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					                              Overton Grange School
                                       Weekly Newsletter
                                    Week Beginning: 19 - 23 January 2009
                                                                          INSET DAY – SCHOOL CLOSED TO STUDENTS (EXCEPT THOSE
Monday 19 January
                                                                          TAKING EXAMS)
                                                                          Overton’s Got Talent Tickets On Sale – Break-time £3
Tuesday 20 January
                                                                          Prom Fashion Show Tickets On Sale – Break-time £5
Wednesday 21 January                                                      Duke of Edinburgh Awards Training (Weekly Event) 3.15pm Hall
                                                                          Year 12 Business Studies Trip – Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum
Thursday 22January
                                                                          Year 11 Drama Trip – “Blood Brothers”
                                                                          Year 11 Dance Conference - London
Friday 23 January
                                                                          REMINDER – YEAR 12 & 13 PARENT EVENING 29 JANUARY

School News
                                 Message from Deputy Headteachers , Mr Bennett and Mr Stride
Yet another week has passed at Overton Grange and many of our Students are getting closer to their GCSE module exams, or their practical
performances. Indeed this week some of our Senior Students have been taking their A Level or AS Level unit examinations. Nowadays there is
hardly a time in the year when there is not some sort of Public Examination taking place. Yesterday saw the publication of the “League Tables”
in the national newspapers that reflected the results of the 2007-2008. The GCSE results did show a “dip” on the previous year, but were in line
with the expectations of the Year Group. The A Level results, however, were the best that the School had ever achieved and in terms of the
“point score” achieved by the Students, it made Overton Grange the most successful non-selective School in Sutton. This is an outstanding
achievement. Parents, Students and all Staff should feel proud of the standards achieved. Those results showed that with proper support and
hard work we can do well. The School looks forward to this happening this summer as well!

As you will be aware, we are keen to encourage good attendance at Overton Grange School. We know that Students can only achieve their full
potential when they are in School and we expect all Students to be aiming for excellent attendance. This week I was able to give out a number
of certificates in achievement assemblies for all year groups, for Students who achieved 100% attendance last term. This is a real achievement
and one for which they should be congratulated.

However, I have also sent a number of letters home this week to parents of Students whose attendance falls below our expectation. We work
closely with our Borough School Attendance Officer to support Students in improving their attendance. There are also legal implications, such as
fixed penalty notices, where attendance remains a concern and is not improving. If you are concerned about your son or daughter’s attendance,
please contact me, or your child’s head of year, to discuss what support we may be able to offer

We are concerned about the number of Students who are regularly arriving to School after 8.25am. Any Student who arrives late, for
whatever reason, must sign in at the main office and will be issued with a detention for lunchtime on the same day. If they feel they have
a genuine reason for being late, they must see their Head of Year or a member of the Senior Leadership Team to get the detention cancelled. If
Students fail to attend the lunchtime detention, they will be issued with a 40 minute detention to be completed after School.

Please be aware that Students should be wearing school shoes – plimsolls, trainers, canvas shoes, boots, etc are not acceptable in School,
although they may be worn on the journey to and from School and in the playground at break times.

Heads of Year are working to monitor progress closely. Following the recent grade gather they sent letters home for Students who are
continuing to work well – or who have made significant improvements. Over 500 letters were sent – which is excellent. A number of letters were
also sent for Students about whom we are concerned. If you have any concerns about your child’s progress, please contact their Tutor or Head
of Year.
                                                                                                                                   Mr Eccles
Truancy Call
Unfortunately this has not been able to run on some days during the week commencing 12 January due to technical faults with the service
provider. They have informed that the problem should now be resolved.

Year 10 Work Experience
Thank you to all students who have found work placements and handed in their forms. From Monday 19 January I shall be running lunchtime
'drop in' sessions for students who have not as yet found a placement, this will take place in the Headteachers office. You can also come to see
me at morning break or afternoon tutor times. I still have a list of available places where companies have offered to take Overton Grange
students. Please remember that we are fast approaching the deadline of Friday 13 February so it is essential that you attend these sessions.
                                                                                                                                       Mrs Frain
EAL Students - Exams in own language
If you would like to do a GCSE or A level in your first language, please come and speak to Mr Myers (X8) by Friday January 30 at the latest. If
you are in year 10, it may be possible to do the exams this year to give you more free time for other GCSEs in year 11.

