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					                             2006 District Speech Contest
                                KPST TV News Script
                                      School HH

Animated introduction (10 seconds )to still KPST

Kayla: Good evening and welcome to KPST news channel 5. I’m Kayla O’connor

Brady: I’m Brady Swenson. We’ll be bringing you the latest in international, national,
state and local news.

Chris: I’m Chris Griffin with your work week forecast.

Tom: And I’m Tom Balvance with the play by play action leading to the superbowl
along with other area sports.

Kayla: Officials in Cancun, Mexico were searching Saturday for Lynsey O’Brian, a 15-
year old girl from Dublin who fell off of a cruise ship by Isla Mujeres Although air
rescue efforts continued with Mexican coast guard helicopters, officials were no longer
optimistic about finding the victim alive

Brady: Honduran naval forces, joined by local fisherman aboard smaller boats, rescued
11 passengers and 11 crewmembers thrown into the Caribbean after large waves capsized
their over loaded cargo vessel.

Shark Graphic
Kayla: Outside Sydney, Australia, three bull sharks, a species known for aggressive
behavior this time of year, may have been involved in the fatal attack on a 21-year-old
woman who was swimming in shallow water about 50 feet offshore. The woman died
late Saturday in a Brisbane hospital.

Mine graphic
The sole survivor of last week’s mine disaster began breathing on his own Sunday after
sedatives were withdrawn. Doctors at Vest Virginia University Hospitals told reporters
they hoped Randy McCloy Jr. would show signs of consciousness in the next couple of
days so they could assess his brain functions.

Cheney Graphic
Brady: The White House reported, Vice President Dick Cheney was hospitalized for
several hours early Monday at George Washington University Hospital after suffering
shortness of breath. The vice president left the hospital after about four hours. The
problem is believed to be associated with medicine that Cheney is taking for a foot

Gavel Graphic
Oreleans Parish Civil District Court Judge issued a restraining order that blocked the
eviction Saturday of about 100 people from a New Orleans hotel. The hotel had planned
on the Katrina victims leaving by the initial federal cut-off January 7, and it needed to
make room for guests who had reserved rooms months earlier. FEMA says they will
work to assist people in finding other arrangements as soon as possible.

KSPT Still
Kayla: How’s the weather looking this week Chris?


(satellite imaging)
As you look outside Kayla, things are looking quite pleasant. We can expect sunshine for
another day and then the clouds will roll in. These clouds will bring with them some rain
and possibly snow that will make its way from the Rockies in the next few days.
Following this front we may see some very comfortable temperatures.

(Temperature screen)
The temperatures around the area are in the high teens and mid 20’s. As you can see
Redwood falls is reporting the lowest temperature right now at 13 degrees, and
Worthington is reporting a balmy 25 degrees.

(Wind screen)
There is quite a variety of wind speeds tonight with everything from no measurable wind
in Albert Lea to gusts up to 16 miles per hour in Marshall.

(Switch to extended forecast)
The first part of the week should be enjoyable with a high temperature of 40 degrees on
Tuesday. It will turn mostly cloudy with a 50% chance of snow and rain mix on
Thursday, and the rest of the week temperature will drop to the mid 20’s and stay there
for the weekend

So get out and enjoy the weather now as it will deteriorate later in the week.

Brady: Thank you Chris
Vilsack Graphic
Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack asked state lawmakers in his final year to work together to
approve multi-year spending programs aimed at expanding preschool education, raising
teacher pay and lowering health care expenses for small businesses.

Vilsack, who has risen among Democrats nationally in the past year, and is among a
number of Democrats considering running for President in 2008, repeated his belief that
collective support from private public and religious sectors are the keys to Iowa’s and the
nation’s improvement.

 Jail Graphic
Kayla: Rachel Huggins, 18 faces 75 years in prison if convicted of charges filed against
her including attempted murder, going armed with intent, willful injury and assault while
participating in a felony act. Huggins is accused of shooting Peter Sciarrotta, 47, at his
home in Lambs Grove.

The Henry County sheriff's office is working to determine the cause of death of a man
whose body was found in a creek outside Mount Pleasant early Wednesday morning.
Anyone with information helpful to the investigation or who may have witnessed activity
near Big Creek Bridge is encouraged to call the sheriff's office at (319) 385-2712.

KPST still
Brady: When we return we will join Kristen Cavett with tonight’s feature on prom attire.

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               Shot with camera moving around the chair as narrator speaks.

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               Switch to infomercial screen.

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Prom Graphic 1
Kristen: As soon as the calendar turns to the new year, junior and seniors turn their
attention towards prom. For these girls and boys, prom is the social event of the year
and also a chance to show off their fashion savvy. Hi, I’m Kristen Cavett and today I will
share with you a walk through the years looking at prom fashion and how it has changed.

Prom Graphic 2
In today’s prom world, all dresses have one thing in common – glitter -- and lots of it.
They are full of color and attitude making them dazzle. Some girls have even gone to the
extent of modeling duct tape dresses or dresses made entirely or partially out of
chocolate! In 2006, we may not see a definite trend. This year prom dresses will be used
to bring out individual personalities. Today girls are also looking at color as a way to
show their creativity- a girl can say a lot with her dress. New fashions are taking a step
forward but we will also see the reintroduction of a variation of yesteryear’s fashion.

