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                                                  CALL ENTRY RULES

All entries except Provincial Finals will be taken on the Wednesday 10 days preceding the rodeo. Calls must be made
between 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED! Email entries can be made the
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of call entry night. No email entries will be taken after 10 p.m. of
the Wednesday. *Note: sometimes call entry dates must be changed so please check the website to double check
entry dates. One dollar per rodeo ($1.00) will be collected by the rodeo secretary from each contestant to cover the
cost of central entry. A $2.00 MHSRA administration fee will be collected from each contestant for each event
entered for each day.

Students are responsible for their competitor/back number and it must be worn at all times once arriving at the host
community and taken off after leaving host community. Full western attire (western trousers, long sleeved shirt,
western boots and western hat) must be worn one (1) hour before rodeo time and one (1) hour after a rodeo in warm-
up areas, arena and grandstand area. Western boots must be worn and "sneaker type sport shoes" are not acceptable
footwear. No tobacco or alcohol advertising on shirts, hats, etc.

Contestants are required to wear back number at contestant dances/socials. They are also required to wear western
trousers, western shirts (or short sleeved conservative shirt) and footwear. Hats and western boots are optional.
(Conservative means a shirt/t-shirt with no belly showing, no tank tops, no inappropriate slogans or pictures, etc.)
Note: Cowboy Prom is the only exception! Dress is formal to semiformal and back numbers will be excused for this
dance/social function only!

The wearing of helmets is optional for all rough stock riders while competing in their event(s) in Manitoba High
School Rodeo.

All helpers, judges, arena workers, contractors, assistants or parents in the arena/chute areas are expected to follow
dress code - western attire: long sleeved shirts, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, & trousers.

All rough stock and cutting contestants shall be charged ($14.00) per entry. Barrel racing and pole bending will be
charged ($9.00) & all team roping, ribbon roping, contestants will be charged ten dollars ($10.00) per entry. Calf
roping, steer wrestling, goat tying & breakaway roping , chute dogging contestants will be charged ($11.00) per entry.
Also a $2.00 MHSRA administration fee will be collected for each event entered for each day.

 Students involved in High School Rodeo must have passing grades and good conduct in school. An entry form must
accompany each contestant to each rodeo. One form is required for a two-day weekend rodeo in the one location.
Forms must be completed and filled out properly requiring both parents' signatures. Parent and teacher signatures
cannot be photocopied. Failure to produce completed entry forms will result in not being able to compete at a rodeo.

Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, tobacco products are prohibited at all High School Rodeo functions.
                                                  TURN OUT FEES

A turn out is when you are not ready to compete in your event when you are called upon or if you are a no show at the

Turn out fees will be the amount of event entry fee(s) plus call entry, plus the MHSRA administration fees, plus a
$20.00 ride/turn out fee per rodeo (regardless of whether 1 or 2 day rodeo). Money to be paid to the MHSRA
Secretary within 10 days of the rodeo missed or before the next rodeo, whichever occurs first. Failure to pay turn out
fee will result in suspension.

                                                MEDICAL RELEASE

If you are unable to compete due to injury, you may medical release from High School Rodeo. If you medical, you do
not have to pay your entry fees, but you do have to pay your $1.00 Central Entry Fee plus a $2.00 MHSRA
administration fee). You must submit a medical release to the MHSRA Secretary before the start of the rodeo that
you are entered in. A medical release consists of a Doctor's note that states your injury and recommends that
you do not compete. You must obtain a signed doctors release form to resume competition.

.**The Rodeo Secretary must know that you are a medical out before the start of the performance that you are
scheduled to compete at or else you shall be treated as a turnout and ride fees will apply**

                                                 VISIBLE RELEASE

If you are injured/ill but not severely enough to warrant your medical out, you can visible release from an

If you visible release from a rodeo, you have to pay your entry fee(s) plus your call entry fee plus administration fees.
You must have a doctor’s release to resume competition in the event that you have visibled out of.

In order to be treated as a visible you must fill out a visible release form. You must state your injury and have the
form signed by two judges. To resume competition in the events/rodeo that you visibled out of you must obtain a
doctors release to resume competition, the MHSRA secretary must be notified of this before you enter the next rodeo.

                                                   VET RELEASE

Vet releases work the same way as medical releases. You must notify the Rodeo Secretary that you are vet releasing.
This notification must be done before the start of the performance that you are scheduled to compete in. A vet must
sign a form stating that the horse is injured or else two judges must sign a vet form, which is obtained from the Rodeo
Secretary. You must submit your vet release within 10 days and pay your Call Entry Fees plus any MHSRA
administration fees.

                                                   NSF CHEQUES

Any monies owed to MHSRA must be paid in full plus a twenty ($20.00) fine must be paid to the Secretary of
MHSRA by the Friday prior to the Wednesday of Call Entry Day.(Before entries will be accepted at the next
rodeo)(Only certified checks or money orders will be accepted) Failure to do so will result in suspension of the
contestant and holding of accumulated points until balance is paid in full. In the case of two NSF checks being
written the member/contestant will be placed on a cash only basis.