Congratulations to Summer Brown, Lily Cox, Laura Gillhespy, Kurtis Gray, Michael Iontton, Alice McDavid, Alice Miller, James Naidoo,
James Ryan and Sarah Turner, all in Year 11, who passed their British Sign Language level 1 in less than half the course time recommended!
Well done!
                                                                                                                    Casper and Miss Dunne
Habitat for Humanity 2009
                                               Message from Miss De Coning
                      Thank you and well done to all those that contributed to the following fund raising events:
         Christmas Card Sale £117, Year 10 Parents Evening £59.58, Year 11 Parents Evening £101.15 and Mufti Day £1,193.41

Do you do your shopping on line? In order to continue raising funds for “Habitat for Humanity” Zambia 2009, we have registered Overton
Grange with www.easyfundraising.org.uk and would like you to consider linking to this website to do your Christmas shopping. This does not
cost you anything. All you have to do is go to the easy funding website address and choose the charity/organisation on the A – Z finder click O
and then scroll down to “Overton Grange School Zambia 2009” Then register for free and start shopping! Companies linked to easy funding are
M&S, Amazon, Insurance Companies and Mobile Phone Companies and many, many more. Shopping couldn’t be easier! If you have any
queries email cdeconning@suttonlea.org
                                                                 ‘JUST WALK’
There is a charity fundraising walk taking place in The South Downs, West Sussex, on Saturday 9 May 2009. There is a choice of distances
from 10km - 60km. You pay an entrance fee and then raise additional money which all goes towards your chosen charity. We would like as
many people as possible doing this for “Habitat for Humanity”, Year 12 & 13 Zambia Trip 2009. If you are interested and require additional
information, please contact me via email at cdeconning@suttonlea.org

To help raise funds for the upcoming “Habitat for Humanity” Zambia Trip 2009, we have set up our own version of “e-bay”. Go to
www.overtongrange.sutton.sch.uk/ogbay and start bidding on the products available. These include items kindly donated by companies and
individuals. Please support this trip and have a look today. We are also looking for additional products and services to offer up for bidding. Any
donations welcome. For further information and contact details please go to website. Thank you.

                                                            SCHOOL CALENDAR
This is still available so if you would wish to support the forthcoming Habitat for Humanity Zambia 2009 Trip, we have designed a 2009 School
Calendar, showing all the School Term Dates. This is available to purchase at the bargain price of £4 (all proceeds will be donated to the
Zambia Fund Raising). If you would like to purchase one please place your request with the £4 (cash only) in to the Black Box. Thank you.

Sports News
Years 10 – 13 Pilates & Yoga
I am looking into the possibility of setting up a Yoga and/or Pilates Session for after school for Years 10 – 13. If you are interested in attending
then please give your name to me at the PE Office. Thank you.
                                                                                                                                      Miss Farrow

The under 13 girls were very unlucky to have lost to a stronger side, Ursuline College, Wimbledon, a good performance from everyone – goal
scorer was Georgia Heasman (7AA). Well done to all the girls on reaching the semi-finals. Let’s hope we make it to the finals next year!
                                                                                                                                   Mr Bowles
Sutton Indoor Rowing Championship
We made our debut performance taking a Year 8 Team over to Carshalton boys competing against some very experienced teams. Although we
were not so successful in the team event a special mention has to go to Connor Coleman (8JM) who came out the overall winner in the
individual events. This is a fantastic achievement as it was his first time ever on a rower! We have subsequently found out that Connor’s
score would have achieved a Top 20 National place! Maybe we at Overton Grange have the next Sir Steve Redgrave!
                                                                                                                                  Mr Spriggs

Other News
                                                         OVERTONS GOT TALENT
This year we have had such a high standard of talent yet again and decision making was really hard. But as much as we wanted to we cannot
put everyone through, so below are the 13 acts; Jessica Hayes, Blaise Thresher, Nicole Bridi, Isabel Dynan-Lewis, Rusne Daugelaite, Alex
Cannings, Danny Oh, Matthew Harding, Willow Day, Nolo, Ayanda & Alex, Emma Thomas, Chantel Figueirido, Bethany Lavin, Phoebe Dynan-
Lewis, Precious Chitskie and Ismail & Co.
                                                      LIMITED SEATING AVAILABLE
The show will be held on Wednesday 4 February at 7.00pm. Tickets will be on sale from Tuesday break-time for £3. All money raised from the
show will be donated to the Great Ormond Street Hospital. Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned and well done to those who got
                                                                                                                                 OGV Team
Year 11 & 13 Girls!
On Wednesday 28 January there will be a Prom Dress Fashion Show! A local designer is brining in her entire range for you to choose from. On
the night you will get a 10% discount (when a deposit is placed) and the chance to WIN your own prom dress! The show starts at 7.00pm and
tickets will be on sale from Tuesday break-time for £5. £2 of every ticket sold will go towards the Zambia Trip 2009.
                                                                                                                      Jasmin Horner, 12TY

                                                                ALL STUDENTS
                                   Yummy! Mmm! Breakfast At Overton 7.45am Mmm! Yummy!
        Cereals 70p Toast & Jam 70p Scrambled Egg on Toast 70p Beans on Toast 70p Egg, Bacon Beans, Tomatoes, Hash Browns
                                                       ANY 5 ITEMS £1.50

                                                               LOST PROPERTY

                                                                CYCLE SAFETY
                           REMEMBER… The mornings are still dark so make sure you switch on your cycle lights.
                                      ALWAYS wear your safety helmet. Be Safe, Be Seen