Prom Graphic 3
In the past dresses were more form-fitting. Young girls now have taken a liking to
dresses that are bigger, with more pouf to them. Like was seen in the late 1970’s. Most
dresses were homemade back then. All dresses were long, with not much shine or flash
to them.

Prom Graphic 4
Going back 30 – 40 years girls didn’t dare show any skin. Today’s dresses are much
more risqué. In 2000 you didn’t have to look far to see two piece dresses showing off a
teens mid-drift.

Prom Graphic 5
Going back to the early 1990’s, tea length and shiny dresses were the big thing. Big
bows were easily found, and the style was strapless or big puffy sleeves.

In the 1980’s empire waistlines and softer materials were common. Again, there were a
lot more material and a lot less skin.

Shoes have also changed throughout the years. Girls have gone from painful high heels
shoes to the summer, more casual - flip-flops!

Prom Graphic 6
Tuxes have also changed throughout the years. Young men have worn a suit jacket and
plaid pants to a leisure suit to going all out in tuxes of all colors, some now have even
gone so far as pain\ring a tuxedo jacket and jeans.

KPST still
This is Kristen Cavett with KPST channel 5 wishing you a safe and wonderful prom this

Kayla: Brady, do you remember your prom days? My dress was a gunnysacks lace full
length dress with a little jacket.
Brady: I wore a black tux. Tom, do you remember your prom days?

Tom: Yeah, I wore a black tux.

Frentz graphic
Turning to sports, Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz has informed NFL teams that he is
withdrawing his name from consideration for head coaching jobs and returning to coach
the Hawkeyes.

The Houston Texans were said to be interested in Ferentz. He also remained a candidate
for the vacant Green Bay Packers job.

Ferentz, who succeeded Hayden Fry, is 42-31 at Iowa, including 31-7 in the past three

Red Sea Graphic
Football playoff games this weekend
Redskins at Seahawks
Washington has won six in a row, including a hard-fought, physical wild-card game last
week at Tampa. Fatigue and injuries are sure to begin to take their toll sooner or later,
especially on a cross-country road trip to Seattle, where the Seahawks are 8-0 this season.

Pat Bro Graphic
Patriots at Broncos
These are two storybook franchises with two of the best coaches in the business, Bill
Belichick and Mike Shanahan. The Patriots go to Denver with loads of confidence and a
swagger that reflects their playoff success. They face a Denver team that somehow flies
under the radar and doesn't get a lot of publicity or respect.

Ste Col Graphic
Steelers at Colts
This will be a game of contrasting styles with the Colts' high-powered offense against the
Steelers' suffocation zone-blitz defense. This should be fun to watch.

Pan Bea Graphic
Panthers at Bears
The Bears are 9-2 in their last 11 games and have allowed only five touchdowns at home
the entire season. Carolina is 7-2 on the road after dismantling the Giants in New York
last week and is also a very disciplined team, having committed the fewest penalties in
the NFL this season.

Hawk Graphic
In basketball:
The hawkey’s men basketball team travels to Penn State Saturday, for its only game of
the week. Iowa evened its conference record at 1-1 with a 63-48 win over sixth-ranked
Illinois in Iowa City.

Clones Graphic
Texas trounces Iowa State Women’s basketball team

Turnovers were the story Wednesday night, as the ISU women’s basketball team fell in
Austin to the Texas Longhorns, 80-50.

The cyclones stuck to their game plan and defended Texas’s Tiffany Jackson tough,
limiting her to just 10 points on 3 of 13 shooting, but Jackson’s 17 rebounds proved to be
more than enough to help the Longhorns come out on top

Iowa State returns to Hilton Coliseum on Saturday for a bout with Nebraska at 7 p.m.

KPST still
Kayla: Thank you Tom. While the cyclone plan their victory party over Nebraska
will you be planning your superbowl party Brady?

Brady: I do have plans! How about you?

Kayla: I think I’ll just stay in. Now in local news.

Burning house graphic
Brad Peterson, an elementary teacher at Granger/ Mitchell elementary has recently
experienced the loss of his home. The Des Moines Fire Department has yet to identify
what caused the blaze. Peterson has often helped needy students with money and now
they’re returning the favor.

Dog Graphic
A pooch, called Miss Elly, and her owner are on their way to the American Kennel Club
Eukanuba Nation Championships in Florida. Miss Elly is a unique breed called a Bouvier
Des Flandres and is the only Iowa dog of her breed taking the trip.
Truck blade Graphic
Brady: Ten teenage boys at PACE juvenile justice center in Des Moines won 1st place
for a collaborative painting on one of the Des Moines’ snowplow blades. They were
supplied with paintbrushes, pans and paint. The students devoted their lunch hours
complete the 10 by 3 ½ foot mural, which took approximately 20 hours.

KPST still
Kayla: They can come paint my house.

Brady: You bet Kayla, but the boys are probably a little busy. The group is going to use
the $150 dollar prize money to take a trip to the science center and IMAX theatre.

Kayla: That is such a nice story. And Chris, it sounds like you have a nice story for us
until Thursday?

Chris: Yes Kayla, 40’s until Thursday but I am afraid that my story doesn’t have such a
happy ending with temperature in the 20’s for the weekend.

Brady: Tom what do you have?

Tom: 4 of the playoff teams will have a happy ending this weekend. I’m afraid the other
4 teams will just have season endings.

Kayla: Thank you Tom. That’s all the time we have for now. Thanks for tuning in and
please join at 10:00 for late breaking stories with Emi and Mitch.

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