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									                                     Los Altos High School
                                      GRAD NIGHT 2010
                                       Meeting Minutes
                                       October 7, 2009

  The Grad Night alcohol/drug policy was updated to reflect LAHS best practices and
security procedures of the 2010 Grad Nigh venue. Bid sales are going well. We discussed
how to best use funds remaining from previous Grad Nights, including a Senior Activities
               Scholarship fund. The theme for decorations was modified.

Key dates:

Thursday, October 15 – Parent Social Fundraiser meeting, 7pm in Tutorial Center

Wednesday, November 18 – Next Grad Night 2010 meeting for parents, 7pm in the
LAHS Library

Friday, February 5 – Winter fundraiser to benefit Grad Night

Open items:

          Communication to parents and students re: updated alcohol/drug policy.
          Creation of ongoing senior activity scholarship fund
          Photos from Yearbook, Boosters, etc. that can be shown during Grad Night
          Should the senior gift be for Grad Night attendees only as in previous years or for
           all graduates?

Present: Natalya Bach, Alexander Bapa, Patty Falconer, Glen Kohl, Julie Kohl,
Marianna Kombou, Myla La Poll, Pam Lytle, Susie Mielke, Cindy Murphy, Diane
Tachibana, Jeff Winner, Sharon Young

Alcohol/Drug Policy

The current Grad Night policy is described in the permission slip:

“Parents and students should be aware that this is a tobacco, drug, and alcohol-free
event. If a student is caught with drugs or alcohol in his / her possession at the
event, the student will immediately be banned from any further activity and his /
her parent will be called and required to pick up the student. If a parent does not
respond, the local police department will be notified. The site requires an inspection of
all students and their belongings upon arrival.”

Susie and Diane reported on their meetings re: alcohol/drug policy with Wynne
Satterwhite and the Grad Night venue. LAHS administration randomly Breathalyzes
students at dances. Students are informed in advance that they may be Breathalyzed. This
has been a deterrent.

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                                 Los Altos High School
                                  GRAD NIGHT 2010
                                   Meeting Minutes
                                   October 7, 2009

Our 2010 Grad Night venue has a zero tolerance policy for both possession and being
under the influence. Kids in possession or under the influence are immediately removed
from the venue. The security system is more sophisticated at this venue than previous
LAHS Grad Night venues, e.g., hidden cameras, parking lot patrols. The venue “wands”
for metal (should pick up any metal containers used for drugs, e.g., Altoid tins) and
checks bags on entry. Additionally, venue grounds are used by local police departments
for canine drug training.

It was agreed that:
     Closer to the actual event, parents will be informed by email about security
        procedures; if a graduate is caught in possession OR under the influence, the child
        will be sent home.
     Ask administration to talk to graduates about zero tolerance for BOTH possession
        and being under the influence; security procedures; difference in consequences
        when a person is an 18+ year old graduate vs. a high school student.
     Make sure that the venue wands everyone upon arrival.
     Inspect bathrooms when arrive to check that nothing has been hidden.
     Randomly Breathalyze after dinner and before group entertainment.
     Continue to check bathrooms during event.

Bid sales
Patty reported that a total of 145 bids have been sold through September 30. GO Patty!!!
One scholarship request has been received. 2010 parents have contributed approximately
$1,400 towards scholarships. In November, we will start promoting bid sales as holiday
gifts. To buy a bid, please contact Patty at healthoptions@worldnet.att.net.

While Sherry was unable to attend the meeting, she sent the following update:
The 2010 Grad Night Parent Social will be held on Fri. Feb. 5 from 7-11 pm at the Christ
Episcopal Church on University Ave. in Los Altos. It will be an informal evening of wine
tasting, heavy appetizers, music, a silent auction and socializing with your LAHS friends.
All proceeds will directly benefit Grad Night 2010. An email opportunity to buy tickets
will go out in Nov. with the hard copy invitation to arrive just after winter break in Jan.
We are still looking for volunteers to assist with decorations, auction solicitation, food,
wine solicitation or to volunteer at the event. Auction items already include front row
seats to graduation, reserve graduation parking, student photography sales, a golf round at
the Olympic Club in San Francisco, a Hawaiian time share, jewelry, restaurant gift
certificates, and a movie/pizza night at the Eagle Theatre with friends. If you have
something you wish to donate or know someone who would, please contact Kelly Kliman
(klimans@pacbell.net) or Sherri Bakos (sbakos@sbcglobal.net). Our next meeting will be
on Thurs. Oct. 15 at 7 pm in the tutorial center. Contact Sherry Auerbach
(briancomet@aol.com) for additional information.

