, Deborah K.      Prue, Rory S.
           Britton, Pamela                      Bergvall, Christina      Salazar, James J.
           Brown, Bobby R.                      Blomstedt, Larry W.      Sanchez, Ana M.
           Callahan, Hubert D.                  Breitbach, Conrad M.     Stout, Edward H.
           Conti, Joseph O.                     Brown, Chiquilla         Tapp, Elizabeth
           Davison, Don                         Cerani, Edoardo          Warren, Jesse T.
           Eliaz, Maria L.                      Davison, Laura J.
           Gebreselasie, Daniel G.              Eckhart, Laurie E.
           Gongora, Joanne I.                   Gammill, Beverly S.
           Johnson, Elizabeth M.                Hall, Dayton L.
           Lankford, Randy T.                   Harnsberry, Carolyn
           Martinez, Sandra                     Hellmann, Sharon R.
           Perkins, Deborah J.                  Johnson, Sandra N.
           Phillips, Erma M.                    Kirkpatrick, Judith L.
           Rimar, John C.                       Mader, Joan E.
           Shea, Susan M.                       Martinez-Miller, Suzanna
           Stovall, John C.                     Mendoza, Paul J.
           Taylor, Dale M.                      Mitchell, Peter A.
           Waddell, M. Theron                   Moran, Troy A.
           Way, Wayne                           More, Dwayne F.


      1.   Student Representative: Mr. Charles “David” Slavin, Student Government
           Association (SGA) President; Ms. Geisu Lewis, Student Activities
           Coordinator/Athletic Counselor; and Ms. Summer Rios, SGA President-Elect,
           gave the report of student activities. Mr. Slavin opened by saying that since he
           would be graduating this spring, this would be his last time reporting to the Board.
           Mr. Slavin expressed his appreciation for the experience to serve as SGA
           President and thanked those who supported him. The following was reported:

           •   The SGA election of officers for the 2009-2010 academic year was conducted
               online with 10% of the students participating. Results were shared with the
               Board. President-elect, Ms. Summer Rios, introduced herself to the Board
               and said that she looks forward to representing the College.
           •   There will be an April open house in the Student Center followed by a
               Cranium game night.
           •   Students will host the Spring Festival on April 16th from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
           •   On April 23rd, SGA will host a leadership development program for Ball High
               School students.
           •   On April 15th, Galveston College students will compete in the Gulf Coast
               Intercollegiate Council Spring Sports Day.
           •   Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) inducted 95 students at its ceremony on March 5th.
           •   Ms. Rios attended the PTK All-Texas Academic Team seminar.

              •   PTK will conduct its annual book sale which generates revenue for the
                  following year of activities and conventions.
              •   In conjunction with Galveston Junior League and the Salvation Army, PTK
                  members are organizing a prom dress and formal attire donation drive.
                  Donations from meeting attendees were requested.
              •   Seven Nuclear Medicine Club members and eight Exposures Unlimited
                  members attended their annual conferences.

       2.     Faculty Representative: Mr. Don Davison, Faculty Senate President, informed
              the Board that while on sabbatical, Mr. Michael Berberich has published his
              second article. It is featured in the literary journal, Quicksilver, of the University
              of Texas at Austin. Regarding the faculty nonrenewals, Mr. Davison said that
              while he understood the decisions made by the President and the Board, he
              wanted to recognize the hardships of the faculty members who had been laid off.
              Mr. Davison concluded that after speaking with most of them, he is confident that
              each would act in a professional manner until the end of their tenure with
              Galveston College. He asked that the faculty and administration would work
              together to find solutions in this difficult time.

       3.     President: Dr. Shelton agreed that the decisions addressing the College’s
              anticipated financial shortfalls are difficult and warned that more are forthcoming.
              The ultimate goal remains to do what is best for the students and to help them
              succeed. He thanked the Blue Ribbon Committee members for their contribu-
              tions, and the faculty and staff for their understanding. Tomorrow, the Galveston
              City Council will receive the report from the Galveston Community Recovery
              Committee. One of the 42 proposed projects would be the development of a
              vocational-technical center for Galveston College. Dr. Shelton noted with thanks
              the participation in the Career Fair and Student Transfer Day that was held earlier
              in the day. Galveston College partnered with Workforce Solutions and the Rotary
              Club of Galveston to host this event. He announced several upcoming events
              including the Employee Awards Banquet on April 24th at 5:30 p.m. in the
              gymnasium and Commencement on May 14th at 7:30 p.m. with a 6:30 p.m.
              reception for Board members and platform guests. The President concluded with
              an update on the various bills being considered by the Texas Legislators that
              would impact the College.

Mr. Novelli excused himself at 6:40 p.m.

       4.     Report on Achieving the Dream Board of Trustees Institute: Mr. Black gave a
              report of the Achieving the Dream Board of Trustees Institute attended by him,
              Mr. Gonzalez, and Dr. Shelton on March 26-28, 2009, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
              Mr. Black commented that of all of the seminars and conferences that he has
              attended overall, this was the most effective and informative. The purpose of the
              Institute was to educate the leadership from the 14 colleges in attendance on the
              problems that exist in their communities and how each might commit to going
              about solving the problems. For reference, he provided data of three community


                colleges’ developmental education programs that were reviewed at the Institute:
                Coastal Bend College, College of the Mainland, and Galveston College. It was
                concluded that the problem is communitywide, not collegewide. Mr. Black also
                shared a list of questions submitted by the Galveston College attendees for the
                Board to ponder regarding how the Board views its responsibility to provide
                developmental education to the growing number of students in the college district
                who are not ready for college work. He emphasized two questions on the list:
                (1) Are we prepared to expose the data on the magnitude of the situation to the
                community as a whole, and (2) How do we blend a desire to have an institution
                that is recognized as a quality academic and technical curriculum institution with
                the need to address this major problem in our community? Mr. Black proposed
                that the Board hold a retreat to discuss this issue and how the Board should
                allocate resources for developmental education. He noted that this is the final
                year that the College will receive funding from the Lumina Foundation for this
                grant. Dr. Roof suggested that the Galveston Independent School District
                Superintendent be invited to participate in the discussion. Mr. Black added that
                not all of these students are recent high school graduates. He concluded that of
                the 14 institutions represented, only one fared better than Galveston College in the
                success rate with its remedial students.

        5.      Regents: Mr. Gonzalez asked if any of the Regents had a report or comment to
                submit. There were none.

        6.      Chairman: Mr. Gonzalez congratulated the faculty members who were reappointed
                for the 2009-2010 academic year and offered the Board’s support to them, the staff
                and the students. He expressed appreciation for the work performed by the faculty
                members who were not approved to return.

X.      ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business to come before the Board, the
        meeting adjourned at 6:52 p.m.

                                                             Gregory R. Roof, Ph.D., Secretary


Florentino “Tino” F. Gonzalez, Chairman


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