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                                 Los Altos High School
                                  GRAD NIGHT 2010
                                   Meeting Minutes
                                   October 7, 2009

Other fundraiser
Pam Lytle asked if Grad Night 2010 would like to participate in the Christmas Tree Lot
fundraiser. School groups are expected to provide 2 parents to staff the lot for several
days (exact number of shifts TBD) to be eligible to receive a share of tree sales. Pam will
pass the information to Susie. We welcome any opportunity to raise money!

Susie mentioned that meetings and email correspondence continue with the venue and
other entertainment companies as we finalize contracts. The venue suggests that we hire
someone separately for henna tattoos. We have asked the venue to price a photo booth.

Treasurer report
Diane just received the reconciliation, checkbooks and account access from the Class of
2009 Grad Night treasurer. While accounts have not been audited, it appears that the
Class of 2009 has left slightly less than $17k in Grad Night savings and checking
accounts. This compares favorably with the Class of 2008 which left $13k. The ending
balance in Grad Night accounts has been as high as $20k in previous years.

There was a lengthy discussion of how to manage Grad Night funds. Grad Nights
typically do not plan to use funds from previous years to pay for the current year’s event.
Remaining balances are viewed as a reserve for cash flow purposes or emergencies.

We have gotten feedback from parents who have contributed scholarship funds in
previous years that they want their money back if funds are not used for scholarships.
They do not want their money used for general expenses. It would be difficult to
determine how much of previous years’ scholarship donations were used for scholarships.

After discussion, we agreed to keep $12k in reserves with the intent that this amount
always would pass to the next class. Remaining funds would be placed in a Senior
Activities scholarship fund. School administration could use this fund not only for Grad
Night, but for senior prom and senior picnic. The Senior Activities Scholarship fund
would open with a balance of approximately $5k from previous years. Class of 2010
parents will add to this fund during the year through scholarship donations and

We started with a theme of “Favorite Things” from the kids’ younger days (Barney,
Pokemon, Harry Potter) which would work for table decorations. We talked about doing
something that would better fill the large indoor space of the venue such as balloons.
Myla suggested “Up, Up & Away.” We still would like to personalize the space with
photo’s and slide shows. In addition to the baby photo show, we’ll see if Yearbook, Talon
or Booster groups have photos that can be shown.

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                                     Los Altos High School
                                      GRAD NIGHT 2010
                                       Meeting Minutes
                                       October 7, 2009

Volunteer Sign-ups
A sign-up sheet was circulated at the end of the meeting. Please contact the appropriate
lead or email Susie Mielke at smielke@hotmail.com to volunteer.

          Fundraiser volunteers are needed for all aspects of the fundraiser, including
           marketing, silent auction, and so on. Lead – Sherry Auerbach.
          Bid/Ticket Sales – help distribute information and sell tickets; likely to be busiest
           in the fall. Lead - Patty Falconer.
          Registration/check-in – prepare the lanyards, nametags, tickets and other
           materials for graduates going to Grad Night; busiest in May/June. Lead - Susie
          Bus chaperone – help load graduates on buses and chaperone them to/from the
           venue. Lead - Sanjiv Luthra.
          Decorations – Prep decorations for venue; work can be done in advance, busiest
           in spring. Lead - Sharon Young.
          Set-up – Set up on the day of Grad Night 2010.
          Security – Walk throughout venue during the evening-early morning hours;
           typically a 3 hour shift. Lead - Mike Vanneman.
          Digital photography – Take digital photos and videos during event; post online
           for viewing and downloads. Lead - Ted Simon.
          Fortune teller – Dress up and have fun telling graduates about their future!
           Training provided. Lead - Myla La Poll.
          Clean-up – Remove LAHS decorations, equipment and arrange for delivery as
           needed. Venue cleaning staff takes care of the rest.

Future Grad Night Meeting Dates
All meetings will be held in the LAHS Library from 7pm – 8:30pm.

Wednesday, November 18
Wednesday, January 13
Wednesday, March 10
Wednesday, April 21
Tuesday, May 11
Monday, May 24
Wednesday, June 2

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